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Best Hotel


Hilton Columbus Downtown 29% of 2,144 votes 401 N High St.

Sitting right in the crossroads of the Short North and the Arena District, the location of the Downtown Hilton Columbus is almost impossible to beat. It’s in the heart of the city, within walking distance of some of Columbus’ finest attractions – Huntington Park, Nationwide Arena, the North Market, and Goodale Park, just to name a few. And with its hot new Gallerie Bar & Bistro, an outstanding atrium featuring a 15,000-squarefoot skylight, sleekly designed guest rooms, and over 150 original pieces of art by central Ohio artists placed throughout the hotel’s rooms and hallways, the inside isn’t so bad either. 2) Hilton Columbus Easton … 15.53% 3) The Westin … 14.27%

Best Apartment Complex

Chelsea Square 45.69% of 2,473 votes They say location is the most important feature when you’re in the market for a new place to live. But what about a complimentary tanning salon? A 24-hour cardio center? How about exquisite landscaping and a multi-tiered, outdoor pool with a waterfall? Sure, Chelsea Square has a great location in 4120 Quentin Blvd.

photo by Ben yoder

northeast Columbus, but there’s a whole lot more input into the equation that ranks it as the top-ranked apartment complex in the city. I mean, how many other apartments have an on-site Starbucks? 2) Flats on Vine … 16.98% 3) The Quarry … 12.49%

Best Bed and Breakfast

German Village Guest House 32.08% of 1,278 votes There’s no chance of waking up on the wrong side of the bed when you’re staying in one of the perfectly renovated rooms at the best bed and breakfast in town. Converted from a private residence to a hotel in 2005, the German Village Guest House has achieved an immaculate mid-century modern design while still holding on to the historic integrity of the neighborhood with it’s fine architectural details. Even residents of Columbus should stay a night or two, take a nighttime stroll along the manicured gardens and brick sidewalks, and experience the quaintness of German Village the way it was meant to be. 748 Jaeger St.

2) Victorian Village Guest House … 20.27% 3) Short North Bed & Breakfast … 15.26%

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Best Local Clothing Store

Homage 31.64% of 2,181 votes At Homage, it’s not just about selling t-shirts. It’s about looking back to the past places, personalities, and phenomenon in popular culture that inspired the present, remembering what came before us, and keeping those legends alive. It’s a Columbus creation that’s taking the Internet by storm, one screen-printed crew neck at a time. There are a lot of celebratoryworthy people who’ve passed through the world, and it’s your favorite local clothing store’s mission to further them into the future. Pay homage. Multiple locations


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May 2013


2) Tigertree … 15.54% 3) Thread on Grandview … 11.92%


Best Clothing Thrift Store

Rag-O-Rama 24.73% of 2,535 votes At some thrift stores, one person’s trash is simply trash to all. But at Rag-O-Rama, you’re going to find some real treasures because no one’s trash makes it to the organizedby-size racks when a staff up-to-date on the latest trends hand picks everything that goes into the spacious storeroom. So whether you’re in the market for some of the best secondhand duds in the capital city or out to make a few bucks trading in your own, you’re going to find out this isn’t your average thrift. 3301 N High St.

2) Goodwill … 19.53% 3) Ohio Thrift … 18.07%

photo by megan leigh barnard

Best Dry Cleaners

Swan Cleaners 24.73% of 1,791 votes Leaving your favorite duds in the safekeeping of another isn’t always easy, but with the exceptional customer service and well-trained staff at Swan Cleaners, a visit to the dry cleaners doesn’t have to be so nerve-racking. These guys are masters in the art of laundry; even the most daunting of stains are no match for their skill and talent. And with one-hour dry cleaning, while-you-wait pressing services, and over 30 store locations around Columbus, a fresh clean future awaits you. Multiple Locations

2) Dublin Cleaners … 13.85% 3) $1.99 Cleaners … 13.79%

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photo by ben yoDer

Best Meat Market/Butcher


photo by ben yoDer

23.36% of 2,714 votes 1405 E Dublin-Granville Rd.

Is a red-and-green striped awning a marker of Italian authenticity or is it just a symbol of the meat enthusiasts’ Christmas? Step under the awning and into Carfagna’s protein time machine, and you can celebrate the joy of Beefmas allyear round. The huge cold cases are like a museum to the family-owned butcher’s self-proclaimed 74 years of meat excellence – that is, if you can see over the sea of eager ticket-holders. Not just self-proclaimed, Carfagna’s is a refuge to the meat-faithful. 2) The Andersons … 14.55% 3) Weiland’s Gourmet Market … 12.34%

Best Wine Retail Store

The Andersons 25.89% of 2,511 votes Wine can be intimidating, especially when you’re faced with a selection as vast and well-stocked as The Anderson’s. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to find something you’ll love at this beverage depot. With a friendly, knowledgeable staff and weekly wine tastings, anyone can get in tune with the connoisseur within and stock up on their Multiple locations


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fine wine needs – whether they’re picking up for a party or just stopping by for a bottle to drink by the fire at home. Plus, with a full grocery store in the same building, you can pick up all the perfect food pairings in the same visit. 2) Wine on High … 14.18% 3) The Wine Guy … 11.19%

Best Place to Buy Produce

North Market 21.87% of 3,150 words Multiple Locations

With 35 distinct personalities, the North Market truly is one incredible place. There’s something for everyone at Columbus’ only public market: coffee, wine, spices, fresh-baked breads, and your favorite place to buy produce in the city. And with the mission of bringing local, sustainably grown foods to the capital city masses, The Greener Grocer deserves all the praise and votes sent their way. So the next time you’re in the Short North neighborhood, stop by for the freshest local fruits and veggies money can buy. Support Ohio farmers; taste the difference. 2) Whole Foods … 20.83% 3) Giant Eagle … 10.79%



photo by ben yoDer

photo by ben yoDer

Best Grocery Store

Giant Eagle Market District 27.78% of 3,783 votes


You could say that Giant Eagle Market District is just a grocery store, but step inside its front doors, and you’ll enter a world of wonder and delight like you’ve never seen before – like a culinary Narnia without any of the little hoofed men running around. From its sweet candy shop to wondrous craft beer selection, fresh produce to delicious deli foods, anything you can salivate over can become reality at Columbus’ favorite food paradise. 3061 Kingsdale Center

2) Kroger … 18.79% 3) Trader Joe’s … 16.6%

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8 0 0. 2 9 4 .1 8 9 2 • B r o a d way I n C o l u m b u s .c o m CAPA TICKET CENTER - 39 EAST STATE STREET



Featured on both

& Visit Worthington’s hottest little eatery and try one of our specialty salads, premium artisan pizzas, plump char-grilled wings or one of our flavorful sandwiches generously stacked high just the way you love them. All complimented by the greatest selection of import and domestic craft beers & wines around. Pies & Pints pizzeria...GET SOME! Worthington, OH

7227 North High Street



Find, follow, like and review Pies & Pints online at:


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Best Columbus Employer

The Ohio State University 39.46% of 3,008 votes Attended by nearly 60,000 students and home to one of the greatest (who’re we kidding, we know we’re the best) football traditions in the entire world, the Ohio State University is the academic soul of Columbus and where some of the city’s greatest minds learned their trades. A leader in research, a catapult for the creative professional, OSU is nothing without the tens of thousands of employees that dedicate their days to the function of Buckeye Nation’s proud capital. From educators to chefs, janitors to librarians, Urban Meyer to Gordon Gee, every employee at Ohio State contributes to fashioning Ohio’s bright future.

2) Limited Brands … 12.5% 3) Nationwide … 11.7%

Best Wireless Provider

Verizon Wireless 8.71% of 2,613 votes

The year is 2013, and you are living in the age of the smart phone. Whether you’re Tweeting, Googling, or simply making a call, you rely on that tiny chunk of electric bits to get you through your day. And with all those apps, you better be damn sure you’ve got the service provider that packs enough punch to power your life. That’s where Verizon, Columbus’ favorite wireless provider, steps in. The holder of America’s largest high-speed wireless network, it’s the provider that’s always got you covered. 2) AT&T Mobility … 20.4% 3) Sprint … 12.97%

Best Cable Provider

AT&T U-verse 29.61% of 2,334 votes Good deals and fast, reliable service are what cable customers are looking for…and a gajillion channels showcasing everything from asinine reality television to endless news and commentary. Whatever your thing, AT&T’s U-Verse has it all at your fingertips.

2) Time Warner Cable … 27.12% 3) WOW! Cable and Internet … 23.65%

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photo by dylan stanley

Best Spa/Salon

Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spa 22.75% of 2,607 votes A day at the spa can be the perfect treat-yourself, or a fabulous gift for a deserving partner. Whether you want to get your nails did or a rejuvenating facial, combat the stresses of everyday life in the city with one of Kenneth’s next-level treatments. Or perhaps you need only a trim, or a color boost? Let the pros at Kenneth’s snip-shape your coiffure to perfection. 5151 Reed Rd.

2) Charles Penzone Grand Salons … 17.41% 3) Salon Lofts… 12.58%

photo by ben yoder

Best Place to Get a Massage

Massage Envy 34.46% of 1,915 votes Now and then we all need a little help working out the kinks. After a long workweek, seek a professional to assist you with the de-stressing. Stay away from dangerous Sharper Image robots; you’re a human, and you deserve a human masseuse. Let the robots massage each other; you go to Massage Envy. (Plus, with five Central Ohio locations, you’re only ever a few miles away from nirvana.) Multiple Locations

2) Charles Penzone Grand Salons … 16.4% 3) Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spa … 14.26%


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May 2013


for choosing Kenneth’s as the BEST hair salon and spa in Columbus. We will continue to provide our customers with the best services possible!

Kenneth’s has eleven world class locations available for you, right where you live. Visit to find out more.


Huntington Bank 28.33% of 2,997 votes Highly visible in the Capital area, Huntington has done a lot for the community, from sponsoring sports teams to employing thousands of locals. Hailing from Columbus and boasting 403 locations in Ohio alone, counting the bank’s headquarters downtown, it’s easy to see why Huntington is the home-grown favorite! Whether you’re just putting away for a rainy day or looking for a new house, Huntington’s your best banking bet. Multiple locations

2) Chase … 28.16% 3) PNC Bank … 12.08%


615 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212 614 Magazine

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Best Furniture Store

Grandview Mercantile

26.26% of 2,079 votes 873 N High St.

One of (614)’s writers recently purchased a fine and heavy vintage wooden coffee table from the Grandview Mercantile. He then called one of the editors, because that guy has a truck, and drank aggressively at Bodega, another ColumBEST winner, until the editor showed up and drove him and the table home. True story. One of the most high-traffic Gallery Hop hotspots, the sprawling mini antique mall showcases more than 80 of central Ohio’s most discerning antique dealers. From rare furniture pieces to chic jewelry and other coveted bric-à-brac, Grandview Mercantile is a great match for the style and sensibility of its Short North neighborhood. 2) Crate & Barrel … 19% 3) Value City Furniture … 14.48% photo by MEGAN LEIGH BARNARD


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May 2013


photo by ben yoder

Best Pet Store

PetSmart 31.93% of 2,230 votes

goes beyond the typical happy humping grounds of most parks, often holding special events such as the annual “Pup-a-ween” which consists of costume contests, a trick-or-treat trail, and even bobbing for hot dogs, or the Pup-a-Palooza dog festival. There’s also a swimming pond, so if your backseat just smells too damn good, load up your pet and go get crazy.

One thing’s certain: Columbus loves its pets. Perhaps it’s the long winters; it’s sure nice to cuddle your pup on a chilly winter day – but around the end of March, it becomes a survival issue. From doggy daycare to gourmet treats, locals spare no expense to ensure that their four-legged friends are happy and healthy. PetSmart’s knowledgeable staff of fellow pet-lovers, along with reasonable prices and quality products, have made it Columbus’ favorite place to stock up on kibble and kitty litter…or electronic fences, or vitamin supplements for your cockatiel, or leashes for your lizard, or backpacking gear for your pooch. And T-shirts. Nothing says “dog park culture” quite like dressing your dog for walks.

2) Scioto Audubon Dog Park … 22.13% 3) Bark Park … 16.78%

2) PetPeople … 27.58% 3) Three Dog Bakery … 16.73%

Mu ltiple Locations

Best Dog Park

Alum Creek Dog Park 33.22% of 1,776 votes Parodied brilliantly by TV’s Portlandia, dog parks are important to dogs…but moreso to the dog owners, who just love to take their own half-wild animal the size of a Gucci bag to a large field filled with cabin-feverish Mastiffs and stand by and scream while nature runs her course. Long live the dog park. Brainpuppy of volunteer Denis Buehler, an Alum Creek State Park employee, this park 3615 South Old State Rd.

Concerts are held at the Columbus Bicentennial Pavilion (160 S. High St.) in the Columbus Commons. Gates open at 6 pm. Concerts begin at 8 pm.

NEW THIS YEAR! Single table seats to any show. A limited number of table seats are available from $30–$85.

Chaka Khan

Saturday, June 14

Richard Marx

Pink Martini

Friday, June 15

Saturday, June 22

Patriotic Pops

Saturday, June 29

All tickets can be purchased by phone, online at or, in person at the CAPA Ticket Center (39 E. State St.), and discount lawn tickets are available at central Ohio Kroger Ticketmaster locations. Tickets may also be purchased at the gate on the night of the show. Children 2 and under are free.

614-228-8600 Support provided by:

June 14 – July 27

Natalie Merchant Saturday, July 13


Saturday, July 6

2013 614 Magazine

The Music of Queen Saturday, July 20

| May 2013

OSU Weekend

Friday, July 26 & Saturday, July 27



photo by dylan stanley

Commit to being hairless at About Face

Best Fitness Center/Gym

Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club 25.23% of 2,759 votes Okay, so most of us don’t really like going to the gym; we���ll make any excuse to justify sitting on the couch instead, slack-jawed before that damn Netflix machine. At most gyms, the incentive to get up, out the door, and on the treadmill just isn’t there. But your favorite fitness center in Columbus isn’t most gyms. Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club will only have you making excuses to keep coming back. Between the state-of-the-art equipment and expert fitness trainers, the five swimming pools, and an in-house café where you can relax with a post-workout beer, there’s really no reason to sit at home and wallow in your own laziness. 3111 Hayden Rd.

1918 Bethel Road Columbus, Ohio 43220

2) RPAC, Ohio State University … 14.28% 3) Lifetime Fitness … 10.69%

Best Hospital

The Ohio State University Medical Center 30.08% of 2,709 votes

Avola Lanza hair studio

Though it may have changed its name in 2012, nothing has changed about the quality of academic research and individual health care at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Ranked as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” in the U.S. News & World Report for 20 years, the six-hospital complex also tops our list of best hospitals in the city as voted by the residents of Columbus who receive treatment within its doors. So even if you don’t listen to the news, listen to the people – they’re normally pretty serious about judging the hands to which they trust their lives. 410 W Tenth Ave.

Gift Cards

Available (108)

Your appearance is our highest priority

2) Riverside Methodist Hospital … 27.98% 3) Nationwide Children’s Hospital … 17.28%

1417 B Grandview Ave 614|486.8402 | 614 Magazine


May 2013




W e 2013 n i z a Mag

Gym ess Center/ n t i F t s e B inner •



Summer Memberships Available Summer Membership Includes: Pools • Fitness • Kid’s Club • Bistro • Summer Camps • Social Events 614.336.2582 • •

Still #1 and getting even BETTER! COMING SPRING 2013

NEW • Bikes • Treadmills • Equipment Locker Facilities

1 FREE MONTH Purchase a Summer Membership (4 months) get 1 Month FREE. Offer expires May 31, 2013. Offer has no cash value. Contact Member Services for details or to schedule a tour.

Best Tattoo Parlor

Evolved 29.25% of 1,795 votes A tattoo lasts a long time – kinda like forever – so before getting inked, you want to set yourself in the hands of an artist you can trust. With that in mind, who better to trust than a tattoo parlor with the mission of producing quality work with the client’s wants and needs always at the forefront? Located in three convenient locations around Columbus and employing a crew of expert artists from around the world, Evolved is the parlor that you can rely on. And they pull up to events in a pink Cadillac limo. I mean, what more do you need to know than that? Multiple Locations

2) Short North Tattoo … 13.54% 3) Stained Skin … 12.42%

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photo by megan leigh barnard

Best Florist

Fifth Avenue Floral

Best Jewelry Store

Diamond Cellar

22.16% of 1,855 votes

25.18% of 1,922 votes

Fifth Avenue Floral is, once again, the most popular florist in the city…which doesn’t cease to amaze us, because Fifth Avenue Floral is nowhere near Fifth Avenue. How do you people keep finding it? Doesn’t matter, I suppose; once you’ve been there, you’re probably going back…and they deliver to all of Columbus and many suburbs. With great customer service and spectacular designs, this family-owned florist and member of FTD has won your hearts in our reader poll two years in a row. The Grandview-area flower shop even has its own on-site greenhouse, so flowers are not only fresh, but also fewer are imported from the third-world countries, where child labor is often used to produce the flowers you buy in domestic shops.  1877 Kenny Rd.

How are you going to take that ultra-special moment from amazing to perfect? Well, if you’re smart, you’re probably going to spike the punch…with diamonds. After all, every lady seems to love these little scraps of highly-compressed coal, because they are…beautiful? Sometimes very clear? (Expensive? Yeah, it’s probably that.) From world-renowned designer pieces to Buckeye-inspired bling, the Diamond Cellar has been adding sparklebased happiness to the capital city for nearly 65 years. With expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, the staff of the Diamond Cellar can do nearly anything, from repairing your heirlooms or designing you a custom, oneof-a-kind piece for any occasion. This family business has created a lasting legacy with a commitment to quality that shines through in all their services, and for that they remain the city’s favorite jeweler four years in a row. Multiple locations

2) Connell’s Maple Lee… 21.67% 3) Market Blooms … 15.31%

2) Tiffany & Co. … 22.74% 3) Worthington Jewelers … 13.68%

photo by ben yoder


614 Magazine


May 2013


photo by ben yoder

Best Department Store

Macy’s 31.86% of 2,800 votes Odds are, if you grew up in the United States, and possibly anywhere else in the world, you’ve been to a Macy’s. With almost 800 locations, it’s the staple department store for malls around the globe and an established American tradition due to its awe-inspiring window displays, appearance in movies, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade that floats through the New York City streets each fall. It pulls in customers with floor upon floor of designer apparel, and keeps them coming back to experience “The Magic of Macy’s.” Multiple Locations

2) Kohl’s … 25.71% 3) Nordstrom … 24.75%

photo by ben yoder

Best Shopping Center

Easton Town Center 61.88% of 3,143 votes It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Easton Town Center is. It’s kind of like a mall, but also kind of like a city – a mall within a mall that makes up a pseudo-city…within our city. It’s a very meta place. Anyway, we’re not sure exactly what it is, but we do know it’s your favorite shopping center in the city, and it’s pretty easy to see the reasons why. There’s fine dining, entertainment venues, and a collection of clothing stores unlike any other in Central Ohio, all tied together into the perfect outdoor shopping experience.

2) Polaris Fashion Place … 19.28% 3) The Mall at Tuttle Crossing … 8.69%

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photo by megHan ralston

Best New Car Dealer


photo by megHan ralston

Best Used Car Dealer


24.55% of 1,715 votes

21.31% of 1,469 votes

Tired of the peeled paint, Mad Max aesthetic of your whip? Do you have bungee cords holding critical components onto your vehicle? Have you spilled so many soft drinks into the floor mats that farmers think you’re driving a mobile apiary? It’s time for a new car, and luckily for you, the associates at Germain make forking over tens of thousands of dollars as painless as possible. Whether you’re out to impress the ladies with a sporty coupe, shuttling your brats to the game in a mini-van, or saving the world in your new hybrid, Germain is the place to go. Multiple Locations

So maybe you’re in the thrifty (broke) set of car-buying readers. Used car shopping is more fun than eating a live spider, but that’s about it. You want to get some wheels at a reasonable price that will last more than six months, but with pushy salesmen trying to meet monthly quotas and a dealership on every strip in town, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. CarMax sees it differently. With a policy of full disclosure and a no-pressure sales approach, they make buying a used car straightforward and simple. As Columbus’ best used-car dealer, they’ve proven that honesty really is the best policy. Multiple locations

2) Byers Auto Group … 16.79% 3) Roush Honda … 16.03%

2) Germain … 17.56% 3) Byers Auto Group … 14.23%


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May 2013


photo by g.s. brown

Best Cab Company

Yellow Cab 36.48% of 1,642 votes They save you when you’re stranded, shuttle you home from the bar at night when you’ve had too much fun to get behind the wheel yourself. They’re always around when you need a lift, silently putting up with all your drunken whining and bullsh*t. Heroes in their own right, these are the drivers of Yellow Cab – the best cab company with a number you’ll never forget – 444-4444.

2) German Village Taxi & Shuttle … 23.2% 3) ECT Pedicab … 13.22%


Best Bicycle Store

Roll: 24.7% of 1,834 votes Someone please explain to us why Roll: has that superfluous colon. The Columbus innovator behind the perfect-fit bike is apparently less laser-point precise with their punctuation than they are with their ergonomic, ohso-European pedal-pushers. Much like a banana seat fits perfectly between your splayed groin, a colon really only belongs in one place: between an independent clause and its explanation. Are the two dots supposed to be the wheels when the bike’s on the rack? In any case, we suppose we can forgive the Roll: marketing team for offending our inner grammarian because, by gearing up bikes for a 21st century audience, they’re paving the way for a healthier planet full of healthier people. Multiple Locations





2) Paradise Garage … 19.14% 3) BikeSource … 17.34%

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