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The font I decided to use on ‘da font’ went very pixalated when I tried to use free transform on it so I printed it out as big as I could and drew around it using felt tips, I then scanned it into the computer so I could edit it. I also did the same with the contents.

This is the original one which I thought worked really well against the white but as I wanted a black background I had to change it so the writing didn’t get lost.

Here I coloured the letters in pink so it was visible against the black background but I think it is too girly for what I want.

I decided to change my background to black as that was going to be the background colour for my magazine. Once I did this I think it was a lot easier to edit as I knew what it would look like on the black rather than try and guess.

I think this works really well with the white writing against the black background and the colours really work well together.

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