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How to Migrate from Magento to Volusion [Video] Nowadays Magento is one of the leaders in the e-Commerce world. Main reasons that led Magento to such a success are flexibility, wide range of features, numerous payment and shipment options. However, it is rather difficult to manage Magento store without high or medium programming skills, as it is an open source. Moreover, during the upgrade process or mass import users can face technical errors. Thats why a lot of merchants decide to move their stores to a hosted platform, which is easier in administration. One of the bright representatives of hosted shopping carts is Volusion. Main advantages of this e-Commerce solution are high level of security, official support, advanced marketing and SEO tools. These are main reasons why store owners decide to migrate from Magento to Volusion. The easiest way of data transferring is Cart2Cart. It is fully automated, so technical skills aren’t required. Video tutorial and step by step instruction will help you understand how everything works and perform successful migration.

#1. Rgister an Account Sign in via your Facebook or Google account or create a Cart2Cart account.

#2. Choose Source Cart On this step, you have to select Magento from a drop-down menu. Then enter your current shop’s URL. After that, you have to perform Connection Bridge installation. To do that you have to download bridge, unpack it and paste to the root directory. For better convenience, watch our video tutorial on how to set up Connection Bridge.

#3. Choose Target Cart Choose Volusion as your Target Cart from the drop-down menu. After that, you have to enter store’s URL.

#4. Entities Selection At this point, you are able to pick entities that have to be transferred to Volusion store. It is possible to select additional option to clear current data on Target Store before migration.

#5. Multi-store Configuration Since Magento supports multi-store migration, you are able to map multiple stores with a Target Volusion store. More detailed information you can read here.

#6. Currencies Mapping In a case, you use more than one currency on Magento store, Cart2Cart provides a possibility to transfer them, as well.

#7. Demo Migration For your safety and convenience it is recommended not to skip this step. Moreover, it is absolutely free. It will take you a few minutes and you will be able to track the process.

After Demo Migration is successfully finished, you have to import data to Volusion store. Firstly, you have to download Categories, Customers, Option Categories, Options and Products to your computer.

After that, enter store admin panel Inventory-> Import/Export.

Then in “Import to” drop-down menu choose data that you want to import. For example, firstly we will import Products. After that upload the saved file in "File Name" field. Put a tick near one of three options in “Overwrite Existing Data?” field that best suits your needs. Press Import button.

According to the same principle you have to repeat the procedure with Categories, Customers, Option Categories and Options.

#8. Full Migration Now you can start Full Migration. Check if you have enough funds on your account. It also possible to check entities that are going to be moved one more time. Now press Start Full Migration button.

Right after the process of migration will be performed, you will receive an email. After that, you need to follow the same data Import instructions as you did after Demo Migration. Download files and then upload them from Volusion back end. So, thats it! Now you can check migration results.

How to Migrate from Magento to Volusion  

How to Migrate from Magento to Volusion

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