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The first shot on the video is of the band but it is shown through a target. By having this as the first shot it shows the viewer that this is about them. With this target filter the actual circle works like a focal point so the viewers eye is taken directly to that area.

The next shot is a close up of the lead singer this is to show her importance in the video

This is done to promote her and to keep her as the star of the video. The close-up reinforces her dominance within the music video and clearly indicates her importance. According to Andrew Goodwin, the frequent use of closeups on the main star is a key music video code and convention. This also helps her to engage with the viewer.

There are also lots of long shots showing off the setting as well as the band as a whole. This video is set in the middle of a desert by doing this none of the viewers attention can be taken away from the band it also gives them an edgy appearance which works well with the genre of this song. The director has also positioned them so the sun is directly behind them this then works like a spotlight.

By only showing her eyes and having the rest of her face in shadow the singer then has a much more aggressive and hard look about them.

There are close ups of the other band members but none of them are quite so close as the lead singer this shows the viewer that they are also important but not as important as the lead singer. By having mid close ups of the musicians you can see them playing which can be very intense as they get into there music and put lots of energy and passion into their work.

During some of the music interlude there are what look to be random shots of object that have been abandoned. These shots have been edited to flash on and off the screen in time with the music this helps to amplify the tempo of the song.

Andrew Goodwin states that there is a relationship between the music and the visuals.

As the band is performing there are three people watching them from a distance with binoculars. By having them use the binoculars shows that they are interested but are wary to go up close. The woman in one of the shots looks disgusted this could be because she doesn't like the music or how they are behaving. The layout seems to be like a normal house with a bath, windows, couch and even piano the difference is that there aren't any walls or roof, this is such an unusual layout it give the video a dreamlike and surreal feel to it.

“Just the one, two I was just counting on� (lyrics) While singing this she counts the one two on her fingers Andrew Goodwin states that in music videos there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals by having her do this the same time as the lyrics we can see what she is singing about (visual narrative) .

There are lots of camera effects used through out the video most of them are use during the music interludes and are done showing the musicians. This intensifies there playing and energy, it also adds an edgy feeling to the video to match the genre of the music.

Paramore presentation  

presentation of paramores crush crush music video

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