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How to Migrate from Magento to VirtueMart [Video] Magento was founded in 2008 and since then became one of the leaders in e-Commerce. It is flexible, customizable and fully loaded with features. However, users claim that it is difficult to manage an online store without having high or middle technical skills. As opposed to ordinary shopping cart like Magento market offers CMS built platforms. One of the most popular Joomla! plugin is VirtueMart. In contrast to Magento, VirtueMart is really easy in usage. Thats why a lot of store owners decide to move their Magento to VirtueMart. Cart2Cart will make the process of migration fast and easy. It is fully automated so its not a problem if you don’t have programming skills. To perform successful migration just watch video tutorial and follow step by step instruction.

#1. Registration If you are not already registered user, you should create Cart2Cart account.

#2. Provide Source Cart Information Here, you have to setup information about Source Cart. Firstly, choose Magento from the list. Then enter Magento store’s URL. The next stage is to perform a Connection Bridge installation. Download and unpack bridge file. After that, paste file to the shop root directory. Find more detailed informationhere.

#3. Provide Target Cart Information   

Select VirtueMart from the list of shopping carts. Enter store’s URL. Install a Connection Bridge, like you did on the previous step.

#4. Select Entities At this point, you have to select which kind of entities to move. It is possible to put a tick in Check all box and migrate all items at once. On this stage, you can select additional options for extra cost.

#5. Multi-store Configuration Here, you will have an opportunity to map your source store(s) with target store.

#6. Map Currencies You are able to map all the currencies that are present in you source cart, to the target cart.

#7. Map Order Statuses If you’ve selected to migrate orders, you can map order statuses from your Magento to VirtueMart store.

#8. Start Demo Migration Demo Migration will help to check if your cart settings are compatible with Cart2Cart and make sure data will be migrated properly. So, it is recommended not to skip this step. You can find more information about Demo Migration here.

#9. Start Full Migration Before you press Start Full Migration button, make sure you: 1. have enough money on an account; 2. don’t have a discount coupon code; 3. double-checked entities. Now you are ready to start.

It will take some time to transfer all entities, which you’ve chosen. So, you can close a browser window. You will be notified when everything is finished by email. Now you know how to perform Magento to VirtueMart migration effortlessly. If there are some questions, contact Cart2Cart Support Team.

How to migrate from magento to virtuemart

How to migrate from magento to virtuemart