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Central Valley business Incubator

2011 Annual Report

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Central Valley Innovation




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Central Valley Innovation

10/24/11 4:29 PM

Message from the Chair

The CVBI exists to connect small businesses to the resources

William S. Barcus Small businesses and their owners are the life blood of every local economy. This is especially true in the Central Valley of California. In the best of times, turning an idea into a successful small business is difficult. In times of economic uncertainty, it is almost impossible. The Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI) exists to help ensure small businesses survive and thrive.

CVBI success is measured by the successes of our members and clients. When they succeed, we succeed.

Thank you to our members

Joining with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program, today CVBI is stronger than ever before, providing entrepreneurs and small business owners the support necessary to launch new enterprises and strengthen existing businesses.  Originally focused primarily on the incubation of small businesses, CVBI has expanded services and can meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners who increasingly require access to a network of rapidly evolving resources and business tools.

Auldan Inc. Bertz-Rosa Design C. Curry Design ClimateMinder Educational Perspectives for the Central Valley FogBusters Inc.

As a member of CVBI’s Board of Directors, I see the challenges that are faced by our local small business owners: from recession and regulatory uncertainty to access to capital and a properly skilled work force. CVBI exists to connect small businesses to the resources to help address these challenges. CVBI leads programs in support of small business through CVBI-SBDC, a highly focused incubation program on Water and Energy Technology, and a Virtual Incubator Platform that engages and supports the rural and outlying communities like never before. Through these programs, CVBI is helping small businesses grow, delivering new products and services, as well as creating new jobs, for valley residents.

Global Eco Soil Solutions Inc. GRID Alternatives Hydrovolts Ideal Solutions Management Ignition Labs LandView mOasis Nobska Technologies, Inc. Pacific Municipal Consultants (PMC) PEAR by ENERNOC PureSense STI Teach-N-Tutor Valley Solar Electric Vorsana Znano

I am fortunate to work with a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to growing the small businesses that will drive our local economy one small business owner at a time. Under the leadership of a dedicated and dynamic CEO, and with the support of talented staff, I look forward to the continued successes of the organization and its small business owners in the year to come.  Kind Regards,

William S. Barcus

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Central Valley Innovation

2011 Funding Profile

Under the direction of the Board of Directors and leadership of Executive Management, a strong focus has been placed on creating a balanced funding profile for the organization. Meeting and exceeding performance goals and outcomes has done much to position CVBI-SBDC favorably to continue to receive important federal funding via the Small Business Administration with SBDC and PRIME funding; and Workforce Investment Act funds through our work for the Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board.  And, while federal grants represent the majority of funding, the different federal sources are creating a more balanced profile.  Additionally, more focus continues to be placed on developing self-sustaining and unencumbered funding sources via private foundations and contributions.

Private Self  Generated   FoundaAon   Local     Banks     7%   7%   Government   4%   4%   FRWIB   38%  

2011 Funding  Profile   Page 4

Central Valley Innovation

we are focused on creating a balanced funding profile for the organization

SBDC 40%  

92 Cents of every privately contributed dollar is used for direct-to-community impact.

How your contributions work

Streamlined, strengthened & centralized operational structure

CVBI has strategically aligned its organizational structure to leverage contributions for maximum impact on programs and services that directly benefit our constituents. The organization continues to streamline, strengthen and centralize its operational structure, incrementally decreasing overhead costs, resulting in an increasing percentage of every contributed dollar that directly benefits program participants.

2011 dollar

2011 Dollar  



direct to  entrepreneur  services:  staff  consulta6on;  referrals,  assessments,   workshops  and  training;  onsite  and  online  incuba6on;    training  &  events   83%  

professional subject  maBer  expert  consulta6ons  

organiza6onal structure  –  opera6ons  

2010 dollar


direct to  entrepreneur  services:  staff  consulta6on;  referrals,   assessments,  workshops  and  training;  onsite  and  online  incuba6on;     training  &  events  


77% organiza6onal  structure  –  opera6ons  

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15% increased efficiency in operating costs in one year!

Central Valley Innovation

WET Center Success: PEAR by M2M Communications

Water, Energy & Technology

In mid-2010 when M2M Communication was looking to establish a presence in California, executives contacted the WET Center. The WET Center provided a perfect soft-landing for the Boise-based company as they looked to bring their Peak Energy Agriculture Rewards (PEAR) program to the region.

The WET Center counts this as a success for a number of reasons. First, companies worthy of a $30 million acquisition are generally based on solid, credible technologies and an established management team. Second, M2M Communications was able to move into the market with fewer barriers as a result of the WET Center’s facilities. Finally, EnerNOC is keeping the PEAR team in the area and the team in growing. While EnerNOC is based out of the east coast, having a publicly traded company affiliated with the WET Center is a success.

Immediately, the PEAR team became ideal on-site members of the WET Center. They used the facility to conduct meetings, stay connected to the home office in Boise, develop a local sales team, and connect to their customers. M2M Communications was founded in 2003 and was not a start-up in need of incubation; it was a company looking to expand. The PEAR product focuses on the rapid enablement of demand response capacity provided by large irrigators, cold storage operators, and food and beverage processors. The WET Center serves as the front door for the BlueTechValley and through that role the Center is positioned to connect start-ups and established companies with the industry as a whole. The PEAR teams benefited from connections, introductions and a facility that allowed the company to scale in California. The team soon increased staffing and required a second office in the WET Center. M2M Communications was establishing a market presence and creating local jobs.

In 2012, the WET Center will continue to focus on supporting start-up companies as well as providing a soft-landing for those targeted companies looking to establish a presence in the region and add to the overall strength of the BlueTechValley.

In January of 2011, publicly traded company, EnerNOC (NASDQ: ENOC) acquired M2M Communications for $30 million.

M2M’s technology expertise and its contracts with key utilities--particularly in California and the Midwest--are an ideal complement to EnerNOC’s suite of offerings for utility, commercial, and industrial customers. M2M has the unique ability to tap into largely un-penetrated markets, such as demand response at agricultural facilities, which represents more than 10,000 megawatts of demand response potential in the United States and even more worldwide. - by Tim Healy, EnerNOC Chairman and CEO

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Central Valley Innovation

Message from the CEO

Over the past year, CVBI has literally doubled its capacity.

Kirk Nagamine 2011 has been a very successful year of service for the Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI), its Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and its Water, Energy &Technology (WET) Center. CVBI ends the year having served more businesses than possibly any year before and we are entering 2012 with increased service capacity and expertise, sturdy partnerships and more potential for sustainable funding streams. We are well-positioned to continue to deliver a more significant and sustained impact than any time in our 15 year history. I am very proud of the accomplishments of the SBDC. The SBDC has served over 900 unique businesses with almost 4,000 hours of consulting provided by our 15 licensed or highly experienced business professionals. This effort has resulted in over 50 new business starts, 200 new jobs created and over $6,900,000 in capital infusion. These results are confirmed by the businesses themselves and further, verified through an outside audit company. We have evolved into much more than just an incubator focused on main street business starts. We are now more of a business accelerator able to support businesses at every stage of development and of all types including simple “lifestyle” businesses to very technical enterprises with “hyper growth” potential. Our WET Center has also shared in great success this year. M2M Communications joined the WET this year and within a few months gained significant traction. They were recently acquired by ENEROC, a NASDAQ company that maintains an office at our WET Center. We continue to seek qualified, high potential companies to enter our incubation program at the WET Center and we have been active in sector events, regionally and nationally. WET has played host to many partners during the year and we have also accommodated visitors from our Federal and State Government and from companies and governments from around the world. Also, this year we have joined forces with our other partners on an initiative focused on branding our region as the BlueTechValley. The mission of the BlueTechValley is to strategically leverage the region’s unique environment, resources and physical assets for inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, established companies and investors creating a rich context for testing, developing and commercializing innovative water and energy technology. We have the Universities, many corporate leaders and community leaders, and many economic development partners on board and together we will continually work to earn global recognition for our region’s leadership in water, energy and technology innovation and commercialization. Our staff members deserve all of the credit for the results we have achieved and all of the progress we have made. They prove to be fully committed to our mission on a daily basis and our community should be proud to have such qualified individuals working to improve the future of our Valley. Special thanks to our Fresno County Workforce Investment Board, the Small Business Administration and the UC Merced SBDC Regional Network for their visionary leadership and contributions and their significant financial commitments to the work that we do. We look forward to expanding the impact of our work in 2012 and I look forward to reporting our results again next year. Thank you for your continued support of our critical mission. Sincerely,

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Central Valley Innovation

CVBI-SBDC a look back

and a look forward

The 2010-2011 program year of the Central Valley Business Incubator/Small Business Development Center (CVBI-SBDC) was a whirlwind of activity combined with establishing a foundation for the effective delivery of services. This has resulted in an overall improvement in the quality and quantity of our programs and an increase in deliverables. These activities were supplemented and supported by the implementation of initiatives funded through the Federal Jobs Act, State of California funds, and the CAMEO AT&T Disabled Veteran’s Entrepreneurial Program.

Another key activity was the recruitment and deployment of a pool of professional consultants adding both the manpower and skill sets necessary to create tangible business outcomes. A focus of the ongoing development of the consulting pool (and subsequent expansion of consulting services) is in the area of Water, Energy and Technology. To date, the consultant pool has grown to include an environmental engineer, a physical engineer/prototype manufacturer, and a technology transfer specialist.

From October 2010-October 31, 2011, the CVBI-SBDC provided 4,095 hours of counseling to 870 clients which resulted in:

During the 2010/2011 program year we have had increased emphasis on administrative, operational and process functions. Much of this emphasis can be attributed to activities and efforts to ensure that the September 2011 Regional Accreditation Review passed with no conditions and minimal findings. While increasing the efforts to improve the overall CVBI-SBDC program and the quality of the services provided, the focus remained solidly on our primary mission: To facilitate economic development in our service area. Â CVBI-SBDC does this by providing counseling, technical assistance and training to fledgling entrepreneurs, mid-stage businesses and seasoned companies throughout Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings Counties. These efforts focus on giving businesses the tools and information they need to grow, strengthen and/or expand their operations (thus creating new businesses, jobs and capital coming into our communities.

Page 8

Central Valley Innovation


a successful foundation

The 2011-2012 program year is positioned and ready to build on our very successful foundation of services and initiatives developed in 2010-2011. An aggressive strategy to continue providing counseling, technical assistance and training to startups and main street businesses will be combined with outreach and assistance targeting businesses

that are involved in water, energy and technology. This dual approach will ensure that our core small business community continues to receive the help they need to grow and prosper while supporting the attraction and establishment of technologybased businesses that will help us all prosper as part of the BlueTechValley.

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rea es c

Incubator Program


te crea


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in fo 6,115e quity used 9 5 , $6 and ns


The CVBI-SBDC would like to thank the U.S. Small Business Administration for their support

The Claude Laval Water, Energy & Technology Incubator program, housed at the Water, Energy and Technology Center, is a mentor-based, structured and self-driven development program designed to accelerate the commercialization of sustainable, high-potential start-ups within Water, Energy & Ag Technology. The Incubator Program leverages regional assets, a robust network of successful entrepreneurs and industry specific business leaders as mentors. Mentors are matched to start-up companies based on business and technology need, and work closely with entrepreneurs – building a successful business. “With its strong emphasis on mentorship and technology development, our structured and metric driving Incubator Program is a unique commercialization vehicle for entrepreneurs building their business around water, energy and agriculture innovation,” said Helle Petersen, Business Development Manager with the WET Center. Cornerstones of the Incubator Program are active mentorship, strategic consulting,expert coaching through our 24-hour club, Tech Sharing and CEO Forums. Incubator Program participants benefit from marketing support, and targets demonstrations of their technology via the WET Centers many networking events throughout the year.

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Central Valley Innovation

Tulare/ Kings SBDC Update Spurred and supported by the merger of CVBI and SBDC in late 2010, the Tulare-Kings County CVBI-SBDC has experienced a productive year. From additions to traditional workshops to a greater pool of professional consultants, the Tulare-Kings CVBI-SBDC office has expanded its service capacity and its footprint to include sub-centers in Porterville, Hanford, Tulare, Farmersville and North Counties. Tulare-Kings County CVBI-SBDC has partnered with local organizations to bring new innovative ideas and events to the Central Valley. One event offered this year was an Agri-Tourism Business Workshop and Agri-Tours. Other events and activities were geared at strengthening the Hispanic Business Community, while others focused on providing Veteran business opportunities in Porterville, Hanford and Kings Counties. A highlight of the year was the opportunity to recognize six local small business owners for their Entrepreneurial Spirit at an event hosted by the UC Merced SBDC Regional Network in conjunction with National Small Business Week. Three of the six award recipients chosen from the fifteen-county network reside in Tulare/Kings County.

DVEAP consulting sessions resulted for 5 business starts, 8 jobs created and $248,200 in loans Page 10


CVBI-SBDC Helps Disabled Veterans In early 2010 the CVBI-SBDC launched the Disabled Veteran’s Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (DVEAP). The DVEAP program supports outreach and marketing efforts to present small business ownership as an opportunity for Disabled Veterans throughout Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings Counties. The program provides one-on-one counseling and assistance to help Disabled Veterans understand the steps to take to start and plan for a viable business. In addition to direct counseling, this program also offers scholarships to the CVBI’s Virtual Incubator Program (VIP). The VIP is an online resource that includes tools for business assessment and idea feasibility, as well as a comprehensive business planning course. These tools are complemented by a wide array of webinars, links and resources to help small businesses. To date, the DVEAP program has provided one-onone consulting to 12 disabled veteran entrepreneurs. These consulting sessions resulted for 5 business starts, 8 jobs created and $248,200 in loans and/or owner’s equity injections.

Central Valley Innovation

success Story I want to thank the SBDC because they have a lot of good programs and teach people of the opportunities they have.

oced The Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) at Fresno State is a proud partner of the Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI). CVBI offers opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship on many of the same levels as OCED. The two organizations are truly “brothers in arms” in the fight for a better economic region. As administrator of California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno Regional Jobs Initiative, and San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center, OCED works closely with CVBI to coordinate economic development opportunities through business start-up and incubation for the entire San Joaquin Valley. As the coordinator for Central California iHub - Cal Valley Tech, CVBI partners with Fresno State through OCED for innovation through the targeted industries of Energy, Water and Agri-tech. The clearest example of the OCED-CVBI partnership is the four-county Small Business Development Center (SBDC). OCED is the contracting agency with UC Merced SBDC and sub-contracts with CVBI. The execution of the contract by CVBI has made the operation one of the most successful in California.

In conjunction with National Small Business Week, Navo Financial Inc. was recognized as Veteran Owned Business of the Year. “I created Navo Financial Inc. because I wanted to create an Insurance and Financial Services Agency that could take care of every individual need a family or business could have,” says Zach Navo, Founder and CEO of Navo Financial Inc. After graduating from High School, Zachary joined the United States Marine Corps and spent the next 5 years overseas serving as a Sergeant of Marines - Marine Embassy Guard and Diplomatic Security at United States Marine Corps. After his overseas tour of duty Zachary returned to Tulare County to follow in his father’s footsteps with a career in insurance and financial services. After serving as an insurance agent for Navo Insurance, one of the most trusted and respected agencies in Tulare County for the past 33 years, Zach went out on his own with Navo Financial, Inc.

Zachary carries a securities 6 and 63 license and handles financial services and specializes in retirement and estate planning. Zachary is currently enrolled in The American College earning his designation as a Chartered Financial Consultant. “I want to thank the SBDC because they have a lot of good programs and teach people of the opportunities they have,” said Mr. Navo. “I am thankful there are organizations that give people the means to prosper in good times and in bad times.” Zach Navo has been a regular guest speaker at the Tulare-Kings SBDC Be Your Own Boss Business Startup Workshops, where he provides invaluable business insurance information to current and potential business owners.

I am thankful there are organizations that give people the means to prosper in good times and in bad times. CALIFORNIA


UC Merced Regional Network

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Central Valley Innovation

CVBI has been carefully structured to maximize operational efficiencies to leverage growth opportunities; keeping the organization and its programs on the leading edge in meeting the growing needs of the Valley’s Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Centralized Operations

Accounting Finance

Managed Programs



Human Resources



Claude Laval

UC Merced Regional Network

Centers of focus

Future Center

The Central Valley Business Incubator is “best in class” as far as business incubation programs go. Not only do they provide excellent training and consulting for early stage firms in the Valley, but they also have been instrumental in promoting the region as a hub for water and environmental technology.

Future Center

CVBI continues to be one of the leading promoter/facilitators for new business start-ups and entrepreneurship. Pam Lassetter Assistant Director Fresno County Workforce Investment Board

Ashley Swearengin, Mayor, City of Fresno We are also grateful to CVBI and the WET incubator for their willingness to serve as a pilot site for our triple bottom line investment modeling system.

CVBI is a valuable and essential tool to help our local entrepreneurs develop ideas in the incubator and the Water, Energy and Technology Center. The unique networking opportunities and education CVBI provides has helped attract and retain businesses.

Tom Guevara Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Affairs Economic Development Administration Department of Commerce

Andreas Borgeas CouncilMember, City of Fresno

Incubators, like WET, address the most challenging aspects of building startup technology companies: access to early capital and expert mentoring, so that great ideas can be turned into tangible business models. Wigs Mendoza, Program Manager Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Page 12

Your continual efforts are required for growing companies and for the future and vitality of the Central Valley business community. Thank you for supporting PureSense over the years, our success in no small part belongs to you. Lance A. Donny VP Business Development PurseSense Environmental, Inc.

Central Valley Innovation

CVBI... More than your average incubator

CVBI Programs and Affiliations

Through collaboration, commercialization and commitment, CVBI is making a difference, one program, one entrepreneur, one technology and one small business at a time.

Page 13

Providing support to entrepreneurs and small business owners for the past 15-years, the Central Valley Business Incubator is part of the economic fabric of the San Joaquin Valley. With documented successes in job creation and retention; business start-ups and the support of technology development, CVBI has a proven record of the positive impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on local and regional economies. Since its inception, CVBI has grown and expanded, and today drives several independent yet complementary programs all with a unifying goal: economic development through innovation, business development and job creation. More than just a business incubator, CVBI today represents the overarching “corporate brand” that supports a number of external and internal affiliations, brands, and products. CVBI provides the backbone to core programs that, in collaboration with partners in the private, academic and public sectors, is helping drive the ecosystem necessary to the development of innovation, technology and entrepreneurism. “Of all the places in the world, Grundfos chose the Central Valley to build and grow its Water Innovation Center because of the organizations, like CVBI, that understand the need for a multifaceted approach to technology and innovation. – Henrik Laursen, Director, Grundfos Water Innovation Center. The organizational structure of CVBI has been designed to maximize opportunity, remove redundancies and leverage funding for the highest impact. Much like a for-profit corporation, CVBI centralizes uniform operations, which allows each program to focus maximum effort on its primary initiatives – serving entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners.

Central Valley Innovation

Virtual Incubator Program

You are a visionary. You see tomorrow where others only see today. You find new ways to inspire our community. You provide the leadership for generations to come. For your unique vision, we salute you. Union Bank is proud to be a sponsor of the Central Valley Business Incubator and the Small Business Development Corporation. Central Valley Business Banking 7108 N. Fresno Street, Suite 200, Fresno, CA 93720 Kimberly Cade, Business Relationship Manager 559-436-2723

The Central Valley Business Incubator was able to build the Virtual Incubator Platform (VIP) thanks to a USDA RBEG grant. The purpose was to take the traditional business planning course and create an online experience to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in rural communities. With follow-on funding provided through an SBA PRIME grant, the VIP was further built out to include a business readiness assessment, feasibility workbook, interactive business plan development, an online library and virtual consultation.

To date, more than 300 entrepreneurs have enrolled in the CVBI Online program. As a platform, the Virtual Incubator is positioned to easily add content and learning modules. This will allow the platform to remain evergreen in nature and constantly evolve to meet the dynamic needs of entrepreneurs. Additionally, the flexibility of the platform affords the Central Valley Business Incubator to connect with partners who can financially sponsor the organization and wish to provide relevant content to entrepreneurs. In the summer of 2010, the UC Merced Regional SBDC adopted the Virtual Incubator Platform as a tool to deploy in its six centers. The Small Business Development Centers are the perfect distribution partners for the Virtual Incubator Platform. This allows for increased capacity, improved technical acumen, and the ability to expand the overall reach of programs and services. While the product is built to scale and deploy, the core function is to educate entrepreneurs and increase the overall level of digital literacy. Learning and consultations are available in English and Spanish, 24/7/365. Business never sleeps, entrepreneurs are inspired around the clock and now there is a virtual tool to help make their dream a reality.

Š2011 Union Bank, N.A.

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Central Valley Innovation

59 Photos By: Ryan Cardoza

59 Days of Code Awards over $100,000 in Cash and Prizes to Tech Innovators For its second year, the 2011 59DaysOfCode: Web & Mobile Application Showcase/Conference attracted more than 700 attendees over this day and a half event. There were nearly twenty teams that showcased new technologies built over the fifty-nine day contest period. "The purpose of 59DaysOfCode is to build and highlight the community of developers and programmers in the region," said Travis Sheridan, director of marketing and communications for CVBI. "We wanted to see if products could be developed and a community strengthened in less than two months."

Two Tech-innovators walked away with trophies after being judged by a distinguished panel from across the country. The winners were:

In the Central Valley, many use web and mobile applications, but rarely get to meet the geniuses that actually build them. 59DaysofCode introduced the makers of the magic. This year's event included professional workshops and three keynotes speakers. The attendees connected to each other and the general public had a chance to see innovative web and mobile applications.

• Re.Vu ( won the In-Progress cat-

This event also catered to non-tech attendees, so we wanted to give them a chance to vote. Ensemble Online (playensemble. com) won the People’s Choice category with an online game that includes e-commerce and multi-player functionality.

• GuideKit ( won the

After a successful second year, the 59DaysOfCode event is positioned to expand even more to include competitors from across the Central Valley. Year three will expand to include the UC Merced SBDC Region. This means six communities throughout the region will compete to show off their talent.

Page 15

59 Days of Code Awards

egory. Re.Vu is a web application that allows the user to create an info-graphic resume. The application is live and ready for use. It has been featured in a number of write-ups and is being met with rave reviews.

Zero-Code category with an application that makes documentation easier for developers and programmers. GuideKit provides a much needed and efficient solution to an existing problem.

Central Valley Innovation

Thank you We don’t just support technology, we support the people who use it. • • • •

Voice/Data Communications Broadband Solutions Security/Fire Systems Structured Wiring

iHub a network of innovation hubs

Page 16

• • • •

Audio/Video Systems Electrical Contracting IT Services Video Conferencing

for your sponsorship

contribution & support

throughout the years.

Harnessing the power of its diverse regional assets, California launched its iHub program –a network of innovation hubs, each with a unique set of assets and strength that support an eco-system of tech development and commercialization. In 2010, CVBI and partners from UC Merced, California State University, Fresno, UC Merced Regional Network and Regional Jobs Initiative, launched The CalValleyTech iHub (CVT iHub). Designated as one of twelve innovation hubs in California, CVT iHub is the only iHub focusing on Water, Energy and Ag Technology. As part of the statewide iHub network, CVBI leverages the region’s unique assets, including the WET Center, Fresno State and UC Merced partnerships, private industry and economic development agencies, to provide an innovation platform for startup companies, business groups and venture capitalists. The iHub program is managed at the state level by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO BIZ). Currently the program receives no state funding, and is working to align resources and funding. CalValleyTech iHub is managed by CVBI.

Central Valley Innovation

Water, Energy and Technology Center History has proven that water-based business and technology naturally develop here.

The front door to the BlueTechValley The San Joaquin Valley has a long history of success in the development and commercialization of water and energy technology – beginning with world leading irrigation systems. As a synonym for the San Joaquin Valley, the “BlueTechValley” may seem new, but history has proven that waterbased business and technology naturally develop here. With a vision declaring the BlueTechValley to be globally recognized for water and energy innovation and technology commercialization, the San Joaquin Valley is aspiring to be for water innovation what Silicon Valley is for high-tech. The BlueTechValley’s value proposition is strongly focused on offering state-of-the-art water and energy test facilities, a comprehensive network and a rich context for launching technologies. This lends itself to position the WET Center as a natural portal in the BlueTechValley. Not only because of the support and programs the center offers, but due to its technology demonstration and test platforms necessary to encourage commercialization of new water technologies.


As an innovative commercialization vehicle, the WET Center plays a vital role in creating the innovative ecosystem the BlueTechValley requires to fulfill its vision. The constellation of combining the worlds of science and business facilitates unlocking barriers to commercialization of new technology. The WET Center provides a “Front Door” to the BlueTechValley’s assets and resources and has provided a physical space for the engagement of stakeholders within the industry. It is instrumental in orchestrating the many moving parts in the BlueTechValley’s ecosystem, from governmental and financial institution, to academia, entrepreneurs and private industry. Creating a front door allows for easy access for entrepreneurs and startup and established companies to connect with BlueTechValley stakeholders and partners. Once connected, entities can explore the many services the WET Center provides – whether it is to connect local, regional, national and international markets and resources, utilize the center as a physical landing spot for new and growing opportunities or to enroll in the incubator program. The effort to establish the BlueTechValley as a recognized leader in the area of water technology and innovation is moving forward with purpose and momentum. The work underway is helping to identify barriers to business, workforce needs and clear actionable items to benchmark progress and success. Be assured that the WET Center will be an integral part of the process. Page 17

Central Valley Innovation

Blue Tech Valley Conference Recap

May 3rd & 4th 2011

From the Water Hub of the world, California’s Central Valley hosted a BlueTechValley Water Conference in May of 2011 where top talent from around the world joined to recognize the region as a leader in water innovation and commercialization. This conference confirmed that the Central Valley possesses regional solutions to international issues. “When it comes to water management as an engine of its economic development, the Central Valley really has the perfect storm going for it,” said Peter Williams, CTO of IBM Big Green Technologies. “It surely has the need…it has the scientific expertise… [And] the entrepreneurial base, with over 160 waterrelated businesses in the region.” BlueTechValley Creates Instant Momentum-Attendee Review

“By all accounts, this was an important and very welcome event and a significant step in our ongoing efforts to become a pre-eminent center for water technology and research.” “This was the highest level of brain power ever assembled in one room to deal with the most important issue we are challenged with to secure our economic future…Water.”

Page 18

When it comes to water management as an engine of its economic development, the Central Valley really has the perfect storm going for it

Central Valley Innovation

The BlueTechValley Conference 1. International Attendance: India, Singapore and Denmark 2. Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Grundfos, IBM, Intel, Jain, Lakos, Lyle’s Construction Group, Netafim, Paramount Farms, & Veolia Water 3. Attention from Investment Firms: Draper, Fisher & Jurvetson, WedBush, & Virgin Green Fund 4. Visibility: San Joaquin Valley recognized as the region best positioned for advancements and solutions through water technology innovation 5. Discussions: New innovations, developments and trends on current water issues

World Ag Expo Recap

2011 WET Publication Launch Event


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To increase exposure in the agricultural industry, the Water, Energy and Technology Center exhibited at the 2011 World Ag Expo. This expo drew nearly 100,000 attendees over its three day run, the threedays the event lasted and with a prime location in the Water and Irrigation Pavilion, located in the Water and irrigation section, the WET Center’s booth was well visited. There was certainly no shortage of innovation at the expo. From smart-phone applications to precision irrigation to the Top 10 new products of the year, the evidence of technological innovation was evident. Joined by members ClimateMinder, PureSense, PEAR, and STI, the WET Center was able to feature leveraged the technologies of its members and partners.  and companies that has either emerged from the center or have  used the array of services provided here.  Staff received much positive feedback from both newcomers and long-standing supporters of the WET Center, Based on the success stories told, the WET Center experienced great interested, and even after 10 months, referrals from the World Ag Expo continue. High-attendance, a target audience, and innovation the World Ag Expo offered an ideal event to launch the 2011 WET Publication.  Designed to connect the pride of the Valley, the WET publication showcased the collaboration between companies, agencies and academic institutions at the largest annual agricultural exposition in the world.  CVBI looks forward to an even more successful launch of the 2012 Water, Energy and Technology Resource Guide and Report at the February 1012 World Ag Expo.

Central Valley Innovation

We Help Build Communities By Investing In Local Business Business is the backbone of every strong community something wešve believed at Central Valley Community Bank since our opening in 1980. We stand behind that belief every day by supporting local business in every way possible, from our wide variety of lending products and business convenience services. As our business community has grown, so have we, with an ever-expanding dedication to the success of your business and an ever-deepening commitment to the vitality of the communities we serve. Currently, Central Valley Community Bank operates 17 full service offices in Clovis, Fresno, Kerman, Lodi, Madera, Merced, Modesto, Oakhurst, Prather, Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy, plus Commercial, Real Estate, SBA and Agribusiness Lending Departments. Investment services are provided by Investment Centers of America, and Central Valley Community Insurance Services, LLC, provides financial and insurance solutions for businesses. We are focused not only on our customers, but also investing in the communities we serve. Each year, we donate time, expertise and financial support to a wide variety of local charities and philanthropies. Additionally, our management currently serves in over 80 different civic and philanthropic organizations in the Valley. When it comes to investing in local business and economy, count on Central Valley Community Bank to keep your business moving in the right direction. • (800) 298 -1775 Page 20

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Reducing Waste

Would your business be interested in increasing productivity, reducing waste and increasing profits? Fresno County in partnership with CVBI-SBDC is looking for local businesses that could benefit from some basic information on being “green.” You don’t need to believe in global warming or that the world is running out of oil to be green. In fact, Gil Friend, noted author and CEO/President of Natural Logic says: “You don’t even “have to choose between making Money and making Sense.” Simple, low-cost ways to recycle include using both sides of a piece of paper and taking a ceramic coffee cup to work rather than using a paper cup.

Want more ways to recycle? Sign up for a FREE Waste Assessment. This review of purchasing and production practices will help your business identify ways to use resources more effectively and profitably. It takes three easy steps. First, host a short tour of your facility. Second, let the County of Fresno make an assessment of your business for low-cost ways to recycle.  Third, implement (lower case) recycling suggestions of your choice to position your company for compliance with new legislation requiring businesses in California to develop and implement recycling plans (AB 32, AB 341).  You may even receive award recognition by the County of Fresno for your commitment to green business practices.

Are you in? Find out what your business can save in waste and money. For more information on getting a waste assessment, contact Leslie Kline with Fresno County at 559-600-4259 or Information also available at

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Central Valley Innovation

When the community works together, the community works. Thanks to you, things are getting done. Thanks to you, the world’s a better place. Thanks to you, the lives of real people are being changed for the better. Bank of America is pleased to invest in Central Valley Business Incubator for its active community involvement. And thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

Visit us at

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Bank of America U.S. banks have come through the financial crisis and are poised to support the economic recovery. Small business owners are one of the most important segments of the U.S. economy, and it’s our responsibility as lenders to make every good loan we can. 

When the community works together, the community works.

In the first half of 2011, Bank of America loaned $1 billion to small businesses in California as part of $7.8 billion loaned nationwide so that small businesses can grow and provide new jobs.   For those businesses looking for a loan, Bank of America know all your options.   Start by talking to your local bank is proud to call partner, such as one of the 300 new Small Business Bankers being hired now by Bank of America across California.   CVBI a partner. Key to being approved for a loan or credit is having cash flow and demonstrating the ability to repay loan, asare getting done. Thanks to you, the world’s a Thanksthe to you, things well as having a secondary source of repayment along withto you, the lives of real people are being better place. Thanks a sound business plan. changed for the better. Banksmall of America is pleased invest in Central Valley In these challenging economic times, many businesses aretonot ready to take on Business additional debt. Infor its active community involvement. Andthe thank youthey for already stead they are looking for ways to reduceIncubator costs and more efficient ways to manage cash being an inspiration to usinall. have.  One of Bank of America’s new Small Business Bankers your local community can provide clients with the expertise they need to better manage all of their credit, deposit and cash management needs.

Bank of America is also investing in new ways to help get start-up capital to the entrepreneurs who need it. For example, Bank of America this year increased the amount in grants it is awarding to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) for use as loan loss reserves required by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for their microlending programs.  In its first year, we have awarded 127 grants totaling over $8.6 million to CDFIs, enabling them to access nearly $84 million from federal microlending programs.  Participating CDFIs report the ability to make approximately 4,745  new microloans supporting 8,345 local small businesses, helping to retain or create approximately 12,217 jobs, as a result of the loan loss reserve grants. Most important for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Central Valley is the incredible resources from the Central Valley Business Incubator and its Small Business Development Center.  Bank of America is proud to call CVBI a partner. Visit us at

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Central Valley Innovation Separators and Filtration Solutions

Claude Laval Corp. The Claude Laval Corporation has been the industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling LAKOS centrifugal separators and filtration systems for almost 40 years, leading the way to improved water and energy savings worldwide. While maintaining a well respected international reputation, the LAKOS roots can still be found in the heart of the Central Valley and Fresno communities. Under the direction of chairman Claude C. Laval III and President Melinda Laval, LAKOS has been committed to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of the valley, and encouraging young businesses to thrive.

LAKOS looks forward to continuing to foster new ideas and businesses through the WET Center and Central Valley Business Incubator.

Through partnership with the WET Center, LAKOS remains dedicated to the ideals of hard work, forward thinking, and innovation. The newest LAKOS products showcase these ideals and have further paved the path towards improved water, energy, and technology innovation. The recently launched TwistIIClean has revolutionized the spin down filter by eliminating maintenance hassles. The new TwistIIClean’s design, although quick and easy to use, effectively protects water fixtures, aerators, appliances, and lawn irrigation systems from clogging. The most recent LAKOS innovation to hit the market is the JCX Filtration System. This new product is a complete packaged filtration solution for industrial cooling towers. It’s one of a kind centrifugal action means no moving parts to wear out or replace, no backwashing, and little to no liquid loss. Even with its compact design, the LAKOS JCX effectively removes contaminants from small to large cooling towers. Separators and Filtration Solutions

To create the ultimate filtration solution, LAKOS took the best components in industrial filtration and put them into a single package. The JCX System comes with a LAKOS JPX separator, centrifugal pump and premium efficiency motor, basket strainer, and either an automatic ball valve or solid recovery vessel purge option. All of these pieces come together to create one of the most powerful and complete filtration units in the world. LAKOS looks forward to continuing to foster new ideas and businesses through the WET Center and Central Valley Business Incubator. As a leader in groundwater, agriculture, irrigation, HVAC, and industrial filtration, LAKOS understands the importance of continued support to help these industries thrive. Only through shared ideas, community support, and the nurturing of innovation can we improve the technology that makes us safer, happier, and smarter.

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Central Valley Innovation

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Central Valley Innovation

Clovis Means Business Success The City of Clovis is a great place to do business. Entrepreneurs will find a business friendly community that provides not only a place to build a business, but a place to build a life. We know that one of the best economic development tools is to assist local businesses to grow and to encourage entrepreneurship. Yet, we wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Our efforts are complemented by the Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI), whose partnership has been essential in coaching and walking entrepreneurs through the process of starting a new business. The City of Clovis and the CVBI have worked together to encourage those who are interested in starting a business several ways:

The goal of CVBI and the City of Clovis is mutual—to assist new and existing businesses to be successful. To complement these efforts we have worked to create locations where business can thrive. With the redevelopment of the downtown area, Old Town Clovis offers a variety of different amenities, including shopping, dining, special events and it is now the heart of the community. The City has also invested into larger business parks such as the Clovis Industrial Park, which became home to Pelco (now Schneider Electric), Krazan & Associates and the Research and Technology Business Park, where technology-oriented businesses like CargoBay, VentureBay, OfficeBay, Precision Plastics, and APPL Laboratory have located.

• Teaching entrepreneurs the core elements of being a successful business owner. • Offering free counseling in our offices through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). • Helping home-based businesses transition their business into a commercial space with a two-year business license rebate if a business course is taken through CVBI. • Bringing hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and potential investors to Clovis for the annual Stock Exchange and 59 Days of Code.

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Central Valley Innovation

The City of Clovis looks forward to continued partnership with the Central Valley Business Incubator to start and grow businesses in the community.

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Central Valley Innovation

2011 CVBI Annual Report  

Successes from the past year