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Directed by Joseph Kahn Video analysis

Long shot to show her out fit and surroundings Her out fit is a red floor length dress by wearing this she stands out form the rest of the people and area. This scene is filmed in a laundry matt to show that they don’t have much money .

Close up of the machine to show the name. The machine is called Waking up in Vegas, which is the name of the song as well as the main chorus line. It shows them getting the jackpot (three flaming sevens). Which then starts off there winning streak.

Through out the video Katy is the only one who has close ups This is done to promote her and to keep her as the star of the video. The close-up reinforces her dominance within the music video and clearly indicates her importance. According to Andrew Goodwin, the frequent use of close-ups on the main star is a key music video code and convention. This also helps her to engage with the viewer.

Surrounded by people with her in the middle of the shot to make her centre of attention. The people around her are also wearing darker colours such as blue and black while she stands out in red.

As the video goes on the lights get brighter and more people get interested in there playing. The lights are one of the main characteristics when it comes to Vegas in every shot there is an element such as the lights, show dancers, sequins, gambling and money. By adding these elements the director keeps the viewer interested as there is always something to watch, it also adds the mise-en-scene element in. Frequent costume changes are a common code and convention in music videos, particularly with female artists. She also is put in front to show that she is the important person. And that she comes first.

In some shots like this one they complement the red by using colours such blue to frame the singer. In this shot Katy and her boyfriend are in the middle of the frame to show there importance and power as they have all there followers around them.

The cover of her album is shown to promote it.

He has done this twice through out the film to make sure the audience saw it and also so they know the cover and recognise it in shops or online.

This long shot frames Katy and her boyfriend in a money booth. This happens in the middle of the song, at this point in the song the music slows. In this shot they are the only people visible which means that this is all about them. Once again the director has added the tile to the shot having it scrolling across the top of the money both. After this scene there luck turns bad as it starts to be about the money rather than them. This reinforces the narrative element of the music video

The director here has her wearing only a bra with a feather boa this is appeal to men but also makes Her entrance more noticeable.

“Did we get hitched last night? Dressed up like Elvis? Why am I wearing you’re class ring?� (lyrics) The video is rein acting the lyrics of the song by doing this we can see what she is singing about. (visual narrative) . Andrew Goodwin states that in music videos there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals.

Once there winning streak started the director started to add element that showed there levels of winnings. At the beginning of the video when they start winning the objects are small, a change of clothes. Then as it goes on there winnings get bigger and so do the materials, such as a car private bowling ally and a big fancy meal. Closer to the end all the boats get pulled out and they are at the peak of there good fortune, this is show when they get taken through Fremont Street riding on chariots, with elephants and fire breathers. By having all these changes and elements in a short time it keeps the viewer on there toes and excited to see more. This also gives the music video a narrative and character arch.

As there winnings grow so does there popularity in this scene they are personally welcomed into to the Palms Hotel, by the owners Gavin and George J. Maloof, Jr. By having such important people in the shot and welcoming them in person shows how far they have come, the director also uses the velvet ropes to direct the viewers eye to them to also show that they are also important.

Hear they have made the shot look like a poker program. The person she beat on the program a legendary poker player named Daniel Negreanu, this shows how well they are doing. Katy stands out in the shot by wearing a show girl costume including the head dress as she is to the left of the long shot it is very important that she still gets noticed. They also kicked Penn and Teller out of there room, Penn and Teller are Las Vegas headliners whose act is a mixture of illusion and comedy. By having them kick out a headliner act shows there new authority and power. Although they are wearing dark colors they still stand out as they are put in a very bright hallway, by having them stand out shows that they have some importance but by having them in a long shot it also shows that they aren't as important as Katy who would either have a medium close up or a close up.

When things start to go bad and they start to argue the lighting gets a lot darker and there are a lot less people in the shots. This makes the scene a lot more personal and aggressive.

This scene is when they return to the tables but this time there are a lot less people as they are now losing. The lighting also not so bright which also makes the atmosphere different. As there aren't so lots of people framing Katy she is wearing her show girl outfit so the viewer instantly spot her in the shot.

This is one of the few shots that only have one person in it without Katy. By doing this it show that there are now other people in charge.

This is one of the last scenes that they are at the table. This time the background is darker and they also now have no one following them or watching them play. Katy is now positioned behind her boyfriend this is to signal that the song is coming to an end and

This is a scene were there relationship takes a turn for the worst. The director shows this by blurring them which shows The audience that they are losing control and things aren't as good as they once were. Once again the lighting on this shot is very dark yet Katy still stands out in red this is done so the viewer Doesn't lose focus on her.

They hit rock bottom now by showing the viewer Katy picking scraps off a plate shows how far down they have really came, from kicking headline acts out of there rooms to picking scraps off a plate, this is done to exaggerate there predicament. In this scene Katy doesn't stand out as she is put against bright colours that overpower her red dress, this is done to show that she isn’t very important.

You then come back to the first scene and realise that the video was playing in reverse to show how they got there rather than were they started. By doing this it shows how quickly there luck changed. The director then goes back to using dull lighting and merging Katy in with the background to show that she is back to just a normal person who doesn't stand out and doesn't hold any importance or authority.

This is the last scene of Katy in Vegas it shows her running away from everything. By having no one else in the scene shows that she isn't running to anything so probably has no other plan, and by only having a few lights in the surroundings it shows that she is still in Vegas but is running away from it rather than to it.

Katy Perry presentation  
Katy Perry presentation  

a presentation of Katy Perrs song waking up in vagas