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Andrew Goodwin Points ~ The visuals within the music video match the song as they amplify the slow tempo, intimate lyrics and acoustic style. The lyrics and visuals also match strongly, as there is a direct correlation between the song and what he is singing. According to Andrew Goodwin, the frequent use of close-ups on the main star is a key music video code and convention. This also helps him to engage with the viewer and reinforces his dominance within the music video and clearly indicates his importance.

Editing, Lighting Special effects Throughout my music video I used the transition fade, this made it possible for me to move from one clip to another smoothly and calmly. I think this transition went well with the music and kept to the slow and steady tempo. I filmed my music video on a stage and used little lighting effect as I didn’t want him to stand out too much from the dark background and for him to be too overwhelming and strong for the song. As I completed my filming very close to the deadline I only used three different angles. I think my music video would have been more effective and interesting if I used more angles and multiple locations. Two of the people who completed my survey for my music video agreed with this and found that my video started to get boring after a while as there was nothing really happening. To avoid this next time i will use more angles multiple locations and possibly look into adding more of a story line.

Inspiration Throughout the music video they used multiple close ups of the lead singers to show there importance with the song, there are also medium shots and long shots of the other band members and producers to show that they also are important but not quite as important as the lead singers. ‘Hold up your head, think of brighter days, who cares if they don’t look at you the same way’. This song is about moving on from all the bad days and looking forward to better ones, this happy message is portrayed through the way they have mixed the two shots of the making of the video with the happy times of surfing even in the cold weather it’s about being happy no matter what your doing. The use of the fade transition works well as it keeps with the slow relaxing tempo and genre of song. Chiarmonte has done a great job of mixing the slower transitions with the sharper quicker ones to keep with the mellow mood without it dragging. Everyone's clothing is comfortable and casual by doing this no one person is taking the spotlight, it also shows that they are not trying to be something there no there not trying to please anyone or promote anything they are doing this for the love and fun of doing it.

“All Good Reasons” by Barefoot Truth, directed by Gasper Chiarmonte.

Compare I used some of the ideas from the Barefoot Truth’s music video in my music video such as, the first scene, just like there music video I also started my video showing the lead singer. We also both use multiple close ups of our artists while they are performing. I was also inspired by the transition effect that they used in there video and decided to replicate this in my video. I like the way they used close ups of the instruments as they preformed I think this was very effective in an acoustic song such as there’s, I I tried this shot in my music video and think it works really well with such a mellow song.


Compare Barefoot Truth have a lot more band members in there group so they use lots of different shots and angles of each member, as well as that most of there video is the band recording the song the nice thing about this is the way they have added all the producers and other people who helped with the recording, were as I only had one artist and made my video all about him performing the song. I had only one location and one performance unlike Barefoot Truth who had three different locations and parts to there video; the recording, producing and beach scenes. This adds a new dimension to the video and makes it more interesting and would be something I would look into if I had more time for filming. They also used an over lay on some of there shots to make them appear old and well worn this this also makes the video more interesting and stops it from dragging.


My Digipack Front



Logo and House style

I made this logo before I chose my song or made my music video. But once I had done my filming I found it didn’t work as well as I had hoped as it was too edgy and sharp to go with the calm and smooth sound and style I had chosen to work with.

The house style I went with in the end was grey and red as I think the images work better in black and white but also works well with the feel of the music and genre. I chose to keep a simple layout so each image would stand out and the lyrics and songs were easy to read. I used two images from the actual music video to give the buyer an idea of what to expect and also ties the two together as a to use a different image for whole. I chose the front cover as I think this one is more relaxed and laid back I also think it works well with the others as its much brighter and stands out from the rest to show its uniqueness. I chose to use his name as a loge as I think it works well with the house style and looks very professional.

First cover design I went against my original idea for my front cover as once I had filmed my music video I realised that it was much slower and calmer whereas my first idea was quite sharp and edgy. As his genre of music is acoustic, Christian, pop I decided to go with a sleek traditional design.

My Advert I wanted a simple advert for my artist to match his genre and style of music . When I listen to his music I think of being outside in the sun relaxing I wanted to get this across in my advert without it looking like just a normal photo. I got my artist to dress in casual clothing so he looks approachable and relatable. I took this picture outside as I prefer to use natural light rather than artificial. I chose to take this picture against a brick wall to give the picture a professional yet casual look. I used Photoshop to edit this picture but I didn't want to loose the simplicity of it, so I decided to have him in black and white and also up the contrast in the bricks so he stands out against them. I used his t-shirt as inspiration for the font I kept it simple and used white so it would stand out against the red in the bricks and was readable.

Josh’s advert

My advert More information Hand written look Casual Both casual pose

Both casual clothing Both shot outside Both shot with guitar More Photoshop techniques Engaging with the audience Professional finish

What did I use? Research and planning Microsoft PowerPoint I used PowerPoint to present all my research

issuu I used issuu to upload my presentations to the internet

YouTube I used YouTube to research other music videos for inspiration

Blogger I used blogger to make my own blog to present my work all together

Photoshop I used Photoshop to edit my images and put mood boards together

Construction Sony DCR HD 1080i camera I used this camera to do all the filming for my music video

Adobe Premiere CS3 I used adobe premiere to edit and put together my music video

YouTube I used YouTube to upload my video and receive feedback

Evaluation Survey Monkey I used survey monkey to make a survey to receive feedback

Microsoft PowerPoint I used power point again to evaluate my music video, digipack and advert

Responses I made a survey once I had finished my music video and digipak to collect people’s feedback and thoughts on my work. When I collected my responses I found that 100% of the people who answered my survey agreed that my music video and digipak suits and style of music. In my survey I also asked ‘Do you like my music video?’ the results showed that a small percentage didn’t and there reasons for this is because, ‘its too basic’ ‘doesn't hold my attention’. By receiving these responses had made me think about adding more transitions, camera angles, different lighting, and

Music video evaluation  

music video evaluation

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