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HAIR ~ Tied up CLOTHES ~ Hoodie ~ Comfortable ~ Jeans ~ Long sleeves

~ Down ~ Natural MAKE UP ~ Natural

Will be filming outside for part of the video needs to be dressed warm and ready for possible rain.

CLOTHES ~ Jeans ~ T-shirt


~ Hoodie

~ Natural ~ Soft ~Slightly messy

COLOURS ~ Blue ~ Green

Will be filming outside for part of the video needs to be dressed warm and ready for possible rain.

On part of the video Josh will be playing his song with his guitar in the studio with a plain white background. I will use close ups of his hands playing and also his face wile he’s singing. This will all be in colour, he will be wearing comfortable clothes and his hair and face will be natural.

Hannah’s going to be the first on screen and will be positioned under a street light with her hood up so u can't see her face. She will also be looking up at the light later and the street light will be the only light used in the shot. This will all be shoot outside so she needs to be dressed in warm clothing and we need to ready for rain just in case.

At a pint in the video Josh and Hannah will have an argument. This will all be filmed in black and white, it will also be filmed inside so they need to be in comfortable clothes there hair and make up will be natural.

I’m sorry I love you xx Josh xx

Josh finds a post it note from Hannah saying ‘I love you’ or don’t forget that I love you’ Josh passes a computer or laptop which is on a slide show of pictures of them together. (keep camera still as will insert slideshow in editing) When Josh realises that he’s sorry goes to find Hannah (side views of there feet as they walk to each other

Josh sends Hannah a text saying he’s sorry and he loves her. (close up of the phone)

Right at the end of the video they will reunite and then hold each others hands this will be the last scene, still trying to decide how they will hold each others hands but I think they will gradually work there work there way to this which is my favourite.

Just meet and start to take each others hands

Just before fade out close up on hands like this, fingers intertwined.

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