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Quick Q & A Hearing Checklist Is it time for a professional hearing test?

Take just 30 seconds to answer this quick questionnaire and find out.

1. 2.

I feel discomfort or embarrassment when meeting new people because of my hearing. Never Sometimes Often I find that following conversations in a noisy environment, such as a busy restaurant can be very difficult. Never Sometimes Often


People seem to mumble more these days when they talk, and I find myself asking them to repeat themselves more often than I used to. Never Sometimes Often

4. 5.

Others comment that I have the radio or television turned up too loud for their liking. Never Sometimes Often


Family members have commented that they think that I may have a hearing problem – and they become frustrated when I’ve not fully heard what they said. Never Sometimes Often


Following conversations on the telephone is particularly difficult, particularly with children. Never Sometimes Often


I used to be more active in group conversations. (e.g. dinner table). Never Sometimes Often


I mishear what people have said and respond inappropriately. Never Sometimes Often

If I did not see the source of a sound, I find it hard to know what direction it came from. Never Sometimes Often

I experience a persistent or prolonged ‘ringing in my ears’ (known as tinnitus). 10. Sometimes Never Sometimes Often Adding up your score Never = 0 Sometimes = 1 Often = 2

If your total score is more than 5, hearing loss is probably affecting your daily life, so we would recommend a professional hearing assessment. If your score is more than 10, there’s little doubt that the right hearing solution would significantly improve your quality of life.

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