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TravisBead Work | Winter 2010/11 Thanks for clicking through, hope you enjoy looking at our recent work. If you have a project that needs some assistance please get in touch. Please feel free to forward this to your friends, contacts, followers and everyone else.

Be|winter 2010/2011


Like a bunch of Italian footballers Be took a winter break. We’ve been quite busy though and there is a bunch of exciting stuff going on for the next issue which should be hot on the heals of this one. Get in touch if you need help with your next project. Send us an email to or a tweet to @travisbead

What the font! Please find out what fonts you are using in your logos. May be you think that once you’ve got an EPS file, (you have got an EPS file right?) that this is all you need. You probably also think that your designer is going to stick around for ages, we all hope to. But sorry, none of us really can be sure of this. So a simple brand guidelines document, even for the smallest of companies, prevents a lot of headaches for everyone in the future. Its importance may not appreciated now, but it will be when your designer has emigrated and you are launching a sister company and need to brand them consistently. Oh, and if you are a business owner who is starting out or rebranding, insist on this! It might be a tricky conversation to have, especially when everything is rosy and you hate to assume the worse. But knowing what your fonts, colours in pantone, cmyk, RGB and Hex are is useful for you now and will keep your brand consistent going forward. There are a bunch of sites, like: (Very helpful) but sometimes there are 100’s of similar fonts with only tiny variations. Even worse when you only have a few characters to go on. Make sure you’ve got yours.

Be|winter 2010/2011

Mark Lewis Food and Wine Retail Consultant Following a successful career at Harrods and Harvey Nichols, Mark decided to launch his own company bringing products to market, from ‘field to shelf’ The brief to ‘encapsulate’ what I do immediately made us think of food in a bag. The translucent colours work well in print and on the web. We think it will look great on labelling too...own labal maybe?

Be|winter 2010/2011

Mark Lewis Food and Wine Retail Consultant The clean, uncluttered style was continued on to the web site design. Using subtle touches of technology to highlight the projects.

Be|winter 2010/2011

Whilst not work carried out over the winter period, we feel it is important to get some value out of this logo, especially as it was not paid for and then the company went into liquidation. We’ll probably get a fraction of its cost value back from the liquidator. Hmmm... It was part of a rebranding exercise that was to take a very dated logo and give it a bit of modern freshness. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on which way you look at it, this was the only part of the process completed. Rebranding when you business is on the skids might not be the best way to save yourself, but was a nice solution to their branding problem at least. If you like this logo we can sell it to you at a very reasonable fee.

Be|winter 2010/2011 ÂŽ

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h2gogo - Environmental In conjunction with marketing consultants Laan Associates we’ve been developing the h2gogo brand collateral to include case studies, data sheets, installation instructions, advertising... Consistency is the key.


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Be|winter 2010/2011

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Comprehensive access to information technology is one of the most critical aspects of 21st Century education and information literacy is critical for a student’s success later in life. Wireless promises to be a key enabling technology in making this vital connection and ensuring students cross the ‘digital divide’. Your challenge NOW is to

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Extricom Wireless LAN Systems For their stand at the recent BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) show Extricom needed a fresh brochure to highlight their wireless offering to schools and colleges. We took their existing branding and created a vibrant, easy to read brochure for their attendees.

Extricom: WLAN Architecture Built for Primary and Secondary Education

benefits of a pervasive Wi-Fi deployment in primary and ndary education include:

Core Requirements

Extricom Unique Value

structure Flexibility: A school’s learning technology needs s diverse as class sizes. A WLAN can be quickly rolled out ally anywhere to meet those needs.

Administrative Simplicity: Overstretched IT Administrators operate in a tactical mode to resolve day-to-day operational issues, so their WLAN must feature easy deployment and administration.

Ease of Deployment and Administration: The Extricom WLAN solution can be put into production within a matter of days by personnel with basic skills, and administration is simple and centralized.

Comprehensive Communications: High standards of reliability are mandatory, to avoid impacting classroom productivity.

Guaranteed Service: Only the Extricom WLAN technology can deliver guaranteed levels of connectivity to all users everywhere.

Cost-Effectiveness: School budgets demand a WLAN infrastructure capable of handling change transparently.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership: Extricom’s solution is deployed and maintained with plug-andplay simplicity. The result is the lowest TCO in the industry.

User Security: Privacy of student information, even testing integrity, is of paramount importance.

A Secure Wi-Fi Environment: Extricom embeds the strongest security available, without sacrificing mobility or performance.

High-Density Environment: In the typical school, large numbers of users need concurrent access to the WLAN, so high capacity without coverage or mobility trade-offs is critical.

Easily Scalable Infrastructure: The Extricom Channel Blanket maximizes capacity, throughput and coverage with APs deployed in high densities that are impossible in traditional cell-based architectures.

ed: Students can access a WLAN-enabled learning onment in a matter of seconds, without special connections tangle of cables.

ource Mobility: A WLAN allows technology learning tools as laptops to be moved to wherever students are, rather vice-versa.

e Extricom system allows more people get on the wireless network without it gging down. It’s a pretty simple concept, I think that it’s made a huge impact in ms of faculty trying to achieve academic als with our students.”

ique Challenges of Education

oying WLAN in the classroom can bring enormous benefits, here are some distinct technological challenges to this onment:

ll school IT departments are called upon to support large bers of users, so the WLAN solution cannot require timesive configuration and administration.

ess coverage issues are caused by sprawling school uts and the need to provide connectivity to multiple users in onfined area of a classroom.

urity compliance regulations require separation of student and ty networks.

ertain school budget processes require that the deployed N ensure costs are kept low, leverage existing infrastructure, offer advantages in terms of scale and price.

com partners can offer the very best solution available to ary and Secondary Educational facilities in the UK today by ng the entire family of wireless networking products available Extricom. Revolutionising the Wi-Fi industry and a global er, Extricom is making the all-wireless enterprise lity.

Extricom’s award-winning WLAN system is uniquely designed to meet these demanding requirements. Relative to alternative WLANs in the marketplace today, the Interference-Free™ Architecture enables dramatically easier WLAN deployment and lower total cost of ownership, while achieving a generational leap in capacity, coverage, seamless mobility and security capability.

“Extricom seemed almost too good to be true. I hadn’t heard of Channel Blanket technology and couldn’t imagine wireless without dead spots or limitations caused by interference. But we piloted the solution onsite, saw that the performance claims were real and went forward immediately with it.” The Future of School Wi-Fi Most Primary and Secondary educational facilities have a clear vision of the importance of Wi-Fi to their educational mission. The question is: how confident are school staff that today’s technologies can meet the demands of their environment?

Ask us today how schools have succeeded with Extricom. Extricom’s Wireless LAN is specifically designed to answer the challenges posed by pervasive Wi-Fi, providing the high-performance, resilient and future-proof infrastructure required by the education environment.

Be|winter 2010/2011

Xcel Property Services Facilities Management Wow, that is pink. I think that this was the reaction when inheriting this brand. However used sparingly, it has great impact. Memorable is the word. Driving around the local area these van are really going to be noticed.


See you again soon.

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