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By Swarn Gil Illustrated by Travis Wealand

Š Travis Wealand, 2019.


Displaying the best of savory and sweet.


Beet Salad: List of Ingredients: 1 Bunch of Beets with Greens 2 Navel Oranges 1 Tbl spoon of Honey 1 Tbl spoon of Dijon 1/2 a cup of Olive Oil 4oz of Chevre goat Cheese

Instructions First clean the beets and the greens. cut the geens from the roots and set aside to use later.

Take the oranges and peel and segment them. Juice the left over pieces of oranges and set aside for the dressing.

In a sauce pot rest the beets and add enough wa- Take the orange juice add the honey and dijjon ter to cover 3/4 of the beets. Cook the beets until into a mixing bowl and slowly add the oil while you can easily put a fork in the beets. vigously wisking. (emuslify) Let the beets cool enough to touch and use paper Remove the leaves from the stems of the beet towels to take the skin off of the beets, and cut greens and toss with the orange segments, beet them into half inch beets. root and orange vinegrette. Add the goat cheese and serve.

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