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This guide is put together by a member of the driving community and not by a safety professional. This is intended to serve as a simple guide and not as an official set of protocols.

The endeavour to drive across Canada from coast to coast takes approximately 55 driving hours along the TransCanada Highway. So, we’ve outlined a much-travelled route from Vancouver to Toronto, highlighting 6 top roadside attractions you must see for a truly Canadian-roadtrip experience.

Departing from Vancouver on Canada’s west coast, our route travels through the Rocky Mountains to Calgary, Alberta. From Alberta the route continues to Regina, Saskatchewan, then into Winnipeg, Manitoba, giving you a great view of Canada’s prairies. Next the route enters Ontario and after a quick stop through Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, we’ve reached the final destination of the bustling metropolis of Toronto.

For a taste of the region’s history and its significance in Canada’s history, visit The Last Spike at the Revelstoke Railway Museum between Sicamous and Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Image by: Generaal Gibson via Flickr

This museum stands in the location of the last Tip: Driving across Canada spike driven in the construction of the iconic can be tiring- be sure to take Canadian Pacific Railroad. Take a look at their lots of breaks to avoid falling collection of vintage trains, maps and tickets asleep or losing while gaining an understanding of life in concentration on the road. Canada in the 1800s.

Image by: amber_rsm via Flickr

The next stop after Revelstoke is to take in the sights of the breath-taking Lake Louise on the British Columbia-Alberta border, within the Banff National Park.

Ideal for a ski or snowboard trip in the winter, Lake Louise is also home to some of Canada’s most loved hiking trails and nature walks. Stop for a picnic or a stroll during your road trip for a well deserved driving break.

If you are travelling with kids or are just young at heart, Drumheller, Alberta is a must-see on your Cross-Canada road trip.

Image by: mastermaq via Flickr

As the Dinosaur Capital of Canada, Drumheller is home to an extensive outdoor and indoor dinosaur museum. Home also to the World’s Largest Dinosaur, Drumheller provides hours of entertainment.

Tip: Driving long distances can

Image by: laszlo-photo via Flickr

put a lot of wear and tear on your car. Find information on roadside assistance, brake service or auto glass repair before you leave for your adventure.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Image by: alteredphotographics via Flickr will be your next stop in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. Image by: camshafter via Flickr

Home to Mac the Moose, who is often visited by roadtrippers to the area, stands on the outskirts of Moose Jaw. For a view of Moose Jaw in the 1920s, visit the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, where bottles of rum were smuggled into the town during prohibition. Costumed guided tours are available for a uniquely Saskatchewan experience.

Image by: Loozrboy via Flickr

From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, continue on through the Prairies and on to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Just outside of Winnipeg you’ll find Oak Hammock Marsh, a popular nature reserve and interpretive centre. A visit to this educational establishment will broaden your knowledge of local habitats, wildlife and vegetation, as well as how to properly care for the endangered species Image by: Gary Yankech via Flickr of Canada.

Tip: Travel with snacks and water Image by: Adam Kahtava via Flickr

in your car to avoid over-spending on rest breaks. It’s also a good idea With one last stop at the tribute to the Canadian to grab a map with provincial rest one-dollar coin, The Loon Monument in Echo stop indicators so you can plan Bay, Ontario, you’ll be on your way to your final your long stretches of driving. destination: Toronto, Ontario.

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Drive Across Canada  
Drive Across Canada  

Before embarking on a Cross-Canadian road trip, check out this guide for top tips on Canada's best road trip attractions between Vancouver a...