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Jules Aime Lavirotte 29 Avenue Rapp 75007 Paris, France

Jules Aime Lavirotte Nouveau Art

Jules Aime Lavirotte was born in Lyon, France on March 24th, 1864 and he passed away at the age of sixty in March 1924. Jules designed nine buildings in his life time and only seven buildings remain standing today. Jules also design sculptures for the buildings, like the ones you see here. These sculptures can be seen in Paris, France two blocks away from the Eiffle Tower, on 29 Avenue Rapp in the administrative district. Jules designed these scultpures as a personal view of he had seen Adam and Eve.

Jules saw Adam as aguileless lover that Adam had some difficulties of hidding his virility. Jules also displayed displayed the bestiary of sin by using peacocks, reptiles and bulls for masculine and bugs for its ter ego. You can see these art work that is highlighted above at photos/dalbera/sets/72157626093793219/. Jules had another prespective on Eve.

Jules saw Eve as an arrogant, proud, beautiful person that love teasing viewers with her curves. This master piece has won the Concour de Facade de la Ville de Parks, ( Competition Facade of the cith of Paris) twice now. The 29th seven story building is one of the main attractions in Paris.

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