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Personal pen case marketed to the Urban Explorer

Personal Messaging App for Chemotherapy Patients

Automated Transit Network Pod

Phone Case Projector for Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone

$30 Prosthetic Leg for Children in Rural Colombia

EVOLVE: TRICASE Personal pen case marketed to the Urban Explorer

1 | Travis Ng |

Evolve: TriCase is a personal pen case specifically marketed to the urban explorer of cities and other densely populated metropolitans. Working in a team, the product was developed from the ground up: starting with the branding to the production of the product.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 2

3 | Travis Ng |


Urban explorers are specific individuals that operate in an dense urban environment. They are versed in the inner workings of the city and the competitiveness of living in such an densely populated area. They are aware of the latest trends ongoing in their neck of the woods.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 4


Usable, practical, associated with an interaction to the user


Developed with the user in mind, to be utilized in different contexts.


Empowering to the user; helps define the user while the user helps define it.

GUIDELINES: BRAND CORE VALUES As a product designed for urban explorers, it needed to be a product that communicated the qualities an urban explorer needed to be successful. Giving the product function represents the necessity of it, while having it design differently from the usual norm gives it a personal vibe, as well as empowering to the user for its difference.

5 | Travis Ng |

GUIDELINES: VISUAL THEME Functional, personal and powerful often relates to other designs in the market. Many urban explorers are now reintroducing materials and elements that are outside of the urban environment to distinguish their independence and style from one another.

IDEATION Pen cases are a classic product that displays functional and personal. For the urban explorer, it is also powerful to their style because of the pen case’s importance of the most humble tools to it’s owner.

7 | Travis Ng |

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 8


Extended wall tab allows for easy opening

Slot and tab side walls allows for efficient use of construction

Side walls roll up to cover the sides fully.

Brand is laser etched onto surface

Interior is lined with soft leather Magnets keeps case closed when stored

INTERIOR 9 | Travis Ng |

Small metal strip underneath leather for magnets to attach

UNFOLDS FLAT Allows the user to easily and quickly choose which pen to use while keeping the case low profiled.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 10

11 | Travis Ng |

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 12

WISPER Personal Messaging App for Chemotherapy Patients

13 | Travis Ng |

Wisper is a personal messaging app designed for chemotherapy patients and their caretakers/supporter to communicate specifically during a chemotherapy infusion treatment. Used along side the Wisper Pillow, Wisper provides patients with the comforts of their supporters when it’s most needed.


(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 14

CHEMOTHERAPY: WORRIES AND FEARS Chemotherapy is a type of treatment used to help treat patients with cancer. Patients often feel anxiety because of the process it requires and the side effects, such as hair loss and bodily immunities. This helplessness often leads to feelings of isolation and loss of worth which can be detrimental to healing.

15 | Travis Ng |

Isolated Cold Helpless

NEEDED: MINIMIZE FEELING ALONE Isolation can occur in patients when going through with chemotherapy. Despite nurses and doctors checking in, the experience of receiving treatments can be mentally draining, especially during long term treatments. Since the infusion treatments require patients to be at a specific area, the feeling of isolation can manifest easily.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 16

FOR - DELIA ALEJO Delia Alejo is a loving wife and mother of two children. She is an incredible workaholic, which shows her determination towards her work, yet also raises a lot of stress as well. Her family is deeply important to her, and although she has Stage One bone cancer, it does not stop her from maintaining the lifestyle she had before her cancer. Soon she will be receiving infusion treatments, and she can only hope things will stay the same, while also staying strong to do so.

17 | Travis Ng |

Wife, mother



family and detailed oriented

First impressions matter Accountant for 20+ years

Has Stage One Bone Cancer

Has two kids

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 18

INITIAL CONCEPT: PERSONAL MESSAGING APP The initial concept of designing a personal messaging app dedicated to chemotherapy patients was meant to help reinforce the user into a specific state of mind in healing and in positive vibes, as it was evident it would help with healing. However, the design still felt too cold and medical.

Additional device used during infusion to access messages.

Co-care + Chemo = Co-Meo

Co-Meo For you, we are.

Keep pushing through!

- Cindy

Initializing ......

Ball shape is an analog for someone to hold on to.



-Too Clinical/Mechanical -Cold and Unwelcoming -Not Physically Personal

Ball shaped used during chemotherapy session as interface to receive messages.

19 | Travis Ng |

Headphone jack Fabric Sleeve and Zipper

Wisp - entities of light that bring people together when lost.

Slot is used to hide phone after logging in to reinforce separation from distraction and focus on being comfortable.

Flexible OLED Lights

WISPER PILLOW WISPER APP + Name Less Clinical + Subtile Background Image + Visually Calming

More personal and comfortable interface for the app to use during the chemotherapy sessions.

REFINED CONCEPT: WISPER Refocusing on the actual experience of using the app, it should illict a more comfortable and calming experience. Like a whisper between individuals, Wisper is designed to not only visually promote, but physically promote the intimacy and personal feeling of a whisper, offering the user that measure of comfort at a time most needed.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 20




Patient checks into infusion center.




New Wisps

Saved Messages


You can now insert your device into the Wisper Pillow.

Patient gets settled into infusion area.


Main Menu

Patient accesses Wisper app and signs in.

21 | Travis Ng |

Patient grabs the Wisper Pillow and inserts phone into pillow to transfer controls and plugs in headphones.



Patient squeezes pillow to play new Wisp message.

With Wisper Pillow on patient’s lap, it lights up and vibrates when new Wisp are received.


Patient listens to new Wisps. To save Wisp, patient hugs pillow till it vibrates to acknowledge saved message.


When infusion is done, patient unplugs headphones and retrieves phone from pillow to end the app.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 22

WIREFRAME: PATIENT SIDE The sign in of any app is important because it is the first touch point a user is exposed to. Wisper’s login is designed to be very easy to use and also visually calming.

Hello There!

23 | Travis Ng |


Hello There!

Before we begin, please create a new profile

Are you a Patient or Caretaker?

Welcome! What is your name? Delia Alejo



Hello There!

Before we begin, please create a new profile

Power On


New Profile Request Continue

Date of Birth

Which contacts are allowed to send you Wisps? Greeting

Power On

Email Address Password Date of Birth

Which contacts are allowedContinue to send you Wisps?

Email Address Password

April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue

New Profile Request

April Sue April Sue April Sue Continue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue April Sue



Are you a Patient or Caretaker?

Welcome! What is your name?

User Catagory Caretaker

Name Request

You can now insert your device into the Wisper Pillow. User Catagory

Name Request


Delia Alejo

You can now insert Main Menu your device into the Wisper Pillow.

Date and Email Request

Contact Request Continue

Contact Check List Continue

Wisper Pillow Cue Screen Main Menu

Date and Email Request

Contact Request

Contact Check List

Wisper Pillow Cue Screen

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 24

WIREFRAME: CARETAKER SIDE The caretaker is also a part of the Wisper app as well It is through both parties that help provide the personal aspect of the app, as well as comfort and reassurance to both ends. This builds a better connection with each other, allowing healing to both parties.



Create Wisps


Hello There!


Hello There!

Please sign into your profile. Please sign into Email Address your profile.




Create Wisps




Create Wisps




Create Wisps



Email Address Password Upload File


Password Upload File

Title Screen

Welcome Screen

Title ScreenCaretaker

Caretaker Welcome Screen



Create Wisps

Create Wisps


Create Wisps





Create Wisps




Title Remember? Recipient Title Remember? Recipient


Sign In Screen Caretaker Sign In Screen


Create Wisps


April Sue Delia Alejo

Create Wisps




April Sue Delia Alejo


Caretaker Menu

Create New Wisp

Caretaker Caretaker Menu



Create Wisps




Create Wisps


Title Remember? Recipient Title Delia Alejo Remember? Recipient Delia Alejo

Caretaker Create New Wisp Create Wisps




Create Wisps


Wisp Sent!

Wisp Sent!

Record Wisp

Name/Contact New Wisp

Select Contact

FinalSumbit Page

Wisp Confirmation Page

Record Wisp

Name/Contact New Wisp

Select Contact

FinalSumbit Page

Wisp Confirmation Page

25 | Travis Ng |

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 26

ATN POD Automated Transit Network Pod

27 | Travis Ng |

ATN, which stands for Automated Transit Network, is a new public transit system designed to solve the issue with the “last mile,” or the issue of users still needing to commute a distance after using public transportation. Working in a team, the intent of this group project with San Jose State University’s Engineering Department was to design the apparatus the users would interact with this new transit network, namely the “pod.”

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 28

NEEDED: TRANSPORTATION FOR THE LAST MILE As urban areas become more populated, the need for more efficient public transportation is ever crucial. Current models for transportation are lacking the means to truly bring their users to the final step, aka “the last mile.” The design of Automated Transit Network will allow the user to take this public transportation method closer and to a more personal destination needed. However, the design of the “pod” will need to ensure users acceptance of it.

29 | Travis Ng |

NEEDED: BETTER USER EXPERIENCE/ERGO Through research of different public transportation methods, many issues were found that deter the use of such methods. Issues such as limited space and lack of comfort during the duration of the ride detract from users in wanting to use them. These issues not only make it difficult for users to transition to using public transportation, but also give further evidence in how the car’s personal space maybe a valid trade-off for the environmental impact.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 30

GUIDELINES: AESTHETIC GOALS To establish the guidelines for the overall design of the pod, the aesthetic goals determined through brainstorming. The aesthetic goals were based on the collective ideas of what the new style of transportation would need to encompass for attracting new users from other types of transportation.

31 | Travis Ng |



(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 32

IDEATION: INTERIOR DESIGNS The initial concepts were based on ideas for what the interior of the ATN pod would be. Ideating on the interior was one way to help build ideas for what the exterior would be. Since the interior of the pod would be the area the passengers would be most in contact with, various concepts were done on what passengers can do as well while inside.

33 | Travis Ng |

IDEATION: EXTERIOR DESIGNS The exterior design first started as wild ideas for transportation, but then shifted to the focus on the aesthetic goals established earlier.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 34

TEAM FINAL DESIGNS As a team, we each developed our own interior and exterior design from the aesthetic goals we established. Although we each designed based on the goals, the final design on the right was chosen because we as a group determined the design fit the parameters of our goals perfectly: pure flow of the form, open wrapping windows, soft and subtle shape that illicit the feeling of comfort, and the organic curvature of the body.

35 | Travis Ng |


(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 36

AMBIENT LIGHTING Cool tone ambient lighting allows for luminiation without being overly bright and distracting. + Pure + Comfortable + Open + Organic

FLUSH FOLDOUT DOORS Pod doors swing out and away to allow for maximum door clearance and to promote welcoming of new users. + Open

SCULPTED INTERIOR Interior furnishings are designed to allow for ergonomic comfort for users when sitting. + Pure + Comfortable

FOLDING SEATS Users can lift seat up to increase amount of storage space for luggage or housing bikes. + Comfortable + Open

37 | Travis Ng |

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 38

PROJECTOR PHONE CASE Phone Case Projector for Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone

39 | Travis Ng |

The Phone Case Projector for the Nokia Lumia 1020 is designed to allow the smartphone to project different types of images and patterns onto walls for urban artist to use as a tool or for viewing. By utilizing upcoming technologies for micro projectors, the hardware needed for projectors can encapsulated into a smaller apparatus, such as a smartphone case.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 40

OPPORTUNITY: LACK OF NOKIA LUMIA PHONE CASE DESIGNS Despite it’s notable camera quality among other smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 1020 lacks the variety of smartphone cases their competitors have available. Because it’s unique shape, smartphone case designs for the Lumia 1020 have been superficial, with some exceptions. Few of these phone case designs offer any use with it.


SUPERFICIAL 41 | Travis Ng |

GUIDELINE: KEEPING IT SIMPLE Although our smartphones are highly advanced compared to the previous devices for telecommunication, users rely on its simplicity in function to use it properly. In order to ensure users will utilize the new phone case design, it needs to remain simple to use, physically and aesthetically.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 42




FOR: URBAN ARTIST Urban artist has always been a different cut from the other, more traditional artist. They often make it a point to walk off the unbeaten path with their art style, as well as their personality. As urban artist, they use different types of mediums to express their style, even if they aren’t always the most approved methods.

43 | Travis Ng |


TECHNIQUE AND TECHNOLOGY Projection tracing is used to enlarge a pre-existing image onto another surface so it can be traced. Urban artist use this method because of its efficiency in transferring the image. However, heavy equipment is often needed. To elevate such problems, advanced projector technology has made it possible to potentially fit devices with smaller projector hardware, cutting down the size of traditional projectors.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 44


The initial ideation explored the relationship of the device to its accessory, instead of purely seeing it as a phone case, such as smartphone docks, carrying cases, even just stands to prop up the smartphone. Later ideations refined the original open ideas into the phone case aesthetic.

45 | Travis Ng |

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 46

47 | Travis Ng |

PHONE CASE MOCKUPS To visualize the scale, found objects were used along with their mechanical properties. After determining the simple mechanical function of a folding lid as the most simple, various ergonomic forms were explored.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 48


The phone case design allows for the Lumia 1020’s larger camera to still be in use.

The streamline aesthetic keeps the size to a minimum for easy storage and to maintain the modern look.

Phone case front lid folds down to stabilize the case when using to project an image or pattern.

49 | Travis Ng |


1. Swivel Joint 2.External Buttons 3.Camera Slot 4.Projector Lens 5.Headphone Slot 6.Smartphone Rest Slot


5 19.99






43.85 43.85






(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 50

51 | Travis Ng |

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 52

PROSTHETIC LEG - ORGANIC $30 Prosthetic Leg for Children in Rural Colombia

53 | Travis Ng |

The $30 Prosthetic Leg was designed for the children ages 8-10 years old that have had their legs amputated due to land mine accidents or other causes for amputations in Colombia. Because of the rural environment in Colombia, the design for the prosthetic leg must be reproduced easily by anyone. As a team, we decided on designing two different styles of leg prosthetics, an “synthetic” and “organic” style. This project focuses on the foot of the “organic” leg.

SolidWorks Student Edition. For Academic Use Only.

SolidWorks Student Edition. For Academic Use Only.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 54

COLOMBIA - MODERN YET RURAL Colombia is a thriving country with a mix of old and new styles. With new trends rising from the younger generations taking hold, the historic rural backgrounds are still very much intact. And with the new opportunities, come the old problems that still plague parts of Colombia - poverty and less access to help.

55 | Travis Ng |

FOR: LEG AMPUTATED CHILDREN Prosthetics have made great advances throughout the years. With new technologies present along with good design, prosthetics for adults are becoming easier to obtain. However, prosthetics for children are more difficult to come by. In areas like Colombia, where families make far less income compared to families in other first world countries, the cost become a factor.


(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 56

GUIDELINES: COST AND MATERIALS Because prosthetics are generally expensive to implement, cost is a major factor when designing the prosthetics for children. In rural areas of Colombia, it may be difficult for families to produce the amount of income needed to pay for such prosthetics. Material choice is also important because it attributes to the cost and manufacturability. Therefore, local, simpler materials are needed. From that, the use of organic material would be beneficial due to it’s abundance and complementary aesthetic qualities of the country.

$30 Simple, Organic Materials Local Materials

57 | Travis Ng |

GUIDELINES: MANUFACTURABILTY Because cost and materials are a factor from the environment for amputees, the design of the prosthetic needs to easily manufactured from readily available tools and limited skill from the manufacturer. Repairs will also most likely be necessary, so ease of repair is also important.


(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 58

INITIAL IDEATION - GENERAL CONCEPTS With the initial ideation sketches, wild concepts of the leg were explored to help cover the different types of ways a leg prosthetic could be designed. Different types of connection and joints were explored as well.

59 | Travis Ng |

FOCUSED IDEATION - FOOT Since the foot was one of the most difficult parts to design, the foot was focused for ideation. Different types of foot mechanics and motions were considered. One of the main focus of the foot design was the “spring� of the step when the foot is stepped on.

(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 60

REFINED IDEATION - MOCKUPS Many of the mockups were focused on proper spring feedback when the user walked on the prosthetic leg. Through the mockups explored, it showed that the user would need a prosthetic foot that could withstand the weight of the step while also provide enough spring back to continue walking.

61 | Travis Ng |

NO CONNECTING HARDWARE Weld points allow for spring back when stepping

FEW PARTS Frame is formed from bending three steel bars

DURABLE Durable steel allows for repeated use with limited deformation. Mid metal bar allows for better spring back.

FINAL MOCKUP The final mockup showed the most promise because of it’s simplicity in amount of parts and fastening method, while staying durable and fulfilling the need for the “spring” feedback for the user. (510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 62

FINAL MODEL In the final model, all the parts that make up the foot can be self fabricated with limited skills and tools. All the materials can also be sourced locally and are easy to manufacture or replace for repairs.

1.19 .94


.94 .72


2.36 2.03

5.37 2.71

1.50 2.34 63 | Travis Ng |

5.12 7.67 4.62

BUILD OF MATERIAL PART NAME 1. SOCKET 3D Socket Insert Connector Leather Mold Leather Tongue Eyelets Lace Lag Screws 2. KNEE 0.125" Bocote 0.125" Plywood 0.25" Delrin Black Spring M6 x50mm M6 Nylon Lock Nut M6 machine screw flat head M6 HEX nut Felt Inserts Knee-Pylon Connector M3 screws M3 lock nuts 3. PYLON Metal Conduit Eyelet Screws 4. FAIRING Leahter Mold Leather Dye Fairing Straps 5. FOOT Top Foot Bar Middle Support Bar Bottom Sole Bar Wood Cap Sole Pylon-Foot Connector M6x50mm M6 nylon lock-nut #6 Wood Screw Leather Sewing String TOTAL






1 1 1 8 1 4

ABS 9 0z. Veg Tan Leather 1 oz Soft Leather Silver Finish Steel Nylon Cord Steel

Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia

1 sq. foot 6"x 3.5" 0.25" Inner Diameter 1 yard 1/4" x 1" Lag Screw

$1.50 $2.50 $0.30 $0.04 $0.50 $0.04

1 Sheet 1 Sheet 1/3 Sheet 1 7 7 1 1 1 1 2 2

Bocote Wood Maple Delrin Steel Black Oxide 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Felt ABS Steel Steel

Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia

3.5" x 24" 12" x 24" 12" x 24" 70mm 50mm M6 Hex 18mm M6 Hex 70mm 0.92" Diameter M3 x 20mm M3 nylon lock nut

$1.00 $1.50 $0.30 $1.00 $0.07 $0.07 $0.01 $0.01 $0.34 $0.15 $0.02 $0.02

1 2

Galvanized Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel

Colombia Colombia

12" 2.5"

$0.34 $1.00

1 1 4

9 0z. Veg Tan Leather Dye Leather

Colombia Colombia Colombia

1 sq. foot 1 yard

$2.50 $1.00 $0.50

1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 1

Zinc Plated 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Bocote Wood Leather ABS Black Oxide 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Zinc Plated 316 Steel Nylon Cord

Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia Colombia

1" x 9" x 0.125" 1" x 5" x 0.125" 1.5" x 8" x 0.125" 3" x 6" x3" 2.5" x 9" x 0.25" 0.91" Diameter 50mm M6 Hex 1" 1 Yard

$1.22 $0.68 $1.29 $5.00 $1.00 $0.14 $0.02 $0.02 $0.12 $1.00 $25.20 (510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 64

3D printed connector allows for easy attachment to pylon

Bocote wood, indigenous to Colombia, shaped into a cap and allows for better fitting in a shoe.

Leather backed sole allows for better traction.


(510)-456-6628 | Travis Ng | 66

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