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Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s been more than a year and GMoz is still here, bigger, better and forging forward with our new website and lots more in the pipeline! Sure, we had a few bumps along the way and we made some mistakes however we learned from them and have grown. This means every quarter, you can expect quality work from us as we continue to bring the best and most comprehensive coverage, not only the hip hop scene, but the entire underground movement in Trinidad & Tobago and beyond!

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After all, we at GMoz are Hip Hop, and as such, we will be expanding our range to include some of the talent from around the region! That’s right, we growin' again! Wanna’ be a cover artist? Well that depends entirely on you as an artiste… you put in the work and reap the benefits, that doesn’t mean you have to a super huge mega star, it just means you gotta’ put the work in for what you want! I think that hold true for every publication. We promise that we will ALWAYS promote our local artistes, create a forum to voice the concerns of the industry, be the link between artistes and will always be ethical and fair! Thank you for supporting us! We hope you have as much fun reading as we had writing!

Here at GMoz Productions Ltd, we strive to produce a good, well balanced and quality publication. We , however, are still only human and we sometimes make mistakes. we encourage you to email us at if you find any such errors.

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You know him from the hit single Your Love and that unforgettable collaboration with Sovereignty’s Synister on the track Deuces earlier this year. After taking a break to reanalyze his musical direction, Rondelle is back in studio again, this time releasing the tracks Fallen and It’s A Thing as he illustrates his prowess as an artiste and growth as an individual. With production by Flipo out of D6 and Chenko Productions, the track Fallen features the chords of guitarist Keron Charles who has also done work with Sherwin Winchester. While Fallen is edgier than Rondelle’s usual style, it’s been described as ‘raw’ ‘real’ and ‘emotional’ and for the artiste is close to his heart, based on a very real experience that will no doubt be relatable. Like Ying, Rondelle switches gears and takes on a socially conscious stride with the previously written It’s A Thing produced by Damion Preston of Supreme Studios and featuring New York’s jazz guitarist Marvin Dolly. The relevance of It’s A Thing to the current SoE is striking as it voices the cries of the people and “that feeling of frustration and not being able to do anything where we just throw our hands up in the air.” Clearly he’s not sticking. Several potential collabs and performances in Boston and New York indicate that Rondelle is on a mission to take his music to the world and with upcoming videos for both singles and 24 hour studio grinds in the books, Rondelle is an artiste you should definitely look out for! Link him on Facebook at to keep updated and to check out the new material!

“I want to do this but I want to bring it with a message” those are the words of the hip hop poet, Judah Maccabee, following the release of his debut mixtape in January 2011, Truth Not Entertainment, which features collaborations with St. Ans, Frost Blaze, Make It Hapn, Da Face, Roger Garrison and Bongahchops. Consisting of 15 tracks, Judah has sold out almost all 150 copies of the album produced. Crediting his inspiration to legends Tupac, Wu Tang and TnT’s own Make It Hapn, Judah recalls listening to an early recording which he used an American accent “After listening to the song I was like ‘that’s not me!’ You should talk in truth, can’t put on no persona.” And it’s not an easy road. “When somebody singing entertaining songs it’s just a beat, yuh put two or three lines together but when you doing what we doing you have to read books. You spend months reading a book and what you learn in the book you summarize. That makes it harder for us, people who doing truth music. You have to get this book and study it, we have to learn so that it’s facts that we’re talking…this is gonna be immortal. You can’t put a song on record and then somebody says “You see that shit Judah talking, it’s not true you know” because they check it up. Whatever you read you have to check and double check to make sure it’s fact. You have a lot of work to put in before it’s actually ready.” So why Truth Not Entertainment? “I want people to ask ‘why’ and to start asking questions. Why we are the way we are? What made us who we are now? I want people to ask these questions. Then my music will kind of halfway accomplish what it’s supposed to accomplish.” Performing recently in Da Lover and Da Revolutionary alongside Highway Records’ John John and a slew of talented artistes, the audience felt the depth of his music from the moment he hit the stage. His presence and the profoundness of his words was like having a one-on-one with your conscience. Impressively, the 27 year old St. Joseph native handled the job like he’d been rocking the mic for years and you’d never guess that he’s only been rapping professionally as of 2010 after being inspired by the Lion’s Den crew! “Hardly anybody wanna hear truth but even though you have this small audience you’ll always be appreciated for what you do, they’re understanding what you do.” Copies of TNE can be collected at Highway Records in Curepe or purchased from Judah himself at 366-0869 for only $20.00. For bookings or info. link him at or on Facebook at Judah Maccabee.

“We all want to be popular; we want to be in the limelight. We want to experience having fans, real fans and we want to make money.” No one can deny that making it as a hip hop artiste in Trinidad and Tobago, or perhaps anywhere in the Caribbean, is a challenging, if not impossible task. For many artistes the move to adapt to dancehall or Soca has become a necessary evolution. For artiste Lil Bling of the popular group Millionaire Family, it was not a difficult transition to make. However he still holds a passion for hip hop, citing KRS-1 and Trini’s Firestar as some of his musical influences. “I ended up branching off into dancehall and I ended up liking it because when you’re around Orlando Octave, Kerry John & Makamillion you tend to like that vibes”, Bling says. The San Fernando native first got involved in music three years ago under the tutelage of rapper Firestar, beginning a journey that would eventually bring him to the some of the biggest audiences in the Caribbean after a chance meeting with Makamillion who, upon recognizing Bling’s talents, invited him to perform with the Millionaire Family. “Working with the Millionaire Family is great. It was fantastic performing alongside Sizzla and Assassin!” The group, who do a lot of work on riddims, is currently doing work with Millbeatz on the Bad Mind and Haters riddim which will feature Jah Mel, Bling and Makamillion. And for Carnival 2k12 the group is preparing to make a big impact. And for Bling, solo projects coming up include the single I Know which was produced by Yung Seechie out of the Cloud 9 studio. But while Bling has shown great potential in the music production arena, he’s decided to focus his energies on perfecting his craft as an artiste. “Persistence is the key. You always have to remain focused because if you lose focus you might lose out on opportunities. Give it your all, it will pay off sooner or later and always expect to get back what you put out.”

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Well Unstable d’Gift is at it again, out to prove why they’re rated as one of the top dance crews in TnT! From 27th July-1st August 2011, UDG represented Trinidad and Tobago at the World Hip Hop Championships held in Las Vegas, Nevada US and danced their hearts out before a global audience broadcast in over 60 different countries! Repping TnT for the first time at the Championships were UDG members Stephan Sterling, Takyha Springer, Adande Woodsley, Matthew Mc Clean, Curt Alexander and Kromatiq’s Shandelle Loregnard. Up against stiff competition, the group placed 40th against some 60 plus countries, but the experience was a valuable one that none of the members will ever forget! “We learned as a team that dance in Trinidad is not far off at all compared to dance in other countries. For me personally it was a huge learning experience in leadership, dealing with certain experiences and being able to deliver. We kept a strong positive mind and gave it 110% every time.” Says Curt Alexander, the group leader. Competing against countries such as the Phillipines, the Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, Brazil and the Bahamas they were most impressed by New Zealand’s delegates who had a strong support system at the competition and offered support to other crews as well. Now inspired to work even harder, the group has returned to TnT and back to grind with upcoming shows and new dance classes on the horizon and Curt extends the group’s gratitude “Thank you to all the people who supported us, Blackout, Eclectik and the North West Laventille Cultural Movement especially.” For more updates check out Unstable D’Gift Dance Co. on Facebook or link them at and (1-868) 383-1412.

and so does Free and Ka$h called "F@cked Up" they all have twitter and facebook you can hear all of their music through there! GM. How easy is it to balance your basketball career alongside your music career?

GM: What does Focused Figures Represent? Tell us a bit about your team and FF: Actually its pretty easy because I play your goals streetball therefore I can relate to the streets more than an NBA player, and hip FF: We represent anybody out there hop is a part of streetball and somewhat getting money and doing it the smart way! the heartbeat of streetball! So when im Remaining focused on they figures! Focus traveling I get a chance to meet inspiring is a key part to success, they say preparaartist like Chromatics and lil saint from tion + opportunity = success therefore if Trinidad, Bongani Fassie from South Afriwe prepare well and focused on what we ca ,Bliss from Guyana and DJ Outkast in St want the opportunity will present itself Maarten and many more. It gives me an and boom here comes the money! opportunity to do both! Focused Figures is a family and we are all GM: Basketball and Hip Hop - some say it's equal partners and we all have a role to the perfect fit. What are some of the simplay and my name is Amazn (the name ilarities (or do you think that some other speaks for itself) and my role is margenre is a better fit) keting, promotions, and producing and getting the music out! The other are artist FF: Music fits everything well because it and all three are extremely talented! First speaks directly to your soul, but as far as we have Ka$h a.k.a. Money Meech he also hip hop basketball are concerned I believe plays Streetball but his music is like fun. its a perfect because that's what I grew up bounce, and street all in one! His mixtape on! but it depends on the players and his is coming soon its called Street Ballin’ and likes or dislikes!! Similarities in streetball its going to be a problem and he has a and hip hop are uncanny because we are song on there with Bliss called "Go hard" painting the same picture in the different He will give you the reality of the streets art forms!! We are putting our swag in the and the club hits that we all love, with a game and painting a pic of what the sprinkle of hits for the ladies! Next we streets wanna’ see the same way the hip have Free and free is the most lyrical he hop artist do with words and beats we just has the swag of the 90's.....his best music do it with a basketball. So basically hip is reflecting the pain from the streets. He hop and streetball go hand and hand like has an awesome voice and merged to- Peanut butter and jelly! gether with soulful beats its a hit every GM: How was your experience in Trinitime! His mixtape is called Son of a Husdad? (The games, the music, the ladies, these times and its really soulful etc.) and melodic and his lyrical content is CRAZY on it! Last but not least TY a.k.a. Ms. FF: I can say my experience in Trinidad Incredible she is the female of the camp! was just like my name! Amazn! I had a She is a voice for all the ladies out there great time ....I love the food, I LOVE muwho are independent and making they sic!! I'm a huge fan of Caribbean music own money...yet she is extremely talented and highway records! we went to the stuof reflecting the pain, joy, and a range of dio with chromatic and laid down a track emotions that women go through she can when was there! Great times! The ladies give you a get money song and in the are absolutely gorgeous! although I was same breathe teach you how to be a lady only with one and she is all I want.......she and empower women. She already a mix- keeps me in a blissful mind state when I'm tape out with this awesome Rn’B artist with her ;) name Ms. Fields called " A League of their Own" and its nothing but an Anthem for the Ladies and they have a video on youtube called "Say Yeah" club banger

GM: Is there a future for Basketball in Trinidad - what did you think of the talent level? FF: its a future everywhere for basketball as long as the love for the game is there! Trinidad had some incredible athletes and as long as they work hard and keep the love I know I will see a team representing T&T in the Olympics!!

GM: What are your views on the state of Hip Hop in T&T? FF: The state of hip hop in T & T was good from what I seen! The artist I met are NICE! and they work hard! Jay - Z said the reason he is where he is today came from hard work and god given talent! Therefore hard always beats talent when talent fails to work hard but if you have both that's a recipe for greatness! They have both and if they keep grinding I have no doubt that they will be in the Grammy's soon!

GM: Some say that you are best at controlling the game with your vision, dribbles and ability to keep defenders honest with your jump shot. You came to Trinidad and dunked on a guy! What's that about? Was that your highlight of the year FF: Thanks for the compliments I really appreciate the love on my game, and speaking on the dunk I just felt good that day and got past the defender and said y not? and it was by far the highlight of the year for me!! I work hard at basketball and stay in the gym and that was product of all my hard work! Shout out to TY she is my trainer and she kept me in the gym! BTW everybody in focused figures are athletes, Free played football me and Ka$h play basketball and TY is a trainer and hoops too! Contact Twitter: @Kashdakilla, @500_free, @SayWhatUptoTyTy Contact Facebook: Alonzo Miles (amazn), Ryan freeman, Ty Thompson,

A lot of artists are very versed when it comes to spitting lyrics, and in the studio, they are the hardest, but when it comes to stage performances… they come up short. It’s not because they don’t dance, let’s face it, most hip hop artistes don’t. The live shows don’t suffer because the audio equipment was poor… it’s because the artist sounds muffled. Like they are singing with a mouth full of cotton and spit and the reason is poor mic technique. Luckily, there are some very simple methods to avoid this.

1. DO NOT CUP THE MICROPHONE! – Yes it looks cool, and a lot of “big acts” do it, but it reduces the range of the mic and increases the chance of feedback. The proper method is to hold the shaft of the mic, allowing it to capture and reproduce a healthy range. 2. DO NOT DROP THE MIC BELOW WAIST LEVEL! – When the mic gets too close to the monitor speaker, it causes feedback, and that is never sexy on stage. The best way to avoid this comfortably is to keep your elbow at a 90 degree angle from your body when resting. 3. WATCH THE CORD! – Unfortunately, not all events will afford you a cordless, so in the event of this, it is wise to hold a section of the cord in your free hand to keep a tag on its position, and allow free movement. 4. WATCH YOUR VOLUME AND DISTANCE! – Shouting into a mic is a huge NO! The membrane inside of your mic is very sensitive so if you need to belt a big note, keep the mic at a reasonable distance from your mouth, relative to your volume. Closer is good for low volumes and intimate words, further for the big notes. 5. WORK WITH YOUR SOUND TECH! – Not all of us are able to do a sound check before a show, so it is always a good idea to know where your sound tech is an work a few quick and inconspicuous signals with them so that you can get the levels you are comfortable with without killing your performance!

There are much more things you can do to improve your mic technique, but these five will vastly improve your live performances so do the research and rip them up!

The jazzy, hip hop and soulful style that she produces is unlike anything you will ever hear. The smooth baselines and thumping percussions meld seamlessly with her voice and makes her a dream to listen to. She is lAdymore. "I’m not signed; I like to go where the music is" The Tobago born singer started singing in the halls of the church, where she developed her unique abilities but surprisingly, never really pushed into singing outside of that arena partially for a fear of encountering a rowdy crowd, who are known for stoning stages with objects and cussing. Her musical desire would see her overcome this with her first time in a recording studio under Gareth and Farmer (R.I.P), who had previously produced for such stars as Machel Montano etc. J -smoke of Cloud IX took her to Highway Records, where she purchased a beat produced by Beebo who asked her to do backup on a track he had produced and the two have forged a relationship that lasts till today. Her 2009 mixtape “Preview”, recorded at Cloud IX studios, was a heavily hip hop based, soulful, rich experience, featuring production by Daniel Reyes aka Ninja Bling "Foolish" . This led to her first radio play when Later that year, Tim Starr aired one of her songs “Fade Away” off of her mixtape on his radio show the D’ Rapture, on 94.1, which was soon followed by her first major live performance outside of the church, at club Alchemy. She was sensational, and it was undeniable that she was a force to be reckoned with. She is unfazed by the male dominated industry “its all about the music, the message and making an impact on the entire scene” she states and refers to artistes like Rene da’ Illest and Roxii as female holding their own in the industry. She is working on a yet untitled mixtape to follow up "Preview", but is taking her time citing costs as a factor, maintaining that it’s not about the commercial rush, but about the love of the art form. She has been performing at many shows as both front line and backup, and recently completed a trip to Mexico, however, she is focusing on her studies at present, and while her music has had to take a back burner, she is still undeniably one powerful influence in the game.

“I didn’t know that it was hip hop, I just used to listen to the songs and like the songs but after getting to really know about music, after listening to a few Tupac albums, it gave me a different perspective on life because for me it was like I could relate to this more than anything else. I can express myself through this music more than anything else.” “Kane is a lyrical monster. He addresses social issues which is his greatest strength. He’s a force to be reckoned with and I expect great things out of him.” Shares Stuart Fortune, who manages Kane along with three other artistes at Highway Records. From not knowing what was rap to becoming one of the illest most respected rappers in Trini, Kane aka Kensen Bertrand has grown from a boy to a man, repping his native Fyzabad to the fullest. Known for his baritone and blue apparel, the 23 year old rapper made his debut as a member of south sensation Yung Veterans in 2007 alongside artistes Rene da Illest, Shy and Reece out of Planet Rock. He initially met Stuart Fortune of Highway Records through his involvement with the Rap A movement but it was only after his acclaimed performance in Hip Hop Mania I in 2009 did he begin talks to sign on with the Curepe based label. “I didn’t know that it was hip hop, I just used to listen to the songs and like the songs but after getting to really know about music, after listening to a few Tupac albums, it gave me a different perspective on life because for me it was like I could relate to this more than anything else. I can express myself through this music more than anything else.” “Kane is a lyrical monster. He addresses social issues which is his greatest strength. He’s a force to be reckoned with and I expect great things out of him.” Shares Stuart Fortune, who manages Kane along with three other artistes at Highway Records.

“We do have a lot of things happening in south that you don’t really see. My main thing is just to let people know what south has… What we capable of doing.” Kane promises revealing his respect for artistes Tupac, Nas, Chromatics, Nemesis, Cloud 9 and Squeezy Rankin among others. His greatest inspiration he credits to his older brother, also a talented singer. Of the mixtape Past to Present dropping in September 2011, Kane reveals “I wanna really show songs that I did before with a mixture of songs that I’m doing now to show that growth span, how I’ve developed. If you look at me you’d think, oh he’s just gonna sing gangsta rap but I have songs like Better Dayz in which I’m talking about Hope and Sean Luke, God rest their souls and about things happening in real life.” Comprising 17 tracks including the singles Better Dayz, the ladies tune I’m Into You and one of Kane’s favorite tracks on the mixtape Sunday Evening which he described as “Many different events which took place on a Sunday evening while chilling with my home boys” the mixtape has been highly anticipated and will feature collaborations with Lil Saint, J-Smoke of Cloud 9, Chromatics, Andrew Prescod and John John. With production done by Cloud 9’s Quake d’Mic, JD Belcon, Mustapha and Highway Records, Past to Present is the future of hip hop in Trinidad and Tobago!

For bookings contact 729-8909 or email Stay updated on the artiste and his music at Highway Records on Facebook.

In 2008, Reon Labadie formed studio 12, acting as music producer, audio mastering engineer. Coming out of Trincity and named after his house number, He got into production after gaining a love for the art form from MTV and seeing producers Timberland and Dr. Dre. This encouraged Reon to pursue higher learning in the field and he enrolled in online studies at Berkley College of Music in Boston, USA. This he says, has given him a far more in depth knowledge of the field, seeing it a science, which has changed the way he looks at and approaches the music. Airplay was cited as his biggest challenge locally, stating “The program directors of each radio station determines the good and bad music. It's based on their personal opinion, if your music may have an impact or not”. He also stated that quality of music is a factor with professional equipment running into millions of dollars, too costly for the regular person. Studio 12 produces a wide genre of musical tracks including Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, RnB, PoP and Hip Hop, with Recording, mixing and mastering included. Some work coming out of Studio 12 include Dawg E Slaughter, Olatunji Yearwood, Benjai & 3 Suns with more coming out in the future.

Ice Cold Beats… Lyrics like Fire! FrostBlaze takes it straight to the wire! The man is a poet to his heart and you can hear it in his music. The man who helps form the powerhouse of Synod Entertainment, with Justyn aka Holliwood Mayers and Lucid. The team does not have a physical “studio” but have devised a unique method of full production, including Graphics, Photography, Sound engineering, Video Production and much more. Frostblaze cited that space is the only real issue as far as the studio is concerned.

Synod, which was named after a church council and some long since forgotten philosophy, was founded in principle in 1998 and officially in 2008. Synod picked up and dropped artistes over the years, but as ‘Blaze states “we want to keep the team small for now”. The Video production is done primarily out of Petit Valley, while sound engineering is done in El Soccorro. They have teamed up with Lions Den and Hole in the Wall studio for recording and boasts not only Frostblaze and Lucid as artistes, but have worked with Xology, Paranoid, Synister, Roxi, KG, Andy and a slew of underground acts. Along with that, they have also worked with Chromatics DaFace, Bhongachops, Judah Maccabee, Make it Hapn’ and much more., Facebook: Re St Contact no. 6815230

What does Synod have planned for the future? FrostBlaze said “In October, We will start recording my next album that will be coming with a lot of video production and a big promotion push next year, apart from that we have a few videos in the air right now… one might drop this week…I think holliwood mayers blows up zen in that one”

GMoz: How did you get the name Gazzi Gates? Gazzi: My name was Regazzi, but everyone just started calling me Gazzi for short. The "Gates" I got from Bill Gates. He's someone I respect and aspire to be like. He's an innovator. GMoz: Are you signed or linked to a Label presently? If you could be signed to a major Label in the US who would it be and why? Gazzi: No label. I'm doing my own thing right now. What people need to understand is that there are hundreds of artistes signed to labels who you will never hear about because the label doesn't really have faith in them or doesn't know how to market them. I would just like to be in a situation where the people I'm working with believe in what I'm trying to do and are willing to work hard to help me succeed. GMoz: You were a member of Spotrushaz, what did you gain from the experience and why did you leave? Gazzi: I gained a lot and I have a lot of great memories. I learned how to perform properly, learned about both the good and bad sides of the music industry because we went through a lot, and I made some valuable connections. The whole experience really helped toughen me up mentally and prepare me for whatever might come my way. But it was just time for me to do my own thing. GMoz: How have you seen hip hop change from then to now? Gazzi: Everything is so commercial these days.. image and appearance is everything. Also, the internet is probably the most powerful tool you have as an artiste, before it was just your talent. Because of the net, artistes have a lot more power than they used to. A lot of the new acts get signed because they have an internet buzz and already have a following. This gives you the power to negotiate much better deals with the labels. GMoz: So what’s next for Gazzi Gates? Gazzi: I'm about to drop my mixtape “No Quarter Given” around the end of August/beginning of September and I plan to shoot a couple videos for the songs on it. Link me on Twitter @GazziGates or Facebook: Gazzi Gates. For the songs I have recorded so far the production was done by DLL (Trinidad), Blitz Productions (Canada), StarBlu (Trinidad), D. Focis (USA), Chiwale & Mike Magic (Trinidad) and Lostsun (Holland). I just collaborated with a few people on this tape. One of them is a great singer from Atlanta called Mykel who was on NaS' last album "N" on a song called We're Not Alone. We have a couple joints together. Then Kelli Griffith from 2 Ntrigue helped out on one, Meet Source from Spotrushaz jumped on another song called Dem Know and my boy Sose from Sovereignty does the hook on a song I'm about to release called Domination.

The Trinidad and Tobago hip hop industry stood still on Sunday 28th August 2011. It was the day that the news broke that Rayon Bernardo aka Make It Hapn (MIH) was involved in an altercation with two security guards at Kin’s Supermarket on Southern Main Road in Curepe. No one knew the details at the time or how badly he had been injured as he was hospitalized at the Eric Williams Medical Complex in Mount Hope but as days went by and the information was posted by the artiste’s mom Shazz on Facebook, scores of well wishes poured in while the industry remained indignant and demanding answers. Beef or no beef at the end of the day we’re all brothers and sisters in this and what affects one affects us all. The attack on MIH was akin to an attack on the industry and it was one that was definitely felt. Thankfully despite the original bloody unconscious form that was rushed to the Mount Hope hospital on that fateful night, Make It Hapn survived the incident with lacerations under his left cheek and lip (which required sutures) fractured facial and skull bones and contusions on various parts of his body. When GMoz visited him at the hospital, he was in good spirits and in typical MIH fashion still attempting to break all the rules as he wandered off the compound with us to get a drink (of water) and have a quick chat. For those less familiar, the name ‘Make It Hapn’ could not more aptly describe the

artiste, who is a head strong, determined visionary having been inspired to adopt his pseudonym after an intricate dream. Not only is he constantly on the grind but he will promote anything local and has been known to decry the use of the American accent by Trini rappers, becoming one of the biggest pioneers of the ‘twang’ (trini dialect rap). He’s described TnT as a ‘goldmine’ with some of the best lyricists in the world just waiting to be given a chance to shine and having grown up surrounded by music, he wrote his first song at the tender age of 11 years and taught himself to play several instruments including the guitar, drums and bass. No surprise to learn it runs in the family as his mother was also a singer and his uncles were DJs. Most recently and before the attack, he was busy making things happen for underground artistes in pursuit of the new radio show the Hot Summer Show on 91.9fm which he was the Producer and Host and which was geared towards promoting young acts in music, dance and modeling as well as incorporating a street team. The show, with 1000 hours sponsored by International Artistes Marketing and Management (IAMM), was being broadcast in 20 different countries and included a live show, Showtime Saturday held at the Esplanade in Tobago on Saturdays from 9pm-1am and another live show at the Alchemy (Port of Spain) on Sundays from 4:30-6:30pm. And if you’ve ever had the opportunity to interact with the individual you’d know that MIH is one of the most outspoken artistes out there, with the release of his single Truth Is My Gun in 2010, establishing him as one of the most feared and revered in the industry

Co-founder of Ras Fam Entertainment which manages such artistes as Tropical Storm, Curious Ringo and Metric Man, Make It Hapn recently released his 6th CD entitled De Noise From De Ground featuring collabos with Freshwater, Shorty de Deportee and Nature Child produced by Ras Fam and Highway Records. Word on the street is that he has a new album dropping on November 11th 2011 which will feature live music by MIH on the drums, bass and guitar as he introduces the Ras Fam created universal beat Mess a versatile 120 bpm ‘master key that can unlock any lock’ based around triplets and pauses. However, all his plans and productions would come to a sudden halt on Sunday 28th August 2011 and this is a New Beginning…

MIH: Nah, well it hasn't damage my brain so it not that serious. So in a way it’s serious and it’s not that serious at the same time. I’ve gotten in plenty fights before and you never know it might have more in the future.

GMoz: Tell us what happened?

MIH: Well I haven’t gotten to write any songs yet. Long term effects: I have a scar. It’s just adding more reason to my mind and collectively the thoughts I process and it will eventually find its way one day in a song. I have faith I can go against anything and conquer it.

MIH: I got in a fight a few weeks back with some security guards. I sustained some damages; I have some broken bones in my face. Right now it’s preventing me from rapping loud, when I go loud my bones are vibrating. I have four broken bones in my cheek bone and I also have a broken eye socket. I didn’t get the surgery (after a 2nd opinion the hospital said it was too late) so what I do is massage it every night and try and put it back into place with my hand.

GMoz: What do you believe was the motive for the assault? MIH: No comment. GMoz: What is the status of investigation or court proceedings at this point? MIH: It doesn’t have any. The videotape of the incident disappeared so I will have to let it be what it is. GMoz: How do you think this incident is going to affect you as an individual in the long term and what influence do you see it having on your music?

To get your copy of the new mixtape, De Noise From De Ground, contact Make It Hapn at (1-868) 312-7308, email: or get it at the Highway Records music store #1 Evans GMoz: At the time that it was happening, Street, Curepe. But also check out the controwhat was going through your head? Were versial Truth Is My Gun and other tracks by the artiste at you afraid? and MIH: I was unconscious during most of it. I was handcuffed and beaten. I was beaten with a metallic night stick, next thing I spent real days in the hospital. GMoz: Did you know that the damage was as serious and what were your thoughts when you realized it was?

“If it really happens for me the way it should, I will bring a difference to TnT hip hop. I will try to help others and expand the game; I will help bring others together.” Mawasi Johnson vows.

His views of the industry echo the sentiments of many other artistes. “It’s like you have to have a partner or a friend to make it in this industry, they say it ain’t have too much of room for rap in Trinidad so we does get fight already. And then I don’t only rap I also work so that’s anothKnown as Wasi J by friends and family er challenge as well. I don’t get all the since he was a child, he recalls ‘beating time I need to focus on the music itself bucket’ with his young friends and making but I’m fighting, I’m not giving it up.” up songs to the popular instrumentals of other artistes. Wasi, then known as Roll It, was initially linked to Golden Alliance be- And giving up is not something that Wasi J fore it evolved into Grindhouse Inc., and fans will allow either with favorable feedreleased his first song on radio airwaves in back in Atlanta and England for his works 2004 under Alliance. The track Trini’ Flava as well as here at home, Wasi is in talks to which featured a blend of Soca and hip undertake a number of collaborations hop, received substantial airplay on frewith several foreign artistes and has requencies such as 94.1fm, 96fm and ceived the support of online radio station 91.9fm and led to several live performanc- Frontline. es including at Youth Fest as well as landing him as a contender on Synergy Soca With the new mixtape The Wasi J AdminStar. Eventually, inspired by rapper Nas, Wasi decided to make the switch entirely istration on the way which will feature collabos with Trini artistes Nemesis, Monto hip hop working alongside his Grindey Homz, Big Spree and Slasha as well as house allies producer Johnny Killah and rapper J.Life from Atlanta, Wasi has artistes Nemesis Redrum and Money clocked studio time with Johnny Killah, Homz while setting his eye on the skies. Shot Shellz and Golden Alliance’s Cody on Also inspired by rappers Tupac, Notorious this one. Look out for the track J Be WinB.I.G. and Raekwon, he cites his local inning Em dropping soon off the mixtape fluences as Big Spree, T-5th and Grindand later this year the release of his alhouse’s Nemesis and Money Homz referbum Blue Twin Towers with powerful sinring to his labelmates as, “My team, I’m gles such as Can’t Hold Us Down, Back It not leaving them just so you know. They Up, Stunna Day and As The World Keeps are people who stand for real rap. All of Turning. For more info and updates link us on the same journey, same goal so it’s him on the Wasi J fan page on Facebook not just about singing it’s a partnership or call 1-868-364-8415. and a love.”

I'm sure you'll agree that being an entertainer involves having and maintaining an image right? We caught up with one of the best dressed in today's industry, Synister of Sovereignty, to get his take on what it takes to really bring the swag! He laid it out for us in 5 major points and we took a look inside his wardrobe to see how he put it together‌

5 - Be open to advice when it comes to dressing

4 - Never be afraid to try a New look at least once

3 - Be creative don't be afraid to wear something because you havent seen anyone else in it

2 - Don't be afraid to wear Pink Guys, you never know it might be your color


and I linked with Smoky the Chemist. He heard me spit two or three times on the block and he was like yea, lewwe go from there.” After linking with Smokey in 2010, the now 25 year old DBF began to earnestly grind with the goal to tell people his

He was impeccably early, accompanied by Smokey, a producer and Director of Pounds Entertainment. After the introductions were made, we got right into it. The single Laser Love had received a good response on local airwaves and this was a rapper I had heard about from people in the industry so I was eager to learn more…

story. He caused quite a sensation on Season 1 of the Streetstyle Saturday program in 2010 before releasing his first mixtape Out of the Shadows in January 2011 which to date has received 300+ hits on music site Datpiff.

Inspired by his life experiences, DBF hopes that the new mixtape The Derrty Life which will drop later this year and features original beats by Smokey and collaborations with Lee Merrique out of the FFRICH camp and Yogi will share the real essence of who Derrty Boyfresh really is with the people including tales of his personal struggles, dreams and aspirations. Songs like I’m Just, Never “I used to live in New Jersey and my Left and Overkill are tracks he’s particucousin used to rap. I used to do dance- larly excited about. hall but I liked the rap vibes so I started “We don’t want to rush it, we want to to be in lil ciphers and then a couple put out a quality product so when peounfortunate mishaps in my life caused ple put in this mixtape, they won’t want me to end up in YTC. Most of those fellas to take it out their deck. You have to get in YTC was rapping and everybody was fed up of that mixtape before you take it like ‘yuh good!’ Music was a way to exout!” promises Smokey, a former Chill press yourself and express your frustraFactah Dj who has also been linked to djtions cuz you’re locked down 23hrs of ing group Crossfya International. “As an the day so we just found something to artiste Derrty Boyfresh’s very good, he’s do and music was it. We had no radio.” growing and I think he could be one of Derrty Boyfresh begins as he recounts the best things that come out of the Carhis years spent at the Youth Training ibbean region.” Centre which he credits with nurturing his early passion for music. He laughs at To check out his music link him on Facethe memory: “There were plenty YTC book or follow him on Twitter @ Derrty and email derrtyhits! People would be walking down the Boyfresh or corridor singing a tune from somebody who sang it in a cell. That’s what the to get your copy youths need. An outlet to release stress of The Derrty Life coming soon! and for understanding. So I came out

Streetstyle Saturdays was at it again on Saturday 10th Sep, as we caught up with them filming Season 3 at Brian’s Hollywood Bar in Diego Martin. New host Gabby kept the crowd lively and with a line up of very talented hip hop acts, it was a great event to be a part of and was particularly interesting to see the SSS crew hard at work maintaining an impressive level of professionalism and good nature despite technical challenges. Representing the hip hop scene this time around was the hardcore D3 Entertainment members Da Virgo, Chance and Raynier. Raynier kicked things off with the song “Rayn” Followed by Chance performing “Lyrical Homicide” and Da Virgo dropping the single “Stay Away”. The team then performed together on “Olympian” to the appreciation of the crowd. Their versatility was obvious and they worked together extremely well, supporting each other while bringing their individual styles to the forefront before the SSS cameras and patrons who looked on with interest. The only female rapper in the line up, Da Virgo stood out holding her own among the guys with her hardcore delivery while keeping it classy and feminine. Other artistes to hit the stage that night included up coming artistes Frame, AK and Kareem who brought that raw street vibes in their performance of a song called “The Message.” Frame, the brother of SSS member Jerry Riley, then hit the stage to do a solo track “Badess” (recorded and produced by Sky Entertainment and Xplicit Entertainment) transitioning from hardcore rap artiste to Soca star within seconds while maintaining the energy and dynamism of a true star. Stay tuned to Streetstyle Saturdays via Facebook at StreetstyleSaturdays and contact the team at or call 290-4980/353-6221 for more information.

On the Trini hip hop scene, he’s one of the most familiar of faces, booming of presence and respected of voices. Deejay Pun is extraordinary DJ and sound engineer whose skills are matched by his raw wit and sense of humor. He’s not the kind of guy you’d mess with but if you wanted a top of the line mix and recording or someone to bring life to your party, he’s the one you’d call. But beneath the no-nonsense, business demeanor and the rough exterior, is a very warm, caring, charming individual who makes rare appearances such as in Pun’s gestures to young upcoming artistes with whom he’s always ready with a word of advice or assistance with production. Known as ‘Punishah’ in his youth, his contribution to the music industry has been more of a blessing than a curse initiated by his advent into sound system/ studio Sound Reaction in 2001. Linking with the Immortal Vybz sound system in 2009, he’s been linked with DJs Rusty and Bingeemon in Bermuda, Japkaman in Israel and Mercury in Toronto, Canada while repping with DJs Marvin & Anarchy in Trinidad.

“I never planned to go out there and DJ, everybody would just come home by me and I’d be mixing and everyone would be enjoying themselves. Then I realized ‘I love to do this, people doing it and making money, why not live my dream? Why not work and do what you love doing?’ so I started to pursue DJing in 2005.” His decision was concreted by successes in several small shows including The 1st Heineken Green Synergy DJ contest in which he placed 3rd Unfortunately, the result forced Pun into retrospection and he abandoned the field for a while. Re-surfacing in 2009 to link up with Chromatics and as part of the street team selling CDs to fund the Highway Records store and studio, he became the first Highway Records DJ and Studio Engineer.

“Professionally self taught” is how the Tunapuna resident describes his skills, moving on from Highway Records to open Lion’s Den Studio in the later part of 2009 with fellow sound engineer Beebo who he also became familiar with while working at Highway Records. Forward ever backward never, Pun recently ventured out of his comfort zone of audio and mixing to try his hand at full production which has since proved a huge success for him. He recently completed the video for his first single, and R&B song called Curfew which tells the story of “a girlfriend who locks down her boyfriend and tells him he's not going anywhere.” In an attempt to look at the current SoE in the country from a different, more positive angle.

He’s set to take over the world with his own clothing brand (Punz Wear) and has a couple foreign events lined up as well as another show coming up in TnT in December that will feature some of the biggest international rap and R&B stars. For more info or bookings link Pun at 1-868-343-4651 or email

Born in Martinique, now residing in Paris, France, 23 year old Little Killah has been doing his thing since 2004 creating his own unique style influenced by dancehall and rap music. We came across his music when a friend from Martinique (also known as Madinina by the locals), posted the link to Little Killah’s Dillon Neisson Mauny, a remix of ‘Beamer Benz Bentley’ on Facebook and we were really impressed!

LK: Not enough I think, we hear more US and Jamaican artistes than our own, nevertheless there are talents who are worth being listened to! GM: What mediums of promotion do you use for your music? LK: Internet, internet, and internet! GM: What changes would you like to see made in the hip hop industry in your country?

GM: Name one thing you love the most about your LK: More support from local media. country. GM: Name some of your previous releases (albums LK: Hmmm...One thing isn't enough...I’ll give you 3: or singles) and the public’s response to your music? the sun, the beaches, the beautiful girls! LK: I’ve released a lot of songs, and those which GM: How did you get into rap music? have been most successful are "Presentation" a LK: I listen to a lot of rap music, one day I tried to dancehall song, "Amsterdam" a reggae song and of carry my own voice, own lyrics, own style...and the course the rap song "Dillon Neisson Mauny" the result wasn’t too bad, so till today I continue work- remix of "Beamer Benz or Bentley". ing to make good songs ! GM: Tell us about some of your current projects GM: How would you rate the standards of produc- and what’s coming up for you. tion in your country as compared to those in the LK: I got many mixtapes on the road...and later, why US? not an album? Stay tuned! LK: There is a big difference, in the U.S rap music is GM: Where do you see yourself in the future a business, but in my country it is still seen as a hob(musically)? by. That's why artistes have many difficulties getting into the market. LK: Hmmm...Number one hit! GM: Tell us about your culture and how they have GM: What advice would you give to a young person responded to local artistes singing hip hop. wanting to get involved in the industry? LK: We couldn't say that hip hop is part of our culture, but we listen to US and French artistes, so why not local artists. In my country rap music isn't taken seriously, so artists have to make their work alone, from the recording to the promoting, and that's the difficulty. GM: Do local radio airwaves support local hip hop in your country?

LK: a hard worker, be serious, and don’t get a big head. For more info on Little Killah or to check out his music link him via email at or check him out Facebook at

INTRODUCING Entertainment Lawyer: One of the backbones in an artist / label’s team. An entertainment lawyer is responsible for looking over and looking after an artist / label’s contracts and agreements right from the start. Who owns what, who gets what, who does what; publishing, management, record contracts - it’s an essential role. Formal training is key- entertainment lawyers work sometimes on commission, sometimes on a flat fee, the money is generally good when you reach a respectable level.

managers usually take 15 percent of the performer’s gross (entertainment-related) income. Business Manager: Business managers manages the artist's finances. This team member is usually added once the artist is making a substantial income requiring a full-time person to handle finances at gigs, artist investments and general financial advice. A business manager typically charges the artist five percent of his or her income for their services. Road Manager:

The Booking Agent: A person who finds employment for artists or performers in return for a percentage of the proceeds of that employment, usually ranging from 10 to 15 percent. Booking agents frequently negotiate two contracts ( the performance contract and the "rider") Concert Promoter: An agent or agency in charge of promoting a concert event with duties including booking, ticketing and public relations and marketing said event.

Artiste Management Personal Manager: Personal managers provide an artist with overall career direction and guidance. They will coordinate all the team members who play a role in the artist's development. They will negotiate record deals, publishing deals, find an appropriate agent, publicist, business manager and other team members. In return for their services, personal

Road managers takes care of all the details prior to and during the tour. They advance each tour date; make sure the artist arrives at each date in optimum condition to fulfill their contracted duties. If a band can't afford a road manager, a member of the band may serve in that capacity. Publicist: Coordinates artist's publicity and marketing campaigns. Provides public notice to the media to create an awareness of the artist. Good writing and communication skills are also required. Publicists coordinate interviews and appearances for the artist when a new product is being released. Band - Amateur or Professional: A band to play for a wedding, in nightclubs, resorts, cruise ships, cafes, bars, or any other concert venue is usually for entertainment purposes. This type of band would play all types of music. Bands may work in one venue for a long period of time or move from place to place. High level of energy and an ability to entertain is required.

TAPPS is an organization set up to collect and distribute royalties attributable to performers, studio producers, studio musicians, background vocalists and executive producers.

These royalties are not collected by any other collection agency in T&T. Other collection agencies only collect for authors & composers.

Now, if you buy a song from an author - you will still generate royalties as the singer, if you play an instrument on a track - you will generate royalties, if you paid for a production - you will generate royalties.

For further info, please contact Fabien Alfonso @ 7070400 or David Bereaux @ 7997930

Hello again GMoz readers, Today I’m going to discuss one of the most important marketing tools for any artist – The EPK. An Electronic Press Kit (EPK), also referred to as the Media Kit is a vital tool to be used when shopping your product to Program Directors, Promoters, Record Labels, etc. The Main components of your EPK can be broken down into five main sections: Artist Bio, Music/Videos, Photos, Reviews & Press Coverage. The Artist Bio: This is basically the story of YOU and YOUR accomplishments to date. You can consider it to be your resumé. The Bio is not a novel about yourself and thus should be limited to one page. This would quickly give the reader an idea as to who you are, your major accomplishments, some of your goals and exactly where you are in your career. Music/Videos: This section, as the title suggest would include your hits (if you need hits check Highway Records…lol). This section speaks volumes about your career and can even say more about you than your Bio. Don’t praise yourself in your Bio and then attach bathroom studio tracks as it would send conflicting messages. You won’t be taken seriously and your EPK will end up in the biggest box in the office – the don’t call back box. Photos: Professional Photo shoots should be set up and the best High Quality 8x10 pictures should be placed in this section. Remember, in most cases, these are the photos that would be used by Editors when an article is published. These are the pictures that you will send so choose wisely and only use professionally taken, High Quality pictures. Reviews & Press are pretty straight forward. A database should be created to collect all reviews & Press releases concerning your career. This may serve as a third party endorsement and may actually validate your very existence to some. So start putting your EPK together today and ensure that you continually update it. Your EPK is an vital tool in your quest to be taken seriously in the music industry. Thanks for reading and remember to send in your questions. Yours truly, Stuart “Cuban” Fortuné

BANG EM : BANG EM Remix (ft. Ill Payne & KANE) : Good Morning: The Best thing(ft. Andrew Prescod): Superficial (FT. Axis & Levell): EXTREME FT. MX PRIME (formerly Maximus Dan) : Puppet: Cold Blooded (ft John John): Against the Grain Mixtape : Hit the Club up Better Dayz: Go Crazy : Angel: State of Mind (ft. lAdy More): Freedom:

& MORE Red Wine Riddim - Call & Request today! Highway Records Fam - Hitmaker:

When you hear ‘Hard Liquor’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well if you’re a limer you’re probably thinking ‘a helluva good time’! But in hip hop, we know him to be a tall introspective guy with a mean spit and a slight American twang. Hard Liquor spent most of his formative years in the United States before returning to Trinidad after 20 years to do damage to the rap music scene. He’s an amazingly talented artiste/producer and gleans inspiration from Ryan Leslie who he admires for his individuality and versatility. In 2003 he started the Suspect Records Label with two friends in the US and after years of beat boxing on the block, he was persuaded to write and rap. Currently his singles Tyme 2 Let Loose and So They Say are causing a stir as he explores his groovy Soca and conscious styles. And having observed the industry in the US and here in Trinidad and Tobago, he shares his views with us on some of the disparities between hip hop at home and abroad… “The industry up there *United States+ is a bit more difficult because you got so many people, it’s a much broader aspect just in size alone. So between the population *size+ being against you and the fact that you come out you might be the one individual in one city in one state and then there are other artistes in other states around you doing the same thing you doing so it’s a matter of you know it’s a fight to see who’s gonna be the one to actually come out first to be the one to bring that style to the table first and do it right. Because you can come out first with that style and nobody likes it and then someone else comes out when people finally accept it and go from there. In America to make it in the industry is not as easy as everyone thinks it’s a major sacrifice and you have to be really on your grind with your music otherwise by time you come out it might have a few other artistes who doing what you did and so nobody’s trying to hear you.”

“As far as Trinidad, if you have the right mind you could do it easily but while it’s a little bit easier to get into the industry down here, to actually make it might be harder in Trinidad. When you on the streets and you talk to people they say ‘yea! They love hip hop’ but you don’t really hear a lot about hip hop down here and a lot of people who doing the music tell me they like the vibe of hip hop but they don’t see it being popular enough to be lucrative as far as music goes. You don’t hear much of it on the radio and it’s sad because as far as local stations you would think you’d hear more of it here but you hear a majority of music from the States or other islands. Or they overplay a song and then just cut it from their playlist so everybody gets the impression that the song gets played out so it doesn’t really help the artiste to get out there.”

Hit him up on Facebook at Hard Liquor DaMavrick or email him at and to stay updated on new Hard Liquor tracks coming soon!

Most of us these days have a Facebook Page, a Youtube page, a Reverbnation page, we twitter, we datpiff and the list goes on. And while this is all very good in the scheme of promotion, how seriously are we being taken by interest persons? Yes a website involves lots of work and maintenance and calls for some money jumping out our pockets but is it an investment or just an expense? We asked Jeffers John- Charles, founder of Alliance Internet Marketing his views on the matter…


Personalization and Profes-


If you have ever used an iPhone or an iPod or even a Macintosh computer or laptop, then you have had an opportunity to delve into the mind of Steve Jobs. A man described as a mysterious and eccentric genius, who has had a major part in shaping the way we use computers. Without him, even those people claiming to be a “PC’ would still be typing code to access simple things on a black and green console. Steve Jobs was wholly or partially responsible for the desktop, the menu system, the mouse interface, touch interface, the look of computers, the way we get and listen to music. So weather you’re a Mac or a PC, you have to admit, the world has lost an innovator.

“Even though Facebook has a lot of functions, which makes it interactive, the page itself is basically restricted. If you have your own personal website you can actually put content, change the layout and customize it to your own look and feel. The ability to make adjustments and change the layout to fit the theme of your website is there rather than with Facebook it’s just one (blue and white). If for example an artiste wants to put his/her album or tracks he/she can actually add things with a proper layout or have a link to go to that section. Having your own website gives your personal touch as well as shows professionalism as you’re in a zone where it’s just you and the viewer. It’s basically saying ‘This is who I am.’


Market Research

“The next thing that Facebook doesn’t truly offer is web analytics, these are the key pieces that you need to know and you don’t get this in full detail from Facebook. The data you get from this (web analytics) is about those who visit your site and provides info such as their gender, age, location, site frequency and even the duration someone stays on a particular page of your site. This type of data is what you need to know and once used properly is where you profit the most. Having your own website hosted on a plethora of services that pulls this info for you is essential as you’re able to better analyze a variety of key market research points. This can further enable you to perhaps even obtain a niche from the web analytics data from your site...”


Security and Distribution

“We should all know by now or experienced the random spam, harassment of one Facebook user to another and account hacks that occur. These types of issues need to be managed and handled vigilantly as ignorance can cause your reputation to be at stake. One of the worst things is the lack of monitoring as to what happens in the background where perhaps a Facebook user is being heckled for making a good comment on your product/service or worst waiting on Facebook to respond to a threat or report someone has made on your Facebook wall. Security measures and rules of conduct must be put in place and highly enforced whether it is Facebook or your own website. Websites removes at least half of these worries and is easier for you to manage and respond in a timely manner.

To get more information or access the services of Alliance Internet Marketing for building, marketing and website maintenance contact Jeffers John-Charles at

“We started doing small shows with Surge, Sherwin Winchester, Maximus Dan people like that. Just to get some exposure, we would do shows for Radical Designs and these places. We used to touch on all kinds of underground scenes and karaoke scenes too. Tropical Storm was evolving.” Originally a four member group started in 2001 consisting of Curious Ringo, Rhyno Sparxx, Lady Distressor and Wilde Apache, Tropical Storm merged with Mass Murder and Ras Farm to create Hurricane Mafia in 2004 before starting their own label Stormwatch Entertainment in 2005. The label currently incorporates 9 artistes including Rhyno Sparxx, Curious Ringo, Yung Allan, Mo’Stylz, Lady J, Lady Distressor, Shy lox, Manne Smoothe and Boodan. Now with a target release date of November 11th 2011, the group has compiled a history of unreleased works dating back to their inception.

tribute towards Stormwatch productions, while each pursuing individual projects. They’re a self-managed, selfmotivated team who enjoy easy camaraderie with each other though you can tell that they mean business when it comes to music. Contributing on solos and background vocals, the female members have been a driving force in the group and when asked how she felt being one lady among a group of men Lady J, known for her soulful rnb vocals inspired by greats such as Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin, casually replied: “I feel comfortable because I have six older brothers and they’re the ones I’ve been around.”

But it hasn’t been an easy road. Rhyno Sparxx, another founding member and the hip hop head on the team reflects on the group’s ten year musical experience, “It really hasn’t evolved; they’re still fighting down the hip hop. It’s only “It’s a storm so we coming from differ- certain people within the hip hop game ent angles, coming from different pro- who’re really having the funds to really ducers, different vibes just bringing push their music.” different things to the table.” Founding And Yung Allen adds, “Trinidadians member Curious Ringo reveals. True to don’t really appreciate locally produced their name, Stormwatch tries to incorhip hop music. Once they know it’s loporate different styles of music includcal they will have a problem with it but ing hip hop, Soca, rnb, reggae and even if it have a foreign stamp on it, they will poetry from group member Shy Lox. To go off on it.” their credit they have also worked with a myriad of studios across TnT including Detnator, KVA- CNS, Lion’s Den, High Get your copy of the long awaited alRed Family, Fadda Jam, LVT and Next bum or book the team for your event Level Productions . by contacting Ringo at 393-3546 or Hailing from residences in Carenage, Rhyno at 393-9739 or email the group Morvant, Laventille, Petit Valley, San at Juan, Cocorite and Tobago, everybody on the label plays their part and con-

You know the saying, ‘Success is ground battles. when preparation meets opportuniConsultant and talent manager ty’? Kareem Powell aka Reemo a sound “He’s a real passionate dude, he loves engineer from Atlanta whose reperhis craft, he’s true to his thing and I toire and knowledge about the music like working with ppl like that. In business has made him a valuable terms of work ethic, he’s always on it. asset to Homz, agrees “I still see him He’s definitely got potential. When growing in his music, he’s able to talk you’re true to something, you’re al- about more things and communicate ways gonna have a market. He’s al- to more people. I think he’s definitely ways gonna have a market: the peo- come a long way and everything he’s ple who feel where he’s coming seen so far to get where he’s at right from.” Says Canadian rapper, Ill, who now, it’s not easy to make the next has worked with the artiste on tracks step. But I think he’s realizing there’s soon to be released and has travelled a bigger picture to it now, he’s not extensively to promote his own music just looking at helping himself but including touching the shores of Trini- helping other people and that’s more dad and Tokyo in Japan. “He’s not one of a pioneering role than a solo role dimensional and he knows how to get so it’ll be a different kind of success.” it, like I said he’s a go-getter.” And Homz vows “I love hip hop, I’m Known as ‘Make Money Homz’ for his trying to take this to another level, I businesslike demeanor, the 28 year ain’t trying to come out of the booth, old later shortened his name to simp- ain’t trying to stop singing!” ly ‘Homz’ and has been linked to the Currently he’s finishing his preGrindhouse Inc. Label. With a vision mixtape MOE (Money Over Everyto expand locally produced hip hop to thing) which features collaborations markets outside of Trinidad citing his with Nemesis, Big Spree, G-Menace, own experiences with audiences in Young Chemist and T-5th and was Canada as being explosive, Homez has produced by Shot Shellz Productions, been inspired to assist in opening Grindhouse Inc and Chucky doors for other local artistes. (M.O.N.I.E.S.). With tracks like “When I look at Trinidad it has very ‘LMAO’, ‘We Don’t Play’, ‘Hate If You few artistes that put shit out on the Wanna Hate’, ‘Real Life’ and ‘Iron radio, commercially. Most of the oth- Bars’, the mixtape is sure to sell off so er artistes are underground.” Faced make certain to get your copy at 472with the limited local promotion, 2337 or 324-7537 or link Homez at Homz decided to add his own weight and stay to creating avenues in Trinidad and updated on the artiste at http://teTobago for himself and other artistes with events that promote under- on Facebook.

“I was actually impressed by him. He’s so young, he’s 19 and he’s only been rapping seriously for the last year and honestly, he’s pretty good and I like working with him and I’m devoted to working with him in the future and reaching that next level.” Says producer Niko Duncan of Premier Studios. Inspired by the versatility of artistes such as Machel Montano, Tahir Rochford began his musical journey at age 7 writing notes which would later evolve into songs. As he grew older, Tahir developed a passion for a wide variety of music including Soca and dancehall music but only began to seriously pursue the art of hip hop within the last year as he begun to record some of his songs such as Watching It Fall. “Watching It Fall was my introduction song. That was me sitting and thinking about if I actually got into the rap game and pursued it seriously what would happen, and I just saw money falling. And I came up with the idea ‘watching it fall’, so that’s basically the theme.” The artiste shares. Watching It Fall has received airplay on several radio stations locally including 96.1fm and Slam radio alongside Tahir’s other releases, the heart stirring My Girl produced by DLL and the Star Blu produced club banger Goodnight recorded at Premier Studios. With positive feedback and calls for interviews from radio stations as well as love from the public, he’s undeterred by the few negative comments he may have received. Tahir adds: “I’m very thankful for the support especially from Premier Studios.” Tahir recently returned from a visit to Canada where he was inspired by the reception he received for his work having also undertaken collaborations with artistes in Toronto and though he has observed differences in everything from the industry structure to the public’s reception of hip hop music in Canada, he also noted that the support for the art in TnT has increased significantly within recent years. And with an eagerness and fresh outlook promising much more good music, be sure to look out for this dynamic up and coming star in the near future.

Check out Tahir’s music on Youtube at user/tushout1 and link his fan page on Facebook at Tahir. For bookings you can email him at

We know the island for crab and dumpling and its stunning beaches and friendly people, but today we bring you a different side of the sister isle. Repping hip hop to the fullest is Randy Junior Samuel Reid aka Tobago’s Finest who hails from the village of Pump Mill in the beautiful island of Tobago. “My life is a rap” were his exact words and with a lifelong love of music to his credit, the artiste took on the pursuit of his craft professionally about one year ago. He counts himself as the source of his inspiration and raps about his own personal experiences creating music that many can relate to. Having released tracks such as “Welcome To Scarborough” and “Feel My Pain”. He’s been linked to the LVT crew alongside rap veteran Shinez. And while every artiste has faced ‘fight down’ on at least one occasion in their career, hip hop in TnT continues to receive mixed reactions from the public. But if Trini artistes think they have a hard time at it, Tobago’s Finest, one of the few representatives of hip hop in the sister isle has gone through so many challenges that he finds it difficult not to become disenchanted with the entire pursuit. “Every time you turn on de radio is only *Vybez+ Kartel yuh hearing whole day”. He says. As such he’s been inspired to redirect his focus beyond the shores of Trinidad& Tobago because of the lack of support for the art by the general public. He believes that people and radio stations here are more caught up in promoting and endorsing foreign brands such as international hip hop and dancehall rather than playing the music of the local artistes. When asked about future projects and what people can look for next, his response was that he likes to surprise people so just keep an eye out on facebook. Link him at 308-7049 and stay tuned for lots more coming out of Tobago!

It’s every artiste’s dream to be signed by a major label and have their careers take off. And it’s not that he’s not looking for a deal, he’s just looking for the right deal after having nurtured a passion for music for some twenty years. Hailing out of Trincity formerly a part of the 3 man group DGA (Dead Give Away) in Philladelphia, US, he started off as a dancehall artiste with the group, incorporating a rap/ reggae BushBabies inspired style in the late ‘90s. However following a creative separation from the group in 1999, he became more involved in background roles while the other members went on to form the group Larceny later linked to Ruff Ryders and spawning rapper Cassidy. Although previously known as Damage, his growth as an artiste prompted him to try singing and he later changed his name to L.I.V. aka Living In Victory. “I don’t want people to put me in a box. A lot of people like to put you in a box. I am an entertainer and I do popular music.” L.I.V. says firmly. Inspired by R. Kelly and the whole Motown RnB and soul music style, he’s also a music producer who has gleaned from artistes such as Bounty Killah refusing to limit himself to any one genre or style. And while he has encountered challenges ranging from the support of family to the support of the industry still he has endeavored releasing Who’s L.I.V. in 2007 and utilizing the street style promotional strategy he’d observed in New York for the mixtape, recording an impressive TT$10,000.00 in sales. This success along with a favorable response and buzz with his groovy Soca attempt Set The Dance On Fire in 2007, has propelled L.I.V. to work steadily towards the release of his debut album with the goal to pre-empt its release with several singles in the near future including the dance/pop infused Hopscotch. But he’s also a music producer and it may surprise you to learn that he’s a budding actor having starred in two University of the West Indies student created films Falling For You and Freshwater Trini which are to be featured at the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. What’s more, he’s an entrepreneur. “I took all my experience and formed my own company called Last Laugh Entertainment. It’s a media house. We’re small but we have a nice underground following. We do parties, coverage with the HD cameras, we cover events, we try to help young artistes who want to get into the entertainment world, we have our own studio set up and we write and produce our own music.” L.I.V. informs us of the company which also comprises members Karlyle Morris and Vechenko Noel, both producers and artistes as well. To link with L.I.V or access the services of Last Laugh Entertainment email and check them out on Facebook @ L.I.V. or Last Laugh Entertainment.

Hailing out of Paramaribo, Suriname comes 20 year old rapper Sydmill Amsterdam aka Sepul2ra. He has been rapping since he was 8 years old influenced by Tupac and Kanye West as well as golden oldies music , his inspiration is drawn from daily life experiences.


Sepul2ra: Parbo Beer

Sepul2ra: I’ve released two mixtapes to date. The first one is called ‘De waardering ‘ ( The appreciation ) and the second one I named ‘The Young One’. Hits I’ve had include ‘Zo romantisch’ ( So romantic ) feat. Mecy, ‘Tot het eind van het feest’ ( Till the end of the party ) and the biggest one is named ‘Gi yu’ ( For you ) feat. Rashly. Some of the current projects include a single ‘Doe het voor je nieuwe man’ ( Do it for your new man) also featuring Rashly.

Sepul2ra: I would like to see more appreciation between the Hip Hop artistes and from the people to the artistes.

GM: Name some of your previous releases GM: Name one thing you love the most (albums or singles) and the public’s response to your music? about your country.

GM: Tell us about your culture and how they have responded to local artistes singing hip hop in your country? Sepul2ra: In Suriname we have different cultures but my culture is a culture named ‘Winti’ and a culture named ‘Hip Hop’. The response of the people to local artists singing Hip Hop in my country is growing day by day. In my opinion, after five or ten years we will have more interested people. In my music I add local influences on several occasions. I use words that are a trend in my country nowadays. It’s challenging at times though because we have different styles of music in this country that are more popular than Hip Hop and a small population.

GM: So what’s on the horizon for Sepul2ra? Sepul2ra: I’m working on an album with my label Okasi. In the future I want to have my own recording studio, be my own producer. I want to have my own record label. I want to live off my music.

GM: Do local radio airwaves support local hip hop in your country? For more info on Sepul2ra or to check out Sepul2ra: It’s not how it’s supposed to be his music link him via email at ambamuyet but I think that after 5 years we are or and check him out Facebook or Youtube at gonna have more airplay on the radio. Sepul2ra. GM: What changes would you like to see made in the hip hop industry in your coun-

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