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sia, Mongolia, China, VODKATRAIN – Experience Rus ground level, travelling Kazakstan, Uzbekistan & India at cities with a local with the locals, experiencing the und at local prices. Honcho, eating out & getting aro times, s of group travel (regimented meal Vodkatrain takes the traditional idea rellas umb ing hold le peop nge stra enforced sightseeing and following k up the backside. We prefer to thin aloft) and gives them a hearty kick ket), brac age 35 – 18 sic clas run with the of it as a collection of young (we rary. en to be following the same itine happ who ls idua indiv ded min likee mak we but , llers of your fellow trave We hope you’ll enjoy the company no guarantees! er’ rs because there is no ‘Tour Lead Vodkatrain sets itself apart from othe city stop. each at cho Hon l loca a but , or ‘Road Crew’ to lead the way with se to do your own thing, or hang out With no set activities you can choo in’s cous their to you take t don’ . They your Honcho and do the group thing the places you ask to see or the ones brother’s uncle’s carpet shop, just they’d love to show you. ign s between cities as any local or fore En-route you simply travel on train have the You . stop city each at cho Hon traveller would, and meet a new ons p (max 15) but none of the restricti benefit of being with a small grou the of none and g, brin t migh , schedule that a tour, with its fixed daytime . It’s a nifty ents ngem arra vity /acti ing tsee hassles of making hotel and sigh ll group travel at budget do-it-yourself combination of backpacking and sma our local legends thrown in! prices, with some priceless info from


– providing Vodkatrain is your support network en-route accommodation, transport, transfers most the get you help and local Honchos to stay. out of your you decide You decide what you want to see, t you want wha de what you want to eat, you deci per chea h muc the pay you to experience and r your teve Wha do. you g ythin ever for price local le free destination it’s an unforgettable hass ) you pany com a (and pany com journey, with . with fun have can







DAY d avenue of Nevsky Prospect! 02 St.Petersburg – Visit the gran to Moscow 03 St.Petersburg & overnight train ow 04 Early morning arrival in Mosc Gorky Park at time some d Spen 05 Moscow – to Irkutsk rture depa 06 Moscow & afternoon

09 Trans Siberian railway

to Lake Baikal 10 Morning arrival in Irkutsk & the shores of Lake Baikal 11 Lake Baikal – Enjoy a hike along tar

rture to Ulaanbaa 12 Return to Irkutsk & late depa 13 Trans Mongolian railway


19 Afternoon arrival in Beijing s & food 20 Beijing – Enjoy the colour, sight


tar 04 Morning departure to Ulaanbaa tar 05 Afternoon arrival in Ulaanbaa

to Lake Baikal 10 Morning arrival in Irkutsk & in the lake? 11 Lake Baikal – Why not a swim

rture to Moscow

depa 12 Return to Irkutsk & evening

15 Trans Siberian railway ow 16 Early morning arrival in Mosc

’s Cathedral & the Kremlin 17 Moscow – Red Square, St Basil St.Petersburg 18 Moscow & overnight train to tersburg 19 Early morning arrival in St.Pe e pe’s most unusual live music scen Euro 20 St.Petersburg – A city with 21 St.Petersburg

21 Beijing

PRICES START FINISH 22 Jan 2 Jan 29 Jan 9 Jan 16 Jan 5 Feb 30 Jan 19 Feb 20 Feb 11 Mar 25 Mar 5 Mar 19 Mar 8 Apr 22 Apr 2 Apr 16 Apr 6 May 27 May 7 May 14 May 3 Jun 21 May 10 Jun 29 May 18 Jun 24 Jun 4 Jun 11 Jun 1 Jul 18 Jun 8 Jul 22 Jul 2 Jul 29 Jul 9 Jul 5 Aug 16 Jul 19 Aug 30 Jul 26 Aug 6 Aug 20 Aug 9 Sep 23 Sep 3 Sep 10 Sep 30 Sep 24 Sep 14 Oct 21 Oct 1 Oct 15 Oct 4 Nov 25 Nov 5 Nov 19 Nov 9 Dec 10 Dec 30 Dec

Great Wall

14 Trans Siberian railway

of nomadic Mongolians 16 Ger Camp – A traditional home tar 17 Ger Camp & return to Ulaanbaa Across the Gobi to China – ng Beiji to rture 18 Morning depa


the 02 Beijing – Go for a hike along tomb s Mao’ miss 03 Beijing – Don’t

13 Trans Siberian railway

tar 14 Morning arrival in Ulaanbaa Camp Ger & 15 To countryside



r for evening departure to Irkutsk 08 Ger Camp & return to Ulaanbaata 09 Trans Mongolian railway

08 Trans Siberian railway

START FINISH 23 Jan 3 Jan 10 Jan 30 Jan 17 Jan 6 Feb 31 Jan 20 Feb 21 Feb 13 Mar 27 Mar 7 Mar 21 Mar 10 Apr 24 Apr 4 Apr 18 Apr 8 May 29 May 9 May 16 May 5 Jun 23 May 12 Jun 31 May 20 Jun 26 Jun 6 Jun 13 Jun 3 Jul 20 Jun 10 Jul 24 Jul 4 Jul 31 Jul 11 Jul 7 Aug 18 Jul 21 Aug 1 Aug 28 Aug 8 Aug 22 Aug 11 Sep 25 Sep 5 Sep 12 Sep 2 Oct 26 Sep 16 Oct 23 Oct 3 Oct 17 Oct 6 Nov 27 Nov 7 Nov 21 Nov 11 Dec 12 Dec 1 Jan


06 To countryside & Ger Camp Mongolian Steppe 07 Ger Camp – Enjoy life on the

07 Trans Siberian railway



01 Arrive Beijing

01 Arrive St.Petersburg





£1,960 2,305 $2,995 $3,200 $3,440 $4,230


DATES 2011



19 Jan 8 Feb 1 Mar 9 Feb 23 Feb 15 Mar 29 Mar 9 Mar 23 Mar 12 Apr 26 Apr 6 Apr 20 Apr 10 May 24 May 4 May 11 May 31 May 18 May 7 Jun 24 Jun 4 Jun 18 Jun 8 Jul 25 Jun 15 Jul 29 Jul 9 Jul 5 Aug 16 Jul 19 Aug 30 Jul 26 Aug 6 Aug 20 Aug 9 Sep 27 Aug 16 Sep 23 Sep 3 Sep 17 Sep 7 Oct 24 Sep 14 Oct 21 Oct 1 Oct 28 Oct 8 Oct 22 Oct 11 Nov 25 Nov 5 Nov 19 Nov 9 Dec 23 Dec 3 Dec 17 Dec 6 Jan

START FINISH 21 Jan 10 Feb 11 Feb 2 Mar 25 Feb 16 Mar 10 Mar 30 Mar 24 Mar 13 Apr 27 Apr 7 Apr 21 Apr 11 May 25 May 5 May 12 May 1 Jun 19 May 8 Jun 26 Jun 6 Jun 20 Jun 10 Jul 27 Jun 17 Jul 31 Jul 11 Jul 7 Aug 18 Jul 21 Aug 1 Aug 28 Aug 8 Aug 22 Aug 11 Sep 29 Aug 18 Sep 25 Sep 5 Sep 19 Sep 9 Oct 26 Sep 16 Oct 23 Oct 3 Oct 10 Oct 30 Oct 24 Oct 13 Nov 27 Nov 7 Nov 21 Nov 11 Dec 25 Dec 5 Dec 19 Dec 8 Jan


£1,960 2,305 $2,995 $3,200 $3,440 $4,230

S 2011


l Advisories 10d. Health & Government Trave te discretion may determine. yourself of the prevailing reason that Vodkatrain in its absolu It is your sole responsibility to inform train Vodka sary, neces is ry the government of your country by issued ries If an amendment to the tour itinera adviso travel Where such amendments precautions (including health) will provide similar tour inclusions. regarding the risks and associated content is changed, or s visited on your are major (25% or more of the tour d to travel to the countries and region relate cost tour hed publis the of travel health specialists a price surcharge greater than 15% tour. Health advice is available from tour the 348) before Organisation. 066 known 005 is Health t (A.C.N World dmen d the is required) and this amen and international bodies such as Sundowners Travel Centre Pty. Limite the opportunity to transfer advising you of such d (both referred to as commences, you will be offered train will not be responsible for Vodka and Sundowners Travel (Europe) Limite l cance or ngs date, departure that occur to such travel tions), accept booki to an alternative tour, alter your travel advisories or of any changes “Vodkatrain” in these booking condi paid to Vodkatrain for the of the tour. ture depar to prior with a full refund of any monies ries adviso subject to the following conditions: ims any liability to you for the tour. Vodkatrain otherwise discla HARGES expenses incurred by you 11. OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES 1. BROCHURE VALIDITY & SURC costs of airfares, visas or any other the opportunity to engage in on the Vodkatrain and ry. ure broch this in ned contai When on tour, you may be offered dment or change to the tour itinera Information amen any of wledge and agree result prices a as hed Publis ation. ns beyond the non-itinerary activities. You ackno or reaso al for option and tour the of website is correct at the time of public tion If, during the opera risky and Vodkatrain will nge rates at that time (Sep ble to change, amend such activities may be inherently that advisa es becom are based on the prevailing excha it train, Vodka of l contro loss, damage, injury, accident to exchange rates and not be responsible to you for any start or finish city of the tour, 2010). Our prices may change due or alter an itinerary, including the of your participation therein. nal were correct at the time of result a additio as any prices the and occur er, tion may howev that discre te costs absolu other Vodkatrain may do so in its right to adjust the prices be the responsibility of publishing. Vodkatrain reserves the 12. RESPONSIBILITY costs incurred in these changes will , government action or arrangement of travel services. listed due to currency fluctuations ler. the Vodkatrain acts as an agent in the travel d the beyon timetables train and ries t to the terms and itinera to ts dmen amen ers and tickets are issued subjec vouch on All ation ELLER inform TRAV BY date – to up ION 7. CANCELLAT ier of those travel services. control of Vodkatrain. For the most conditions specified by the suppl med, Vodkatrain will only confir been has g bookin g the services, te. your utilisin websi Once and pricing please see our By accepting the vouchers and tickets the event of cancellation the liability accept cancellations in writing. In except where the law provides that that agree you apply: 1a. Rail Ticket Price Surcharges following charges will Vodkatrain shall not surcharges may be applied responsibility may not be excluded, or ture depar to Seasonal, currency exchange or fuel prior property more or or n days of either perso al rail monopolies that • Cancellations received 75 be liable or responsible in respect to some rail ticket prices by the nation ion, fault s of deposit the countries Vodkatrain ge, injury, accident, delay, divers of —Los dama many in loss, any prices for ing ticket l contro sustained or suffered in 35 days and 74 days prior ses are outside our control or irregularity however occasioned, • Cancellations received between travels through. Such price increa tour in the carrying out of any on such surcharges. Any price the course of any journey, trip or to departure—50% of the tour price. and we reserve the right to pass be will ies booked by or through price increases 35 days prior to departure arrangements or the use of any facilit surcharge required due to rail ticket • Cancellations received less than made with a foreign the commencement your withstanding that the booking is not and it price. tour advised at least 60 days prior to total of % —100 You understand, and accept, payment will be required es only. company, corporation or person. servic tour to Vodkatrain travel arrangements and apply fees llation ence the level of services, in Note: These cance in which you comm that when joining a Vodkatrain tour apply to airline tickets. by way of a local payment in the city but not limited Different cancellation charges will nts. or regions to be visited including ries these of count the some , llation your Vodkatrain travel arrangeme cance transportation and Depending on the reason for your insurance medical facilities, accommodation, your to, under rable recove be ING may es those you would expect at 2. MAKING A BOOK cancellation charg communication will be lower than d you choose to leave lers not younger than 18 years acknowledge Vodkatrain journeys are for travel policy. No refunds will be made shoul traditional holiday destinations. You more in or home, any and you accept this and not older than 35 years. your tour early or choose not to utilise can increase your personal risk, this that eted compl fully a requires for any loss or damage arising of the included services. To confirm your booking Vodkatrain risk. Vodkatrain shall not be liable t to Vodkatrain or submitted it has no control including, withou ATRAIN which VODK BY over – r ION matte client information form (provided a ELLAT of out CANC 8. e tour t, terrorist is accepted on the date when es the right to cancel any tour (befor war or threat of war, riots, civil unres online via our website). A booking reserv tion, train limita Vodka issued and force in writing conditions, fire, flood, nteed departures, due to Vodkatrain has confirmed acceptance activity, natural disaster, weather commencement), including guara contract between Vodkatrain action or the reasonable threat of war, civil unrest, an invoice. It is at this point that a industrial disputes, government majeure, health concerns, war, or booking your reason e other Befor any nce. or es existe ing. disput into s rial forego and the Client come apprehension of any of the acts of terrorism, strikes, indust s into force, Vodkatrain that Vodkatrain in its absolute is confirmed and a contract come outside the control of Vodkatrain 13. DEEMED CONSENT booking at their discretion. circumstances a full refund such In ine. determ reserves the right to decline any may deemed to have agreed tion discre By commencing your tour you are rs arising from it, is subject be made and this will be the full extent will Conditions and paid The contract, including all matte price tour the of the nted to all terms in these Booking lled jurisdiction of conse cance ive is and ture exclus the depar and nteed alia) guara (Austr a If Law to Victorian to you by Vodkatrain or any of Vodkatrain’s liability. in any other documents provided Vodkatrain other than a a full refund of monies re, majeu force than on your behalf. tour other Victorian Courts. No employee of ns the d for reaso other person who may have booke or omit any of these terms train will offer to you a 25% represent and director has the authority to vary paid will be made. In addition Vodka ise on behalf of another party, you book otherw you train If . Vodka refund tour. or nt ative discou altern or promise any duly authorised to provide reduction in the price of an warrant to Vodkatrain that you are airfares, visas or any of costs the for you to you agree to y and liabilit party disclaims any 2a. Deposits the agreement and consent the other a result of any tour cancellation. this regard. tour cost or a minimum other expenses incurred by you as train for any breach of warranty in Vodka nify A deposit equivalent to 10% of the indem £100 CAD $200, GBP S of AUD $200, NZD $200, USD $200, (UK & EU CLIENTS ONLY) PHOTOGRAPHS AND RECORDING RITY 9. SECU ever CIAL which of FINAN cy) lers YOUR curren n travel 14. chose s and/or other or EUR €150 per person (of your protected in accordance When on tour, employees, agent To ensure your tour booking is fully take photographs or make as payment for tours is the greater. Vodkatrain may from time to time fy you. EU regulations all monies received with identi may that ies activit tour diately deposited into a recordings of you and 2b. Final Payment booked with Vodkatrain will be imme and all photographs any tour use the to right before the days es 75 until the tour has due reserv there is n Vodkatrain Final payment of the balance Client Trust Account and will remai for promotional reasons be cancelled if full payment up your tour are and/or recordings made on tour leted or the services which make departure date and your booking may using In comp . been media will it other or depos et your intern case which in printed materials, on the is not received by the due date, in your name, paid in full by Vodkatrain. reveal to days prior to not 75 than takes less g under train bookin your Vodka e such images, be forfeited. If we receiv information. You consent paid in full at time of booking. 15. OTHER contact details or other personal the tour departure date, it must be wledge and agree that you ings by Vodkatrain and you By paying your deposit you ackno the use of such images or record to nt or other all related ‘booking conditions’. payme to d 3. REFUND entitle be not will tion, you have read, understood and agree to , accommoda wledge that meals ackno tours, any for such made d Vodkatrain of any of be use will advise you have nt or for the No refunds that m conse of confir giving also tour the You the for in ed ion ensat includ comp services s or it your full participation. sightseeing, transfers, or any other Vodkatrain may keep such image lity or condition which may prohib arily ings. disabi volunt record e or s choos image you d shoul , cost, which you did not utilise . recordings of you on record to leave the tour early or 16. FULL PARTICIPATION to not use the service if you decide be required to carry your e the service for reasons LUGGAGE: On all journeys you will 10. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY should Vodkatrain be unable to provid and h stations and between d booke e servic any for luggage on or off the trains, throug iour own Behav nable Reaso beyond its control. Any refund due 10a. what you can carry. omise to accommodate made by Vodkatrain after the vehicles and hotels. Please only bring ing in a group may require some compr paid for, but not provided, will be Travell joining bags. services. group members. When Do not bring oversize suitcases or completion of your Vodkatrain travel the different desires and abilities of take to conduct yourself in a our journeys it is expected NATIONS a Small Group Journey you under WALKING: To fully participate in er mann a in ies as act 4. PASSPORTS, VISAS AND VACCI you If ics. is dynam It y. for your journe be able to complete the day’s activit cive to good group d visas condu shoul er and you ort mann that passp valid a e on You will requir e walking for much of or enjoyment of others e that you are in possession ed by your Honcho. This will includ that threatens or disrupts the safety outlin e requir tion solely your responsibility to ensur discre stairs and uneven surfaces. her absolute to comply with the laws and the tour, the Honcho may in his or the sightseeing, and includes steps, in such of the necessary documentation If you are required to leave a tour sole responsibility tour. your the available facilities, specific is It . and leave you visited ations be that to destin ies the to countr MEALS: Due regulations of the any unused services. stances, no refund will be made for will need to be managed by the ntative medicines as may be preve circum ences and prefer y ations dietar vaccin nal perso obtain to expense paid locally by the Information about these individual traveller, and any extra required for the duration of the tour. 10b. Your Health & Fitness have not been taken into without responsibility on the that you have a suitable level ler. Individual dietary preferences travel matters is given in good faith but It is your responsibility to ensure you operation of these journeys. y of your choice and that consideration in the planning and part of Vodkatrain. of fitness to undertake the journe are lines guide s . Fitnes When joining our journeys have received required vaccinations TOLERANCE AND CONSIDERATION: the advice 5. INSURANCE al cost. Vodkatrain will t the diverse personalities, physic Tour Dossiers. You should also seek tour the accep the in to in ed ted ed provid expec includ be not will is you nce c Travel insura ers, and list regarding the specifi injury or damages suffered expectations of other group memb travel of your doctor or travel health specia and es abiliti s region and not be responsible or liable for any to the countries these differences, as well or occurring during your health recommendations for travel will be required to accommodate or incurred in any way arising from Vodkatrain of any medical places visited, and conduct nce (including medical visited on your tour. You must inform as any cultural sensitivities of the the tour. in journey. Comprehensive travel insura n ipatio partic ys full journe your nt train for all Vodka that may preve conducive to good group dynamics. er lsory ion mann condit compu a is in elf cover) yours iation unfit repatr ally and o consider you medic to require you to leave the tour of all travellers included Should Vodkatrain or your Honch and Vodkatrain reserves the right You acknowledge that you act on behalf al condition deteriorate during of their ed the appropriate cover. to join a tour or should your medic g and that you have informed them fully to in the event that you have not secur bookin able r this on longe no are you the tour, to an extent where tions under these conditions. leave the tour. to obliga ed requir be will you 6. AMENDMENTS TO BOOKINGS tour, the participate in or altered or waived by any g in any way, Vodkatrain will d services in such an event. These conditions cannot be varied If you wish to change your bookin No refund will be made for any unuse modate changes and old or of Vodkatrain or any other agents reserve the right to withh servant, agent or representative make every reasonable effort to accom their and train Vodka apply: will fees following tour. Any contract between e whose inappropriate person providing services on the additional requests. However, the withdraw tour participation for anyon the State to affect the smooth is deemed to have been made in from one tour to another likely train g is ion Vodka bookin and your condit al you er medic transf to or iour wish behav • If you ned by the laws of the State or enjoyment your departure the following of Victoria, Australia, shall be gover the tour or adversely affect the safety of tion with opera and there is at least 75 days until court a by be dealt with onally, Vodkatrain reserves cy of your booking: AUD of Victoria and any disputes shall of other travellers on the tour. Additi transfer fees apply as per the curren iction in Victoria. t medical certificate GBP £50 or EUR €75 jurisd curren a $100, on priate CAD insist appro to $100, the time USD any at $100, the right $100, NZD may refuse carriage if a stating that you are fit to travel, and per person. on to exclude d is incorporated in in any way less than 75 certificate is not supplied. Any decisi g Sundowners Travel (Europe) Limite ctory bookin satisfa your e chang to wish • If you ty. Registered Office: Elm made by Vodkatrain without cancellation fee detailed in England & Wales with limited liabili a passenger for any reason will be you ey days from the departure date the Journ Group a Small , Claygate, Surrey KT10 OTB. joining South When Lane rse. stock recou r Wood furthe Farm, any Clause 7 will be payable. 448 o. Company Registration number: 05176 accept the authority of the Honch your arrangements the • For any other changes made to Pty Limited (A.C.N. 005 066 348) cy of your e Centr curren l the Trave per as wners apply laints Sundo fees t 10c. Comp following amendmen ered in Australia with offices any aspect of the travel $50, CAD $50, GBP £25 or is a limited liability company regist Should you have a complaint about booking: AUD $50, NZD $50, USD urne, Victoria, 3000 the attention of the Honcho tion to this is pre or post d at Level 1, 51 Queen Street, Melbo locate arrangements you must bring it to EUR €30 per person. The only excep the contained in this brochure. time. Failure to notify es which may be added and is the operator for the journeys or our local representative at the tour accommodation and other servic sely adver may Travel Agents y e. holds diatel d ve imme departure without charg Sundowners Travel Centre Pty Limite Honcho or our local representati up to one calendar month before If the problem is not solved can be added with payment er 30093. Numb ce affect your claim to compensation. Licen Within one calendar month, these g rd your complaint in writin above. to your satisfaction you must forwa of the amendment fee as shown after completion of the tour. d any tour itinerary due to Vodktrain no later than 28 days Vodkatrain reserves the right to amen conditions, or any other 19 to force majeure, changes in local

following It is important that you read the . booking conditions before you book Vodkatrain is for 18-35’s only

Vodka Train Europe and Asia Holidays, by TravelRope  
Vodka Train Europe and Asia Holidays, by TravelRope  

Vodka Train Europe and Asia Holidays, by TravelRope