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TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 what we’re about 05 who’s behind chopwood? 06 the opportunity 07 the landscape 10 The culture 13 getting there 15 the customer 18 the store 20 let’s go! Legal mumbo jumbo This is a confidential document containing competitive information and ideas that are proprietary. By receiving this document, you agree to keep all contents and discussions therein confidential and understand substantial harm that can come to its creators through disclosure. While introductory in nature, it reveals concepts and plans that are subject to modification and, like any forward-looking plan, comes with risk. Talk to your lawyer, accountant or shwami for guidance and advice.

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/ Strive to be the first place customers stop when visiting / Be fiscally and community sustainable / Be mindful, attentive, engaged and present / Value relationships / cultivate a place to gather / Be passionate and transparent / Do good work every day / Make everyone a star of the show


travis underwood Travis lives the outdoor dream through bikes, dogs, travel, river running, skiing and getting out there into the yonder. Don’t let that fool you: Travis has the management chops to grow a retail operation, with experience in specialty retail ownership, bicycle manufacturing and wholesale, big five business consulting and more. Travis has used his skills learned at Trek, Niner Bikes, Accenture to build a solid foundation of management best practices, business process and project development in retail ownership and manufacturing. With a resume like his, it’s no wonder he needs to get outside so much.

lisa cramton Lisa forged her way West after 24 years in Crested Butte, diving into the outdoor marketing industry with brands like crankbrothers and Pivot Cycles. Her skills in sales and marketing were reinforced by managing high-end outdoor shops like The Alpineer, and have been dialed up to a 10 through producing big-name industry events and promotions all over the country. Somehow, Lisa found time to give back to her community as a board member with local and national organizations dedicated to outdoor recreation, while still building the bottom line for the brands that represent the same drive and passion Lisa has for the outdoors.



the landscape Getting outside is walking out the front door and no longer niche. Even luxury retailer Nordstrom has a camping ad. Similarly, mountain towns are no longer ‘Ski towns’. They are re-inventing themselves to be more than skiing and destinations for extreme athletes. Today you can find diverse activities designed to attract light outdoor enthusiasts and families who want to enjoy the unique location and surroundings but don’t intend on climbing a peak. Outdoor retail is also changing. While outdoor activities tend to defy poor economic conditions, traditional outdoor retailers focus either on the extreme or the cheap gear—creating a gap for shoppers who are looking for quality, accessible gear designed with a purpose.


the chopwood point of difference ChopWood will bring the concept of a ‘public house’ to outdoor retail. Grab a pint, strike a conversation, catch a community event while sharing passion for living life. We aim to fill the shopping gap that exists by reducing the barriers to entry and build exposure to emerging artisan and design-forward gear brands. In addition to brands that are harder to find and therefore more special for the end-user, we will also partner with known, quality-focused brands. We’re looking outside retail for inspiration, including the craft brewing movement, farm-to-table, farmer markets, food trucks, and other retailers who are focused on making connections with their customers through social gathering to reinforce the shopping experience and build loyalty to the store.


the outdoor marketplace 800,000 more people

65 % of colo people

40% have $75K

participated in some type of outdoor recreation in 2011, a total of over 142,000,000 people getting out in it

participate in outdoor recreation, a pretty amazing number considering how good the beer is around here

in household income— pretty good scratch for people who dig fresh air, a trail run and maybe an Audi?

5% rise in retail

A $13.2 billion market

17% jump in craft

for the specialty segment according to Leisure Trends, and nobody doubts trends that are leisurely—ever.

in just Colorado alone, and $646 big b’s nationally on outdoor rec. Even The Donald can’t match that coin.

beer, to $10.2 billion annually spent. We’re pretty sure that means more than 99 bottles are on the wall.



location ChopWood’s roots will be planted in a location/neighborhood that embraces community. We are exploring a number of mountain and urban options where we have existing connections and a bit of inside local knowledge. Mountain (ski) towns are currently re-inventing themselves as year round destinations. Urban areas are adapting through re-connection to neighborhoods and outdoor opportunities easily accessible to all. The first location will allow ChopWood to mature and prepare for additional locations. »»2000-3000 sq ft unique space for initial proof of concept

»»Destination location for non-locals

»»Commercial space with accessibility to trails, bike routes and parks

»»Area that is transforming or poised for sustainable growth

»»Craft Breweries, restaurants, art spaces, farmers markets »»Neighborhood-based communities

»»An area where we can leverage existing connections and local knowledge »» Crested Butte, Telluride, Breckenridge, Bend, Boulder, Denver (LoDo, Highlands), Flagstaff, AZ.


extremies: uh, yeah, might need a sherpa

chopwood: good gear, good friends, and even better times

Couch Potato: last seen at the outlets

Click for more: Outdoor Industry of America/future of retail



a daily dose of mtn

gear & Fashion

coffee & tap room

Primary purpose: Drive revenue

Primary purpose: Increase frequency

service center

A lifestyle hub

Primary purpose: Passion, culture, service

Primary purpose: Haul in the tourists


the millenials Searching for professional path Hold lofty goals and idealistic ideas of how to attain them Suffer from perfection paralysis Searching for their place in society Often feel overwhelmed by options Assume that overall balance can be attained Need for instant gratification

boomers and Gen X World-aware

Established career path

Concerned about business practices

Realistic vs. idealistic goals

Seeks better ways to experience life

Know they can’t be perfect

Develops enduring relationships and involved in community

Established their place in society

Deep love for nature and cares about its destruction Want to live more sustainably Optimistic about the future

the customer

Less likely to be overwhelmed by options Skeptical of achieving balance Gratification comes through applying self over time


the store We want people to feel different when they walk in the door and get a feeling they’re with friends. Product partnerships, functioning as a concept store design, help us weather ebbs and flows of product inventory. A continual change of space will be designed to invite customers to linger, gather, and enjoy a beer. Art installations, gatherings, and an accessible staff who are knowledgeable but not overbearing. Break down barriers through approachable education, targeting the joy of getting out there and having fun first and foremost.



the space

the product prana rainbow mountain hardware IBEX olukai lole smith aventura ticla search & state donkey label kitsbow harlot reuse jeans swrve isle jacobsen patagonia

Our focus will be on accessories, supplies and soft goods that support outdoor “lifestyle� sports: Camping, hiking, biking, skiing, SUP, river trips, etc. We will also offer service, repairs and parts and supplies. We will offer a rent-by-the-hour workshop. We plan to partner with like-minded iconic brands along with seeking out new artisans. Our merchandise mix will remain in flux, with a goal of always having new items to show off in the store, items that are curated rather than purchased for floor inventory. We also plan to develop our own line of goods once the store is up and running.


the future »»Refine the concept first »»Build an inhouse brand (higher margins) with crowdsourced designs (betabrand) »»Expand to multiple locations »»Social gear share programs »»Travel component share of beta, direct airbnb style referrals, bookings


our journey begins with you. When we set out to realize ChopWood, we decided it would need to be different. Ambitious. We would need to “rethink” retail. Our combined proven experience in retail, marketing and management along with our knowledge of the industry and its emerging trends puts us on a course to do just that. We’d love to discuss what’s next and share even more. Call Travis at (602) 290-1043 or email at We thank you for your time. —Lisa and Travis


Before enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water. 窶配en proverb

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