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Scotland’s New Writing Theatre – Something New for Everyone

Contents A Wee Home From Home Plan B

25 Nov


An Argument About Sex Untitled projects/Traverse Theatre Company/Tramway

29 Oct – 7 Nov


Autumn Tour Red Note Ensemble

19 Nov


Bright Black Vox Motus

15 – 19 Sept


Confined Human Condition Cryptic

25 & 26 Sept


Dark Things, The Traverse Theatre Company

6 – 24 Oct


Dog & Luxuria Scottish Dance Theatre

29 Nov


Dough is Rising, The Traverse Theatre Company

9 Oct – 13 Nov (various dates)


Ghosts in the Machine Billy Cowie

24 – 26 Nov


Hanging by a Thread The Ding Foundation

9 & 10 Oct


Il Panico Di Pantalone Lung Ha’s Theatre Company

13 & 14 Nov


Letters of a Love Betrayed Music Theatre Wales

17 Nov


Lunatic & New Work National Dance Company Wales

20 & 21 Nov


Making of Doubt, The Stammer Productions

24 Nov


Mixed Bill Pool

27 Nov


New Works One Academy

17 – 19 Sept


Noisy Nights 7Things & Traverse Theatre Company

12 Oct, 2 Nov & 7 Dec


Snapshots: Creation & Play Puppet Animation Festival

28 Nov


Solo Works David Hughes Dance Productions

26 Nov


Story of a Rabbit Hoipolloi

11 & 12 Nov


The Curse of the Demeter Visible Fictions

22 – 24 Oct


The Sun, The Moon and a Boy Called River Wee Stories

24 – 26 Sept


Traverse Learning


Traverse Theatre Autumn Festival 09

17 – 29 Nov

14 - 20

Words are never Wasted Tricky Hat Productions

20 Oct


Writing, Writers and Special Events

21 - 25

Young Traverse


Zorro Visible Fictions/Traverse Theatre Company


4 – 24 Dec

Audio-described & sign-language interpreted performances


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29 - 30



Post-show discussions


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27 - 28

Traverse Bar Café


Photo credit: Alan McCredie

Welcome to the Traverse’s Autumn Season Welcome to the Traverse’s autumn season. We hope you’ll be inspired by a season that celebrates innovation and creativity across all the art forms from the new writing that you know us best for, to dance, new music, puppetry and physical theatre. The Dark Things was the first play commissioned by the Traverse that I read when I first started here as Artistic Director. I loved it at the time and have been determined to see it on stage ever since. It’s funny, beautiful and haunting. The modern and the classic merge in An Argument about Sex. Marivaux’s ground-breaking original, now a classic, is brought startlingly up to date by Pamela Carter in this co-production with Stuart Laing’s untitled projects and Tramway. The show is performed in both our theatre spaces. Tickets are limited so book early for this unmissable experience. Zorro promises to be both intimate and epic swashbuckling fun. Visible Fictions are an internationally successful children’s theatre company. I am delighted the Traverse is joining forces with them to present something totally different for families this Christmas.

We have also programmed a distinct strand of new work for families and young people this season, headlined by Zorro. The Traverse is home to new work of all different forms. To celebrate this, we are holding a mini-festival of some of the best and most exciting new opera, music, dance and puppetry. For two weeks the building will be buzzing with some of the most innovative companies in the UK. In particular, this minifestival celebrates the best work from Scotland, including our internationally recognised choreographers, composers, conductors and puppeteers. This spirit of innovation is alive in all our work this autumn, home grown and visiting, whether its kids’ shows or serious drama, opera or contemporary dance, there’s something new for everyone this autumn. And there’s plenty of opportunity for you to engage and participate – whether it’s as an audience member, a brand new or established writer, or someone who enjoys getting underneath the experience of creating new work for the stage. See you there! Dominic





Traverse Theatre Company

A co-production between untitled projects, the Traverse Theatre & Tramway

The Dark Things

An Argument About Sex

by Ursula Rani Sarma 8 – 24 Oct Preview 5, 7 & 8 October

“Death means a lot of money, honey. Death can really make you look like a star.”

by Pamela Carter 29 Oct – 7 Nov

“Exceptional...superb...astonishing... hugely extravagant and audacious... breathtakingly successful.” The Scotsman on Slope


Directed by Dominic Hill Designed by Neil Warmington Lighting by Lizzie Powell Sound by Dan Jones

Directed & Designed by Stuart Laing A response to Pierre de Marivaux’s The Dispute Helen and Charlie work for a hedge fund in the city. Against a backdrop of global financial crisis, they try to settle a drunken argument from an office party the night before.

Daniel is famous. He has walked away from disaster and turned it into art. As he prepares for the ultimate exhibition of his life, the headlines proclaim him unbreakable. But inside, Daniel is falling apart LJ has always been a survivor. Her feelings are none of anyone else’s business. The bond she has with Daniel seems forged by horrible coincidence. But LJ knows more - and feels more - than she’s prepared to reveal. Steph wants to be special, to have her photo in the paper for once, and not just because she’s Daniel’s sister. Karl is in production - TV, film, music videos, that kind of thing. Can he invent a future where they both get recognised? Gerry is a mess. Once an eminent psychiatrist, his methods of healing are at odds with what his profession will tolerate. How can he save Daniel when he can barely help himself? As the destinies of these five lost souls collide, they discover themselves and each other. A brave and brilliant new play about fame, art, death and forgiveness.

Are the differences between men and women genetically hard wired? Are men inherently aggressive risk takers and women naturally more cautious and risk-averse? The argument has ramifications in their personal lives, as well as in the economic crisis that is engulfing their industry and the world at large. Charlie offers an unusual way of settling the argument: a sociological experiment involving isolated teenagers that will test the inherent differences between the sexes. The privileged financiers watch as their human guinea pigs play out their first stirrings of adolescent friendship, sexual attraction, and jealous. Originally set at the height of the aristocracy’s power in France before the revolution, Pamela Carter relocates the action to a period when economic excess is once again under the scrutiny of an angry and disaffected populace.

Photo credit: Euan Myles. Brian Ferguson who plays Daniel in The Dark Things.

PREVIEW: Sunday 5, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 October

Dates & Times: Thursday 8 – Saturday 24 October 8pm (not Mondays)

Tickets: Previews £8 (£5 concessions) Tuesday – Thursday £13 (£8 concessions / £5 unemployed) Friday & Saturday £16 (£12 concessions) EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concessions) on Thursday 8 October, if bought before Thursday 1 October AFTER SHOW DISCUSSION: Tuesday 13 October



URSULA RANI SARMA: WRITING IS RE-WRITING: A practical writers’ workshop Saturday 3 October 10.30am – 4.30pm, £16 (£8 concessions)

An Argument About Sex reunites the team of writer, Pamela Carter, and director, Stewart Laing, which staged the sell-out production SLOPE at Tramway in 2006.

Photo credit: Euan Myles (human bodies)

The ambitious production has been specifically conceived to utilise both Traverse One and Traverse Two, with the audience journeying between the two spaces as part of the performance. It will be presented in a configuration never before experienced at the Traverse.

DATES & TIMES: Thursday 29 October – Saturday 7 November (8pm) (not Monday 2 November).

Tickets: Sunday – Thursday £14 (£10 Concessions/£5 Schools), Friday – Saturday £16 (£11 concessions).

EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £11 (£7 Concessions/£5 Schools) on Thursday 29 October if bought before Thursday 22 October.

TRAVERSE AFTER SHOW DISCUSSION: Thursday 5 November. A programme of debates and discussions exploring the themes of this production. THE ARGUMENT CONTINUES... PANEL DISCUSSION “IS MONOGAMY DEVIANT?” sponsored by The Skinny. Tramway Friday 9 October 5pm (TBC) A FORMAL DEBATE PROPOSING THE MOTION – “THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN ARE INNATE” Tramway Saturday 10 October 4.30pm. PAMELA CARTER: THINKING IN IMAGES A practical writers’ workshop Saturday 7 November 10.30am – 4.30pm, £16 (£8 concessions)






Traverse Theatre Company

Vox Motus in association with Platform & supported by Cumbernauld Theatre & Fife Arts Trust present

One Academy - a collaboration Between The Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama & Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland

The Dough is Rising new plays at lunchtime by Torben Betts, Alan Bissett, Lewis Hetherington, Isabel Wright 9 Oct–13 Nov I don’t give a damn about fine writing, I’m rolling my sleeves up. The dough’s rising from Hope by Edith Sodergran, transl. Herbert Lomas This autumn, the Traverse is launching a new season of Friday lunchtime theatre and discussion. Feed your body, mind and soul as leading actors perform a new play, script-in-hand, or playwrights discuss the most pertinent issues in theatre today. Included in your ticket price is a tasty bowl of soup and a sandwich. EVERYBODY KNOWS by Isabel Wright Friday 9 October, Traverse One BEYOND THE SEA by Torben Betts Friday 16 October, Traverse Two POWER THAT MOVES IN THE FOLDS OF MY DRESS: WOMEN ON STAGE – a panel discussion event where leading writers talk about writing for the female voice. Friday 23 October, Traverse One WITHOUT YOU by Ursula Rani Sarma Friday 30th October, Traverse Two BODIES UNFINISHED by Lewis Hetherington Friday 6th November, Traverse Two THE MOIRA MONOLOGUES by Alan Bissett Friday 13th November, Traverse One

Dates & Times: Friday 9 October – Friday 13 November. See above for specific dates (12.30pm). Tickets: £7.50 (£5)

Bright Black by Jamie Harrison & Candice Edmunds 16 – 19 Sept Preview 15 Sept

New Works by

Douglas Maxwell, Linda Mclean & David Harrower 17 – 19 Sept

Music Michael John McCarthy Choreography Natasha Gilmore Magic. Imagination. Passion. In a mythical underworld inhabited by dark dreams and terrifying demons, a young heroine begins a quest to find her dead lover and bring him back to the world of the living. Combining illusion, digital media and new writing, Vox Motus’ latest production is a visual treat that takes you on a macabre journey into the shadowy recesses of love, life and death. This is Vox Motus’s first visit to the Traverse since the awardwinning sell-out production of Slick. Bright Black collaborators include Michael John McCarthy of Glasgow indie band Zoey van Goey and choreographer Natasha Gilmore. Natasha’s irrepressible The Blank Album has excited and delighted audiences throughout Scotland and the UK.

Three specially commissioned works-in progress by three of Scotland’s most distinguished contemporary playwrights.

Fever Dream: Southside by Douglas Maxwell

With Queens Park closed for a murder enquiry and the temperature soaring, it feels as is everyone has gone insane as the world starts to swirl around them blurring religion, race, time and reality.

Reminded Of Beauty by Linda Mclean

Things take an unexpected turn for three families living in the heart of the city.

Ashes Blood by David Harrower

A family run coach firm has fallen on difficult times – amidst this, the handover from one generation to the next is underway.

“Faultless, fast-paced, brilliant sense of style.” ****Scotsman on Slick (Fringe First 2008 winner)

Each piece is approximately an hour long – the first act of a full length play.

PREVIEW: Tuesday 15 September. Preview ticket price £8 (£5 concessions). Dates & Times: Wednesday 16 – Saturday 19 September (8pm).

Dates & Times: Thursday 17 – Saturday 19 September (7.30pm).

Tickets: Wednesday – Thursday £13 (£8 concessions/£5 Schools), Friday – Saturday £16 (£12 concessions).

EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concessions) on Wednesday 16 September if bought before Wednesday 9 September.

Image design by Gary Birnie

Fever Dream: Southside & Reminded of Beauty Thursday 17 September Reminded of Beauty & Ashes Blood Friday 18 September

Ashes Blood & Fever Dream: Southside Saturday 19 September Tickets: £6 (£4 concessions)








The Ding Foundation


Confined Human Condition  

Hanging by a Thread

Tricky Hat Productions in association with AttFife presents

25 – 26 Sept

Director Cathie Boyd Composer Alejandro Viñao Composer Phillip Neil Martin

devised & performed by Hannah Marshall & Amelia Pimlott 9 – 10 Oct Director Steve Tiplady

From fear and desire to nothing. Enter the minds of two women left helpless; one suffers grief, the other the agony of love. Confined Human Condition is a music theatre double bill combining music with design from James Johnson, Theo Clinkard and Nich Smith. The Baghdad Monologue by Viñao, performed by soprano Frances M Lynch, explores the everyday pain of war. A rhythmic electroacoustic score with tightly woven text portrays a familiar situation that is as old as civilization: the forceful intervention of the strong and the powerful to ‘protect’ and ‘liberate’ the weak.

A yarn knitted from old jumpers, worn, torn and reborn into characters, landscapes and a misshapen story. Cared for by her daughter, on old woman has knitted herself into her bed – a bed which has a powerful and surprising will of its own. Using puppetry, objects, performers and music, this is theatre that is playful, hypnotic, spellbinding and absurd. Sitting half way between moving visual art and theatre, the show employs a strong sense of physicality. It is expressed through the creation of 4D images - time and movement being the fourth dimension where layers of meaning and narrative can play.

Terror of Love is a provocative commission from multifaceted “the Ding Foundation… .along with other companies such as composer Martin. Inspired by Saint Teresa of Ávila and scored for Faulty Optic and Blind Summit, are part of a growing strand of mezzo soprano Loré Lixenberg with electronics, it explores the British theatre that recognises puppets can sometimes connect ecstatic state of mind of a woman who sacrifices herself for love. with audiences more directly than human performers.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian This production is only suitable for adults over the age of 18. A co production with the Women’s Arts International Festival at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal. Theatre Cryptic receives funding from the Scottish Arts Council.

Dates & Times: Friday 9 – Saturday 10 October (7.30pm). Tickets: £16 (£12 concessions).

Dates & Times: Friday 25 – Saturday 26 September (8pm). Tickets: £16 (£12 concessions).

of a Rabbit Words are never Wasted Story with Hugh Hughes by Rita Armstrong, Beth Beveridge, 11 – 14 Nov Mary Mullen, Graeme Steine Created and performed by & Peter Vera 20 Oct

Hugh Hughes & Aled Williams

Director Fiona Miller Dramaturg John Binnie A surreal comedy about a paranoid woman in Dunfermline, convinced that there are Al Quaeda terrorist cells round every corner. A true life account of schizophrenia where the voices in your head are getting louder and louder. A young man confronts his older self in an attempt to understand his inability to cry. A family drama about a carer looking after an elderly patient. A lyrical story about an elderly woman and her relationship with her carer. An evening of new writing that throws light on one of society’s last taboos - living with mental health. Funny, surprising and very moving, five writers from Fife explore a range of genres and emotions in a fascinating collection of new drama that is poignant, cutting-edge and startling. “Each individual brings a vivid, personal resonance to chewy situations we have all experienced. There’s poignancy, roguish humour, poetic word pictures and wonderful song.” ****The Herald on What If

credit: Pau Ros

Emerging Welsh artist, Hugh Hughes, has been a firm favourite on the Fringe since 2006. He’s also spent the last few years travelling across the world making new connections, including a sold-out run at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Now he returns to Edinburgh with the Fringe First award-winning Story of a Rabbit. Hoipolloi is one of the leading British theatre companies whose work imaginatively engages its audiences and makes them laugh. The Doubtful Guest was part of the Traverse’s 2009 Festival. “Delicately balances the mundane and the profound, the tragic and comic.” ****The Scotsman Dates & Times: Wednesday 11 – Saturday 14 November (8pm).

Part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

Friday – Saturday £16 (£12 All Concessions).

1 - 22 Oct 2009,

Photo credit: Valentin Casarsa (Getty Images)

Combining Hugh’s uniquely charming theatricality and his best friend Aled’s music, Story of a Rabbit lifts the lid on life’s final mystery.

Dates & Times: Tuesday 20 October (7.30pm). Tickets: £4 (£2 concessions).

AFTER SHOW DISCUSSION: Friday 25 September.

When Hugh Hughes finds his neighbour’s rabbit lying dead in his garden, the only sensible thing to do is to put it in a box. But it doesn’t fit. As he puzzles over what to do with the body he starts to wonder how much of life disappears once we die…

Tickets: Wednesday – Thursday £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed),

Photo credit: Geraint Lewis







Lung Ha’s Theatre Company

Wee Stories

Visible Fictions

Il Panico Di Pantalone  

The Sun. The Moon and a Boy Called River

The Curse of the Demeter

Created, directed & performed by Iain Johnstone & Andy Cannon Music performed by Jennifer Port Designer Claire Halleran Lighting designer Gerron Stewart

Directed by Douglas Irvine

Two babies, born at exactly the same moment, under the exact same moon. One born a princess in a palace, the other the son of a poor woodcutter. A prophecy foretells they will marry, but the evil King will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter from marrying a commoner. An enchanting tale of good against evil and an unattainable quest with many surprises along the way!

Whilst storms rage and the crew mysteriously disappear one by one, fear grows as rumours of a sinister stowaway spreads around the remaining ship- mates.

Two very fast-paced Commedia Dell’Arte stories by Clark Crystal 13 – 14 Nov

Director Maria Oller Designer Jessica Worrall Original Music Composed by Robert Pettigrew & John Sampson It is the night before Pantalone’s wedding… Finally, dreams seem to be coming true for Pantalone. His servants, Arlecchino and Pulcinella, have set things up for their sleazy old master. He will inherit the largest of wills, marry the most beautiful woman and own the largest estate in the region. Could redemption finally be coming the way of Pantalone? Il Capitano has requisitioned his navy, positioned his air force and grounded his troops. Brighadella is in the bunker. Pulcinella is in the lookout. Il Dottore is full of advice, as always. The enemy is in the firing line. War is imminent. Before battle Capitano has one more story to tell of his past “heroism”, but could his ‘braggadocio’ blow up in his face? “A bright and brave double bill.” **** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman Lung Ha’s Theatre Company exists to provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities to become actively involved in the performing arts. Supported by the Scottish Arts Council & the City of Edinburgh Council Dates & Times: Friday 13 & Saturday 14 November, Fri 13 (12pm & 7.30pm), Sat 14 (7.30pm).

Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed & Registered Disabled). CAPTIONED PERFORMANCE: Saturday 14 November 7.30pm

Young Traverse The Traverse is growing in popularity as a venue for families and young people to enjoy the best new writing produced specially for them, in a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. We are now able to welcome under-18s to the Traverse Theatre and Bar Café at any time, provided food is being served (usually until 10pm). Our Learning programme focuses on encouraging further engagement by younger people, as well as taking the Traverse to schools and other settings. In particular this season, we are delighted to be co-producing Zorro by young Scottish writer Davey Anderson, with the brilliant Visible Fictions. Christmas time … mistletoe and…masks?! WEE STORIES

Saturday Stories   Saturday storytelling for the over-fives continues at the Traverse this season. Happy stories, sad stories, silly stories, spooky stories, big stories and Wee Stories….. Andy Cannon tells a tale or two on Saturday mornings. Get up close and personal with Wee Stories at the Traverse, with storytelling guaranteed to entertain and charm children of all ages ‘One of our most gifted and engaging storytellers… Andy Cannon has us spellbound.’ **** The Herald on Saturday Stories

23 – 26 Sept

Told in Wee Stories’ unique story-telling theatre style by the multi-award winning Andy Cannon and Iain Johnstone (creators of The Emperor’s New Kilt; Treasure Island; Arthur, the Story of a King and Jock and the Beanstalk) and with evocative live music, The Sun, the Moon and a boy called River will be a magical night out for the whole family. “Wee Stories have earned a reputation not only as the best children’s theatre company in Scotland, but also as one of the very best companies in any genre.” Daily Telegraph on The Emperor’s New Kilt, May 2008

by Robert Forrest 22 – 24 Oct

A spine tingling journey of suspense, suspicion and spooky sightings. Visible Fictions presents the chilling and thrilling tale of the ill fated ship, the Demeter, and her ghostly cargo.

Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this new play will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat as things go bump in the night on board the jinxed ship. For thrill seekers over 11 yrs. “Visible Fictions comes with such a blazing reputation that it’s hard to ignore.” The Guardian Dates & Times: Thursday 22 – Saturday 24 October, Thurs 22 Oct (7.30pm), Fri 23 Oct (7.30pm), Sat 24 Oct (2.30pm & 7.30pm).

Tickets: Thursday & Saturday matinee £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed), Friday – Saturday evening £16 (£12 All Concessions).

Dates & Times: Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 September, Wed 23 Sep (7pm) Thurs 24 Sep (10.30am & 7pm) Fri 25 Sep (7pm) Sat 26 Sep (2.30pm & 7pm). Tickets: Single ticket £7.50, Family Group of 2 £15, Family Group of 3 £19, Family Group of 4 £23.

POST-SHOW DISCUSSION: Wednesday 23 September

Dates & Times: Saturday 26 September 2009;

Photo credit: Colin Dickson Image design: Fogbank

Saturday 31 October; Saturday 28 November at 11am Tickets: £5 full price (£4 concessions), Group/family ticket (4 people) £15

Photo credit: Mark Hamilton

Design credit: Smallmedialarge







Visible Fictions and Traverse Theatre Company


Young Writers’ Group

by Davey Anderson 5 – 24 Dec

Are you aged 18-25 and interested in theatre? Ever thought of writing for the stage? It’s free to join the Traverse Young Writers’ Group and whether you’ve written something before or are completely new to playwriting, all you’ll need is enthusiasm and a pen.  Previous Traverse Young Writers who have gone on to write professionally for the theatre include Morna Pearson, Rob Evans, Davey Anderson, Catherine Grosvenor, and Sam Holcroft (our current Pearson Playwright). The fortnightly sessions are led by professional playwright and radio writer, Jules Horne.

Previews 4 & 5 Dec Directed by Douglas Irvine

The sessions will give you the chance to learn about different aspects of writing plays and to develop your own writing. You can be a member for up to two years and there are exclusive opportunities to work with Traverse directors and professional actors annually – not to mention special offers on tickets for Traverse Theatre Company productions. Young Writers’ Group starts again in October 2009. If you’d like further information about the group, please get in touch with Louise Stephens on 0131 228 3223 or e-mail

A mysterious figure has arrived in town and it’s certainly not Father Christmas. A flurry of a cape, the glint of a sword and a flash of a mask; who is this baffling character? Exciting friend or formidable foe? If you looking for some swash buckling fun this Christmas, come and lock swords with Zorro at the Traverse Theatre. Watch as our masked champion ricochets from one sticky situation to another in a world where adventure is the name and justice is the game!

Traverse Learning

Watch out for ‘Z’s scratched into the snow this Christmas, it might mark the start of a thrilling escapade . . .For all intrepid adventurers. Schools performances are suitable for all classes

Dates & Times: Friday 4 11am (PREVIEW) Saturday 5 2.30pm (PREVIEW) & 7pm Sunday 6 2.30pm Monday 7 No performance Tuesday 8 11am Wednesday 9 11am Thursday 10 11am Friday 11 11am & 7pm Saturday 12 2.30pm & 7pm Sunday 13 2.30pm Monday 14 No performance Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 11am Thursday 17 11am & 7pm Friday 18 11am & 7pm Saturday 19 2.30pm & 7pm Sunday 20 2.30pm Monday 21 No performance Tuesday 22 2.30pm & 7pm Wednesday 23 2.30pm & 7pm Thursday 24 2.30pm & 7pm

TICKETS: Single ticket prices Preview Adult £8 Child £5 Tues – Thur & Sun Adult £13 Child £8 Unemployed £5 Fri & Sat Adult (Fri & Sat) Child (Fri & Sat)

Friday & Saturday Family of 2 £26 Family of 3 £37 Family of 4 £52 Groups Bring a group of ten, get the 11th ticket free Schools - any day £5 COMIC BOOK WORKSHOP: Book now and receive

£16 £12

Slashed! ticket prices Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday Family of 2 (1 adult 1 child) £19 Family of 3 (1 adult 2 child) £26 Family of 4 (2 adults 2 child) £38

a Comic Book workshop for your school. These 1

hour workshops will save the day! Superman has

an S on his chest, Batman sends his mark high into the night sky and Zorro leaves a Z wherever he

goes – how would your superhero leave his or her mark? Using the fun and colourful world of comic

book art, step into your own super hero adventure story. Places limited. Workshop Fee £50 Contact the Traverse Box Office on 0131 228 1404

An essential part of our work, we bring participants to the Traverse to experience the artistic programme and take outreach projects to schools and into the community. The learning departments aims to support educators as they begin to implement the Scottish Governments new Curriculum for Excellence by offering young people the opportunity to develop new creative skills.

• Traverse Teachers’ Forum, our forum for drama teachers and course leaders. The forum gives teacher’s the opportunity to hear about and discuss the nature, interest and suitability of productions for their students.

• Production Events, our range of activities to support and enhance audiences’ experiences of the Traverse Artistic programme. These By providing a mixture of of workshops, post-show discussions and include Pre-Performance Workshops and Post-Show discussions. resources, the Learning department aims to enhance the Traverse’s Traverse Learning also supports and promotes the education artistic programme for all audiences, particularly young people. work provided by visiting companies. The Traverse provides a wide range of inclusive learning activities • Learning Resource Packs, for each autumn and spring and resources including: Traverse Theatre Company production we provide a • Class Act, our annual schools’ playwriting project (20 years downloadable learning resource pack to aid students with old this year!). This gives students the opportunity to work with their studies of our plays. professional playwrights to create their own short plays and For further details on any of the above, please contact Noëlle have them produced and performed by professional directors and O’Donoghue, Head of Learning – noelle.o’donoghue@traverse. actors on the Traverse main stage. • School Placements, our work experience programme for school To support our Learning work, please contact Fiona Sturgeon Shea, pupils. Traverse Learning offer one week long placement to one Head of Communications – school pupil per term and the opportunity to work in a professional Both can be contacted on 0131 228 3223. theatre environment.


Autumn Festival 09

Something New for Everyone.



Music Theatre Wales

Red Note Ensemble

Letters of a Love Betrayed

Autumn Concert Tour

by Eleanor Alberga 17 Nov

Music composed by Gyorgy Ligeti, John Harris, Gordon McPherson 19 Nov

Based on a short story by Isabel Allende

Conducted by Garry Walker

Directed by Michael McCarthy Conducted by Michael Rafferty Librettist Donald Sturrock

Gyorgy Ligeti: Hungarian Rock (ensemble version)

Set against the harsh, sun-dried landscapes of South America, Letters of a Love Betrayed is a captivating tale about a young woman who follows the calling of her heart to unravel the truth behind the brutal deception that has been played upon her. The drama leaves no human emotion untouched: there is lust and greed, passion and pain, but also humour and kindness - and throughout it all runs the simple longing of the human heart for love.

Welcome to the first Traverse Autumn Festival, celebrating innovative new work from Scotland and throughout the UK. 0131 228 1404 (no booking fee)

Jamaican born composer Eleanor Alberga, and librettist Donald Sturrock, have transformed Isabel Allende’s unabashedly romantic story into an intimate yet intensely powerful chamber opera, glowing with vivid, exotic rhythms and a rich orchestral pallet. A co-production with the Royal Opera House. Brought to the Traverse Theatre in partnership with Scottish Opera.

“(Music Theatre Wales) regularly achieves minor miracles.” The Guardian Dates & Times: Tuesday 17 November (7.30pm). Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed). EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) if bought before Tuesday 10 November. Part of 342 offer (see page 20)

John Harris: For Tom, His Question Answered Gordon McPherson: The Waterworks (revised 2009 version) Gyorgy Ligeti: Chamber Concerto Red Note Ensemble are Scotland’s new contemporary music ensemble, familiar to Traverse audiences from the Monday night Noisy Nights series. Here they perform their first fulllength concert progreamme of 20th Century classics by Hungarian heaveyweight Gyorgy Ligeti and new works by Scottish composers Conor McPherson and John Harris. Gordon McPherson’s ‘paranoid concerto’ The Waterworks, written for actor and ensemble, is getting a full makeover in collaboration with Glasgow writer Paul Henry. John Harris’s short tribute to playwright Tom McGrath His Question Answered receives its first performance. Ligeti’s brilliant, un-danceable Hungarian Rock and masterwork classic Chamber Concerto complete the proceedings. Dates & Times: Thursday 19 November (8pm). Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed). EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) if bought before Thursday 12 November. Part of 342 offer (see page 20) Image: Conrad Molleson








National Dance Company Wales

Co-Produced By Tramway/Stammerproductions In Collaboration With Potsdam Fabrik, Pact Zollverein, Essen & Wpzimmer Antwerp

Plan B

David Hughes Dance Productions

A Wee Home From Home

Solo Works

26 Nov

Director Gerry Mulgrew Choreography Frank Mcconnell Music Michael Marra

“Such a box of goodies you are spoiled for choice – a great vehicle for Hughes’ dramatic expression.”

Returning to Glasgow Frankie knocks on a door to find no one home. With time on his hands he wanders the streets of his past and is swept up in the ensuing roller coaster of memories and emotions.

Ten years on, this is a rare opportunity to see the complete and original commissions of the acclaimed solo show Map.


by Nigel Charnock & New Work by Andonis Foniadakis 20 – 21 Nov

The Making Of Doubt

National Dance Company Wales, formerly Diversions, presents two new physically and emotionally exhilarating commissions.

Choreographer Colette Sadler

Nigel Charnock’s first work created for the Company, Lunatic, takes its inspiration from the glamour era of the 1940s and 1950s. A characteristically highly theatrical production, Lunatic is on the surface visually rich and appealing but with a hard- hitting, insightful heart. Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis also makes his Company debut with a provocative and inspiring new work that focuses on his hallmark technical virtuosity and fluidity, set to an original score from Julien Tarride. “On the dance stage, as on the rugby field, never underestimate the Welsh.” The Observer “They had the audience spellbound from start to finish.” Dance Europe Dates & Times: Friday 20 – Saturday 21 November (8pm). Tickets: £16 (£12 All Concessions) EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) on Friday 20 November, if bought before Friday 13 November.

24 Nov

The Making of Doubt involves 4 performers, life size puppets, prosthetic limbs and dancing objects in a clever and witty game with reality, fiction and manipulation. Taking the human doll as an emblem, The Making of Doubt places it within the real and impossible condition of its words and actions. The Making of Doubt asks the question, “how much authenticity or detail does the viewer need to believe in the fake - what details could be left out or taken away”? The Making of Doubt is part of an international, ongoing tour. “A tour de force.” The Irish Times ‘It totally disrupts commonplace notions of what dance is, or indeed aesthetic values… a brilliant provocation’ Mary Brennan, The Herald Supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow City Council Dates & Times: Tuesday 24 November (8pm). Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed). EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) if bought before Tuesday 17 November. Part of midweek 342 offer (see page 20)

Photo credit: Roy Campbell-Moore

Photo credit: Anna v Kooij

performed by Michael Marra & Frank Mcconnell 25 Nov

Twenty-one years after this gem of a show first played to full-houses and immense public acclaim, Plan B have reunited the original creative team to bring A Wee Home From Home to a new generation.   Michael Marra and Frank McConnell create a double act full of warmth and charm, with undertones of menace. It uses an eclectic mix of raw live music, inspired, high-octane choreography and powerful theatricality. The show opens Scotland to its own sounds while celebrating a vibrant and indomitable spirit, with pathos and a huge dose of humour. “a satirical but affectionate portrait of Glasgow which is vivid and telling and quite brilliantly performed.” The Scotsman “Robust and fiercely energetic.” The Times Supported by the Scottish Arts Council Dates & Times: Wednesday 25 November (8pm). Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed). EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) if bought before Wednesday 18 November. Part of 342 offer (see page 20) Photo credit: Maria Falconer

The Guardian

This is an intimate evening with the veteran Hughes, a chance for him to share with you his physical heritage and unrivalled dance experience. Javier De Frutos’ El Uno y Medio casts Hughes as Jason after his estranged wife Medea has murdered their children. Bob Cohan choreographs Adagietto. Hughes steps back in time to the dramatic world of Martha Graham with Cohans’ work based on the betrayal and death of San Sebastian. Siobhan Davies creates L’Apres-Midi d’un Faune, her modern take on the famous Nijinsky Ballet, an exploration of stillness. Christopher Bruce’s Hurricane (A Pantomime) masterfully employs Commedia Dell’ Arte in the examination of the story of American boxer Reuben ‘Hurricane’ Carter. Supported by the Scottish Arts Council Dates & Times: Thursday 26 November (8pm). Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed). EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) if bought before Thursday 19 November. Part of 342 offer (see page 20)

Photo credit: Chris Nash





TRAVERSE TWO in progress...

TRAVERSE TWO in progress...


Billy Cowie



Scottish Dance Theatre

Ghosts in the Machine


Snapshots: Creation & Play


A 3D film installation by Billy Cowie 24 – 26 Nov Ghosts in the Machine is a twenty-five minute looped, projected 3D dance installation. The audience - wearing red/blue anaglyph glasses - see what appears to be three solid threedimensional dancers in the same space as themselves. Three ladies dance, sing and joke their way through the performance. Topics of discussion range from existentialism to ballpark-sex to media studies. Hanging over them is the dread knowledge that at the end of the performance they have to do “the whole friggin thing all over again”. Billy Cowie is a Scottish composer, choreographer, filmmaker and writer. His previous installation, In The Flesh has been presented extensively in the UK, internationally and, in Scotland at Glasgow’s Tramway.

The best new work from the dance centres of Scotland 27 Nov Submerge yourself in a fascinating new dance collection of recently created work, from all over Scotland, hand picked and nurtured by the directors of the dance centres of Scotland. Pool, now in its second year, was imagined as a supportive stage for exceptional work making the transition from raw studio creation to fully realised presentation. Dive into an evening of light and dark, of ebbing and flowing as a new generation of Scottish contemporary choreography emerges. Dates & Times: Friday 27 November (8pm) Tickets: £8 (£5 concessions)

28 Nov

A cabaret, a scratch, a smorgasbord of beautiful, challenging and thought provoking visual performance. Six artists with a passion for puppetry and shadow theatre of all kinds, shapes and sizes, have each been given an award by Puppet Animation Scotland to create a complete piece of performance art. The only stipulation - that each piece lasts for no longer than four minutes. Apart from that, anything goes… Dates & Times: Saturday 28 November (7.30pm)

Tickets: £8 (£5 Concessions).

“The title, In the Flesh, is a gentle tease, but Cowie’s cunning presentation of a solo dancer, in reality a two-dimensional projection, does actually ensnare you in an exquisite illusion, namely, that the performer is solidly ‘in the space’. This hauntingly delicate vignette of ‘cinema haiku’ is an oasis of multi-dimensional enchantments.” Mary Brennan, The Herald

by Hofesh Shechter &


by Liv Lorent 29 Nov Scottish Dance Theatre, Scotland’s national contemporary dance company returns to the Traverse to perform two SDT classics. This is the first time both works have been performed together and is not to be missed. Luxuria by Liv Lorent was premiered in 2005 and has since become a signature work for the company. Visually arresting, cinematic and with haunting music, the award-winning Luxuria is a feast for the senses. “achingly beautiful” The Herald Dog is a rare commission of original work by Hofesh Shechter whose career has orbited internationally over the past two years. Urban and tribal, raw and ironic Dog is “crammed with ideas and wit, this is dance for the mind as well as the senses.” Guardian Supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow City Council Dates & Times: Sunday 29 November (8pm). Tickets: £13 (£8 Concessions/£5 Unemployed). EARLY BIRD TICKET OFFER: £8 (£5 concession) if bought before Saturday 25 November Part of 342 offer (see page 20)

Commissioned by Lighthouse (Brighton), and premiered by them as part of HOUSE, the Artists Open Houses new initiative for Brighton Festival. Funded by Arts Council England with additional support from the University of Brighton. Dates & Times: Tuesday 24 – Thursday 26 November

Tue 24: 5.30pm, 6.05pm, 6.40pm, 7.15pm. Wed 25: 12pm, 12.35pm, 1.10pm, 5.30pm, 6.05pm, 6.40pm, 7.15pm. Thur 26: 12pm, 12.35pm, 1.10pm, 5.30pm, 6.05pm, 6.40pm, 7.15pm Tickets: Free. Book your slot by calling the box office on 0131 228 1404, or email Places may be available on the day.

Photo credit: Tim Morozzo, from Ailie Cohen’s The New Not New, part of 2008’s

credit ??



Autumn Festival tickets & ways to save TS E K C I T

N ay & Sunday M U T U ) A ursd ployed y to Th m Tuesda 3 (£8/£5 une 1 £ turday a S tickets & Friday 2) £16 (£1 tickets

Writing, writers & special events Traverse ????

342 offer

Three shows for £26! Save up to £26!

Book your tickets by 10 November and get the third free. Or knock yourself out and buy six, get two free! Choose from: Letters of a Love Betrayed, Red Note autumn tour, The Making of Doubt, A Wee Home from Home, Lunatic & New Work, Dog & Luxuria

Early Bird ticket offer

Tickets from £8 when you buy your tickets a week in advance (see individual pages for full details).

In Progress tickets

These unique works In Progress give you opportunity to experience exciting new work as it is being developed. Pool’s Mixed Bill £8 (£5) Puppet Animation Festival’s Snapshots: Creation & Play £5

Come dance with us! Courses, drop-in classes and workshops in a wide range of styles for everyone aged 1 to 100.

The Traverse is committed to nurturing, developing and producing the work of our contemporary playwrights to the highest possible standards. Alongside this, the Traverse develops and presents highquality translations of leading international plays. The company commissions new writers from Scotland and around the world. We offer a unique insight into the playwriting process by opening it up to members of the public and to new and established writers. This autumn, we are offering a particularly strong programme of public playwriting workshops and other events from writers who have been commissioned by the Traverse.

Words, Words, Words Send us some! This season the Traverse is inviting writers at all stages to submit short scenes for our new Words, Words, Words events. The short pieces (approx 2 – 4 pages in length) will be read aloud by members of our writing groups in the informal setting of the Traverse bar-café space on Monday 5th October and Monday 2nd November at 8pm. If you have an idea for a piece or want to be involved, please email Zinnie Harris ( by 28th September. All very welcome. Dates & Times: Monday 5 October & Monday 2 November (8pm).

Tickets: Free.

For further information on all of the work of the Traverse’s Literary Department, led by Katherine Mendelsohn, see


Young Writers Group New writers aged 18 - 25 can join our fortnightly Young Writers Group – see page 13 for full details.

The writers participating are: Rachel Ballantyne, Erlend Clouston, Graham de Banzie, Caroline Dunford, Corene Lemaitre, Marta Mari, John McCann, Lisa Nicoll, Joel Symonds, Lesley Wilson. Developed by Zinnie Harris and Dominic Hill, the plays will be performed by professional writers. A celebration of ten new theatre voices.

Ten new ten minute plays from ten emerging playwrights; all past participants of the Traverse writing workshops or Words, Words, Words.

Dates & Times: Sunday 15 November (6pm) Tickets: £5

[Scottish Arts Council & Edinburgh City Council logo]

Charity No: SC022512


Writing, writers & special events 22

Writing, writers & special events

Traverse ????

Traverse ????

Traverse ????

Traverse ????

Zinnie Harris Beyond the Toolkit

Ursula Rani Sarma: Writing is Re-Writing?

Pamela Carter: Thinking in Images

Pearson Playwright & Emerging Playwright

Following on from her highly popular Playwrights’ Toolkit sessions at the Traverse, renowned playwright Zinnie Harris (the Traverse/Scottish Arts Council’s Senior Playwriting Fellow leads four evening sessions of playwriting workshops for adult writers looking to expand their playwriting skills to develop full-length work for the stage.

Ursula Rani Sarma (whose play The Dark Things premieres at the Traverse this autumn) leads a practical writers’ workshop on a key part of every writer’s relationship to their own creative work: redrafting your play. Advice about what happens when you’ve written that first draft and are looking to move your play on further, and how you approach re-entering that world to develop it further…

Pamela Carter (whose play An Argument About Sex premieres at the Traverse & Tramway this autumn)leads a practical writers’ workshop exploring the use of images and photography as a creative stimulation in playwriting, and discussing how source images and writing can provide inspiration – and even structure – in the creation of a play.

The Traverse Theatre is delighted to welcome Sam Holcroft as our Pearson Playwright in Residence for 2009/10 and Ella Hickson as our inaugural Emerging Playwright on Attachment.

Beyond the Toolkit is for writers aged 26 and over (If you’re 25 or under please see our Young Writers Group on p??). Ursula is an award-winning writer who has written extensively for stage, radio, screen and as a poet. Plays include The Magic The course begins on Monday 14 September and runs on Mondays Tree (Cork Midsummer Festival/Belltable Arts Centre/Granary until Monday 12 October 2009 (excluding Monday 5 October). Theatre/Project Arts Centre, Edinburgh Fringe 2008); Orpheus Places are limited. To apply please submit a three-page sample of Road (Paines Plough, Young Vic Theatre); and Blue (Cork Opera a scene or a partial scene marked Beyond the Toolkit to: House). She is currently under commission to Paines Plough and Zinnie Harris the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Traverse Theatre 10 Cambridge Street, Dates & Times: Saturday 3 October, (10.30am - 4.30pm). Edinburgh EH1 2ED by 1st September. Only successful applicants will be notified about their place (by Monday 7 September). Dates & Times: September – October (7–9pm). Tickets: £50 (£35) for the four-session course.

Tickets: £16 (£8 concessions).

Sam began her playwriting career as a young writer here at the Traverse. Her play Cockroach was co-produced with the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) as part of the Traverse/NTS Debuts Pamela is a playwright, director and dramaturg. Her first play season. Sam is currently under commission to the Traverse, The Slope premiered at the Tramway in July 2006, directed by Gate Theatre and is also undertaking research for a project with Stewart Laing. As founder and Director of ek theatre company, Paines Plough. she has co-written and directed Game Theory (Traverse Theatre, Ella’s first play, Eight, won a Fringe First Award, the Carol Tambor Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Pamela was Research Associate for Best of Edinburgh Award in 2008 and transferred to Trafalgar Suspect Culture, and was recently the dramaturg on Interiors for Studios in London. Vanishing Point. She is currently working on a co-production with This new post is a joint initiative with the Playwrights’ Studio the Traverse for Spring 2010. Scotland’s Partnership Projects. It will provide support to a writer Places are limited for both of these writer events. To book please at an early stage of their career. We’re very much looking forward contact the Box Office on 0131 228 1404 or book online at:0 to working with Ella during her year-long association with the Traverse. Sam and Ella join Zinnie Harris, Senior Playwriting Fellow, here at the Traverse. Dates & Times: 7th November, (10.30am–4.30pm). Tickets: £16 (£8).



Traverse Bar Café


After Show Discussions

Noisy Nights in the Traverse Bar Café

Would you like to find out more about how a play goes from page to stage? Do you have a burning question for the writers, directors or actors who appear at the Traverse?

Noisy Nights are the Traverse Theatre’s new musical Nights of the Unexpected. Informal and eclectic, they feature performances of fresh-off-the-page music by the professional Red Note Ensemble, alongside live performances by artists from right across the spectrum of contemporary music. Everything is a taste of the new and exciting, new sounds from emerging, underground and established musicians.

Meet the people who make the shows in one of our Post-Show Discussions: Wednesday 23 September Wee Stories The Sun, the Moon and a boy called River Friday 25 September Cryptic Confined Human Condition TUESDAY 13 Traverse Theatre Company The Dark Things Meet Dominic Hill, Director

Each night will consist of two sets of short new pieces from the Red Note Ensemble, interspersed with performances from our invited incoming artists, and rounded off with a left-of-centre DJ set. It will start at around 8pm with the main event finishing around 9:30pm, and then avante DJs from 10pm onwards. Dates & Times: Mondays 12 October, 2 November & 7 December 8pm Tickets: FREE

Thursday 22 October Visible Fictions Curse of the Demeter Thursday 5 November Traverse Theatre Company untitled projects/Tramway An Argument about Sex Meet writer Pamela Carter and director and designer Stewart Laing Post-Show Discussions will begin five minutes after the end of the performance and will last approximately 20 minutes.

Audio-described and sign-language interpreted performances The Traverse provides audio-described performances of its own productions for blind people or those with sight difficulties, and sign-language interpreted performances for deaf people or those with hearing difficulties. Thursday 15 October, 8pm Audio-Described Performance & Sign-Language Interpreted Performance The Dark Things Thursday 5 November, 8pm Audio-Described Performance & Sign-Language Interpreted Performance An Argument about Sex

Doors Open Day The Traverse is participating in this year’s event, offering tours and other surprises! Edinburgh Doors Open Day is organised by the Cockburn Association (The Edinburgh Civic Trust). Edinburgh Doors Open Day is part of European Heritage Days, where building owners across Europe open their doors for one day and give free public access. For more information visit www.cockburnassociation. Sunday 27 September 2009, 12noon - 5pm


Traverse Theatre Company



Support the Traverse Theatre! What’ll it be? There are so many benefits to supporting the Traverse, as an individual or as an organisation. You could:

The Traverse Bar Café has a huge range of food and drink, special offers and events, such as the Traverse Bar Café quiz, Noisy Nights and more. Open from 10.30am – 11pm Monday to Wednesday and until 1am Thursday to Saturday Available to hire for every kind of special occasion, book for your pre- or post- theatre meal or just join us to relax. Food is served until 10pm Reservations 0131 228 5383 or join us on Facebook

• Reap financial rewards by exposure to thousands of potential new customers • Enhance your reputation by aligning yourself with “Edinburgh’s trendiest Theatre” (Edinburgh Evening News). • Help the community by supporting the Traverse’s work with young people. • Incentivise your staff by offering them trips to the theatre, educational talks, or parties in the Traverse Bar Café. • Commemorate a loved one. • Leave your own lasting legacy

Fiona Sturgeon Shea Head of Communications Photo credit: Euan Myles

As a Registered Charity, the Traverse is always in need of additional funds to support all of its work. This includes: • • • •

Seasons like this packed Traverse Festival 2009 Individual plays and productions Our work developing new plays, new playwrights and in supporting established writers to take risks Our celebrated education programme that reaches people of all ages throughout Scotland

To find out more about supporting the Traverse, including corporate sponsorship, becoming a Devotee, buying a brick or dedicating a seat, please contact Fiona Sturgeon Shea, Head of Communications, on 0131 228 3223 or email

Registered in Scotland SC 076037 Registered charity No. SC 002368. VAT Registration No. 356 0682 47. Registered Office: Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2ED


Traverse Theatre Company

Support the Traverse Theatre! You could join our current supporters: Corporate sponsors

Trusts and Foundations The Atlantic Philanthropies The Barcapel Foundation The Misses Barrie Charitable Trust The Binks Trust The Craignish Trust The Cross Trust The Cruden Foundation Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation The Imlay Foundation The Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland The Peggy Ramsay Foundation Sky Youth Action Fund Tay Charitable Trust The Thistle Trust The John Thaw Foundation The James Thom Howat Charitable Trust The Weatherall Foundation For their continued generous support of Traverse Theatre Company productions, we would like to thank Camerabase, Habitat and Marks and Spencer, Princes Street.

Emerging Playwright on Attachment post supported by Playwrights Studio Scotland as a Partnership Project.

Pearson Playwright supported by Pearson.

INDIVIDUALS Traverse Devotees: Joan Aitken, Stewart Binnie, Katie Bradford, Adrienne Sinclair Chalmers, Lawrence Clark, Adam Fowler, Joscelyn Fox, Anne Gallacher, Caroline Gardner, John Knight OBE, Iain Millar, Gillian Moulton, Helen Pitkethly, Michael Ridings, Bridget Stevens, Walton & Parkinson. Thank you to everyone who has made individual donations, has purchased bricks or made seat dedications.

Diary SEPTEMBER Mon 14 Tues 15 Wed 16 Thur 17 Fri 18 Sat 19

TRAVERSE 1 Zinnie Harris: Beyond the Toolkit 7 – 9pm Bright Black 8pm (P) Bright Black 8pm Bright Black 8pm Bright Black 8pm Bright Black 8pm

Mon 21 Thur 24 Fri 25 Sat 26 Sun 27 Mon 28

Zinnie Harris 7 – 9pm

OCTOBER Sat 3 Mon 5 Tues 6 Wed 7 Thur 8 Fri 9

Confined Human Condition 8pm D Confined Human Condition 8pm Doors Open day 12.30pm - 4pm



One Academy: 7.30pm One Academy: 7.30pm One Academy: 7.30pm The Sun, The Moon & a Boy...10.30am & 7pm D The Sun, The Moon & a Boy... 7pm The Sun, The Moon & a Boy... 2.30pm & 7pm Zinnie Harris: Beyond the Toolkit 7 – 9pm

Ursula Rani Sarma: Writing... 10.30am – 4.30pm Words Words Words 8pm

Sat 10 Sun 11

The Dark Things 8pm (P) The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dough is Rising 12.30pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm

Mon 12 Tues 13 Wed 14 Thur 15 Fri 16 Sat 17 Sun 18

Audrey Niffenegger 5.30pm – 8.30pm The Dark Things 8pm D The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm

Zinnie Harris: Beyond the Toolkit 7 – 9pm

Tues 20 Wed 21 Thur 22 Fri 23

Words are never Wasted 7.30pm

Sat 24

The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm Power that Moves in the folds... 12.30pm Dark Things 8pm The Dark Things 8pm

Thur 29 Fri 30

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

Sat 31

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

An Argument About Sex The Dough is Rising: Without You An Argument About Sex Saturday Stories 11am An Argument About Sex

NOVEMBER Sun 1 Mon 2 Tues 3 Wed 4 Thur 5 Fri 6 Sat 7


Hanging by a Thread 7.30pm Hanging by a Thread 7.30pm

The Dough is Rising: Beyond the Sea 12.30pm

The Curse of the Demeter 7.30pm D The Curse of the Demeter 7.30pm The Curse of the Demeter 7.30pm

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm An Argument About Sex 7.30pm An Argument About Sex 7.30pm D An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm An Argument About Sex 7.30pm An Argument About Sex 7.30pm The Dough is Rising: Bodies Unfinished An Argument About Sex 7.30pm Pamela Carter: Thinking in... 10.30am – 4.30pm An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

An Argument About Sex 7.30pm

Noisy Nights 8pm

Noisy Nights 8pm




AYYh 5iXfYm B]ZZYbY[[Yf

PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND NOVEMBER Mon 9 Wed 11 Thur 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15 Mon 16 Tues 17 Thur 19 Fri 20 Sat 21 Tues 24 Wed 25 Thur 26 Fri 27 Sat 28



Story of a Rabbit 8pm Story of a Rabbit 8pm The Moira Monologues 12.30pm Story of a Rabbit 8pm Story of a Rabbit 8pm

Il Panico Di Pantalone 12pm & 7.30pm

Zorro 11am (P) Zorro 2.30pm (P) & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm

Mon 7 Tues 8 Wed 9 Thur 10 Fri 11 Sat 12 Sun 13

Zorro 11am Zorro 11am Zorro 11am Zorro 11am & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm

Tues 15 Wed 16 Thur 17 Fri 18 Sat 19 Sun 20

Zorro Zorro 11am Zorro 11am & 7pm Zorro 11am & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm

Tues 22 Wed 23 Thur 24

Zorro 2.30pm & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm & 7pm Zorro 2.30pm & 7pm

Monday 1 – Saturday 6 February

Noisy Nights 8pm

manipulate, Puppet Animation Scotland’s annual celebration of inspirational international visual theatre, returns to the Traverse Theatre. This is award-winning object theatre and animation of the highest quality for consenting adults!

Ghosts in the Machine (Times: see page 18) Ghosts in the Machine (Times: see page 18) Ghosts in the Machine (Times: see page 18) Pool seminar 10am - 8pm Saturday Stories, 11am Snapshots: Creation & Play tbc

Sun 29 Dog & Luxuria 8pm Mon 30 DECEMBER Fri 4 Sat 5 Sun 6

presents the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival 2010

Il Panico Di Pantalone 7.30pm Ten 6pm

Letters of a Love Betrayed 7.30pm Red Note Ensemble 8pm National Dance Company Wales 8pm National Dance Company Wales 8pm The Making of Doubt 8pm A Wee Home From Home 8pm David Hughes Solo Works 8pm Pool Mixed Bill 8pm

TRAVERSE BAR CAFÉ Words Words Words 8pm

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5ih\cfcZh\Yib]jYfgU``mUWW`U]aYX  ]bhYfbUh]cbU`VYghgY``Yf H\YH]aY HfUjY``YfÈgK]ZY k]``VY\YfYhU`_]b[ UVcih\YfbYkbcjY`5:YUfZi` GmaaYhfm"8cbÈha]ggh\]gfUfY cddcfhib]hmhcgYYcbYcZh\Y kcf`XÈgacghhU`_YXUVcihUbX acgh`cjYXbcjY`]ghg" ÇH\]g]gU`Ufa]b[`mW`cgYhcdYfZYWh]cbÈ GWch`UbXcbGibXUm

Words Words Words 8pm

Noisy Nights 8pm

H]W_Yhg–) UjU]`UV`YZfcaHfUjYfgYH\YUhfY6clCZÑWYUbXZfca

The Steamie

KUhYfghcbYÈg %&,Df]bWYgGhfYYhH.$%'%&&*&***

Mon 28 Sep – Sat 3 October

Written by Tony Roper

Starring Julie Austin, Maureen Carr, Kay Gallie, Jacqueline Hughes, David McGowan His Majesty’s Theatre Aberdeen

The Silver Darlings Tue 6 – Sat 10 October From the novel by Neil M Gunn

Starring Jimmy Chisholm, Meg Fraser, Ann Louise Ross, Tom McGovern, Alan McHugh, Michael McKenzie, Finn den Hertog, Sally Reid, Helen Mackay & Cameron Mowat

English Touring Theatre & Chichester Festival Theatre

The Grapes of Wrath Tue 13 – Sat 17 October Starring Oliver Cotton, Sorcha Cusack, Damian O’Hare & Christopher Timothy

A new version created by Vanishing Point

Michael Codron and Theatre Royal Bath productions present The Chichester Festival Theatre production of

Entertaining Angels Mon 19 – Sat 24 October Starring Penelope Keith, Caroline Harker, Benjamin Whitrow & Polly Adams

Based on the original by John Gay

12 September – 3 October 2009

Jenny King for the Touring Consortium and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse

Kes Tue 27 – Sat 31 October

Starring Katherine Dow Blyton, David Crellin, Mike Burnside, Daniel Casey National Theatre of Scotland

The House of Bernarda Alba Tue 3 – Sat 7 November

Starring Jo Freer, Louise Ludgate, Vanessa Johnson, Anne Lacey, Mary McCusker, Myra McFadyen, Una McLean, Heather Nimmo, Julie Wilson Nimmo, Carmen Pieraccini, Siobhan Redmond and Morag Stark

By James Hogg

Direct from the West End

16 October – 7 November 2009

Rain Man Tue 10 – Sat 14 November Starring Neil Morrissey & Oliver Chris BOX OFFICE 0131 248 4848 GROUPS 8+ 0131 248 4949 TEXT RELAY 18001 0131 248 4848

0131 529 6000** 2 Leven Street, Edinburgh EH3 9LQ

Adapted and directed by Mark Thomson


Fee Applies

The King’s and Festival Theatres are run by Festival City Theatres Trust. Registered Charity SC018605.

Company No. SCO62065 Scottish Charity Registered No. SCO10509

BOX OFFICE OPENING TIMES Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm (and until performance time on performance days)

LATECOMERS Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for your journey to the Traverse as latecomers will not be admitted.

HOW TO BOOK FACE TO FACE Traverse Box Office, Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 2ED ONLINE TELEPHONE 0131 228 1404

SOLD OUT PERFORMANCES For performances that sell out in advance, a waiting list will be started one hour prior to the start time. This service is only available to personal callers at the Traverse.

ACCESS AT THE TRAVERSE PAYMENT We accept cash, cheques, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Delta, Level access, automatic doors at Cambridge Street entrance, lift with Solo and Visa Electron cards. Braille signage and audible announcer, adapted toilets at ground and Traverse Bar Café levels, wheelchair spaces, assistance dogs welcome, infra red (headsets available from the Front of House staff) WAYS TO SAVE Group Bookings – one free ticket for every 10 tickets purchased for and induction loop systems. the same performance, regardless of concession (ie the 11th ticket is free). To book a wheelchair space or for any further access queries/ requirements contact Martin Duffield, Box Office Manager on 0131 Early Bird tickets are available on selected performances and 228 1404/email are subject to availability (see individual show pages for full information). Artlink offers an escort service to help people with disability to enjoy the arts - contact them directly at Concessions are available for students, under 18s, over 60s, members 229 3555. of entertainment unions, StagePass and Young Scot card holders. The Registered Unemployed concession is available for anyone in receipt Copies of this brochure are available in Braille, large print and audio of Jobseekers Allowance or Disability Living Allowance. formats from the Traverse Box Office. Please contact us if you would like to join our mailing list to receive any of these formats in the Remember to bring proof of your concession status when you pick future. up your tickets. Where is the Traverse? Special savings – see inside for special ticket offers on the Traverse Autumn Festival 2009 and Zorro.




RESERVATIONS Unpaid reservations can be held for five days or until 1 hour prior to performance (which ever is the shorter period).































IN 0131 228 1404 (no booking fee)











Traverse Autumn Brochure 2009  

Events from the Traverse Theatre's 2009 Autumn Season

Traverse Autumn Brochure 2009  

Events from the Traverse Theatre's 2009 Autumn Season