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Fade into long shot. Girl standing under lamp post at night. Slow zoom towards her.

Medium close up of girl head down hood up.

Medium close up. Girl looks up at light, light shines to show her face. Girl sighs and looks confused. Fades to next shot.

Close up of Josh’s hands while he plays the song. Josh playing his guitar in the studio white background, sitting on a stool. Fades to next shot.

Medium close up Josh playing and singing.

Close up of just Josh’s face while he sings. Side view, he will be looking into the distance (remembering).

FIGHT A mix of shots and angles of Josh and his Girlfriend Hannah fighting. Hannah walks off slams door behind her. All done in black and white.

Medium close up. Josh sits down and puts his head in his hands. Still in black and white. Fades into next shot.

Close up of Josh’s face. Back to Josh playing in the studio, still playing his guitar moves his head from looking into the distance to looking at the floor. Back to colour. Fades to next shot.

Back to fight scene, black and white. Medium close up of Josh. Josh gets up and walks to the cupboard. When he opens it there is a post it note from earlier which Hannah left saying ‘I will always love you xx’.

Josh takes post it note and walks past the computer showing pictures of him and Hannah ‘happy times’.

Medium close up side view of Josh. Josh smiles, takes his phone out of his pocket, grabs his coat and runs out the door. Fades to next shot. Last black and white shot

Long shot of Hannah walking. She pulls out her phone, change to an over the shoulder shot, phone reads new message which said ‘I’m sorry, I love you xx’

Shot front on, medium close up. Hood still up? She reads and smiles and message.

Camera stays still. Hannah turns round and walks off. Fades to next shot.

Close up Josh’s feet while he’s walking to meet Hannah.

Close up Hannah’s feet while she’s walking to meet Josh. Fade to next shot.

Close up of Josh’s face. Josh in studio smiling whiles he’s humming. Fade to next shot.

Long shot Showing them both facing each other across the road. Hannah takes hood down if its not down already.

Over the shoulder shots The two facing each other and smiling.

Over the shoulder shots The two facing each other and smiling.

Medium close up Josh and Hannah under lamp post holding hands.

Close up of hands Them holding hands tightly. Fade out into black.

play by play  

hopfuly what my music video will b like

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