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Fiji is a wonderful group of islands located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The interesting thing about Fiji is that it is not only one island, but it is made up of 322 islands! The beaches and mountains found here are some of the most beautiful ones you’ll ever see. The two most important islands here are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Also, if you’re looking for a place with nice warm weather, Fiji is perfect for you; the islands are usually warm all year round, with temperatures going down to a minimum of only 72 degrees fahrenheit.

Fiji is filled with fun and interesting activities that you are able to participate in. There’s quite a long list, but amongst the most popular in regards to past tourists

Hiking Scuba diving Golf Knee boarding

Don’t worrying about packing too heavily before coming to Fiji. All you’ll need to worry about bringing is some swimming clothes, shorts, a few t-shirts, and money to spend!

The main mean of transportation taken to actually get to the islands is by plane; you’ll land on the island of Nadi when you get here. That is how you get to the islands, if you’re not from somewhere close such as Australia or New Zealand where people may even take boats to get to Fiji. Once in Fiji, there are a few different means of transportation such as by: air, bus, taxi, and boat. The air and boat

routes are taken by people who want to travel in between islands, while the taxi and bus systems are used as cheap means of transportation by tourists/locals looking to navigate around an island.

There are about 5 packages that are available, but we’d suggest taking the “Wellness Retreat 2014” or the “Lovers’ Early Bird Special”. The “Wellness Retreat 2014” includes luxuries such as an hour massage, daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, tour of a local village, and a lot more activities. The cost ranges from $2500 to $5700 depending on whether you want a premium villa or just a standard one. Meanwhile, the “Lovers’ Early Bird Special” includes some very nice luxuries such as a fruit basket, tour of a local village, scuba diving course for 2, and some other activities that might interest you. The cost ranges from $1150 to $2800.

Travel Brochure Fiji  
Travel Brochure Fiji  

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