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Friday 13th November 2009

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Primark comes to Cambridge 5

FILM REVIEW: Is Jennifer’s Body as hot as Megan’s?






Not Quite TCSUseless

Trinity College Student Union comes in for a lot of criticism, not least from the contributors to this very newspaper. But perhaps there’s more to their apparent lack of progress than those of us looking in from the outside can perceive: after all, power and politics are often a very twisted business. The Travisty mole, known only as TCSU Insider, reveals the secret workings of college and the frustrations experienced by TCSU, asking all of you to take the accusation of ‘TCSUseless’ with just a pinch of salt.... (*wink*) It is not often that a day passes without someone saying to me: ‘This problem – get TCSU to sort it out’. It is in many ways a promising sign that the students of Trinity view their student union as a body that can effect real change. I can’t help but despair, however, in the knowledge that TCSU’s hands are, in many cases, completely tied. Like all fresher intakes to TCSU, I joined the committee with a manifesto full of idealism. I was going to perfect Trinity life. Alas, it soon became obvious that some things are simply not possible. For a start, there is no doubt that ‘handing over power’ to an annually elected student team was the most conservative thing that the dons of Trinity have ever done: a year is not long enough to do anything and the committee members are too busy getting on with their own lives. But even after these intrinsic structural problems have been hurdled, there still remains Tradition, Bureaucracy and builders’ tea breaks. Here is a brief glimpse into our ongoing fighting of losing battles. Twice a term, representatives of TCSU meet with leading members of the college in ‘Liaison Committee’. The following exchange has taken place at every Liaison Committee meeting since records began (or, at least, since Burrell’s was built). TCSU President: ‘The student body has expressed concern about the lack of lighting on the way to Burrell’s Field.’ The Powers That Be: [Note complete denial of previous knowledge of the issue] ‘To which routes do you refer?’ TCSU President: ‘The path through the Fellows’ Garden.’ The Powers That Be: ‘Use of that route should be discouraged. If someone is injured whilst walking along this path at night

they might not be discovered until morning’ [read ‘it will annoy some of the more ‘traditional’ fellows’]. TCSU President: ‘Right. So we can’t have lighting in the Fellows’ Garden.’ The Powers That Be: [Note complete sidestepping of the relevant issue] ‘No. But if you have problems with the lighting on Burrell’s Walk, you should contact the council who are responsible for maintaining this public road.’

Lighting in the Fellows’ Garden? Not on my watch!

Aside from Stubborn Tradition (pictured above), TCSU has to deal with a stifling level of Bureaucracy. We have to have a meeting to decide whether to buy board pens for the meeting room (not an entirely fruitless meeting as we also discussed drawing pins). We have to fill in countless forms and get countless permissions just to throw a WPR rave (whilst facing threats that we will be held legally responsible for anything that goes wrong as people walk back from our Ents). And we have to have to hold ‘open meetings’ which no one attends, all in the name of ‘sticking to the constitution’ (if you are ever struggling to sleep, it is on the TCSU website and makes a fabulously dull

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2 IN BRief

Friday 13th November 2009

read). And of course, TCSU cannot alter the laws of nature, the first of which is that ‘building works are always and inevitably delayed’. For this reason, there was little we could do about the recent hall ‘water crisis’; the taps simply hadn’t been installed yet. All we could do was complain, and wait. And as for installing temporary water machines? The reply came: ‘No’. Contrary to popular belief, Trinity ain’t all that rich at the moment. (I do believe that one of the buildings we own previously housed a Woolworths, and the loss in rental income is taking its toll.)

It’s not that we’re useless as a body. We can do some things. This term alone we’ve managed to organise Trinity’s first ‘Super Formal’, set up an additional computer room next to the JCR, created a (bookable) meeting room and helped to bring carbs to the bar. It’s just that, at Trinity, Semper Eadem holds sway. There are some things that will never change. And so as much as I like nagging, we should probably abandon all hope of ever seeing the Fellows’ Garden in a soft artificial light. At least, not until ‘tradition’ dies.

Editor’s Letter Did you miss me? Did you? Well, to be honest, you probably didn’t even notice the absence of my Editor’s Letter in the last issue, ruthlessly cut to make room for what everybody else wanted to say. But I’m back and here to tell you all about what’s in this issue. First off, we’ve got an exciting competition and even a vote on our website so plenty of chances for you to get involved. All our usual features are present and correct: fashion, Miss Advise, a terrible h(e)art pun from Georgia and, a newer addition by a newer member of the team, the technology column. And don’t take my word for it when I say Rob Young will have you in stitches, turn to page 6 and see for yourself.

Soumaya Keynes

BA Murmurings Tomato soup and sour cream, Odd choice for leading course, And over Grace, our Pembroke guests Caused mighty scene with scant remorse. For tho’ knocking over benches here Is rarely viewed with praise, It seems our lofty attitude Other colleges can amaze. A BA’s term time can be grim With many undergrads to teach, Research work, reading, sporting blues: Vast the targets to achieve. But strength in numbers is the game, Defending faithfully. On Friday night our College Bar Is graduate territory!

As I write this, I am supposed to be in the midst of Fifth Week Blues. In an unsurprising twist of fate, seeing as we’re the type of university whose May Week is in June, this phenonomenon is named so as to con you. Kiddywinks, it’s sixth week you’ve got to watch out for, especially seeing as it contains a Friday 13th. Travisty has appeared on an unprecedented number of Friday 13ths (considering we’re published fortnightly) over the past 12 months and I can only hope this is not someone up there trying to tell us something! So hang on in there. Read Travisty over a panino (the correct singular form) in the bar. Get excited about the Cambridge Christmas, which, of course, takes place in November. Try getting the hang of Thursdays (after all, the day on which the week begins, right?). And until next time, keep smiling! Ellie xxx

Overheard in Trinity... >> Which flashy character resorted to his friend’s bed to bed a friend, forcing the original occupant to re-locate next door? >> If cross-dressing turns you on, then let’s hope you witnessed at the WPR a boy-girl meet a girl-boy in an intimate embrace. Gender bender or what? >> The mathmo love triangle: so many jokes, so little time. Let’s start you off with ruling out ‘equilateral’. >> One shoe-maker’s been enjoying life as a singleton but even his 5 ½ sexual encounters pale in comparison with one fresher’s 7 ¼. In our humble opinion, fractions are taking ‘too much information’ way too far.

Friday 13th November 2009

Think... Catering


Alexandra Sault

Will Flirt For free Croisssants

The arrival of the spaceship in Great Court was a sight welcomed by few and cursed by many. Yes, until October 2010 – according to the current construction plan, of which I am justifiably skeptical given the penchant of builders for tea – the courts of Trinity will be graced by the mellifluous tones of pneumatic drilling from 7.30am and the perverted stares of crane drivers into the windows of scantily dressed girls. Which is just fabulous.

Hopefully things will be improving, however: having spied the menu for the next one, there looks to be less novelty, more Matric, as they serve up steak and chips.

The innovation of more resounding success (and less queuing), however, has been the introduction of food in the bar. Spuds, panini and soup in a polystyrene cup, all washed down with the first beer of the afternoon. It’s a much more comfortable place in which to procrastinate from the afternoon’s work than in Hall, and you can But it’s not all cause for misery and, although my have a chat to Pete at the buttery whilst your order is suggestion that the hoarding surrounding the temporary prepared. kitchens should be comically decorated with aliens has been rejected, things are certainly looking up in the Want extra lad-points? Get kicked world of College catering. out of formal in the first ten minutes.

On a student budget? Flirting with the kitchen staff can bring a bounty of free food. If you’re extra nice, they’ll even serve you your free breakfast croissant at the table. Last week I saved £2.26.

One fiery Mancunian has proved that the most effective method is to hit members of the catering team in the stomach. Oops.

As for what will become of Trinity food when all is said and done next October, I think Sainsbury’s ready Earlier this term, Trinity held its first ‘Super Formal’: meals may increasingly become a thing of the past. And in theory, a posh black tie do, with plates of food that maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to buy brown bread ice you thought you’d only ever see on The F Word. For cream in the buttery. the few dedicated queuers who managed to get tickets, this was ‘not that bad’ (so I am told; I was sat at home, Which of the TCSU committee do you find most appetising? ticketless, catching up with Trinity on ITV Player). OK, so the food wasn’t all that different but it’s silver service In an attempt to stage a semi- naked photo shoot (which means the fatso next to you doesn’t nick all the (think of it as Travisty’s Christmas present to you), chips), and who can resist the novelty of pumpkin soup we need everybody to go to our website at Hallowe’en? (Those kitchen staff certainly have a cheeky sense of humour.) and vote on whether or not TCSU should get their kit off

Worried about food wastage in hall? Don’t worry; the kitchens are very keen on recycling meals. On a day which listed ‘Roast pork loin with apricot and thyme’ for dinner, ‘Apricot and thyme roasted loin of pork’ had been served for lunch.

for Christmas. Don’t you want to see Oli McFarlane with just a Santa hat on? Won’t tinsel make Alex Williams that bit more tantalising?

Tell us and we’ll see if the power of the press and the people can really sway TCSU.

4 features

What’s Hot >> Giving Someone the Boot Shoe throwing has officially become the most fashionable form of protest among Cambridge students. Earlier this year, a shoe was thrown at Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao. The latest victim is former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, who had a rather heavy boot thrown at him while he was giving a speech at the Union. Clearly these students have discovered the best way to get their opinions heard. I mean: why engage in intellectual and rational debate when you can just throw a shoe? >> Half naked Men in the wpr So we all knew Halloween was about girls having an excuse to dress up as a slut (who hasn’t seen Mean Girls?). But who knew that the GUYS could do it too? I mean, to be fair, it was pretty hot down there, so possibly their choice of minimal clothing was simply a matter of temperature. Or maybe they were going for scary costumes! In which case, this column thinks they definitely pulled it off. What girl wouldn’t be scared by all that sweaty, naked flesh??

>> Magpie and Stump Ssssh... This column has been informed that a certain seemingly sweet and innocent second year will be making her comedy debut at Magpie and Stump in the upcoming weeks. Watch this space. >> Scarves and Hats It’s getting pretty cold outside; some might even say Baltic. So enjoy putting on all those layers and wrapping up warm. It’s the perfect chance to accessorize big jumpers with long woollen scarves, gloves and cute berets. And let’s be honest, does anyone think wearing nothing and freezing your ass off actually looks cool anymore?

Miss Advise...

Friday 13th November 2009

Travisty’s resident agony aunt Dear Miss Advise,

Well, this year has got off to an interesting start. The other night I thought it might be kind of fun to go along with a couple of my friends to one of the Cambridge gay nights. I should probably add here that I, myself, am a straight male. We did usual pre-drinks before, so we were pretty drunk by the time we got there and at first nothing much happened. Then however, I definitely remember getting off with a guy. I don’t recall how or why this happened, but the fact that he was in my bed the next morning made sure I didn’t forget the incident altogether. He made his excuses and went off, and I was left piecing together memories of my night together with him... definitely kissing, and certainly more - which bizarrely included scratching in some very strange places! Does this change my sexuality? Was I just very drunk? I really have no idea what to make of this! Bisexual (??) in Burrells

Dear Bisexual (??) in Burrells, I think it’s safe to say that, minus said bizarre scratching, what you describe has probably happened to a lot of people that would consider themselves straight, especially at university. As you were apparently rather intoxicated, I suppose you don’t remember if you enjoyed it or not. I would suggest, however, that entirely ruling out ever doing it again (or indeed deciding you’re now gay!) would not be a very good idea. Sexuality is a very blurred thing. The boxes of straight/gay/bisexual that society creates aren’t overly helpful. Sometimes a normally ‘straight’ person, just like you, will sleep with someone of the same sex and sometimes a normally ‘gay’ person will sleep with someone of the opposite sex. To most sensible and decent people, it really doesn’t matter! Just always do what you want to do, but don’t feel you need to define yourself continue your normal lifestyle, but if you see a guy you like, go for it! Miss Advise

Email Miss Advise with your problems at


Friday 13th November 2009

Primark: Cheap Thrill or Hefty Toll? What’s Not Jason Ehrhart

Putting the ‘K’ in fashion

Anyone who saw the pathetic looking Primark boards around Cambridge this week may not be surprised to know that a brand spanking new ‘superstore’ has opened itself up in Chavtown, with gleaming fixtures, clothes neatly stacked on tables in size order (well at least for the first five seconds as you just know the first customer will be someone sized 32, determined to cram into the size 16 at the bottom of the pile), and staff delighted to be picking up your discarded Cherry Lambrini (or LaHMbers as it is know by Townies, or those from Girton). Behind this glittering facade, Primark, the clothing equivalent of Greggs the Bakers, has become one of the nation’s favourite clothing stores, with 179 stores in the UK and Ireland alone. On the one hand, I look at Primark as something which is beneficial to the masses. As much as vast quantities of women long for that Chloë handbag, or indeed those ridiculously overpriced Topshop sequinned leggings, why pay more, when a visit to Primark can assure that you have both for under £20? And what’s more, you can accessorise or create a whole new outfit without even leaving the store. And ultimately the really great thing is that you can wear it all to Cindies, have your blazer fag burnt by another trollop (also wearing the same pair of Primarni shoe boots as you), the under wiring of your bra mysteriously disappear (that or you have one saggy breast) and your leggings split across your backside when you attempt to get the glass out of your foot (those VKs really are calorific, you know) and just chuck the entire outfit away in the morning. Most girls

would admit that this mentality enters their thought process when it comes to buying clothes from Primark, and herein lies my problem with the company and, equally, their consumers.

Putting on my geography hat (before you ask, it is a bobble beanie... possibly with a globe printed on it) affords me insight into the workings of large scale retail companies and their manufacturing sources in the third world. China’s poor human rights record is well documented, and widely decried by most educated individuals, but their manufacturing industry is the catalyst and indeed greatest component of the juggernaught that is their economic growth. One of the reasons that your clothes are so cheap is the disgustingly long hours that young girls undertake in often dangerous conditions for a pitiful wage. Moreover, the whole concept of disposable fashion has majorly derisive effects on the environment. Investment in quality, long lasting pieces that one is more likely to look after may seem to be a bit of an outdated practice in this era of fast-fashion, and is certainly more expensive, but it doesn’t result in the exploitation of marginalized people or continually draw on the earth’s resources. That being said, I’d be very surprised to see anyone wearing Louboutins out next Wednesday. Someone please surprise me, it will give me back my faith in humanity...

The Travisty Committee

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>> Taking Advantage of drunk Girls We all like to go out and have a few drinks with our friends. The problem is once ‘a few’ drinks turns into ‘one too many’. Unfortunately for the female sex, there are some rather pathetic guys out there who’ll stoop low enough to try and take advantage of a girl when she’s clearly wasted. Definitely not on. It’s such a shame that I can’t say all Trinity boys are of gentlemanly good manners and wouldn’t do such a thing. Maybe TCSU should look into giving them some classes on human behaviour? >> Sixth Week Blues We all know it’s coming, but how to shake them? My advice: get yourself a DVD, a few friends, a bottle of wine and have a chilled night in. And just think, well over half way through! Not long until we get a break from the stress and non-stop work. >> super formal After all the excitement about the last one and the craziness that surrounded getting tickets, I’m not sure if I’m going to bother this time around. For a start, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the menu just steak and chips? And seriously, why don’t we just wear black tie to normal formal!? It’s practically the same thing. >> people who cough in lectures It’s 9am and you’re desperately trying not to fall asleep and actually listen to the lecturer for once, but someone keeps COUGHING! There is honestly nothing more annoying. Fine, you’re ill, I get it, you need to cough. But for goodness sake, couldn’t you drink some water, get a cough sweet or just GO HOME so I can concentrate?!


Friday 13th November 2009

Film review: Sexy Slasher Stinks

The much anticipated film, Jennifer’s Body, hit our screens on 4th November, promising a seemingly winning combination of FHM’s “Sexiest Woman in the World”, Megan Fox, and acclaimed screenwriter, Diablo Cody. But can it really live up to the hype? With lashings of dry wit and the most epic of epic similes, first year Rob Young gives his verdict... With her second film, Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody has cemented her place alongside such greats as Steve Brookstein, Eamon and, erm, Nizlopi. That’s right Ms. Cody, you are officially a one hit wonder. For Jennifer’s Body, starring hottest woman on the planet Megan Fox and that less attractive one out of Mamma Mia, is clunky, unfunny and unintelligent nonsense that not only fails in every genre it attempts to spoof but also induces faces of pure cringe on its audience. Jennifer (Fox) is the girl everyone hates at high school. She’s attractive, selfish and gets millions of dollars for playing ‘smash-up-the-world’ with Optimus Prime. Somehow she is friends with geeky Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and they spend a lot of time together tantalising the audience with suggestions that they are gonna make out. Incidentally, they do. Sorry I ruined it, but I’m sure it’s a recurring image in your dirty skull anyway. One day they decide to go and watch indie band ‘Low Shoulder’ (led by Adam Brody) and the whole venue burns down. In shock, Jennifer goes off with the pretentious indie boys and returns possessed by the devil, thirsty for the blood of sexually frustrated boys. Cue predictable deaths, passionless sex scenes and too many gratuitous shots of Megan Fox in her underwear. Anywho, when Needy realises that her best bud has turned cannibalistic psycho bitch, she takes action and does some stuff and then the film ends.

The real weakness of the film is the disappointment of the script. Juno, with all its smart-arse jibes, was an enjoyable film, perfectly blending the kooky and the serious. Of course, more than one viewing makes you want to punch the titular preggers girl bang in the ovaries. In Jennifer’s Body, scenes of horror are juxtaposed by Cody’s trademark wit, but the two are so different that it just doesn’t work. The film is therefore neither funny nor scary and becomes like the improbable film love child of Sam Raimi and John Hughes. This lack of direction and tone make viewing Jennifer’s Body like watching a fat kid fail in an egg and spoon race in which he cannot even stand upright without his egg bobbing away from him. It’s excruciatingly uncomfortable. The film tries, fails, and repeats this process. And then the metaphorical egg is so far from the metaphorical spoon that the fat child is waddling after it as it rolls out of his chubby grasp. Jennifer’s Body is not tongue-in-cheek enough to be a parody and not clever enough to be a new twist on a tired genre. Cody needs to drop the self-consciously cool claptrap in favour of true wit, where the token Asian kid doesn’t have to make jokes about Wikipedia to make the film culturally relevant. Listen, I can’t be bothered to waste any more time on such shit, but the truth is I would rather be sacrificed to Lucifer himself by Adam Brody’s shoddy band than have to endure another 100 minutes of Megan Fox talking about her tits. Her exquisite tits. Now go away.

Rob’s Rating:


Not Just For the Young at Hart

Georgia Hart Cereal Girl

Sunday, as the cute little graphics over Google told me, was not only Remembrance Sunday (I hope that everyone has been avidly wearing their poppies), but the 40th Anniversary of that absolute classic children’s TV show, Sesame Street. People still unadvisedly “correct” me for saying ‘zee’ rather than the “proper English” ‘zed’, and whilst my argument has always been that ‘zed’ is cacophonous, whereas ‘zee’ is happy, upbeat, and rhymes with eight other letters, making the Alphabet song much more lyrical, the fact that I got up at 5am every morning to catch Sesame Street on Channel 4 may have something to do with it. Unfortunately, my niece and nephew, along with thousands of other little tykes in England, have no idea who Big Bird, Elmo or the Grouch are, let alone how a TV show can be brought to you by the letters E, R and the number 3. Since March 2001, British

screens have been devoid of Jim Henson’s hilarious puppets, and left with poor spin-offs such as Elmo’s World and Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventure; we all how successful Joey was. I think that the international success of the Muppets is enough to indicate how well Henson’s creations come across on screen: they are lovable, funny and completely wacky without being irritating (enter in procession the Teletubbies, Fimbles, Tweenies... etc.) So why has the UK abandoned such a great show? TV heads seem to be worried that puppets are out of date in this techno-wizz era, meaning that the show wouldn’t appeal to today’s younglings, but Sesame Street is so much cooler than Blue Peter or Play School! We only need to see who has visited the street to prove this point: Stevie Wonder, Robin Williams, Billy Joel, Bill Cosby, Cher, Ray Charles, Hilary Clinton, Jim Carey, Danny DeVito, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, David Beckham, Jack Black, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva


Friday 13th November 2009

Longoria, Ricky Gervais, Adam Sandler, and Michelle Obama for the Anniversary itself. I wouldn’t call this show behind the times. I thought that the 2001 cancellation was only a blip, a mistake that someone would soon rectify, but apparently Sesame Street’s replacements such as Numberjacks and Tikkabilla are acceptable substitutes for head of CBeebies, Michael Carrington. These do not sound like potential world wide hits. In fact, I’d wager that these won’t last long, and certainly not 40 years. Sesame Street is broadcast in 140 countries and works on a franchise basis, so local versions can be actually relevant to the kids that watch it whilst broadening their horizons, which is brilliant. These exported versions must reflect the morals and traditions of the American version, but, given the show’s tradition of promoting equality, with children of all creeds, colours, cultures, shapes and sizes sharing their lives with others, this proviso seems very positive.

embarrassed and apologetic faces, followed by a hasty exit. Sesame characters have been used to promote HIV awareness in South Africa, bridge the sectarian divide in Belfast and teach youngsters in the Middle East about tolerance; these seem like ambitious aims and brightly coloured fur-balls are quite odd channels for such lessons but essentially, go Sesame.

It certainly opened my eyes as a 2½ ft Raggedy Ann living in a tiny village with no cultural diversity whatsoever beyond the church that wasn’t Anglican, and I think that’s important. At the very least, when I asked my mummy why that man was all brown, I was in the isolation of our living room rather than provoking


Leave Users Chomping at the Bit?

Bo Tian

Window to a new world

Eight years has passed since Microsoft released the most popular operating system, Windows XP. After the disastrous launch of Vista, it is my pleasure now to be able to welcome you to the world of an all new bright and shiny Windows 7, along with the hype, excitement, and ubiquitous advertisements. According to various retailers, pre-launch demand for Windows 7 even surpassed that for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and The Beatles Remastered albums.

Performance Win 7 has a much smaller memory footprint compared to Vista, while slightly larger than XP as a result of all the eye candy. Users should expect slight performance gains for all aspects of computing, especially during boot up, thanks to a new technique called “trigger start services” – services which will only start when a supporting hardware is found. There is, however, a larger performance gain for the 64-bit version of the system over its predecessors.

As a Windows 7 user, I can understand all the excitement Upgrading surrounding it. Over the past six months, I have upgraded at least four computers of all sizes, starting from a tiny MSI Wind Windows 7 is designed to be an incremental upgrade from to an elephantine triple monitor desktop. Vista. Most of the device drivers and applications for Vista should work for Win 7 as well so upgrading from Vista typically Features involves a few mouse clicks and a long tea break. For users of XP however, there is no way to upgrade other than performing The biggest feature in Win 7 is a newly designed task bar. The a clean install. Only proceed to upgrade after making sure that Quick Launch bar has been eliminated, replaced with icons of you made a backup copy of all your files, checking that all your all frequently used programs. Right clicking on the icons allows applications and devices support Windows 7, and that you users to open the most recent files, and to perform commonly have a copy of installation discs of all your applications. used functions such as “shuffle all songs”. Wordpad has been redesigned to look like Word 2007; it can now work on the Price .docx format. Paint has become much more genial, and works beautifully too with its first revision since 1995! The new aero The home premium edition can be bought at about £35 from desktop has many alluring wallpapers that can change every online retailers at student price. Computer science students get few minutes. You could also create a desktop slideshow with the professional edition free of charge, so do ask around if you your own pictures. plan on an upgrade.


Friday 13th November 2009

Women’s Basketball Comes to Trinity

Sonum Sumaria

Shooting hoops

Trinity’s first ever women’s basketball team has been set up…finally! Having been told that Cambridge has all the clubs/societies you could ever imagine, I had already planned to join college (as opposed to commitment-heavy university) basketball even before I was officially a fresher However, in this regard, my first Chaplain’s Squash was a disappointment: there was only a men’s basketball team. But this year we decided to strike back and set up our own women’s team. I myself have only ever played the sport for three months during my gap year in a small Mexican village up in the mountains, where all the kids would congregate and shoot some hoops after dinner. That brief experience made me realise that it’s a brilliant sport. The dribbling, sprinting, shooting… even the sweating and the feeling of absolute exhaustion are rewarding! It involves fitness, speed, agility, teamwork and accuracy and, most importantly, it’s fun. Well, as you may have guessed, I have the enthusiasm… all that is lacking is the skill!

For that we have Tarika Jayaratne, the basketball pro from Sri Lanka. Captain of her school team, she led them to victory in the All Island Interschool Basketball Championships. With her as our coach, fully equipped with what seems to be an infinite amount of drills, we can at least legitimately strive for success in the league. We also have football extraordinaire Danielle Griffiths, who was invited to try for England’s youth basketball team.

With twenty girls on our mailing list, ranging from first years to MPhil students, the future of Trinity’s first women’s basketball team seems promising. We cater for beginners and experts, so if you’re interested get in touch (email me: ss826) and experience the wonders of basketball!

COMPETITION: Would you like to win £35 worth of Amazon vouchers to buy the books, CDs or DVDs of your choice? Imagine that Trinity is about to enter the modern technological age and will shortly be setting up its own Twitter page. Compose a tweet (up to 140 characters) to be the first post. It could be an introductory comment telling us about college, an update on what’s going on, even a tidbit of gossip. The most entertaining one will win the vouchers and be published in the next issue of Travisty. Entries to be emailed to the Editor (er319) by Saturday 21st November.

TC Photo Society

Even though this photograph is evidently not a technical masterpiece but a mere digital snapshot, it is one of my favourites. It was taken in Newcastle and - for me - expresses perfect harmony with a hint of the mystery of life. You can see as far as the horizon and yet the horizon is so close. I must admit that I got the inspiration from a photograph, entitled ‘Rhein’, by the great German photographer Andreas Gursky.


Thanks to Michael Braun and TCPS for this image.


they might not be discovered until morning’ [read ‘it will annoy some of the more ‘traditional’ fellows’]. TCSU President: ‘Right. So we can...


they might not be discovered until morning’ [read ‘it will annoy some of the more ‘traditional’ fellows’]. TCSU President: ‘Right. So we can...