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Edinburgh Destination Guide

Destination Overview From the skyline dominated by Edinburgh Castle to exploring modern day arts venues in Leith and the Old Town, Edinburgh is the perfect place for a holiday. The capital of Scotland simply oozes history from its ancient buildings, with the Palace of Holyrood house, the castle and other Scottish staples on its Royal Mile offering a look into Scotland’s rich history. Renowned for literature, performing arts and annual events such as the Edinburgh Festival, visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities in Edinburgh. Dining and nightlife in Edinburgh Edinburgh is regularly listed in tourist rankings as a go-to destination for its nightlife, with the George Street and Cowgate areas maintaining their positions as local

favourites. For a more traditional experience, those visiting Edinburgh might tuck into a traditional Scottish meal at one of Edinburgh’s award-winning restaurants, though they might be inclined to burn off a few calories by walking up Arthur’s Seat right after! Visit Edinburgh by train Quick train trips from London and nearby Glasgow make visiting Edinburgh by train a popular option for visitors from all over the UK. Coming into Waverley train station in Edinburgh puts train travellers in the centre of history, just a short walk from the Royal Mile and many hotels in Edinburgh. Visitors can also trade in their travel bags for those filled with high-street brands on Princes Street, just a few minutes walk from Edinburgh Waverley.

Enjoy one of the most talked about cities in the UK. You can’t beat the beauty that Edinburgh has to offer with the contrast of St. Giles Cathedral in Old Town to the modern shopping, diverse offerings of bars, restaurants and no shortage of street performers.

Discover the striking surroundings of the Scottish capital at your own pace. Trains to Edinburgh are frequent and fairly priced.

Edinburgh Destination Guide