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Sustainable Fashion – Let’s Take It to the Streets! Introducing the style is... Collective Our Collective, gives you the opportunity to be part of something bigger, a movement working to make ethical and sustainable fashion more visible and accessible to the mainstream. By joining the style is... Collective you will be part of an online solution offering a greater choice of clothing for consumers and making your brand and products more visible and accessible online. You will also feel the benefits of our marketing initiatives which utilise economies of scale to give you a competitive advantage against the bigger and more established online retailers.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Aristotle The style is... Collective Mission  

To make sustainable and ethical fashion more accessible and visible to the mainstream. To provide a cost effective method of online marketing to help ethical and sustainable fashion brands and retailers compete with more established and bigger online retailers in the online space.

Why Join Us Our website already offers a great choice of ethical and sustainable clothing from fair trade cardigans to vegan dress shoes giving customers a one stop shop to find just what they need and discover new brands. Our quick and easy to use method of shopping and engaging communication keeps visitors coming back. Over the coming months we plan to add a further 15 ethical and sustainable fashion brands and retailers with their products to the site, giving our visitors even greater choice and more incentive to keep coming back for all of their clothes shopping requirements. Ultimately, we offer you the opportunity to increase your website traffic and sales, with visitors delivered, to the relevant product page of your website, whenever a customer clicks the ‘buy now’ button on any of your products. This will deliver a good return on investment for minimal effort on your part. The visitors that we deliver to your website will include those that have a strong commitment to buying ethically and also those with less awareness of ethical fashion. This will help to build your brand awareness amongst mainstream customers. As we know you are probably very busy creating beautiful clothes, we aim not to take up your valuable time. Your products will be added via a datafeed which will be automatically updated overnight, no effort required on your part.

How you to join To find out more about how you can join the style is... Collective Visit email

Sustainable Fashion – Let’s Take It to the Streets!  
Sustainable Fashion – Let’s Take It to the Streets!