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Barrocas’ two daughters, Cayden and


Ella, are 5 and 2, respectively. He said



they don’t believe it when he promises



to put their artwork up on his wall, so he texts photos of his desk to his wife, Rachel, to prove it to them.

Andrew Ba r r o c a s


ndrew Barrocas, 35, grew up expecting to go into his father’s business, manufacturing menu covers and accessories for women’s clothing. But Joel Barrocas wanted his son to experience another line of work first, so Barrocas headed to Citi Habitats in 2001, after graduating from Arizona State University. There, he discovered a niche, marketing new developments Downtown in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. Just four years later, he founded his own company, the Real Estate Group of New York, which merged with Brooklyn-based marketers the Developers Group in 2009. In 2011, the company settled on the less-generic name MNS. Today, MNS has more than 80 agents across four offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn and Barrocas, as CEO, oversees a small residential empire. The firm currently represents 40 projects — about 3,500 units planned or under construction. Last month, TRD checked out Barrocas’ Flatiron District digs. B y G uelda V oien

Sculptures These ceramic sculptures are modeled after the iconic photograph


“Lunch Atop a Skyscraper,” which was taken during the

Barrocas is an avid skier, preferring

construction of Rockefeller Center in 1932. The figures have fallen

to ski out west in Utah. When he

off their ledge a few times since Barrocas bought them in Soho about 10 years ago. He even shipped them to a ceramics specialist to have them repaired once. “They’ve taken quite a beating.”

skies on the East Coast, where he

One Way Sign

often takes his daughters for a day

Barrocas’ father found this sign near his Bronx factory shortly after his

on the slopes, he goes to Thunder

son launched his firm in 2005. He framed it as a gift to “indicate there

Ridge, in Westchester County, or

is only one way, which is up,” Barrocas said. When Barrocas opted not

Windham, in the Catskills.

to work for his father, it was only because after one year in real estate, he was making six times the starting salary his father offered him, he said.

“Big Moose” jerky One of Barrocas’ biggest clients, Douglaston Development scion Ben Levine, is a fan of this beef jerky called Big Moose Road Kill. During a trip with


Levine to Vermont, the pair discovered

This traditional Jewish shofar was presented to Barrocas when he

the snack being sold by a roadside meat

won the Young Jewish Professionals’ “Real Estate Entrepreneur

purveyor. Now, Barrocas orders the jerky

Award,” in 2011. Barrocas, a YJP member, pointed out that the

several times a year so that he’s stocked up

group honors many non-Jewish achievers in business as well. “Joe

for meetings with Levine.

Basketball trophy This trophy, for winning the 2012 Hooperstown Basketball Championship, was costly – and not emotionally or physically. Barrocas and some friends joined a basketball league that year, but realized they were outclassed after losing their first game by almost 60 points. So they hired several highly skilled players, including a couple of former Harlem Globetrotters. Barrocas won’t say how much they paid the ringers, but his team won the 10-game series.

McMillan of [DDG Partners] got one once,” he said.

Liquor This booze collection helps MNS brokers relax after a taxing day. But it’s hard to keep it in stock, because Barrocas lets anyone on staff come in and have a drink whenever they want. “The nicer the bottle, the quicker it goes missing,” he said.


Nets Barrocas is a season ticket holder for both the

Barrocas is a big fan of the

Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks. He

pioneering hip-hop group

grew up an ardent fan of the latter, so becoming

Run DMC. One of his agents

a Nets fan was “a little controversial

bought him this figurine of

for me. A lot of my friends give me

the group, which he keeps on

crap about [it],” he said.

his desk.

28 March 2014


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