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PROSPECTUS 2013 - 2014

Welcome To The Roseland I would like to welcome you to The Roseland Community College. The governors, staff and students hope you will find our prospectus informative and that it will give you a flavour of our flourishing community.

If you would like to visit the college, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Reception staff so that a mutually convenient time can be arranged. I look forward to offering you a staff or student guided tour of the college and a meeting with one of our members of staff who will give you any additional information you require.

Full of information, this prospectus contains a detailed digest of information on many areas of college life. Public Examinations data is available in addition to this prospectus and should be

Neil Wilkinson-McKie Headteacher

read in conjunction with it. The Roseland Community College is a small, over-subscribed, friendly, community comprehensive college with over 620 students aged 11-16 years currently on roll. We are delighted that we are well above national and county averages in our examination results at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and our statistics show excellent progress for our students. We are extremely proud of the wide range of extra-curricular activities we make available for our students and the wider community and for the part our students play in the development of all our new initiatives.

“The impact of their leadership can be seen in the high quality education provided by the college, the good progress made by students and the creation of a college ethos that is friendly, welcoming and mutually supportive.” Ofsted The Roseland Community College Tregony Truro Cornwall TR2 5SE Tel 01872 530583 Tel 01872 530675 Fax 01872 530498 Email:

Our Committment is


Our Ethos Our main aim is to foster an ethos in which every individual matters equally, is encouraged to aim high, achieve excellence and be happy through a creative, personalised curriculum with the meeting of individual needs and the development of emotional intelligence at its heart. We also aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with increased opportunities for vocational and real life learning. We see creativity in its broadest sense as a vital part of each student’s experience in our college and use creative methods of learning and teaching to raise student attainment and achievement to new levels.

Our Values We maintain an excellent atmosphere of a safe, well-disciplined school where adults and young people work harmoniously together to create a very positive learning environment. We are sensitive to the needs of all our students. We believe that the all-important partnership of students, staff, parents and governors working together in a mutually supportive environment will ensure the best outcomes for all the young people in our care.

“Key Words” In the creation of this prospectus, all our staff identifed words that best described The Roseland and we’ve featured the most popular in this prospectus to give readers an insight into what makes The Roseland so special... uniqueness, potential, everyone matters, everyone’s included, high standards, healthy and happy, wellbeing, specialisms, creativity, learning, beyond, clubs and activities, community, partnerships, the farm.

“Teachers have high expectations of all students and monitor their progress rigorously and students enjoy the challenging tasks set, resulting in good achievement and progress.”

I have really enjoyed my five years at The Roseland and have achieved far more than I ever imagined I could. I will be really sorry to leave.


A Unique School The Roseland is like no other. We are a rural school with as we do enables us to forge the unique environment where everyone big ideas and great strength.  flourishes.  The whole school is a strong community that works together and Relationships are second to none, not to mention the beautiful setting supports each other, whether it is from staff to student or student to we sit in.  We encourage you to visit us and see for yourselves. student.  The fact that we know and understand all of our students as well

Enjoy Achieving Your


Learning At The Roseland Learning is our key focus. We organise the students’ classes through timetabling them into different groups on entry, forming their tutor groups. They will remain with these groups whilst they attend the college. Students are placed into teaching groups, which vary in size, according to subject and ability. For example, some practical lessons may be smaller than some non practical lessons.  In some subject areas students are placed in groupings of similar ability, (Mathematics for instance,) whilst in others they will be placed into mixed ability groups as we feel this delivers better learning opportunities (Philosophy and Ethics is one such example). We aim to keep class sizes as small as possible. Students benefit from a range of electronic devices used to facilitate 21st century learning, as well as our expert staff utilising creative and active learning opportunities to stimulate and encourage higher level learning skills. We aim to deliver learning opportunities that create young adults that can flourish in their adult life as well as their youth.

“The personal development of students is outstanding and is a key element in supporting good achievement” Top in the 2012 Cornwall state schools results tables with 72% students achieving 5 or more A*- C GCSE grades (inc Maths and English)



“Inspectors found behaviour during the inspection to be excellent...

...there were clear procedures for parents and carers to approach the college about their children’s work” Ofsted

“Students eagerly take on student responsibilities and spoke very favourabl on the influence of th student voice.”

A Happy School Where

“Everyone Matters”

We’re like o really - we all each other and happy and car

ly he

one big family ll look after d it’s a very ring place to be

Student Voice Student voice is the strength of The Roseland Community College. As well as annual student surveys, we have a house system and a school council, all of whom report improvements and ideas through the tutor system to college leaders. A random selection of students meet privately with school governors in order to express themselves freely and senior students can become Associate Student Governors attending a range of governing body meetings to share their own and their peers’ views on a variety of topics. We also have various categories of prefects such as senior prefects who manage a team of Year 10 and Year 11 prefects over lunch and break time and who attend school events as ambassadors for the school, delivering speeches and votes of thanks on formal occasions.  We recruit prefects to run a mentoring service for younger students and to support students who need more reading practice. Students also have an integral part in the interviewing and recruitment of all new staff. Student fund raising is a strong example of student led student voice, and almost every term students request to run various events for charities which they are involved in themselves or wish to support.

Student Leadership Students at The Roseland have many opportunities to become involved in Student Leadership. Singing Leaders ensure that the daily singing assemblies are an energising and uplifting start to the day. To enhance the learning experience for all our students Learning Detectives undertake targeted classroom based evaluations across the curriculum. During the year students initiate various fundraising activities which recently have included a Bastille Day promoted and led by our student Language Leaders, Children in Need DVDs and a pop-up fair. This has raised in excess of £3500 over the last year alone, benefitting members of our own school community as well as local and national causes. The Duke of Edinburgh and Junior Sports Leader Award Schemes enable our students to hone their leadership skills whilst also contributing to the local community in various ways. The eLC/Library and Radio Roseland Leaders help to ensure that any students that want to be involved in break and lunchtime activities get the opportunity. The Student Council and Student Associate Governors have a valuable input into policy making and the appointment of new staff. Prefects and Senior Prefects undertake a number of important roles within the college including being linked to Year 7 tutor groups, Reading Buddies and Peer Mentors as well as helping with the smooth running of the school day and school events such as Open and Parents Evenings.

A Caring School Where

“Everyone’s Included”

Learning Detectives

Students With Individual Needs

Our student Learning Detectives support the excellent teaching and learning across the college. They are invited into lessons to feedback on the learning and support the vital communication between learners and teaching staff. As well as working as a group across schools locally, they also deliver excellent training sessions to trainee teachers as part of their role.

Every child matters here at The Roseland Community College. We value all students and actively seek to involve the widest range of students in the full life of the school.

The House System

We have academic and pastoral systems in place to ensure that the needs of all students are identified, communicated and met.

There are five houses altogether and each is made up of five tutor groups, one from each year group. Throughout the school year the students are able to collect ‘Achievement Points’ in recognition of high standards and having done well in classes or activities. Points are then converted into rewards. Student House Captains are elected by the students and staff of the House. House Captains are responsible for delivering half termly assemblies inspiring their House to high achievement. They work closely with each other (and the elected Sports Captains) to organise a variety of inter-house events enabling students to compete for further House points. At the end of the academic year the winning House with the most points receives a House reward. In recent years this has been in the form of a ‘cinema afternoon’ with fresh popcorn and refreshments. The top students with the most points also receive an extra reward such as a surfing trip.

Our PaSS (Parent and Student Support) team were praised by Ofsted for its attempt to mould the traditionally separate pastoral and special educational needs functions into one seamless service. We have a wide range of very talented staff that help to meet individual needs as well as the entire college staff. Students with individual needs do well at The Roseland. They achieve in line with expectations for the cohort as a whole (as measured for Year 11 in 2012 (latest figures)).

Throughout the year the college holds fundraising events for the Rewards Council which pays for the rewards.

Gifted and Talented We aim to support all learners. We track and stretch all students, including those that achieve the very highest grades at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  We support these students throughout their education, ensuring high challenge, quality advice and guidance and enrichment opportunities, expanding their horizons in line with their potential achievement.

“Those with special educational needs and/or disabilities make good progress as a result of the caring and targeted encouragement they receive from teachers and learning and support staff. ”

“Spiritual, moral, social and cultural responses from students are excellent and their attendance is above average.” Ofsted “Students feel safe, behaviour is excellent and all students make a very strong contribution to all aspects of college community life.” Ofsted


“High Standards”

“Students have welldeveloped skills in literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology which prepare them very effectively for adult life. Ofsted

Outstanding Curriculum Our curriculum promotes learners’ intellectual, personal, social and physical development. Students are offered a choice of subjects at a number of points during their time at the College. The breadth and range of these courses means that students can choose to study a selection of subjects that engage them and allow them to make progression to the next stage of their studies.

Behaviour We believe that appropriate behaviour in all aspects of college life is necessary to ensure that all students can develop their full learning potential. We seek to create an inclusive, caring and supportive learning environment in the college by promoting appropriate behaviour, discipline and positive relationships based on mutual respect.


We closely monitor the progress of each student across all subject areas, comparing their ongoing levels of understanding with their targets. This information is used to direct support for students. Parents will receive regular communication so that they are kept fully informed about the progress of their child.

Prefects At The Roseland student prefects play a vital role in supporting the college’s smooth running on a daily basis. They help in making sure the college code of conduct and general philosophy is upheld throughout the college at all times. Prefects provide a friendly face which students can both confide in and ask for help.

Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy underpins the college curriculum by developing students’ abilities to read and write. Students use mathematics for a wide range of purposes, and use language to learn and communicate, to think, explore and organise. Helping students to express themselves clearly enhances and enriches teaching and learning in all subjects.All departments and all teachers have a crucial role to play in supporting students’ development in literacy and numeracy.

“ Students feel safe, behaviour is excellent and all students make a very strong contribution to all aspects of college community life. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural responses from students are excellent and their attendance is above average.”

GCSE Results Top in the 2012 Cornwall state schools results tables with 72% students achieving 5 or more A*- C GCSE grades (inc Maths and English)



“ Inspectors found behaviour during the inspection to be excellent, noted that there was a good range of healthy options available in the dining room and that there were clear procedures for parents and carers to approach the college about their children’s work.”


“Healthy & Happy”

Healthy School We are pleased to say that we hold the Healthy Schools award. We realise that both the physical and emotional well being of our students is important and we aim to ensure that both students and staff have the understanding, skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health. Students flourish in a positive environment and are given a voice to influence whole-school decisions. A healthy school understands the importance of investing in health to help students do their best, raise levels of achievement, improve standards and develops policies and practices to promote health. After a successful fundraising bid, our students have recently redesigned a Memory Garden in the centre of the college as a place of quiet reflection and contemplation – just one of many ways in which we strive to be a Healthy School.

Health and Fitness Students at The Roseland are encouraged to develop their health and fitness. We believe that all students should develop an awareness and understanding that physical activity contributes to the healthy functioning of the body and mind and is an essential component of a healthy active lifestyle.

Sports Captains A further leadership opportunity available to our students is that of Sports Captains. Students can apply to become Sports Captains in Year 10 and Year 11. Each House has a male and female Sports Captain whose role is to promote sport, health and fitness throughout their house and across the college. Sports Captains ensure their respective house has a full team for any interhouse sporting competitions.This would include sports day, cross country competitions, netball and football to name just but a few.

Sustainabilty At The Roseland we recognise that environmental education is a crucial component in meeting the challenges associated with sustainable development. We aim to develop our students’ awareness and understanding of, and respect for, the environments in which they live, and secure their commitment to sustainable development at a personal, local, national and global level. We endeavour to do this through all parts of the curriculum. Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes. Using the house system students are encouraged to recycle aluminium cans with each can bringing their house a Roseland reward point. The college operates a paper recycling scheme and our computers shut themselves down at night. Our farm building has been designed to have a low environmental impact and is based on straw bales and sheeps wool. We were one of the first colleges to have a wind turbine and so far we have generated enough electricity to save over 15,000kg of carbon being produced. The recent new roof has improved the thermal insulation as will the new window walling - another way in which we are reducing our carbon footprint. Through the College Farm and Food Technology we encourage students to understand where their food comes from. We run a ‘field to plate’ project with students, as well as other exercises during our annual activity week.

A college with


Music and Performance The Roseland Community College has always placed an increased focus on music and performance. As a result the college has developed some fantastic facilities for music and the performing arts, including a refurbished school hall and dance studio, sound recording studio, college radio station and media editing suite. We have forged new partnerships with external arts organisations and creative industries which has brought a range of new opportunities to our students. Our main sponsor is EMI Music Sound Foundation, whose generous support has ensured that our Music department is fully equipped with some first class musical instruments. In recent years we have hosted a wide range of music workshops and master classes in everything from music composition to African drumming. Students have worked alongside visiting arts professionals from organisations such as the Rambert Dance Company, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Royal Opera House,Youth Music, BBC Radio Cornwall and the Pearl of Africa Choir from Uganda. Many students choose to participate in our wide range of extra-curricular arts activities, which have recently included a ukulele orchestra, steel band, samba band, Roseland Voices choir and Roseland Dance Company. Many more have taken part in county art exhibitions, community art projects or one of our large-scale school productions. Through active engagement in music and other expressive arts students are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and to the wider community as they develop their own artistic skills and self-confidence.

“The impact both within the college and through partnership with other colleges and schools on its music specialism has been immense and supports much of the work in other departments.”

The Roseland places creativity at the heart of the whole curriculum. We believe that creativity, in its widest sense, is a powerful catalyst for raising aspirations and attainment in all subject areas for all students. The college employs an innovative approach to teaching and learning and we aim to provide a stimulating learning environment with a wide range of enrichment opportunities for all our students - through collaboration with community partners, work related learning and participation in music and the arts.

“Students especially like music lessons and their singing assembly once a week.”

A college with


Expressive Arts and Artsmark Gold The Roseland is delighted to have held the status of Artsmark Gold, awarded by Arts Council England, since 2006. Holding Artsmark status shows that the college values the arts and culture and has demonstrated excellence in arts and cultural provision. At the college all teachers and students, whatever the area of study, strive to achieve a creative approach to teaching and learning. Students have access to a wide range of cross-curricular and extra-curricular projects, which have included the Combined Truro Schools Art Event and related exhibitions at the Lander Gallery in Truro, Carrick Dance, Cornwall Drama Showcase, Kidz 4 Cornwall Show, Roseland Festival, Restormel Proms, Music for Youth Festival, our Steel Roses steel band, Samba de Roselando samba band and Roseland Voices choir, Roseland Dance platform events and Expressive Arts evenings. There are many opportunities to take part in music concerts, master classes, school productions and community events throughout the school year. We also invite students to attend both local and national arts events, with regular trips to art galleries, theatrical productions and concert venues both in and beyond the county.

Creativity Continuing to ensure that expressive arts and indeed creativity is at the heart of our college allows the students to experience many exciting opportunities. One example, which is very popular with students, are visits from the world-class Rambert Dance Company. They have led several dance and music workshops at The Roseland in recent years and it is always a fantastic opportunity for students to be able to immerse themselves in creativity for a whole day, working alongside professional artists. During the latest workshop 34 students were given the opportunity to work with the Rambert animateur and a professional dancer who helped them to choreograph exciting contemporary routines inspired by the music and text of the company’s production “Labyrinth of Love”, leading to a stunning performance by students. To complete the experience the same group of students visited the Hall for Cornwall the following day to see the Rambert Dance Company in action. The project was developed in partnership with the EMI Music Sound Foundation, the country’s largest sponsor of Specialist Performing Arts Colleges. The college has also formed Roseland Voices, which is a programme of extra-curricular singing activities for young people. This was funded by Youth Music, the UK’s largest children’s music charity, through their Vocalise programme.

Radio Roseland Students are able to take to the airwaves and show off their broadcasting skills thanks to our in-school station Radio Roseland. We are delighted with our state of the art radio studio with its media editing suite. It has already proven to be be a valuable resource and is a fantastic facility.

A college that loves



The college is organised into faculties with subject areas represented within them. Curriculum areas work together with the aim of delivering cross subject learning experiences to deepen students’ understanding further, relating to real life where possible.

“ The sheer breadth and depth of the curriculum in meeting the individual and often complex needs of all groups of students is outstanding.” Ofsted

We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to every student whilst providing for individual preferences.

Facilities We are very proud that students at The Roseland experience our state of the art facilities. The college is fully wi-fi-enabled for flexible learning using mobile technology. We are very proud of our new dining hall, dance and drama studio, computer facilities and revamped Memory Garden. We have recently invested almost one million pounds in a new roof and replacement windows. Please visit the college to see for yourself.

“ An innovation in the college is the role of ‘learning detective’ whereby students report back to teachers on how well they are encouraging learning in their lessons. One student commented, ‘I have gained a newfound respect for teachers’.”

Learning that goes


Duke Of Edinburgh / Ten Tors A significant number of The Roseland students take part in more challenging activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Ten Tors. In the academic year 2012/13, ninety-six students took part in their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students also completed their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is a significant achievement for both them and the college. The Bronze Award participants work towards their volunteering section in the community. Many of them attend their village primary school to assist with after school clubs, some volunteer at local vets, charity shops and helping people in need. In 2013, for the first time in the College’s history, a team from The Roseland completed the 45 mile Ten Tors Challenge. This was a fantastic effort, as in 2012 the team completed 35 miles.

“The college equips students with the best possible social and academic skills necessary for them to meet the challenges of life after college�

“Extra-curricular activities are well organised and offer a wide range of sporting and other opportunities”

Learning with energy & enthusiam

“Clubs & Activities”

Sports and PE Students at The Roseland follow a broad and balanced programme in PE lessons. We encourage all of our students to be physically active, developing co-ordination, control and body management. Students will be involved in problem-solving, communication with others and team-building. There is a huge range of sports and leadership opportunities available both within and beyond the normal curriculum day.

Community Sports Centre The Roseland Community Sports Centre opened in July 2006 and has greatly enhanced the sporting facilities available to The Roseland ‘s students, to our partner primary schools and to the local community. The PE Department has three full time equivalent members of teaching staff, a higher level teaching assistant and sports coaches who assist with lessons and college teams. Facilities include a purpose built dance and drama studio, two sports fields, four tennis courts and a sports centre. As well as PE lessons during the day, a range of activities take place out of lesson times and during the holidays for students and adults alike. The activities are coordinated by our Teaching Team Leader for PE and a programme of activities is circulated to students and parents each term. There are many excellent opportunities for everyone to be involved. Evening and holiday activities to date have included (for young people and/or adults) five-aside football, basketball, netball, gig rowing training, badminton, judo, cricket ball skills, trampolining, yoga, salsa, aerobics and pilates.The fields and tennis courts are also available for community use.

Activities & Clubs A wide range of clubs and activities takes place over the college year. Sports teams, inter-college and county fixtures operate for a variety of games including netball, hockey, football, rugby, cricket, tennis and athletics. Students take part in the annual Carrick Dance performances at the Hall for Cornwall and a variety of different sports clubs take place at lunchtime and after the college day, led by sports coaches and members of the PE department. A homework club, supervised by our Higher Level Teaching Assistants, takes place in the eLearning Centre after college each day and this facility is also used by our partner primary schools. There are also a number of coursework clinics and revision classes for GCSE students after college at appropriate times of the year. At different times of the year a number of activities take place such as Super Science Days, Gifted and Talented Maths, Book Club and a Debating Club operates which competes from time to time with students from partner secondary schools. Many students choose to participate in our wide range of extra-curricular arts activities which have recently included a ukulele orchestra, steel band, samba band, Roseland Voices choir and Roseland Dance club, and many more have taken part in county art exhibitions, community art projects or one of our large-scale school productions. Through active engagement in music and other expressive arts, students are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and to the wider community as they develop their own artistic skills and self-confidence. The community diary gives details of all clubs and events each week – it can be found at the end of the weekly bulletin which is available from the front page of the website ( In addition to these are a variety of international visits and exchanges, such as the Italian ski trip and summer visits to Kenya and Borneo. The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and Ten Tors are available along with the Junior Sports Leadership Award and Young Arts Leadership Award. Activities Week takes place for Years 7 to Year 9 in July while Year 10 are on Work Experience placements. The range of activities includes Mountain Exploits, London Culture Vulture, Scilly Camp, Surf School and Film School to name but a few.

“Our Community”

Partnership With Parents

College Community

It is vital that parents are involved in their child’s education. Parents have an extremely important part to play in helping their child at college.

We have a very supportive Governing Body which includes parents, staff, members of the community and student associate governors.

In September we hold a Year 7 curriculum evening to talk about the subjects our new students will be studying. Soon after, we have a Year 7 settling in meeting where parents can meet form tutors to talk through their child’s first half term at The Roseland.

On a weekly basis our Leadership Team meets to initiate and review a number of college improvement projects. This team consists of the Headteacher, First Deputy Headteacher, two further Deputy Headteachers, our Director of Academy Finance and Business alongside staff with whole college responsibilities.

In February, parents have an opportunity to meet with their child’s subject teachers at a Year 7 parents evening and in May we send a full written report home. Every half term we send home a ‘data sheet’ showing parents how their child is progressing in school. It not only covers their academic achievement but also their attitude towards learning. In addition to this each student will have regular learning conversations with their tutor. Parents are welcome to contact and meet with their child’s form tutor at other times during the term if they have any concerns or would just like to see how their child is progressing. We foster the ethos where we would rather parents talk to us as soon as possible about any concerns they may have. We value our relationship with parents and carers and ask that both they and students read and sign our Home/College Partnership Agreement. To keep parents and carers fully informed with the latest achievements and news we produce a weekly newsletter that is sent via email as well as a weekly bulletin. All publications are available from our website. At times we may also text parents with date reminders or relevant information.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Personalised Learning Mentors and Learning Support Assistants provide vital support to our students in all subject areas, supporting students with a wide range of individual needs. We also employ two non teaching Parent and Student Support Managers, a Key-Stage Transition Coordinator and college Counsellor, as well as utilising the services of a wide range of multi-agency staff such as our Careers South West Personal Adviser and local college Nurse. In addition, we have a large number of invaluable support staff who ensure the smooth administration of the college, buildings and grounds. Our college community would not be complete without our thriving College Council, Year Councils and some extremely effective college prefects who support the younger students – for example, as form prefects for Year 6 students on Welcome Day and throughout Year 7.

“Students feel safe, behaviour is excellent and all students make a very strong contribution to all aspects of college community life.” Ofsted

Learning through


“The college’s involvement in the local and wider community is outstanding”

The Roseland Network

Local Community Working with our local community is a priority for the college and we have already built a number of strong partnerships. We work very closely with our nine partner primary schools known as The Roseland Network and we are in a number of Learning Partnerships with local secondary schools and Colleges of Further and Higher Education.

Currently chaired by one of our Primary Headteachers, The Roseland Network is the working partnership of The Roseland Community College and our nine partner primary schools: Probus CPS, Tregony CPS, Gorran School, Ladock CPS, Gerrans School, St Mawes CPS, Veryan CEVAPS, Grampound with Creed CEPS and Grampound Road CEPS.

In 2011 the college became an Academy and continues to work in close partnership with the members of the Truro and Roseland Forum - Penair School, Richard Lander School, Pencalenick School and Truro and Penwith College. Many of our facilities are open to the public, especially The Roseland Community Sports Hall, our dining hall, which is used as a flexible learning space, and our eLearning Centre and Library which is used for a number of events including homework clubs by primary schools and for adult learning. We participate as a training college for the outstanding Cornwall School-Centred

Initial Teacher Training programme for postgraduate trainee teachers. We are also a strategic partner in the Cornwall Teaching School Alliance.

World Community We achieved the full International School Award in July 2010.This is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools. It offers a framework within which to develop international collaborative activity and coordinate global curriculum topics across the school.

One of our aims is to ensure an effective and supported transition from primary to secondary school by working together on a wide range of developmental projects for raising achievement, celebrating success and, with the Truro and Roseland Learning Community, establishing extended services for the children in our mutual care.

“Partnerships with a wide range of external agencies are a great strength of the college.”

Supported by the British Council and the college’s International Schools Coordinator, projects to date have included establishing links with schools and teachers in India, China and Japan and a further link is envisaged with Thailand in the near future.

“Partnerships with external agencies are outstanding.”

The Roseland Network of Schools participated in Cornwall Schools’ first Green Is Global International Conference in November 2011, building on strong links with Indian partner schools. Senior students have also taken part in a number of community and environmental projects in Uganda, Kenya and Borneo.


Leaving primary school

“Moving To The Roseland”

Transition Moving to a new school can be a daunting thought for younger children so The Roseland works very closely with our partner primary schools to ensure that Year 6 students are well-prepared for their arrival at the college. One initiative sees Year 7 students return to their former primary schools to talk to them and answer any questions they might have.The Headteacher also visits all the Roseland area schools in the autumn with the Transition Coordinator and Learning Leader for the lower college. An open evening is held in the autumn when students and parents can experience all the different opportunities on offer.  Youngsters come to the college throughout the year on a regular basis to use the eLearning centre and are involved in many music activities as part of our Music College community outreach. In the summer term,Year 6 students are visited again by our Intervention Lead staff member, Learning Leader (lower college) and Transition Coordinator and come for an induction day. In the evening they and their parents meet their tutors. Each student is offered a Year 7 ‘email buddy’ from their area prior to starting at the college. Curriculum information evenings for parents of students in all year groups are held in the autumn term (Year 7 very early in the term), led by the Headteacher and the First Deputy Headteacher.

Year 7 Transition Days New Year 7 students participate in two induction days that take place in their first term‚ one college-based and one at Lusty Glaze Outdoor Activity Centre. These are led by their Learning Leader (lower college) and tutors, and there is an emphasis on team building, learning to learn, establishing new friendships and, of course, fun!

Learning beyond expectations

“The Farm”

The Farm We are very proud of our farm. It has been an important part of the college for the last 5 years. Students have the opportunity to look after and learn about a wide range of animals. We currently have goats, ponies, ferrets, chickens, rabbits, mice, corn snakes and even Giant African Land snails. We also have regular visits from more exotic species such as kookaburras, hawks, owls and heavy horses. We grow our own food and flowers using the green house, poly tunnel or vegetable patch and in 2013, we were chosen to exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and won a Silver Medal! Teaching happens both on the farm and in the purpose built classroom. The building has been designed to have a low environmental impact and is based on straw bales and sheeps wool. There are two main rooms, a purpose built classroom and a small animal sanctuary. We have plenty of visitors to the farm from local primary schools, Roseland Parc and other organisations.

Land Based Qualification At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to study for a Level 1 Land Based qualification. It consists of three elements: Animal Care Animal Housing Horticulture, Health & Safety and Structures and Surfaces We offer the course in partnership with Duchy Agriculture College at Rosewarne and every year we have a number of students from other local secondary schools join us on site to take the course.

“The farm is especially appropriate for providing first-hand information on land-based activities.” “We were impressed with the farm and its activities.” Ofsted

Photography Left to right from the top left: Year 11 students Harry Potterthon sponsored overnight film marathon Hair & Beauty Winners Kindles purchased with money raised by the Potterthon May Ball 2013 Mr Azam’s Philosphy and Ethics room Awards Evening Results Day The Roseland canteen The Steel Roses - The Roseland’s Steel Bamd The Roseland Voices The Roseland Year 11 Leavers Assemby - Bollywood Radio Roseland The eLearning Centre Open Evening - science experiment Ski Trip Drama production Bournemouth Symphony Orcestra Workshop Drama Production Duke Of Edinburgh Community Sports Hall Cornwall School Games Community - The Roseland’s 50th Birthday celebrations

Photography Left to right from the top left: Charity Support - a cheque for Oxfam Community - The Roseland’s 50th Birthday celebrations Chelsea Flower Show winners (Land Based Operations) Primary School Workshop at Veryan Primary Day at The Roseland - music workshop TV presenter Dick Strawbridge at the Farm One of the many animals at the Farm

Our Badge The boat featured on our badge has historical connections... “As you travel through the village of Tregony today, it’s hard to believe that it was once a flourishing and important tidal port. Fifteen miles from the open sea, Tregony was a relatively safe port and escaped the attentions of French and Spanish pirates unlike St Mawes, Penryn and Newlyn, to name but a few. It is believed that in earlier times Phoenician and Roman traders sailed to the port and beyond in search of tin.” (Courtesy

Design & photography Idenna Ltd (Cornwall) 01841 520440

The Roseland Prospectus 2013 14  
The Roseland Prospectus 2013 14