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Cheap, relaxed and travel without stress, by car or plane that is always such a thing. The journey to the airport alone can be annoying. There are often waiting times before and after check-in and delays. It does not look any different when traveling by car - construction sites, traffic jams and high gasoline prices during the holiday season. Traveling by train is sometimes no fun, but there are some tips & tricks on how to relax on train travel and, above all, get to the destination cheaply.

Be well informed Thanks to the internet, it is child's play to inform yourself about possible train delays at relevant travel portals, and also the Deutsche Bahn itself. Among other things, you can be informed by e-mail or SMS the latest information about delays, connections, etc. informed. The most convenient way to do this is with the DB app that you can install on your smartphone. Attention: To be able to use this service of the train you must first register on the website. Know alternative routes and book your favorite place Book your favorite place and know alternative routes Who does not want to install an app on his smartphone or u.Ust. If you are not using it, you can find out about delays and alternative routes at the railway staff or the information and service desk of the railway. We recommend that you prepare a plan B before the actual start of your journey. Always look for two or three alternatives and be prepared for possible delays.

The reservation for your desired place in the train is not exactly cheap with â‚Ź 4 per single trip. Anyone who books their train journey on the Internet, however, can conveniently search and book their place in the appropriate train. If you do not want to lose â‚Ź 4, you should post yourself right behind the locomotive on the platform. Why? As a rule you can still find free seats in the first cars behind the locomotive.

Relaxed work and relaxation in the relaxation area

In addition to the seat reservation you also have the option to select rest areas, ie compartments or certain areas where you can not call. Who does not know it; you just want to read a book relaxed or do some business on the laptop, but the neighbor bothers with his annoying phone calls.

Extra comfort on long-distance trains Already the 2nd class offers a good comfort with the ICE and IC / EC remote connections. This is topped only by the first class in addition to the nicer seats and more legroom and the compartments or wagons are usually not so crowded. Furthermore, one has a first class ticket also access to the DB lounges at major major stations where newspapers and other perks are provided. Book early for cheap travel Booking in advance is not only worthwhile on flights but also on train travel. You usually get a cheaper offer than waiting until the last minute. Meanwhile, the train offers many different combination packages. As a Bahncard 25 customer you can in most cases even get a 25% discount on one of the super low rates. In this case always pay attention to the most recent discounts of the DB.

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Relaxed travel by train -  

Traveling on the train is very cheap, interesting, and relaxed. There are lots of peoples traveling in train daily passengers, tourists etc....

Relaxed travel by train -  

Traveling on the train is very cheap, interesting, and relaxed. There are lots of peoples traveling in train daily passengers, tourists etc....