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Kimberley CRUISES


Fa r N o r t h W i l d e r N e s s C r u i s i N g a N d r a i l e x p e d i t i o N s


cruise cOMPANY


A Kimberley cruise is an adventure of a lifetime. The breathtaking coastline of Western Australia’s north is like no other place. Barely touched for centuries, its dramatic limestone cliffs, calm turquoise waters, picturesque archipelagos and stunning waterfalls provide a miraculous backdrop to a cruise holiday. Only a Kimberley cruise can get you this close to the untamed wildlife, remote swimming holes, secret fishing spots and Indigenous rock art sites that are inaccessible by any other means. Broome & The Kimberley Holidays offers cruise holidays that will stay with you forever. We live and breathe the Kimberley, and we’re proud to share our local knowledge with you. Let us show you our favourite places. The Kimberley is our home, and with decades of experience in the region, we can tailor an adventure just for you.


Welcome to Broome & The Kimberley Holidays itt gives me a great deal of pleasure to present to you our Kimberley Cruising and rail expedition programme for 2011-12. in the pages that follow, we have presented what we deem to be, some of the best holiday experiences in our region. When i began Broome & the Kimberley holidays some 14 years ago, our intention was to bring the spectacular colours and majestic images of our home, to adventure thirsty travellers in the south. outh. it was relatively difficult for travellers to communicate with individual owner operators of smaller vessels at that time. however, being based in Broome, our specialised, local expertise in itinerary planning, allowed us to bring the two parties together and i’m delighted that our programme has now grown to not only include cruising, but also iconic rail expeditions, including the ghan, and 4Wd adventures throughout the magnificent Kimberley. New to our programme are the papua New guinea cruises and having experienced them myself, i’m confident you will find pNg an amazing destination. thank you for choosing Broome & the Kimberley holidays to plan your next cruise adventure. our team and i wish you a very happy holiday. Bernard Whewell Managing director

Contents Coral princess Cruises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Kimberley – Australia’s North – Papua New Guinea – Melanesia

orion expedition Cruises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 The Kimberley - Arnhem Land - Papua New Guinea – The Spice Islands

North star Cruises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 West Coast of WA – The Kimberley – Coral Atoll – Papua New Guinea –

Solomon Islands pearl sea Coastal Cruises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 . The Kimberley

Kimberley to ocean (K2o) (K2 – The Kimberley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 the great escape Charter Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 The Kimberley

diversity Charter Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 The Kimberley

C Quest – The Kimberley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 odyssey expeditions – The Kimberley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 cruise Packages 11 Night Kimberley icons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 12 Night Kimberley snapshots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 15 Night Kimberley expedition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 rail & cruise expeditions 18 Night rail Cruise expeditions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 the ghan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Accommodation Broome accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Kununurra accommodation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Kimberley Wilderness accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 darwin accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Kakadu & arnhem land Wilderness accommodation ccommodation. . . . . . . . .36 36 Cairns and palm Cove accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 port douglas accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Booking terms and Conditions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40

Davidson’s at Mt Borradaile Bamurru Plains

Faraway Bay

Mitchell Falls Wilderness Lodge Marunbabidi Wilderness Camp

Horizontal Waterfalls

Charnley River Station Imintji Wilderness Camp


Coral Princess Cruises

Coral Princess Cruises is Australia’s most awarded and longest established expedition cruise operator having pioneered the concept of small-ship cruising along the spectacular Kimberley Coast. Choose to cruise aboard the state-of-the-art, 63 metre luxury expedition ship Oceanic Discoverer or the legendary 35 metre catamaran Coral Princess; whichever you choose you are assured of an adventure of a lifetime. Exploring in the company of an all-Australian crew and team of expert Guest Lecturers, you will gain a thorough understanding of the region’s landscapes, flora and fauna and ancient art sites that only true ‘local knowledge’ can deliver. When you join Coral Princess Cruises on a 10-night expedition cruise between Darwin and Broome you won’t just see the remarkable Kimberley but truly experience it! Oceanic Discoverer offers the facilities you would expect of larger ships. A choice of superior accommodation grades, junior king or twin size bed configurations, Italian en-suite bathrooms, independently controlled air conditioning, cocktail bars, spa pool, sundeck, library, lecture lounge with large plasma screens, powerpoint/slide/video facilities, phone, facsimile and internet. Oceanic Discoverer has been designed to offer superior comfort in cruising and retains a shallow draft allowing safe access to mighty rivers and scenic landscapes, while active stabilizers ensure comfortable open water cruising. Carrying a specially designed 72 passenger high speed exploration vessel and a fleet of Zodiacs with experienced and highly informative Expedition Leaders and Guest Lecturers, you are assured of exclusive experiences with exploration excursions

throughout your cruise. Limited to just 72 guests the Oceanic Discoverer retains the intimate and personal experience for which the company is renowned. Interactive crew, Expedition Leader and Guest Lecturers together with an open bridge policy all contribute to retaining this culture. Coral Princess again offers all the facilities you would expect of larger ships. A choice of air conditioned accommodation grades, double or twin bed configurations, en-suite bathrooms, cocktail bar, spa pool, sundeck, library, lecture lounge with powerpoint/slide/video facilities, phone and facsimile. Coral Princess, a 35-metre catamaran, offers comfort in cruising and a shallow draft allowing safe access to the mighty rivers and scenic inlets the Kimberley has to offer. Carrying a specially designed exploration vessel and inflatable Zodiacs with experienced and highly informative Expedition Leaders and Guest Lecturers, you are assured of unique experiences of exploration throughout your cruise. Limited to just 48 guests the Coral Princess provides the ultimate intimate and personal experience for which she is renowned. Interactive crew, Expedition Leader and Guest Lecturers together with an open bridge policy all contribute to retaining this culture. Join Coral Princess Cruises on your expedition cruise of choice to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Dream – Explore - Discover 4

cruise COMPANY Coral Princess Cruises PRICES 2011 Coral Princess 10 Nights – The Kimberley 11 Nights – Across the Top Of Australia Cabin




Upper Deck Stateroom


Deluxe Stateroom


Prices per person twin share Max: 48 passengers

Oceanic Discoverer 10 Nights – The Kimberley 11 Nights – Across the Top Of Australia

11 Nights – Across the Top Of Australia

10 Nights – The Kimberley

A 10-night exploration voyage to the Kimberley has so many highlights; it’s hard to know where to begin. Your expedition cruise begins from either Broome or Darwin and takes in all of the region’s scenic and cultural highlights in unrivalled style. Experienced, highly informative Expedition Leaders and Guest Lecturers will lead the expedition, maximising the sightseeing experiences offered by the breathtaking scenery and magnificent sunsets, whilst making sensitive arrangements to allow guests to absorb the culture of one of the world’s most ancient people, the Australian Aborigine, including the opportunity to view the Kimberley’s unique Bradshaw (Gwion) rock art. A specially designed excursion boat and inflatable Zodiacs allow you to explore the gorges of the Mitchell, King George, Prince Regent and Hunter rivers. For the more adventurous, optional helicopter flights above the stunning four-tiered Mitchell Falls are also available. The enormous array of birdlife and native wildlife, including the saltwater crocodile, makes every moment of this expedition unique. The hundreds of islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, the tidal phenomena at Montgomery Reef and the extraordinary Horizontal Falls of Talbot Bay … The Kimberley has it all.

This expedition commences in either Cairns or Darwin and encompasses the great diversity and rugged beauty of the northern Australian coastline. Throughout your voyage of discovery you will be accompanied by your Expedition Leader who will provide expert interpretation and insight into these ancient lands. Discover all the scenic highlights of Australia’s northern coastline and Top End; from the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, the ‘Tip of Australia’ on Cape York, Torres Strait and Thursday Island to Arnhem Land, Cobourg Peninsula and the Tiwi Islands, this 11-night voyage will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Main Deck B


Main Deck A


Promenade Deck B


Promenade Deck A


Bridge Deck


Prices per person twin share Max: 72 passengers

departures 2011 Coral Princess Ex Broome Ex darwin April 18 April 8 May 9 April 29 August 22 May 20 September 12 July 1 July 22 August 12

September 2

Oceanic Discoverer EX Broome EX Darwin April 25 April 15 May 16 May 6 June 6 May 27 June 27 June 17 July 18 July 8 August 8 July 29 August 29 August 19 September 19 September 9 October 10

September 30

11 Nights – Across the Top Of Australia Coral Princess Ex Cairns

Ex Darwin

March 27 October 14

Oceanic Discoverer Ex Cairns Ex Darwin April 3 October 21


Coral Princess Cruises cruise COMPANY

Mysterious Papua New Guinea is, in the truest sense, the last frontier on earth. It isn’t hard to see how this untamed land earns its reputation in the ‘must do’ itineraries of even the most seasoned travellers.

10 Nights – Papua New Guinea Expedition – Alotau to Rabaul and vice versa

PRICES 2011 Oceanic Discoverer 10 Nights – Papua New Guinea Expedition Main Deck B Main Deck A Promenade Deck B Promenade Deck A Bridge Deck

$8450 $8750 $9150 $9450 $9950

12 Nights – Papua New Guinea Expedition Main Deck B $8850 Main Deck A $9150 Promenade Deck B $9550 Promenade Deck A $9850 Bridge Deck $10350 Prices per person twin share Max: 72 passengers

Explore mighty rivers, smouldering volcanoes and tropical jungles, all beyond the reach of most other travellers. Reach into the heart and soul of these fascinating lands, while cruising in total comfort and unmatched style with Coral Princess Cruises aboard the luxury small-ship Oceanic Discoverer. On your 10-night journey of discovery you will retrace the paths of early explorers and discover areas seldom visited. Explore the Dei Dei hot springs and meet the landowners who will share the myth of Seulseulina, and summon for you the spirit of the spring. Visit the Trobriands, historically known as the ‘Islands of Love’, the fabled ‘Trobes’ offer a glimpse of unspoilt traditional culture. Discover the remote islands and reefs of the Witu Islands with the promise of excellent swimming, snorkelling, diving and glass bottom boat excursions and much more. Cruise one of the world’s great rivers, the mighty Sepik. Flowing for 1126km from the Central Highlands to the sea, the river is one of the least developed regions of PNG. Purpose-built for expedition cruising in the South Pacific, Oceanic Discoverer will cruise 100 kilometres upriver to the Middle Sepik, where the remote townsfolk are renowned for their unique artefacts. Only with Coral Princess Cruises you will visit the remote Sepik villages of Bien and Angoram, inaccessible to other expedition ships.

Visit traditional Sepik villages, where the people are amongst the greatest primitive artists on earth. Despite cruising through some of the most isolated places on earth, guests aboard Oceanic Discoverer will enjoy luxury and elegance at their fingertips. Oceanic Discoverer allows access to the most isolated wonders, yet retains the relaxed ambience of a luxury private yacht.

12 Nights – Papua New Guinea Expedition – Cairns to Rabaul and vice versa

For those with more time to enjoy, extend for an additional two nights to cross the China Strait between Cairns and Alotau or vice versa. This is a land of the unexpected, a place of stark contrasts where fearsome frowns magically become welcoming smiles and village children your lifelong friends! Join the select few who have experienced the unforgettable wonders of Papua New Guinea. Ask us for details about our special charter flights to/from PNG exclusively for Coral Princess Cruises’ guests.

DEP A R T URES 2 0 1 1 10 Nights – Papua New Guinea Expedition EX ALOTAU EX RABAUL November 4 November 14 November 24 December 4

12 Nights – Papua New Guinea Expedition EX CAIRNS EX RABAUL November 2 December 4


Coral Princess cruise COMPANYCruises

PRICES Oceanic Discoverer 2010


13 Nights – Melanesia Expedition Main Deck B Main Deck A Promenade Deck B Promenade Deck A Bridge Deck

$10500 $10950 $11500 $11950 $12500

$10800 $11250 $11800 $12250 $12800

15 Nights – Melanesia Expedition Main Deck B Main Deck A Promenade Deck B Promenade Deck A Bridge Deck

$10900 $11350 $11900 $12350 $12900

$11200 $11650 $12200 $12650 $13200

Prices per person twin share Max: 72 passengers

departures Extending from the West Pacific to the Arafura Sea for over 2,000 kilometres, Melanesia is a chain of island archipelagos and nations including New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Join Coral Princess Cruises on an unforgettable expedition cruise to these remarkable, rarely visited lands sure to leave even the most experienced traveller breathless.

13 Nights – Melanesia Expedition – Alotau to Noumea and Noumea to Rabaul

The legendary romance of the seas of the South Pacific is alive and well in this sparkling collection of treasure islands. Most of the islands share magical white sandy beaches, tropical rainforest, colourful birds and butterflies, turquoise lagoons and extensive coral reefs teeming with beautiful fish and other marine life. Aboard the luxury small-ship Oceanic Discoverer you will slip into hidden lagoons with an expert crew that can show you the best views of volcanoes and the most colourful coral reefs while interpreting the many interesting island cultures in between. In the Solomon Islands you will discover relics from the legendary World War II naval battles of the Coral Sea, including tiny Kennedy Island, and in Vanuatu relax on beautiful Champagne Beach, renowned as one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Experience the friendly welcome of the happy islander people as they introduce you to their village lifestyles, ancient rituals and traditional customs. With a diverse range of over 1,000 cultural groups throughout the archipelago, many different styles of expression have emerged, each village having created their own unique forms in art, dance, weaponry, costumes and music. From the specially designed excursion vessel ‘Xplorer’, fleet of Zodiacs and glass bottom boat you will explore and experience all that these itineraries have to offer. Whether your interest is cultural, natural history, geology, wildlife, early exploration, swimming, snorkelling, SCUBA diving or just relaxing – the memories of these very special expeditions will last a lifetime.

13 Nights – Melanesia Expedition 2010 2011 EX ALOTAU December 22 December 22 EX NOUMEA N/A March 5

15 Nights – Melanesia Expedition EX CAIRNS December 20 December 20

15 Nights – Melanesia Expedition – Cairns to Noumea

For those with more time to enjoy, extend for an additional two nights to cross the China Strait between Cairns and Alotau or vice versa. Celebrate Christmas in unforgettable style. December departures in 2010 and 2011 include traditional Christmas festivities in the Solomon Islands and New Year’s Eve celebrations at Vanuatu’s spectacular Champagne Beach.


cruiseexpedition COMPANY Cruises orion

Welcome to the world of Orion – a path less travelled. Launched in November 2003, Orion is a purpose-built expedition vessel opening Australia to a new way of travel. Orion provides access to remote and intriguing areas whilst providing an unexpected and unmatched range of five star onboard facilities. You could be forgiven for thinking you were on a far larger ship, an impression reinforced by the high standard of accommodation, across all staterooms and suites. With 75 crew and a maximum of just 106 guests, Orion offers the highest staff-to-guest ratio and guest-to-public space ratio of any ship based in Australian waters, so it is no wonder Orion is widely regarded as the most luxurious ship of its kind in this part of the world.

old Aboriginal rock art or witness the immense landscape flame red in the setting sun. Whether you are snorkelling over sunken relics from World War II in Papua New Guinea or enjoying a Camel Safari in Broome, there are many unique opportunities for enriching experiences that will engage the mind and fuel the soul. Perfectly proportioned, Orion is small enough to be intimate and large enough to be safe. She can reach smaller ports and inlets but brave against the greatest sea. Her onboard luxuries beautifully complement the pristine outdoor panorama. A perfect way to experience spectacular parts of Australia in style.

Orion boasts a host of advanced design features including technology that sets new standards in sustainable marine environmental practices. The vessel itself is sleek- modern and comfortable, practical and luxurious, from its expert guides to the chilled champagne onboard. Dining is in the elegant Constellation Restaurant or on the open deck nearby, while a panoramic observation lounge has a wrap-around deck. Orion offers a range of included and optional Shoreside Expeditions designed to enhance the destination exploration. Be touched by the spray of roaring waterfalls, step ashore to discover age-


cruise COMPANY Cruises orion expedition PRICES 2011 10 Night Kimberley Expedition B Stateroom


A Stateroom


Junior Suite


Deluxe Suite


Balcony Suite


Owners Suite


8 Night Art of Arnhem Land

Kimberley Expeditions

Orion Expedition Cruises 10 night Kimberley Expeditions offers the most inclusive Kimberley experience together with service standards unequalled in the Southern Hemisphere departing from Darwin or Broome undertaking an in-depth exploration of this remote coastline. Orion’s Expedition Team will lead your exploration of secluded beaches and river inlets – waters famous for an abundance of wildlife. From spectacular waterfalls and awe inspiring gorges, to ancient cultural history and indigenous rock art, the only way you can access the best of the Kimberley is from the sea onboard Orion. This itinerary includes complimentary flight seeing over the famous Bungle Bungle ranges first brought to the world’s attention only 25 years ago, a natural wonder seen firsthand by only a privileged few.

B Stateroom


A Stateroom


Junior Suite


Deluxe Suite


Balcony Suite


Owners Suite Prices per person twin share Max: 106 guests


Departures 2011 10 Night Kimberley Expedition Ex broome Ex darwin May 5 April 25 May 25 May 15 June 14 June 4 July 4 June 24 August 4 July 25 August 24 August 14

8 Night Art of Arnhem Land September 13

Arnhem Land

There are some journeys well marked on the traveller’s map as “must do”. There are other journeys the highlights of which are not marked on any map. These are journeys for which there are no postcards; journeys where the people of the places you will visit are as excited and intrigued by your arrival as you will be. Orion’s exploration of the remote art communities of Arnhem Land will be further enhanced through the onboard presence and presentations of professionals and art historians covering the evolution of culture, the history of colonial and contemporary art and recent painting from Australia’s remote Aboriginal communities. Join Orion in Australia’s Top End on her journey to explore the Art of Arnhem Land for 8 nights from Darwin to Cairns.


orion cruiseexpedition COMPANY Cruises

PRICES 2011 Papua New Guinea Cultural Highlights B Stateroom A Stateroom Junior Suite Deluxe Suite Balcony Suite Owners Suite

$8995 $10445 $12410 $13590 $16220 $18840

Spice Island Adventure

B Stateroom $8175 A Stateroom $9495 Junior Suite $11275 Deluxe Suite $12350 Balcony Suite $14735 Owners Suite $17120 Prices per person twin share Max: 106 guests

DEPA R T URES 2011 Papua New Guinea Cultural Highlights Ex Rabaul EX CAIRNS March 23 April 3

Spice Island Adventure Ex DARWIN July 14


Papua New Guinea Cultural Highlights

Amazing, courageous and opportunistic explorers they were. Until you have been to Orion’s Papua New Guinea it is hard to fathom how anyone got here – a lost paradise of excitable, sincere welcomes. “Remote” is an understatement as we witness completely mysterious ceremonies blended with the hues of a thousand cultures from islands and archipelagos that stretch from Cairns to the Solomons. Rainforests blanket the mountains and hills that flow down ancient volcanic peaks to the sea. Our ship morphs into this backdrop of coastal villages and lush vegetation. You are reminded of how to live with nothing more than the skill and knowledge of a sustainable culture. We swim in waters so clear they induce vertigo. Each day of these expeditions will reveal much of the recent history of Papua New Guinea including the major heroic events from WWll. The first land victory against the Japanese in 1942 at Milne Bay was hailed as destroying the legend of Japanese ‘invincibility’. WWII relics are everywhere, from abandoned airfields to landing barges

overgrown by jungle. This land of 800 languages, the cultural diversity will take your breath away. Whether it is the mysterious art of the Sepik or the feathered headdresses of a Tufi tribesman, it never fails to astonish. From volcanic tropical fiords, flooded craters like Rabaul’s Simpson Harbour, to pristine white sand beaches, the beauty of Papua New Guinea is wonderfully varied. Experience PNG for 11 nights departing from Cairns or Rabaul with the option of the exclusive charter flight leaving from Cairns to embark or disembark from Rabaul. One way charter flight between Cairns and Rabaul is available for an additional $600.

Spice Island Adventure

Remote, exotic and aromatic, the Spice Islands evoke visions of 17th century Dutch explorers building a wealthy trading empire, far from their European home. The history of this region is as rich and pungent as the spices it produced. Explorers and world wars have traversed this isolated line of islands, and yet their culture remains unique and intact. Centuries of artisan’s creations are expressed in colourful and unique artworks. Naturalists will marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna demarked by the Wallace Line. Further to the west, the pre-historic dragons of Komodo remind us how short our human history is. Wallacea is the epitome of Orion’s raison d’être. This voyage promises the excitement of old places and traditions captured anew. History and customs, long forgotten, rediscovered as you visit exotic Kisar, Alor, Maumere, Komodo, Sumba and Rote. This voyage embarks and disembarks in Darwin allowing convenient air connections.


North Cruises cruise Star COMPANY

North Star Cruises Australia is Kimberley’s leading and most experienced luxury cruise operator offering a wide range of Australian luxury cruises. Our luxury cruises have won many hearts and awards & are considered the best of all cruises in Australia The multi-awarded North Star Cruises Australia conducts adventure-cruises all around the Australian coastline and, in the stunning waters of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Sea. Your taste for adventure and our carefully crafted ‘Seven Seas sailing schedule will ensure every destination is at its stunning best!

greater opportunity for everybody onboard to do “what they want, when they want!” And, to add yet another dimension to adventure, the True North sails with her very own helicopter. Carrying guests in airconditioned comfort, the ship’s helicopter provides unique opportunity to witness grandeur; unique opportunity to fish billabongs that have never been fished; unique opportunity to discover your very own wilderness. The True North is in a ‘class of its own’ featuring surroundings more akin to one of the world’s most exclusive hotels

Regardless of whether you are witnessing breath taking majesty in the Kimberley, being humbled by the overwhelming hospitality of the South Pacific or, kicking up your heels in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will be in the right place at the right time and, you will quickly discover why our guests consistently remark “that’s the best holiday I have ever had” A guest limit of 36 and an Australian crew of 20 ensures the personal service that North Star is famous for and six expedition vessels allow guests to experience wilderness up close and in small groups. The luxury of numerous tenders also means that different activities can be accommodated simultaneously providing


cruise North COMPANY Star Cruises




West Coast Explorer (10 nights) Ocean Class River Class Explorer Class

$8995 $11995 $13995

$9995 $12995 $14995

Kimberley Ultimate (13 nights) Ocean Class River Class Explorer Class

$16495 $21995 $24995

$17495 $22995 $25995

Kimberley Gorges (7 nights) Ocean Class River Class Explorer Class

$10495 $12495 $14495

$10995 $12995 $14995

$10495 $12495 $14495

$10995 $12995 $14995

Kimberley Snapshot (7 nights) Ocean Class River Class Explorer Class

$10495 $12495 $14495

$10995 $12995 $14995

Coral Atoll Cruise (5 nights) Ocean Class $4995 River Class $6995 Explorer Class $7995 Prices per person twin share Max: 36 passengers

A voyage of discovery from Fremantle to Ningaloo – encounter a vast and remarkable coastline featuring social marine mammals and island paradise.

Kimberley Ultimate (13 nights)

A cruise along the magnificent Kimberley coast featuring wild rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and waterfalls, rock-art, wildlife and monster barramundi.

Kimberley Gorges (7 nights)

The northern half of the Kimberley Ultimate cruise. Here the landscape is dominated by stunning gorge country including the Berkeley River, King George Falls and the Mitchell River. Includes helicopter/aircraft transfer to Broome.

Kimberley Islands (6 nights)

Kimberley Islands (6 nights) Ocean Class River Class Explorer Class

West Coast Explorer (10 nights)

$5495 $7495 $8495

The southern half of the Kimberley Ultimate cruise. A totally different Kimberley experience featuring the Horizontal Waterfalls, Montgomery Reef and the Prince Regent River. Includes helicopter/aircraft transfer from Broome.

Kimberley Snapshot (7 nights)

The flagship Kimberley Ultimate itinerary condensed into a single week voyage! Features several Kimberley icons including King George Falls, the Hunter River, the Prince Regent River, Montgomery Reef and the Horizontal Waterfalls.

Coral Atoll Cruise (5 nights)

No dive qualification required – a Rowley Shoals cruise focused on snorkelling, whale watching, fishing and simply relaxing amidst a breathtaking coral habitat.

Departures 2011


West Coast Explorer February 26 March 8

Kimberley Ultimate March 12 April 28* April 9 June 9* May 7 July 21* June 11* September 1* July 23*

Kimberley Gorges March 26 April 7 April 23 May 19 May 21 June 30 July 2 August 11 August 13

Kimberley Islands April 2, 30 April 14 May 28 May 26 July 9 July 7 August 20 August 18

Kimberley Snapshot June 4, 25 March 31 July 16 April 21 August 6, 27 May 12 September 3* June 2, 23 , July 14 August 4, 25

Coral Atoll Cruise September 12, 17, 22 *Operates in reverse


September 15, 20, 25


North Cruises cruise Star COMPANY




West Papua Discoverer (12 nights) Ocean Class



River Class



Explorer Class



Adventures in Paradise (7 nights) Ocean Class



River Class



Explorer Class



Solomon Sojourn (7 nights) Ocean Class


River Class


Explorer Class


Adventures in Paradise Extended (9 nights) North Star cruises offer unique opportunities to experience the stunning South Pacific where the hospitality is overwhelming and the waters are truly stunning

Ocean Class



River Class



Explorer Class



Prices per person twin share Max: 36 passengers

West Papua Discoverer (12 nights)

The land of un-contacted peoples and undiscovered species. The land beyond sunrise. An expedition for the true adventurer. Includes return flights ex Darwin.

Adventures in Paradise (7 nights)

Untamed Papua New Guinea in ultimate luxury. Mighty rivers, impenetrable jungle, unique culture, smouldering volcanoes and classic South Pacific vista. This is one of the world’s greatest adventure cruises. Includes return flights ex Cairns.

departures 2011


West Papua Discoverer October 8 October 6

Adventures in Paradise October 29 October 27

Solomon Sojourn (7 nights)

The much appreciated Solomon Sojourn itinerary features an exhilarating mix of culture, vibrant coral reef, history and more classic South Pacific vista – all laced together with the True North’s much respected lineup of snorkeling, diving, fishing and helicopter flights. Includes return flights ex Brisbane.

November 26 November 24

Adventures in Paradise Extended (9 nights)

November 9


November 16


All the ‘Adventure in Paradise’ you can handle plus a chance to discover the rarely visited Louisiade Archipelago. Extend your PNG adventure with a completely different experience – balance culture and village life with the Archipelago’s untouched remoteness. Includes return flights ex Cairns.

December 3 December 1

Solomon Sojourn

Adventures in Paradise Extended December 10 December 8


cruiseSea COMPANY Pearl Coastal Cruises

Today the 1800 million year old Kimberley remains one of the world’s last unique wilderness areas, featuring rugged escarpments, dramatic ranges, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls. Water lilies, glorious ferns, ancient rain forests, and many species of birds are abundant along with the salt water crocodile. Explore the unforgettable Kimberley coastline of Western Australia with award winning Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises. Share their passion and enthusiasm for the area, forging the sights and sounds of the Kimberley into your memory forever. Kimberley Quest II is a luxury 25 metre, fully air conditioned cruise expedition vessel, equipped with its own helipad. Custom built for the remote Kimberley region, allows easy access to discover many remote and untouched places and is arguably the perfect vessel to explore this vast coastline. The vessel has a range of 9 well appointed en-suited cabins ranging from twin share, double, superior and an exclusive Flybridge cabin which are all serviced daily. Carrying just 18 passengers allows you to enjoy the surrounds comfortably. The friendly experienced crew of 6 is always on hand to share extensive knowledge of the region and bring your adventure to life. Carrying three excursion tenders days are filled with a myriad of activities, exploring the waterways with your very own local guide. Cool off in a freshwater pool; try and catch the ever famous barramundi; or share one of our guide’s secret, rare art sites. Whilst onboard take advantage of the extensive library, including a fantastic array of Kimberley reference books and general interest novels otherwise sit with the Captain in the wheelhouse and learn more about this ancient world. The vessel is yours to finish the day in the spa located on the sundeck or enjoy one of the many indoor and outdoor dining areas taking in the panoramic scenery and breathtaking sunsets. Be spoilt and taste an array of fresh fish, seafood, freshly baked breads and some of the best local produce all prepared in the fully equipped gourmet galley by the experienced onboard chef. Exploring the Kimberley coast for more than 16 years, Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises will turn your dreams of the Kimberley into a reality!


cruiseSea COMPANY Pearl Coastal Cruises




$8345 $9280 $10885 $12085

$8345 $9280 $10885 $12085

$12095 $13885 $16935 $19355

$12095 $13885 $16935 $19355

7 Day Southern Quest/ Northern Quest Lower Deck Twin Lower Deck Double Middle Deck Superior Top Deck Superior

13 Day Ultimate Quest Lower Deck Twin Lower Deck Double Middle Deck Superior Top Deck Superior

Prices per person twin share Max: 18 passengers

departures 7 Day Southern Quest

7 Day Southern Quest

Begin your ‘ultimate Kimberley expedition’ from Broome, for 7 days of luxury and adventure as you cruise your way along some of the Kimberley’s most scenic river systems to the Hunter River. Capture the spectacular islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, the magnificent Horizontal Waterfalls, magical Montgomery Reef, and the breathtaking King Cascade - etching them into your memory forever. Your experienced guides will take you on a multitude of tender excursions where you will be able to wet your line in hunt for the infamous barramundi, discover many ancient art sites and cool off in your own fresh water pool. Complete your adventure with a helicopter flight from the vessel over the spectacular Mitchell Falls before landing at the Mitchell Plateau for your transfer to a light aircraft for your journey back to Broome.

7 Day Northern Quest

Start your northern coastal Kimberley adventure from Broome flying by light aircraft over the Buccaneer Archipelago to the Mitchell Plateau. Transfer to a helicopter for a scenic flight over the Mitchell Falls before landing on the award winning Kimberley Quest II. Cruise through the incredible assortment of islands that form the Bonaparte Archipelago. Spend time exploring the Admiralty Gulf, the Mitchell River, Vansittart and Napier Broome Bay before arriving at the awe inspiring King George Falls for a refreshing ‘shower’ Kimberley style. Try your luck for a golden trevally or elusive barramundi, or alternatively try and spot a crocodile, otherwise simply relax on the sun deck with a book from the comprehensive onboard library. As all adventures must come to an end conclude yours in Wyndham before being transferred to Kununurra.

2011 2012 April 26 April 24 May 31 May 31 June 7 June 8 June 14 June 15 June 21 June 23 June 28 June 30 July 5 July 8 July 12 July 15 July 20 July 23 July 27 July 30 August 4 August 7 August 11 August 14 August 19 August 22 August 26 August 29 September 3 September 6 September 10 September 13 September 18 September 21 September 25 September 28

7 Day Northern Quest 2011 2012 May 3 May 1 May 10 May 9 May 17 May 16 May 24 May 24

13 Day Ultimate Quest 2011 2012 March 29 March 27 April 12 April 10

13 Day Ultimate Quest

On this 13 day expedition from Broome to Wyndham you’ll truly experience the best that the Kimberley coastline has to offer with its rugged escarpments, dramatic ranges, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls. Combining the cruise from Broome to the Hunter River you will continue on to Wyndham. There is always something rare and wonderful to experience aboard the daily excursion tenders. The knowledgeable crew will share their secrets, guiding guests to rare art galleries, pointing out the flora and fauna and explaining the history of early settlement of this remote area. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch fresh fish for the onboard chef to prepare as you simply relax and unwind and soak up the tranquillity of the surroundings. If requested the helicopter can be chartered in for further sightseeing into this magnificent area (additional cost).


Kimberley to Ocean – K2O

The rugged Kimberley region is one of the most isolated, spectacular and majestic wildernesses on the planet. So what better way to immerse in its magic than on an intimate and luxurious safaristyle expedition on board the luxurious K2O. Raw, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful, the Kimberley coast truly is a special part of the world. Often referred to as one of the last great unexplored frontiers, it is an eco treasure trove teeming with wildlife and spectacular natural attractions that few will witness in their lifetime. Kimberley to Ocean run 24 cruises a year for a maximum of 12 guests onboard the luxurious multi-hull K2O. Tailor-made in 2004 for Kimberley cruising, this 23 metre catamaran is staffed by five knowledgeable local crew and boasts two Luxury Staterooms and two Double Deluxe Cabins with adjoining ensuites, and two King Twin Cabins with shared facilities. All rooms are airconditioned and there’s an onboard library, lounge and audiovisual system for guests to use at their leisure. The beauty of K2O is its flexibility. With small passenger numbers the voyages can be tailored to suit the interests of individual guests and less people on board allows more time to do and see more. With a focus on discovery, exploration and nature, your hosts can take you down the Prince Regent River to the breathtaking chandelier-like terraced waterfall, King’s Cascade. Then there’s the awesome Mitchell Falls with its four-tiered cascade and the magnificent King George Falls which thunders down rust-red cliff faces into the turquoise ocean below. A K2O expedition can also be a culinary experience like no other. Fish pulled straight from the ocean, including delicious mangrove jack and golden snapper, often appears on a succulent seafood banquet alongside fresh mud crabs and black-lipped oysters, hand-picked from rocks earlier in the day. All meals are provided during your journey and are freshly prepared on-board by K2O’s talented chef. These days, there are numerous companies introducing visitors to this amazing part of the word however few are able to give the exclusive and intimate experience offered by Kimberley to Ocean – K2O expeditions.



Kimberley to Ocean – K2O PRICES 2011

14 Day Kimberley Ultimate Adventure Twin Singles Double Deluxe Stateroom

$10680 $13570 $14950

8 Day Kimberley Discovery Expedition Twin Singles Double Deluxe Stateroom

$6870 $8620 $9860

10 Day Kimberley Discovery Expedition Twin Singles Double Deluxe Stateroom

$7740 $9700 $11090

8 Day Kimberley Fly, Cruise, Fish

14 Day Kimberley Ultimate Adventure

This is the big kahuna of cruises; this tour sets sail from Broome for Wyndham in the far East Kimberley stopping at basically every noteworthy attraction along the way. Immerse yourself into the natural wonders of the Kimberley Coast and get ready to experience what we can only describe as a magical place on earth that must be seen to be believed. Highlights include the famous Horizontal Waterfalls, Montgomery Reef a Turtles paradise, Bigge Island where some truly remarkable rock art sites are visited, spectacular Prince Regent River and the King Cascades, Hunter River, the Bradshaw art at Vansittart Bay, fishing and swimming along the Drysdale River, the colossal cliffs of the King George River before one last opportunity to land a Barra in the Berkeley River before cruising into the historic town of Wyndham.

8 Day Kimberley Discovery Expedition (Cruise/Fly or Fly/Cruise)

Cruising from Broome to the Mitchell Plateau this adventure also includes a scenic helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls along with a two hour scenic flight back along the coast to Broome. Following a similar itinerary to the 14 Day Kimberley Ultimate Adventure however finishing at the Hunter River and the mighty Mitchell Falls.

This cruise offers guest the luxury of experiencing the Kimberley Coast both by water along with a magnificent bird’s eye view of this awe inspiring landscape.

10 Day Kimberley Discovery Expedition (Cruise/Fly or Fly/Cruise)

The ten-day Kimberley Discovery Expedition follows the same itinerary as the eight-Day Cruise but is extended by two days allowing guests to really savour their surrounds and soak up the adventure for just that little bit longer.

8 Day Kimberley Fly, Cruise, Fish (Cruise/Fly or Fly/Cruise)

Guests set off for the remote aboriginal community, One Arm Point, visiting Cape Leveque, the Buccaneer Archipelago, Cockatoo Island, the Kingfisher Islands, Montgomery Reef, Doubtful Bay, Red Cone Creek, Three Ways River and Secure Bay along the way. With a strong focus on fishing, the trip ends with a short flight back to Broome from the One Arm Point airstrip along the Dampier Peninsular.

8 Day Rowley Shoals – Dive Discovery

The eight-day Rowley Shoals Dive Discovery departs from Broome for the Rowley Shoals, 200kms west of Broome. A true marine wilderness, this diver’s paradise comprises of three coral atolls and boasts pristine coral gardens, an abundance of amazing marine life and crystal clear lagoons. Not only will you get the opportunity to dive some of the most amazing locations but there is still plenty of time to relax, visit the sandy bays, snorkel inside the pristine lagoons in shallow water, high speed drift snorkel through many channels between the inner and outer reef and so much more!

Twin Singles Double Deluxe Stateroom

$4500 $5200 $5660

8 Day Rowley Shoals – Dive Discovery Twin Singles Double Deluxe Stateroom

$5310 $5830 $6620

Prices per person twin share Max: 12 passengers

DEP A R T URES 2 0 1 1 14 Day Kimberley Ultimate Adventure Broome – Wyndham March 26 April 23 May 21 Wyndham – broome April 9 May 7 June 4

8 Day Kimberley Discovery Expedition June 19 June 26 July 5 July 12 July 21 July 28 August 6 August 13 August 22 August 29

10 Day Kimberley Discovery Expedition September 8

September 17

8 Day Kimberley Fly, Cruise, Fish September 28 October 5 October 14 October 21

8 Day Rowley Shoals – Dive Discovery November 2 November 12


cruise COMPANY the great escape

PRICES 2011 7 Night Southern Kimberley Experience Horizon View Panoramic View

$9865 $10865

13 Night Kimberley Classic Adventure Horizon View $16130 Panoramic View $18130 Prices per person twin share Max: 14 passengers

DEP A R T URES 2 0 1 1

A little over two thousand kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia, perched on the very edge of one of the most isolated regions in the world, lies a unique, largely undiscovered ancient wilderness; the fabled Kimberley. This eco-haven will quench the thirst of the most discerning adventurer. Celebrating 10 years of cruising adventure, there are few people who know the seductive secrets of the Kimberley like The Great Escape Charter Company. As one of the original charter boat operators, Captain Chris Tucker’s experience spans almost 3 decades exploring two of the most remote yet truly awesome destinations in Australia; the Kimberley Coast and Rowley Shoals. Showcased by six crew, the region is presented with passion and energy whilst offering guests a personalized service. Referred to as a ‘once in a lifetime’ escape, Great Escape cruises provide guests with a myriad of up close experiences such as fishing, mud crabbing, and bush walking. In addition, guests may now choose to view the coastline from a thrilling aerial perspective, using the dedicated on-board chopper. Given their extensive Kimberley flying experience, the pilots know remote art sites and abundant heli-fishing locations.

7 Night Southern Kimberley Experience

The underwater jewel of the Kimberley is the Rowley Shoals. Whether you are a first time visitor or an old hand, the Rowley Shoals never ceases to amaze even the most experienced divers. Visitors are amazed by the pristine, tropical waters and abundance of fish and beautiful coral gardens, Rays, Sharks and the giant Potato Cod.

June 11 July 2 September 17

Cruising exclusively for 14 passengers, MV Great Escape is custom built to explore the Kimberley waterways. All Staterooms are well appointed with walk around Queen Beds, featuring private ensuites, individual climate controls, TV’s with DVD player and personal fridge.

June 25 September 10 September 24

13 Night Kimberley Classic Adventure April 16 May 14 July 9 August 6


Guests may enjoy a freshly brewed cappuccino in the spacious lounge area, the sprawling back deck is perfect for dining under the stars and the foredeck spa is the best place to enjoy a sunset drink. Finally, guests are treated to five star contemporary Australian cuisine using fresh, wholesome produce that include the wonderful Kimberley flavours that guests are taken out to catch. The Great Experience. The Great Adventure. The Great Escape.


Diversity Charters cruise COMPANY PRICES 2011

7 Night – Lower Kimberley Adventure Mid Deck Double/Twin (Share facility) Mid Deck Double/Twin (Ensuite)

$6510 $6985

10 Night – Once in a Blue Moon Experience Mid Deck Double/Twin (Share facility) Mid Deck Double/Twin (Ensuite)

$8560 $9135

14 Night – The Absolute Kimberley Experience Mid Deck Double/Twin (Share facility) Mid Deck Double/Twin (Ensuite)

$11970 $12600

7 Night – Golden Triangle Fishing Frenzy Mid Deck Double/Twin (Share facility) Mid Deck Double/Twin (Ensuite)

$6510 $6985

8 Night – Kimberley Explorer Mid Deck Double/Twin (Share facility) Mid Deck Double/Twin (Ensuite)

$7800 $8200

Prices per person twin share Enjoy the adventure and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Kimberley on one of Diversity Charter Company’s cruises. Diversity Charter Company is a WA family owned and operated business and invites you to step aboard MV Diversity II to lose yourselves in an incredibly beautiful location, the Kimberley Coast. Be part of good company to venture into our pristine coastline; breathe in the beauty of the waterfalls, take a dip in fresh water swimming holes, watch the majestic rising reef, fish the amazing river systems, visit historical sites, read the stories of the aboriginal ancient art and be in awe at the ever changing colour of the coastline. With just 12 passengers on each cruise, relax on our well appointed 20 meter catamaran, MV Diversity II, which provides stylish and comfortable accommodation while you venture along the coast. Chill out! Forget the worries of everyday life when you are cruising with us. All of our air-conditioned cabins have panoramic windows and with 4 of our cabins you can choose either double or twin bedding. A large saloon/dining area is available day and night and is where you get your gastronomic juices flowing with our freshly produced sumptuous meals; and 3 deck spaces to relax, enjoy alfresco dining and soak up the atmosphere especially the Kimberley nightscape.

Diversity has three adventure/fishing vessels operated by Kimberley passionate and experienced crew and with such an intimate number of passengers allows us to indulge your sense of adventure with activities to suit you. Diversity offers a choice of cruises from 7 through to 14 nights. If you wish to book the whole boat as an exclusive then we will design an itinerary to suit you. Let our skippers and crew take you to places of unparalleled and spectacular beauty. Diversity Charter Company is the perfect choice for your Kimberley journey and we look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.

Max: 12 passengers

departures 2011 7 Night – Lower Kimberley Adventure April 6 June 4 June 29 August 17 August 27 September 7 September 17

10 Night – Once in a Blue Moon Experience March 23 May 21 June 15 August 3

14 Night – The Absolute Kimberley Experience April 16 May 2

7 Night – Golden Triangle Fishing Frenzy September 28 October 8 October 19 October 29 November 9 November 19

8 Night – Kimberley Explorer July 9

July 17


cruise C QuestCOMPANY

Where Discerning Luxury Meets Nature C-Quest, launched in 2009, is a sophisticated custom built 24 metre luxury catamaran. The king size and 4 Queen size walk around bed staterooms all feature air conditioning, ensuites, room width windows, DVD and plasma TVs (twin share is optional). C-Quests unique no hull/waterline accommodation means that no room is subjected to motor or generator noise or port hole glimpses. C-Quests modern sleek hull design promotes smooth, fast, effortless cruising while allowing for up close encounters with this pristine ancient wilderness. With only 10 passengers and 5 crew, couples can share a unique experience with like-minded persons or whole boat charters with a group of friends. Three tenders are available for more individual pursuits.

PRICES 2011 8 Day Kimberley Expedition

Shoulder High*

Queen Stateroom $7965 King Stateroom $8955 Prices per person twin share Max: 10 passengers

$9955 $11195

Experience the joy of exploring with knowledgeable guides, striking land forms, waterfalls, hiking trails and aboriginal rock art. Try your hand at crabbing and fishing. Our chef delights in providing fresh healthy meals with quality wines, beers or pre-trip orders.

C-Quest adventures are boutique, personable and informative. Our multiple channel satellite comms system provides access for important emails and phone calls. Whether cruising the Kimberley or exploring the depths with our submarine ‘Deep-C’. Our mission is to safely explore, observe and conserve the wonders of our sea and its environs, while making them accessible to everyone.

8 Day Kimberley Expedition (Cruise/Fly or Fly/Cruise)

Explore the Islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago and the spectacular Horizontal Waterfalls at Talbot Bay, view the water cascading off Montgomery reef, see the breathtaking Kings Cascade and refresh in the Kimberley fresh water pools, throw in a line or head up a creek in search of the elusive mud crabs; On this 8 day adventure you will be amazed and inspired by the diversity of the Kimberley Coast whilst immersed in the luxury of C Quest.

While cruising C-Quest helipad becomes a beautiful shaded elevated 360 degree viewing platform, our spa is located on the more private second deck. C-Quest can service helicopter trips with our own helicopter C-Seeker or land based helicopter providers.

departures 2011 8 Day Kimberley Expedition April 30 May 7 May 21 May 28 June 14* June 21* July 5* July 12* July 26* August 2* August 18* August 25* September 8 September 15


Odyssey expeditions

We cover the Kimberley’s best kept secrets and place our guests amongst her rugged wilderness in comfort without a huge price tag


“Come play with us in paradise” – At last the Kimberley region can offer you an affordable cruise onboard the ‘Odyssey’ exploring the magnificent coastline between Broome and the Mitchell Plateau. Odyssey covers the Kimberley’s best kept secrets and takes a maximum of 20 guests on any of its adventure expeditions. Odyssey Expeditions prides itself on providing experienced guides to the Kimberley onboard the affordable, yet very comfortable vessel, MV Odyssey a custom built 24m expedition vessel launched in March 2006. The advanced catamaran ensures very quiet operation, spacious interior with phenomenal stability. Adding to your experience is our 12m expedition vessel “Homer”. She truly sets our expeditions apart from other cruise vessels. Homer carries all 20 guests in comfort and safety with comfortable seating, shade cover, easy access ramp, stairs for landings, an onboard toilet and water facilities. Catering for 20 guests our 4 Standard Twin cabins on the lower deck feature 2 single beds and large port holes. The 6 Deluxe Double cabins on the main deck feature a queen bed, (which can be separated into twin singles if preferred) vanity and basin and a large viewing window. All cabins are well equipped and private with 240v power, air-conditioning, storage units, hair-dryer and bar fridges. Four spacious toilet and shower facilities are located on the main deck. On board facilities include laundry service, licensed bar or BYO and a guest reference library. The dining area can seat all passengers comfortably for meals and presentations or outside on the upper deck under shade for alfresco style meals. There are 3 other comfortable outdoor decks for viewing the amazing Kimberley scenery.

Standard Twin Deluxe Double/Twin

2011 2012 9 Day Kimberley BIG WET Cruise

$6300 $6800

$6700 $7200

9 Day Broome – Mitchell Plateau – Broome Standard Twin $7200 Deluxe Double/Twin $7900 Prices per person twin share Max: 20 passengers

$7900 $8500

Departures 9 Day Kimberley BIG WET Cruise 2011 2012 March 5 March 5 March 13 March 13 March 21 March 21 The Odyssey carries a compliment of the latest navigational equipment, radios, satellite communications, data facilities and a full DVD entertainment system. Facilities are provided for burning photos to CDs or DVDs, full digital and audio visual presentation equipment for corporate functions.

9 Day Kimberley BIG WET Cruise

“The big Kimberley wet brings a vastly different season to the dry. The land rejoices in the rains that bring life to an already spectacular environment. We’ll be very proud to open the heart of the Kimberley coast to you in safety and comfort with our local knowledge”. Enjoy a scenic seaplane ride into and out of the heart of the Kimberley to join Odyssey nestled aside a waterfall within Dugong Bay.

9 Day Broome - Mitchell Plateau - Broome

The Kimberley offers a year round tropical climate, breathtaking scenery and an unspoilt coastline. A diverse array of flora and fauna inhabit the land and waters. Expeditions cruise from Broome and finish with a scenic helicopter ride over the majestic Mitchell Falls before transferring to your aircraft back to Broome. (Also available in reverse)

9 Day Broome – Mitchell Plateau – Broome 2011 2012 April 4 April 4 April 12 April 12 April 24 April 24 May 2 May 2 May 14 May 14 May 22 May 22 June 3 June 3 June 11 June 11 June 23 June 23 July 1 July 1 July 13 July 13 July 23 July 23 August 2 August 2 August 10 August 10 August 22 August 22 August 30 August 30


Cruise Packages

11 Night Kimberley Icons Experience the very best of Broome & the Kimberley staying at the Iconic Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa; unwind with a relaxing massage at Chahoya Spa; visit the Willie Creek Pearl Farm and enjoy a tour of the multicultural and historical town of Broome. Once you have had time to unwind it’s time to discover some of the Kimberleys best kept secrets on an unforgettable wilderness cruise.

Your itinerary includes 4 nights accommodation in a Garden View Studio at The Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa and a 7 night Kimberley Wilderness Cruise.


During your stay in Broome enjoy a relaxing massage for two at the Chahoya Spa, visit the award winning Willie Creek Pearl Farm for an insight into the modern Cultured Pearling process and get to discover the ‘real’ Broome on an indepth sightseeing tour where you will see the town’s most interesting and beautiful icons.

Lower Deck Double

The main feature of this fantastic package is your 7 day cruise of the Southern Kimberley coastline. There are so many highlights of this cruise from the spectacular surrounds of the thousand islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, to Talbot Bay, home of the magnificent Horizontal Waterfalls where you will head in for an exhilarating ride through this natural phenomenon. Head out to Montgomery Reef, Australias largest inshore reef system and watch as the tide falls right before your eyes creating a waterfall effect as the reef rises out of the water, whilst magical lagoons are created as the tide drops, which are rich in marine life including dugongs, turtles and manta rays. Cruise through St George Basin to the mouth of the Prince Regent River to the Kings Cascade waterfalls where you get to experience a ‘true Kimberley shower’, you will then drop anchor to climb to the top of the falls to swim in the multitude of crystal clear freshwater pools. Enjoy a scenic helicopter fight over the 4 tier waterfalls that form the legendary Mitchell Falls and also a scenic plane flight over the magnificent Kimberley landscape.

The Great Escape

Horizon View

Kimberley Quest II K20

Double Deluxe

From $10317 From $9657

Prices per person twin share Other cabin types are available on application

Departures 2011 Broome – Broome (On a weekly basis) April to September

Accommodation can be booked on either side of your cruise or alternatively you may wish to include 2 nights on both sides, the choice is yours. Other packages are also available on application and can be tailored to suit your needs.


From $10902

Cruise Packages

APT – Kimberley Wilderness Adventures & North Star Cruises 4WD/Cruise Kimberley Snapshot Join two of the Kimberley’s premier tour operators for a taste of the good life and an unforgettable adventure through Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region. Begin your journey with a luxurious cruise along the Kimberley Coast taking in the many glorious sights – King Cascades, Montgomery Reef and King George Falls; experience the destination with daily activities including helicopter flights, fishing and scenic walks. Complete your journey on a small group 4WD adventure in style, and stay in the heart of the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park at the award winning Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge where you will experience breathtaking views of these ancient striped domes before continuing south on your journey back to Broome.

Itinerary Night 1: Welcome aboard the magnificent True North. Enjoy a cocktail with your fellow adventurers before dinner is served once we have set sail. Day 1: Awake to the majestic Kimberley as we glide past Cockatoo & Koolan Islands to The Horizontal Falls for an exhilarating tender ride and then climb aboard your helicopter for a birds-eye view of the falls. Day 2: Fish the Sale River for barra and then join a classic river expedition. Swim in your very own billabong before cruising to the Montgomery Reef, where 100 miles of coral reef rises out of the ocean as the tide recedes. Day 3: The scenery of the Prince Regent River will astound you. At Kings Cascades we manoeuvre right under the falls before a breathtaking helicopter flight to a picnic alongside a crystal clear billabong. Day 4: The Hunter River is yet another awesome setting for fishing, mud crabbing, bird watching and just simply exploring! It’s only a short hike to Jackson Falls and there’s even more splendor from the helicopter! Day 5: Today there will be an opportunity to see the “Bradshaws” - possibly the oldest art known to man. Enjoy a heli picnic at Eagle Falls, explore local beaches and creeks and visit the site of a bomber that crashed during WWII. Day 6: Cross the sand bars at the mouth of the King George to reveal a breathtaking river vista then journey upstream to The King George Falls. Climb, or take the helicopter, to the top; Visit waterholes, swim at the crevice or just relax with a drink and fresh rock oysters. Visit Koolama Bay and learn about the bombing of a state-ship during WWII. Day 7: Arriving in Wyndham this morning your courtesy coach will collect you at approximately 8am for your transfer to the Kununurra Country Club Resort where you will join your tour with APT Kimberley Wilderness Adventures staying in Kununurra for the next 2 nights. Day 8: This morning explore Kununurra. Then we travel to Lake Argyle, the largest man-made lake in the southern hemisphere. This afternoon, join a guided cruise on the Ord River to Lake Kununurra. Admire the spectacular scenery and look for birdlife, flying foxes and crocodiles. Day 9: Travel to Purnululu National Park, home of the spectacular Bungle Bungle Range. More than 20 million years of erosion and river movements have formed these huge striped domes. This afternoon we hike into Echidna Chasm, a mysterious cleft in the rock massif before settling into KWA’s award-winning Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge. Day 10: Head to the southern side of the Bungle Bungle massif to explore majestic Cathedral Gorge and take a walk along Piccaninny Creek. Your guide will bring the natural history of the Bungle Bungle domes to life. Learn about the Aboriginal people’s rich knowledge of the area and the cultural significance of the park. Day 11: Departing from The Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge this morning, head south to Halls Creek where we will visit China Wall, a curious quartz ridge, before continuing to Fitzroy Crossing, home of the mighty Fitzroy River. Day 12: Enjoy a delightful morning cruising hiking Geikie Gorge with our local guide and experience this amazing area from an Aboriginal cultural perspective. Take in the mighty Fitzroy River before arriving back in Broome.

PRICES 2011 Ocean Class $13340 River Class $15340 Explorer Class $17340 Max: 20 passengers Prices per person twin share

DEP A R T URES 2 0 1 1 June 4, June 25, August 27 Other dates and packages are available on application


Cruise Packages

Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises and Pinnacle Tours 15 Day Ultimate 4WD/Cruise Kimberley Expeditions Join two of the Kimberley’s leading tour operators for a taste of the good life and an unforgettable adventure through Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region. Begin your adventure with a 4WD journey into heart of the Kimberley. Experience the Bungle Bungles, El Questro Wilderness Park and the Gibb River Road before a scenic air transfer takes you to your cruise vessel.

Departures 2011 May 24

June 7

June 21

July 5



Day 1:

Broome to Fitzroy Crossing. Travel out to Geikie Gorge for Lower Deck Twin $12730 a cruise down the Fitzroy River. BBQ Dinner & Overnight: Lower Deck Double $13665 Fitzroy River Lodge. Middle Deck Superior S15270 Day 2: Fitzroy Crossing to Bungle Bungles. Set off through Flybridge/Top Deck $16470 Halls Creek before arriving at the Purnululu National Park, home of the Bungle Bungles. Hike into the unique Max: 18 passengers Echidna Chasm. Dinner & Overnight: Bungle Bungle Prices per person twin share Bushcamp. Day 3: Bungle Bungles to Kununurra. Hike into the stunning Cathedral Gorge before you have the chance to experience a spectacular helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles or take a fixed-wing scenic flight option of the Bungle Bungles, Argyle Diamond Mine, Ord River and Lake Argyle before landing in Kununurra (flights at own expense). Overnight: Kununurra Country Club Resort. Day 4: Cruise up the Ord River to Lake Argyle, afterwards visit the Ord River Irrigation Scheme plantations and Ivanhoe Crossing. Visit the historic port town of Wyndham, enjoy breathtaking views of the port and the Five Rivers – King, Pentecost, Durack, Forrest and Ord. Dinner & Overnight: El Questro Wilderness Park. Day 5: El Questro to Home Valley Station. Enjoy an early morning 45 min walk (strenuous) into Emma Gorge and a swim at Droplet Falls. Later enjoy a short walk (easy) to Zebedee Hot Springs before arriving at Home Valley Station. Finish the day at the Pentecost River watching the sun set over the Pentecost River and Cockburn Range. Dinner & Overnight: Home Valley Station. Day 6: Home Valley Station. Enjoy an informative talk and demonstration on horse training and horsemanship. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure or choose one of the optional Station activities including Barra Fishing, Bird Watching or Aboriginal Cultural Talk (own expense). Enjoy live country music in the legendary Dusty Bar and Grill. Dinner & Overnight: Home Valley Station. Day 7: Home Valley Station to Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge. Visit the spectacular Bindoola Falls and of the station’s Aboriginal art sites. Stop at Galvans Gorge (20 min easy walk) for lunch. Arrive at Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge, later enjoy champagne and cheese as you watch the sun set over the King Leopold Ranges. Dinner & Overnight: Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge. Day 8: Enjoy a scenic air transfer over Horizontal Waterfalls and then onto the Mitchell Plateau where a helicopter awaits you for a 30 minute scenic flight over the Mitchell Falls and Hunter River to land aboard the Kimberley Quest ll for your 7 day cruise. Day 8-15: Explore the pristine Kimberley coastline, the rugged escarpments, dramatic mountain ranges and majestic waterfalls of this unique wilderness area onboard the award winning Kimberley Quest ll. (See pages 14 & 15 for more details of this cruise).

FREE with all bookings, return airport transfers in Broome and half day Broome Town Tour with Cable Beach Sunset.


rail & cruiseADVENTURES expeditions 4WD/CRUISE

The Ghan & The Kimberley Coast Ultimate 18 Night Rail Cruise Expedition Experience The Ghan – the legendary journey through the heart of Australia – and a wilderness cruise of the pristine and remote Kimberley coastline onboard the Oceanic Discoverer. The combination of a rail and cruising holiday is guaranteed to give you the trip of a lifetime! What better way to explore the rugged grandeur and outback splendour of this vast region.

Itinerary Day 1: Depart Adelaide on The Ghan for 2 nights aboard this iconic train. Page 26 will give you more details of Gold Service on The Ghan. Day 3: Arrive in Darwin, Australia’s most unique capital city and stepping stone to an awesome array of adventures. Accommodation is included at the Mantra on the Esplanade for 3 nights. Day 4:

Join Aussie Adventure Holidays on a Litchfield National Park/Waterfalls day tour. You will have the opportunity to visit the main falls of Tolmer, Florence and Wangi Falls plus the delightful Bluey Rockholes, with plenty of time to relax in the crystal clear refreshing waters.

Day 5: A dinner cruise on the sailing schooner “Alfred Nobel” in Darwin Harbour is the perfect way to spend a balmy Darwin evening. Day 6-16:

Your cruising adventure begins with Coral Princess Cruises as you board Oceanic Discoverer for a 10 night exploration voyage to the Kimberley. Experienced guides supervise the expedition itinerary, maximising the experiences offered by the breathtaking scenery, while a specially designed excursion boat and inflatable Zodiacs allow you to explore the many gorges and rivers. See Pages 4-7 of this brochure for more information on this cruise and Oceanic Discoverer.

Day 16-18: Arrive in Broome, once the pearling capital of the world, a unique and exotic town with a romantic and often flamboyant history. 3 nights accommodation is included at Cable Beach Club Resort. There are many additional touring options available in Broome – take a town tour to learn more of Broome’s fascinating history, visit Willie Creek Pearl Farm for an insight into the fascinating process of cultured pearling or a scenic flight over the rugged inland gorges of the Gibb River Road. Day 19: Depart Broome for your home port

Package Includes:

Gold Service accommodation on The Ghan with all meals, 3 nights accommodation at the Mantra on the Esplanade, 1 day Litchfield National Park/Waterfalls tour, dinner cruise on board the Alfred Nobel, 10 night Oceanic Discoverer cruise with all meals, 3 nights accommodation Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa. Airfares from your home port are not included. Upgrade to Platinum Service on The Ghan for a whole new class of luxury - see page 27 of this brochure for more details of this service.


Gold Platinum Main Deck B $11744 $12783 Main Deck A $12044 $13083 Promenade Deck A $12744 $13783 Bridge Deck $13244 $14283 Prices per person twin share All prices are based on a ‘from’ level Max: 72 passengers on cruise Pensioner and Australian Senior discounts available on application - conditions apply

DEP A R T URES 2 0 1 1 Adelaide – Darwin May 1, May 22, June 12, August 14, September 4, September 25 Package may be available on other dates subject to availability


cruise COMPANY The Ghan

Combine The Ghan - the legendary journey through the heart of Australia - with a wilderness cruise of the magnificent Kimberley coastline. The Ghan - In Australian history it’s a living legend and the legend has soared to new heights with the extension of The Ghan journey to Darwin. Boarding the train in Adelaide, with short stopovers in Adelaide to connect with the Indian Pacific from Sydney or Perth, and The Overland for those travelling from Melbourne, you’ll experience one of the most fascinating train journeys of the world. You’ll have three days on board this great train to marvel at the spectacular Australian landscapes; from the rusty reds of the MacDonnell Ranges surrounding Alice Springs, then north to Tennant Creek, Katherine and the tropical splendour of Darwin. Off-train touring opportunities along the way provide the chance to explore Alice Springs and Katherine. The ‘60 Day Flexi-travel Policy’ enables you to break your journey in Alice Springs for touring of the Red Centre, and then rejoin The Ghan to travel on to Adelaide or Darwin for the regular Adelaide to Darwin fare. Gold Service offers the choice of a twin or single sleeper cabin. Twin cabins have a comfortable three seater lounge which converts to upper and lower sleeping berths at night and feature private en suite facilities with wash basin and shower. Single cabins have similar features to twin cabins, with showers and toilets located at the end of each carriage. Relax over a drink in the Outback Explorer Lounge before indulging in fine dining in the elegant Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car. The enjoyment of fine food and wine whilst travelling in a world-famous train with panoramic views across a vast, beautiful continent is a marvelous experience. All meals are included in the Gold Service fare.

Fares 1/4/2011 – 31/3/2012

One Way Fare – cost per person Gold Red Platinum Service Sleeper Cabin Service

Alice Springs – Darwin (or vice versa) Adult Seniors Pensioner/CSHC

$1054 $797 $724

$706 $534 $430

$2036 N/A N/A

Adult Seniors Pensioner/CSHC

$2033 $1537 $1398

$1412 $1067 $860

$3072 N/A N/A

Adelaide – Darwin/Katherine (or vice versa)

Adelaide – Alice Springs (or vice versa)

Adult $1054 $706 $2036 Seniors $797 $534 N/A Pensioner/CSHC $724 $430 N/A The above fares include a fuel surcharge and are subject to change. Please note that 60 day Flexi fare policy does not apply to Platinum Service fares


The Ghan

DEP A R T URES 2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2 Winding its way between Adelaide and Darwin over three leisurely days, The Ghan offers a host of must-see destinations. Now, the experience and the journey deliver a whole new class of luxury to the discerning Traveller – Platinum Service. Picture yourself waking up in the comfort of your own private cabin, as you draw the blinds to reveal the first rays of morning light on the red earth of Central Australia. Platinum Service introduces spacious cabins with full ensuite facilities and levels of service that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. Settle in to your plush lounge by day, and a double or two twin beds, by night. With a coffee table and two ottomans, you have plenty of room to relax or entertain fellow guests. The magnificent panoramic windows inside your cabin provide sweeping views of the ever-changing world outside, and an additional internal window allows you to enjoy views from both sides of your carriage. Dine in the elegantly themed Restaurant or take advantage of the in-cabin menu. You will experience exceptional hospitality and a uniquely Australian menu, prepared by onboard chefs. Take a stroll to the Outback Explorer Lounge, where the welcoming environment provides the perfect chance to socialise, or simply find a quiet spot to lose yourself in a good book. As day becomes evening, enjoy a refreshing drink from the full bar service, while gazing on a spectacular sunset as native Australian wildlife reveal themselves in the cooling air. Designed to deliver new heights in space and comfort, Platinum Service is without peer. Place yourself in the lap of luxury by booking Platinum Service aboard The Ghan. It all awaits you!

The Ghan Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin Operates Operates all year 6/4/11 to 26/10/11 Sun Wed Depart Adelaide 12.20pm 12.20pm Mon Thu Arrive Alice Springs 1.45pm 1.45pm Depart Alice Springs 6.00pm 6.00pm Tue Fri Arrive Katherine 9.00am 9.00am Depart Katherine 1.00pm 1.00pm Arrive Darwin 5.30pm 6.30pm Darwin – Alice Springs – Adelaide Wed Sat Depart Darwin 10.00am 9.00am Arrive Katherine 1.40pm 12.40pm Depart Katherine 6.20pm 4.45pm Thu Sun Arrive Alice Springs 9.10am 11.15am Depart Alice Springs 12.45pm 3.15pm Fri Mon Arrive Adelaide 12.30pm 12.30pm The above timetables are provisional and subject to change Please note that Platinum Service is unavailable January & February



BROOME ACCOMMODATION Once the pearling capital of the world, Broome is a unique and exotic town with a romantic and often flamboyant history. The many nationalities that flocked to the shores of Roebuck Bay to make their fortune from the pearling industry have helped forge the character and charm of this multicultural town. Surrounded by the sparkling turquoise waters of Cable Beach, with craggy red cliffs and endless white sands, Broome’s stunning natural beauty and relaxed tropical feel will capture your imagination. Allow yourself the time to explore Chinatown and the pearl and art galleries Broome is famous for. Learn about Broome’s pearling past and the secrets of cultured pearling today or simply soak up the colour and moods and the magic that is Broome.

Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa Cable Beach Road, Cable Beach The award winning Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa is the only resort overlooking Broome’s iconic Cable Beach. A fusion of Asian serenity and colonial indulgence. Set amongst 26 acres of tropical gardens, just 10 minutes from the town of Broome. There are several intriguing accommodation options including a collection of ‘Broome-style’ villas, family bungalows and studio rooms featuring polished timber floors, corrugated iron walls and painted lattice to reflect the tropics and the Kimberley region. Resort Amenities Prices per room per night A selection of restaurants Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 31/5/11 1/6/11 - 16/10/11 17/10/11 - 31/3/12 & bars, two lagoon style $366 $449 $329 pools (one reserved soley for Garden View Studio (1-2 pax) Pool Terrace Studio (1-2 pax) $483 $588 $433 adults), gym, tennis courts, Spa Superior Bungalow (1-4 pax) $625 $723 $578 Chahoya Spa - featuring Villas (1-2 pax) $1059 $1277 $955 Aveda products, tour Price Jones Suite (1-2 pax) $1059 $1277 $955 desk, resort shop, Buddha Other room types available – prices on application Sanctuary, baby sitting Maximum Room Capacity: Studio=3, Spa Superior Bungalow=5, Villas=2, Price Jones available and free scheduled Suite=3, Pool Terrace Studio and Villas= Adults only accommodation activities daily. Check In: 3pm Check Out: 10am Guest Rooms Studio rooms include a private balcony or verandah, air-conditioning and ceiling fans, mini bar, in-house movies, satellite television, radio, iron, and ironing board, direct dial phone, tea/coffee making facilities, hair dryers. Bungalows are reminiscent of pearling masters quarters and also feature a kitchenette with basic cooking facilities.

Bonus Offer – Complimentary breakfast and airport transfers with a minimum 4 night stay in a Premium room - conditions apply

Seashells Broome HHHHI Challenor Drive, Cable Beach

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 - 31/10/11 1/11/11 - 31/3/12

Located only 300 metres from Cable 1 Bedroom Apartment (1-2 pax) $295 $220 Beach, Seashells Broome offers stylish, 2 Bedroom Apartment (1-4 pax) $360 $255 relaxed, seaside accommodation set 3 Bedroom Bungalow (1-6 pax) $425 $300 amongst lush tropical gardens. All of Maximum Room Capacity: 1 Bedroom Apartment=2, 2 Bedroom the fully self contained apartments Apartment=4, 3 Bedroom Bungalow=6 offer affordable rates ideal for the family Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am holiday, honeymoon or corporate traveller. Hotel Amenities Superb location and features include: exotic tropical landscaping, feature temperature controlled island pool with separate heated spa, children’s playground and paddling pool, outdoor grill and entertainment area, resort shop and tour desk, Balinese style reception, porte cochere, free parking with car hire available by request. Café/Restaurant right next door. Guest Rooms Seashells Broome boasts large fully self contained apartments with all modern conveniences. One bedroom apartments with spa baths, two bedroom apartments and three bedroom two bathroom family bungalows each include: air-conditioning and ceiling fans; private timber balconies/verandahs, free in-house movies; Foxtel; DVD player; ISD/STD phone; iPod dock, wireless broadband internet access, tea/coffee making facilities; free cot hire and hair dryers. All rooms offer complete kitchen and laundry facilities and are situated in lush tropical gardens.

Bonus Offer – Stay 5 nights pay for 4 valid 1 April to 31 May. Complimentary transfer one way from Broome Airport to Seashells with minimum 3 night stay



Broome Accommodation cruise COMPANY Pinctada Cable Beach Spa Resort HHHHH Murray Road, Cable Beach

Prices per room per night

Dates 1/4/11 - 1/6/11 - 1/10/11 Pinctada Cable Beach spa resort, captures Validity 31/5/11 30/9/11 31/3/12 Broome’s unique beauty and contrasts, its Shinju Garden Studio (1-2 pax) $330 $420 $280 culture and freedom. Here you’ll find time Shinju Pool View Studio (1-2 pax) $370 $480 $320 and space, understated elegance, a world Shinju Pool Terrace Studio (1-2 pax) $430 $520 $370 class day spa, original art, sumptuous *Honjin Courtyard Studio (1-2 pax) $430 $500 $370 dining and around the clock attention. *Honjin Courtyard Suite (1-2 pax) $500 $700 $480 Above all, it’s the personalised service that Master Pearler Suite (1-2 pax) $520 $750 $500 captures the essence of this world-class Pinctada Suite $750 $1200 $640 resort. Maximum Room Capacity: Studio Rooms=3, Suites=3 Resort Amenities *Interconnecting room option available Pinctada Spa featuring LI’TYA Spa Care Event Rates May Apply from the Aboriginal Dreamtime; SELENE Check In: 3pm Check Out: 11am Brasserie; BRIZO Pool Bar; NYX Bar; signature menu; 24 hour in-room dining; Maxima Pool with 25m lap lane, guest gym, resort boutique, meditative gardens, high speed connectivity; concierge and personal butler services; personalised tour expertise, laundry service, guest laundry. Guest Rooms 72 Deluxe Rooms incorporating: 43 Shinju Studios; 12 Honjin Courtyard Studios; 12 Honjin Courtyard Suites, 4 Master Pearler Suites; 1 Pinctada Suite. All guest rooms are graciously sized with private balcony or courtyard, polished recycled hardwood floors, spacious bathroom, king bed with fine linen, pillow menu, customised furnishings, HD TV, iPod docking station and Nespresso coffee maker.

Broome Sanctuary Resort HHHHI Lullfitz Drive, Cable Beach

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 -31/5/11

1/6/11 - 1/12/11 -

Superbly located just a short walk from 1/10/11 - 30/11/11 30/9/11 31/3/12 the pristine sands of Cable Beach and Studio (1-2 pax) $275 $340 $199 only a 5 minute drive from Chinatown 1 Bedroom Apartment (1-2 pax) $330 $405 $235 and the heart of Broome, you can relax 2 Bedroom Apartment (1-4 pax) $399 $495 $285 at this luxury resort with the latest in 3 Bedroom Apartment (1-6 pax) $505 $675 $405 modern facilities and amenities. Guests 3 Bedroom Sanctuary Villa (1-6 pax) $560 $795 $455 have the choice of Studio, 1, 2 and 3 Maximum Room Capacity: Studio=2, 1 Bedroom Apartment=2, 2 Bedroom Bedroom Apartments and 3 Bedroom Apartment=4, 3 Bedroom/Apartment/Villa/Sanctuary=6 Villas, all of which are fully self Check In: 3pm Check Out: 10am contained. For the ultimate indulgence we recommend our 3 Bedroom Sanctuary Villas, each equipped with its own private plunge pool. Epitomizing Broome style and elegance, the resort boasts a recently extended Argyle Conference room and tranquil lagoon-style pool. Whether you are looking for a tropical escape or a relaxing family holiday we offer many affordable packages that suit singles, couples and families.

Bonus Offer – Complimentary room upgrade from Studio to 1 Bedroom Apartment and late checkout (subject to availability) valid 1 April to 31 May. Complimentary airport transfers for all guests

The Pearle of Cable Beach Broome 14 Millington Road, Cable Beach Just a short stroll from the famous Cable Beach you will find The Pearle, Broome at its very best. Designed to take advantage of prevailing cooling breezes and with a tropical setting, the resort features just 35 self-contained private pavilions and 35 serviced Guest rooms. All are furnished and outfitted to the highest standards. Resort Amenities Prices per room per night Located just 5km from Broome Town Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 31/5/11* 1/6/11 - 1/12/11 and the airport, The Pearle nestles in 1/10/11 - 30/11/11 30/9/11 31/3/12* lush, tropical gardens and has its own $265 $265 $265 onsite Café overlooking the main pool. Guest Room (1-2 pax) 1 Bedroom Pavilion (1-2 pax) $449 $695 $299 An air-conditioned guest lounge is $549 $795 $399 available and is perfect for early arrivals 2 Bedroom Pavilion (1-4 pax) 3 Bedroom Pavilion (1-6 pax) $699 $945 $599 or late check outs. A 25-metre infinityMaximum Room Capacity: Guest Room=2, 1 Bedroom=3, 2 Bedroom=5, edge pool is featured in the middle 3 Bedroom=7 of the resort and is heated during the Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am dry season and chilled during the wet * High season rates apply 22-26 April, 10-14 August and 24 December - 3 January season. Minimum 3 night stay applies to Pavilions The Pearle Accommodation Pavilions are totally private and features 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, each with its own full ensuite with walk in rain shower, an outdoor entertaining area with barbecue and an 8m swimming pool. There are large flat screen LCD TVs in all bedrooms and in the lounge. Kitchens feature granite bench tops and stainless steel European appliances. There is also a separate laundry. When dual-let, each Pavilion becomes a 1 or 2-bedroom Pavilion plus a Guest room with tea/coffee making facilities and its own separate entry. The 1 or 2-bedroom Pavilion includes swimming pool, kitchen/lounge and outdoor area. Couples and families can also rent a 1 ,2 or complete 3-bedroom Pavilion; we have all your holiday options covered at The Pearle.

Bonus Offer – Complimentary continental breakfast daily for 2 persons staying in a ‘Guest Room’


Broome Accommodation cruise COMPANY Oaks Broome Robinson Street, Broome Set in picturesque Roebuck Bay, Oaks Broome combines hotel and apartment-style holiday accommodation that is surrounded by extensively landscaped gardens and two swimming pools. Contemporary, well appointed hotel rooms and apartments feature balconies and large decks, most overlooking the pools. Oaks Broome is the perfect base from which to explore all that this spectacular region has to offer. Prices per room per night Resort Amenities A superb cafe, restaurant and bar Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 15/10/11 16/10/11 - 31/3/12 overlooking the central pool and Hotel Room (1-2 pax) $257 $214 extensively landscaped gardens adds 1 Bedroom Apartment (1-2 pax) $302 $252 to the ambience of this tropical resort. 2 Bedroom Apartment (1-4 pax) $379 $316 Oaks Broome is just a short drive Maximum Room Capacity: Hotel=2, 1 Bedroom=3, 2 Bedroom = 5 to many of Broome’s most famous Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am attractions and a short walk to local restaurants and shopping. The resort also features a guest laundry and tour booking facilities. Apartment Features Oaks Broome has been superbly designed to provide contemporary accommodation which will appeal to the most discerning leisure or business traveller. The hotel rooms are perfect for short stays, featuring tea/coffee making facilities, while the 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments are perfect for short or long stays featuring full kitchen and laundry facilities, and most offering pool views or ocean glimpses.

Pinctada McAlpine House HHHHI Herbert Street, Broome

Prices per room per night (minimum 2 night stay) 1/4/11- 1/6/11- 1/10/11This historic Master Pearler’s home Validity Dates 31/5/11 30/9/11 31/3/12 is now an award-winning boutique $245 $335 $195 hotel that blends a sense of space Library Retreat (1-2 pax) Pearler’s verandah Rooms (1-2 pax) $255 $355 $225 with a feel of intimacy and an Garden Suites (1-2 pax) $335 $395 $265 atmosphere of elegant serenity. McAlpine Suite (1-2 pax) $395 $470 $350 Here you’ll find warm hosts, lush Whole House (minimum 3night) $2490 $3095 $2055 gardens, latticed verandahs, Maximum Room Capacity: Library Retreats=2, Pearler’s Verandah Rooms=2, original art and handpicked décor Garden Suites=2, McAlpine Suite=2 (Adult only accommodation) and furnishings that mirror the Event Rates May Apply beauty and contrasts Broome. Check In: 3pm Check Out: 11am Hotel Amenities The secluded world of Pinctada McAlpine House includes a gym-equipped pergola, exotic bird aviary, swimming pool, bar, deluxe welcome amenities, laundry service, tour expertise, wireless connectivity and a guest library including, DVDs and Foxtel. Our tropical gardens offer enchanting dining settings for Chef’s daily menus, created from the finest seasonal produce. Guest Rooms There are just 8 guest rooms, each with a private verandah area or courtyard, polished hardwood floors, individually controlled air-conditioning, ceiling fan, flat screen TV, Foxtel, Nespresso coffee maker, iPod docking station, bathrobes, mini bar with refrigerator, fine quality linen, pillow menu, ISD/STD and in-room safe.

Captain Kennedy House Walcott Street, Broome Hidden from the world by lush Prices are based on whole of house rental gardens, Captain Kennedy House per night is your own private home in the Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 30/9/11 1/10/11 - 31/3/12 Kimberley - to share with that one (Minimum 4 night stay) (Minimum 3 night stay) special person in your life, to enjoy Whole of House Rental $1500 $1000 with family and friends, or to find Event Rates May Apply total solitude. This century-old villa Check In: 3pm Check Out: 11am was once home to a Master Pearler. Today it blends old world charm with relaxed elegance and customised personal service. Villa Amenities This elegant home offers 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, formal dining room, lounge, gourmet kitchen, pergola, swimming pool, covered verandahs, BBQ, original artwork, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, large plasma TV, wireless internet, DVD/CD players, full laundry facilities, fine quality linen and hand selected décor and furnishings. Guest Rooms 5 bedrooms, each with TV, DVD, individually controlled air-conditioning and ceiling fan. The Master Suite features a super king size four poster bed, reading room, walk-in robe and ensuite with spa bath. There are two Queen bedrooms with ensuites and two King bedrooms which can be configured to split Kings. The home comfortably accommodates up to ten adults with infants.


KuNuNurrA AccOMMODATiON cruise cOMPANY At the heart of the stunning east Kimberley, Kununurra is an excellent base to explore the region. The unique colour palette and landscape inspired Director Baz Luhrmann to film ‘Australia’ here. The movie may boast a stellar cast, but without doubt its brightest star is the breathtaking Kimberley scenery. situated on Lake Kununurra, you can explore the Ord river and view the prolific birdlife and wildlife or discover the secrets of Lake Argyle, Australia’s largest freshwater lake. No trip to the Kimberley would be complete without visiting the incredible Bungle Bungle range in Purnululu National Park, accessible by scenic flight or 4WD adventure tour from Kununurra. Or escape to voyages el Questro Wilderness Park, a million acres of spectacular scenery. indulge yourself in the exclusive retreat of voyages el Questro Homestead cantilevered over the chamberlain river.

Kununurra country club resort HHHH coolibah Drive, Kununurra

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 - 31/10/11

1/11/11 - 31/03/12

Kununurra Country Club resort is the ideal Club room (1-3 pax) $225 $202 sanctuary to explore australia’s North Apartment (1-4 pax) $294 $272 West. Maximum room Capacity: Club=3, Apartment=4 Hotel Amenities Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am swimming pool, licensed restaurant and bar, pool deck bar, coffee shop, guest laundry, fax/photocopying and internet facilities, airport courtesy coach available, bookings are essential. Guest rooms Newly refurbished, all rooms feature air-conditioning, ceiling fans, complimentary in-house movies, wireless internet, lCd ttV, fridge, tea/coffee facilities, daily servicing.

BONus OFFer – Complimentary airport transfers

Pinctada Kimberley Grande HHHH 20 victoria Highway, Kununurra the pinctada Kimberley grande, Kununurra’s premier resort sits in harmony with the spectacular landscape and romantic grandeur of Western australia’s untouched Kimberley region. each graciously sized spa suite and guest room reflects the peace and space of the Kimberley in its colours, its textures and in the spirit you’ll feel from the day you arrive. Hotel Amenities Prices per room per night range of dining options including Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 1/6/11 - 1/10/11 wood fired pizzas, sports bar with super 31/5/11 30/9/11 31/03/12 size screen, tour desk offering regional King Terrace room (1-2 pax) $180 $200 $160 expertise, swimming pool with 25m lap Kings Garden View (1-2 pax) $200 $220 $180 lanes and spa, conference and function Kings pool View (1-2 pax) $200 $240 $200 facilities, complimentary parking and durack spa suite (1-2 pax) $260 $285 $220 luggage storage, guest laundry. Kimberley spa suite (1-2 pax) $325 $350 $260 Maximum room Capacity: 3 Adults or 2 Adults & 2 Children Guest rooms event rates May Apply 72 guest rooms with cool polished Check In: 3pm Check Out: 11am concrete floors, natural light, furnished verandah area, high speed connectivity, fridge, individually controlled air-conditioning, flat screen ttV and spacious bathroom with hairdryer. durack spa suites feature lounge area, spa bath and Nespresso coffee maker.


Kimberley Wilderness Accommodation El Questro Wilderness Park Gibb River Road, East Kimberley

Prices per room per night (minimum 2 night stay)

El Questro Wilderness Park is a unique Australian Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 31/10/11 holiday destination. A million acres in size, El Homestead Room (1-2 pax) $1890 Questro is located in Western Australia’s untamed Chamberlain Gorge Room (1-2 pax) $2270 Kimberley region, one of the last true frontiers. Chamberlain Gorge Suite (1-2 pax) $2590 El Questro Homestead Maximum Room Capacity: Homestead=2, Chamberlain=2 Unsealed road access only. Transfers available POA El Questro Homestead is an exclusive retreat cantilevered over the magnificent Chamberlain River, where you’ll enjoy unrivalled access to the far reaches of the Kimberley region in absolute luxury, style and comfort. Services & Facilities • Reception • Safety deposit facilities • Air conditioning • Swimming pool • Bar • Tennis court • Major credit cards accepted Accommodation Includes accommodation, gourmet meals, French champagne, premium wines, selected touring and wilderness park permit. En suite, verandah, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, Bose sound system with CD player and iPod connectivity, mini bar, tea/coffee making facilities, serviced twice daily. El Questro Wilderness Park Prices per room per night Choose from three types of accommodation Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 31/10/11 including Emma Gorge Resort, Station Bungalows Emma Gorge Resort and Riverside Camping. Tented Cabin (1-4 pax) $270 Station Services & Facilities • Reception • Swimming pool • Bar • Restaurant Bungalow - Gardenview (1-4 pax) $299 • Landscaped garden • Well-stocked souvenir shop Bungalow - Riverview (1-4 pax) $329 • Laundry facilities • Tour desk • Maps & Trail Data Maximum Room Capacity: Tented Cabin=4, Bungalows=6, Sheets available. • Major credit cards accepted Wilderness Park Permit per person valid 1-7 days POA Children under 12 years FOC Accomodation Unsealed road access only. Transfers available - POA Emma Gorge Resort – Tented Cabin Emma Gorge Resort’s Tented Cabins allow you to stay in comfort and style, while still remaining close to nature. • Quality linen & pillows • Fans and electricity • Queen size bed & 2 singles • En suite Station – Bungalows • Queen size bed, single and trundle bed • En suite • Air conditioning • Towels • Tea/coffee making facilities • Serviced daily • Some with private balcony • 4 original Stone Bungalows with large bathrooms, 2 of which can sleep up to 6 guests.

Home Valley Station Gibb River Road, Eastern Kimberley Home Valley Station is a 615,000 acre working cattle station on the famous Gibb River Road in the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Set at the base of the majestic Cockburn Range, the property is brimming with natural attractions all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of world-class tourism facilities. The station is 120km from Kununurra and is an Prices per room per night 1/4/11 - 31/3/12 outback oasis just waiting Validity Dates Eco Tents (1-4 pax) $190 to be discovered with Homestead Guesthouse Rooms (1-2 pax) $240 numerous of waterfalls, $450 gorges, rock escarpments, Grass Castles (1-3 pax) (Includes 2 full Australian Breakfasts) billabongs, and river Maximum Room Capacity: Eco Tent=4, Guesthouse=2, systems to be enjoyed. Grass Castle=4 Activities include cattle Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am mustering, horse riding, canoeing, boating, fishing, ancient gorge walking, natural waterhole swimming and gourmet champagne Sunset Tours. Enjoy live local entertainment at the famous Dusty Bar & Grill and interactive campfire performances. Home Valley Station is renowned for its friendly service and relaxing atmosphere, and provides a wonderful and memorable stay to anyone travelling through Australia’s ‘last frontier’.


EL Questro Homestead

Station Bungalow

Kimberley Wilderness Accommodation Faraway Bay – The Bush Camp One of the world’s most isolated lodges, located 280km north west of Kununurra on the Diamond Coast, edging the Timor Sea. The 70 minute scenic air transfer explores the Ord River Irrigation Scheme, cattle country, the Cambridge Gulf fascinating coastline and gorges. Hideaway in comfortable cliff top cabins with panoramic views. Cruise the spectacular King George River, go beachcombing or exploring, try some fishing or just relax and soak up the solitude. Facilities: – Eagle Lodge – magnificent cliff top lounging and dining area with freshwater plunge pool. 13 metre ocean cruise vessel and two 6 metre boats for exploring and fishing. Eight, 2 person cabins, ‘spring fed’ hotwater showers, flushing toilets and laundry facilities. Rooms: – Enclosed cabins with an ‘open air feeling’, linen, beach towels, light and fan, torches, toiletries, insect repellent and sunblock. 6 cabins have ensuites. Included: – Scenic return air transfer ex Kununurra, accommodation, a trip to the King George Falls, all other activities, cruises and fishing, all meals, beer, wine and snacks.

Prices per person twin share Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 31/10/11 Standard Cabin 3 days 3 nights Depart Day 4 $3460 4 days 4 nights Depart Day 5 $4300 5 days 5 nights Depart Day 6 $5140 6 days 6 nights Depart Day 7 $5980 Additional Day (24 hours) $840 Supplement of $940 for air charter applies to above rates for single travellers

Ensuite Cabin $3760 $4700 $5640 $6580 $940

Bullo River Station Eastern Kimberley, Northern Territory Iconic outback property, Bullo River Station is the 500,000 acre home of Marlee Ranacher, daughter of pioneering parents, Charles & Sara Henderson, who established Bullo River Station in the 1950’s. Marlee and husband Franz and their team of guides have continued a family tradition of welcoming guests from around the world, offering an all inclusive and fully hosted stay for those seeking the quintessential outback experience. Bullo River Station is encircled by the coffee coloured waters of the Victoria River and rugged hills inscribed with Aboriginal rock art and is not just a holiday ranch, but a Top End cattle station from the classic mould – half a million acres of grassy plains with 8500 Brahman-cross cattle and many more wallabies, brown rivers where crocodiles lurk, rugged hills inscribed with Aboriginal rock art, boab trees, stock horses, wild buffalo and more. For anyone who wants to learn some real Aussie bushcraft, from cracking a bullwhip to roping cattle aboard a bull catcher, hosts Marlee and Franz Ranacher are the experts to show you. There are a multitude of activities to enjoy at Bullo including fishing for Barramundi, tours of Aboriginal art sites, cruise down the Gorge by boat, bushwalks, bird and wildlife watching or travel to scenic vantage spots to perhaps sketch or paint – the choices are plentiful. Situated in the top north-western corner of the Northern Territory in what is referred to as the East Kimberley, there is no place better to experience a quintessential Australian Outback Station. Accommodation A purpose built guest area, located a few metres from the main homestead, consists of twelve King/Queen/Twin rooms each with air-conditioning and en suite facilities. Guests are welcome to enjoy the vast living areas of the homestead plus use of the swimming pool. Prices per person per night Adult Twin Share $800 Adult Single $800 Child (2-16 years) $600 Nightly rate includes accommodation, all meals, beverages (including beer and wine with meals), guided activities including; fishing, gorge cruise, tours of Aboriginal art sites, 4WD tours, station activities e.g. cattle mustering. Helicopter charter an additional cost. 4WD transfer ex Kununurra and Air Charter ex Kununurra or Darwin available on application. *Property closed December 11, January and February 12.



DArWiN AccOMMODATiON enjoy Australia’s most unique capital city and the stepping stone to the wilderness areas of the Northern Territory. Darwin offers a relaxed laidback tropical lifestyle with a multicultural twist. enjoy a meal at one of the many outdoor dining options or watch the magnificent sunsets over Darwin harbour. The city is the starting point for a range of fantastic touring options. To the east of Darwin lies Kakadu, a world heritage park and one of the nations prized ecological treasures. Only 227kms from Darwin this National Park will give you a nature based experience that can’t be missed. To the south of Darwin lies Litchfield and Katherine, renowned for their gorges, brilliant waterfalls, plunge pools and amazing termite mounds. Or venture further into the splendid isolation of Arnhem Land to view ancient Aboriginal rock art dating back thousands of years.

sKYciTY Darwin HHHHH Gilruth Avenue, The Gardens, Darwin

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 - 31/10/11 1/11/11 - 31/3/12

sKYCitY is the premier property and the only deluxe room (1-2 pax) $240 $165 beachfront resort in darwin. set on 18 acres of lush superior spa room (1-2 pax) $290 $215 tropical gardens with direct access to Mindil Beach One Bedroom suite (1-2 pax) $340 $265 and the sunset markets. also walking distance to Maximum room Capacity: Deluxe=3, Superior=2, Suite=3 Cullen Bay and the CBd. all rooms and suites enjoy event rates Apply: V8 Supercars, Darwin Cup, New Years Eve their own balcony or terrace area with sea views Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am available. Hotel Amenities included in your rate: valet parking, guest laundry, putting green, tennis, golf green fees at golf course adjacent, fitness centre, sauna, spa, scheduled transfers to the CBd 4 times daily, heated outdoor lagoon style swimming pool with infinity edge, wireless internet connection around the pool, direct beach access. also available: masseuse, same day laundry service, tour desk, bike hire, 4 restaurants and 5 bars. 24 hour reception, concierge and in room dining. luggage storage available. Guest rooms Balcony or terrace area, ensuite, mini bar, in-house movies (pay), hair dryer, iron/ironing board, dVd player, refrigerator, tea/coffee making facilities, toaster, kettle, safe, complimentary adsl internet connection, turn down service. all superior spa rooms and suites have bathrobes, slippers, separate spa bath and shower.

Mantra on the esplanade HHHHI The esplanade, Darwin

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 - 30/4/11

1/5/11 -

Mantra on the esplanade is ideally located 1/10/11 - 31/3/12 30/9/11 overlooking darwin harbour and the Hotel room Harbour View (1-2 pax) $196 $284 arafura sea. this hotel is within a short walk 1 Bedroom Apartment City View (1-2 pax) $226 $314 to CBd and shopping area of darwin. 2 Bedroom Apartment dual Key (1-4 pax) $296 $384 Maximum room Capacity: Hotel=2, 1 Bed Apartment=3, 2 Bed Apartment=5 Hotel Amenities Other room types available – prices on application 24 room service, outdoor pool and spa, event rates Apply: V8 Supercars, Darwin Cup undercover parking, same day laundry Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am service, tour shop and beauty salon, restaurant and bar, 24 hour reception, conference facilities, special needs facilities. Guest rooms one and two Bedroom apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with full size refrigerator and dishwasher, lounge and dining area, private balcony, individually controlled air-conditioning, isd/std direct dial telephone, mini bar, colour ttV, in-house movies, modem/fax lines and wireless broadband internet access. hotel rooms enjoy views of spectacular darwin or the harbour and have tea/coffee making facilities.



cruise accommodation COMPANY darwin Mantra Pandanas HHHHI 43 Knuckey Street, Darwin

Prices per room per night Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 30/4/11 1/5/11 Mantra Pandanas brings a new level of 1/10/11 - 31/3/12 30/9/11 sophistication to the heart of Darwin. Combining Hotel Room City View (1-2 pax) $186 $276 sophisticated city chic with a tranquil tropical $226 $316 edge. Mantra Pandanas offers spacious apartment Studio City View (1-2 pax) 1 Bedroom City View (1-2 pax) $266 $356 style accommodation with luxurious hotel 1 Bedroom Water View (1-2 pax) $286 $376 services. Maximum Room Capacity: Hotel=2, Studio=2, 1 Bedoom=3 Hotel Amenities Other room types available - prices on application 24 Hour Reception, concierge, in-room safes, Event Rates Apply: V8 Supercars, Darwin Cup restaurant and bar, room service, parking, business Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am facilities, conference facilities, gymnasium, resort pool and daily housekeeping. Guest Rooms Fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette and laundry facilities excluding hotel rooms, modem and facsimile lines, ISD/STD direct dial phones, individually controlled air-conditioning, television and pay movies, mini bar, sound system with CD player, AM/FM radio alarm clock, hairdryer and exclusive toiletries. Panoramic city and water views of Darwin Harbour and city skyline.

Cullen Bay Resorts HHHH Marina Boulevard, Cullen Bay Cullen Bay Resorts Darwin is centrally located in the heart of Cullen Bay with magnificent views of Darwin City, Harbour, Timor Sea and parklands. The Casino, Golf Course, Mindl Beach Markets and Darwin CBD are all within a 2km radius. Prices per room per night Hotel Amenities Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 1/6/11 - 1/10/11 Swimming pools and spas (including 31/5/11 30/9/11 31/3/12 children’s pool & lap pool) Guest BBQ, 24 hour Hotel Room (1-2 pax) $160 $180 $145 reception, undercover parking, conference 1 Bed Apartment (1-2 pax) $250 $280 $220 facility and tour desk. 2 Bed Apartment (1-4 pax) $295 $340 $265 Guest Rooms Other room types available – prices on application All rooms – Air conditioning, ceiling fans, Maximum Room Capacity: Hotel=3, 1 Bed=3, 2 Bed=5 balconies, broadband internet access and Event Rates Apply: V8 Supercars, Darwin Cup cable TV. Check In: 2.00pm Check Out: 10.00am Apartments only – Lounge/dining, kitchenette and laundry.

Novotel Atrium Darwin HHHHI 100 The Esplanade, Darwin

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 - 30/4/11

1/5/11 -

1/10/11 -

Situated in the CBD, overlooking Darwin 1/11/11 - 31/3/12 30/9/11 31/10/11 Harbour and just a short stroll to the dining Standard Room (1-2 pax) $150 $236 $196 and entertainment precinct of Mitchell Superior Room (1-2 pax) $180 $266 $226 Street. The hotel offers a magnificent 2 Bedroom Suite (1-4 pax) $250 $335 $295 tropically landscaped atrium with spacious Maximum Room Capacity: Standard=3A/2A2C, Superior=3A/2A2C, hotel rooms and 2 bedroom suites. 2 Bedroom Suite=5A/4A2C Event Rates Apply: V8 Supercars, Darwin Cup Hotel Amenities Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am 24-hour Reception and room service, restaurant and cocktail bar, swimming pool, parking, laundry, luggage storage. Guest Rooms In-house movies (pay), air conditioned, ceiling fans, hairdryers, iron/ironing board, broadband, non-smoking rooms, mini bar, private bathroom, colour TV, tea/coffee making facilities, ISD/STD telephones.



cruise COMPANY kakadu & arnhem land Bamurru Plains Swim Creek Station, Harold Knowles Road, Point Stuart, Northern Territory An extraordinary wilderness experience on the coastal floodplains of the Mary River delta in the top end of the Northern Territory. Situated just west of Kakudu National Park, Bamurru Plains is an utterly exclusive bush camp that exudes ‘Wild Bush Luxury’, bringing a touch of style to a remote and beautiful wilderness region. Prices per person per night (minimum 2 night stay) from: Adult Twin Share $930 Adult Single $1390 Child Twin Share (16 years & under sharing with adult) $470 Child Single (Children 16 & under - in own room - sharing) $837 Maximum Room Capacity: Safari Bungalow=3 One way air transfer ex Darwin (1-4 pax) $620 One way 4WD transfer ex Darwin (1-4 pax) $650 2 night package ex Darwin including return air transfers $2350* *Price per person twin share Inclusions: Meals, beverages and scheduled activities *$100 surcharge per night applies to air-conditioned bungalows

The Lodge Bamurru Plains’ attraction lies in the abundance of birdlife and wildlife of the surrounding floodplains and savannah woodland. The style of experience at Bamurru Plains is utterly exclusive, rustically chic and totally in tune with the surrounding country. The rivers and wetlands also host one of the largest crocodile populations in the NT, while the surrounding bush is home to 1000’s of wallabies, dingos and other mammals. Nine spacious freestanding bungalows. Main Lodge with sitting, dining and library overlooking the floodplains. 10.2 metre water edge swimming pool. Activities include: Airboat trips, crocodile river cruises, 4WD safaris, wildlife viewing, fishing (additional cost), Kakadu & Arnhem Land day trips (additional cost). Safari Suites Nine spacious and naturally comfortable free-standing ensuite bungalows on raised platforms with views across the floodplains. Three are air-conditioned, while six have been designed for the tropical climate and have overhead fans. Each bungalow has a large screened viewing area providing internal privacy while permitting fresh air and wonderful vistas. Property Closed: 1 November 11 to 31 January 12

Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris Mt Borradaile, Arnhemland, Northern Territory Mt Borradaile is a sacred site located in a 700sqkm exclusive lease, where you will find a remote safari camp with 3 levels of accommodation. Nestled against the Arnhemland escarpment of rugged ranges fringed by idyllic billabongs, this stunningly beautiful wilderness is a cultural landscape identifiable by the aboriginal people. Here you can explore valleys, caves and catacombs that have been occupied for over 50,000 years displaying world class galleries of rock art amongst habitation and burial sites. Adventure Package Price Safari Camp Access Safari Tent The Mt. Borradaile camp can be accessed via air or land $3000 per person twin share ex Darwin dependant on your departure location. From Darwin it is a $2450 per person twin share ex Jabiru 60 minute flight over World Heritage Wetlands of Kakadu Safari Tent with detached ensuite and the rugged northern coastline. Or should you be starting $3150 per person twin share ex Darwin your adventure from Jabiru it is either a 20 minute flight or a $2600 per person twin share ex Jabiru 2 hour 4WD trip (dry season only). Luxury Cabin $3600 per person twin share ex Darwin

Safari Camp Amenities $3050 per person twin share ex Jabiru The safari camp base is welcoming, comfortable and well appointed. A semi circle of lights creates a perimeter for the camp, which incorporates swimming pool, bar, lounge, library and dining areas. Your nightly accommodation can be in Luxury ensuited cabins or airy twin/double Safari tents with or without detached ensuites. Your daily tariff includes access to guides, all meals in camp and on safari. 3 Day Arnhemland Adventure This package allows you to experience some of the best this remote camp has on offer and can be adjusted to suit your individual needs, a suggestion is below: • 3 nights accommodation in the safari camp • All meals during your stay • Aboriginal Rock Art viewing • Swimming in isolated rock pools • Sunset cruise on one of the many billabongs • Game fishing for the elusive Barramundi • Birdwatching and guided nature walks • Return charter flights with hotel/airport transfers


cruiseaccommodation COMPANY cairns

BKH112 Cairns is the heart and soul of Far North Queensland, a dynamic, vibrant city that pulses with a tropical beat. A city teeming with colour and spectacular visual images – from the sweeping majesty of Trinity inlet to the magnificent rainforest-clad surrounding hills. Or stay at Palm Cove just north of Cairns, a tropical haven with a charming village atmosphere and a coconut lined sandy white beach with glorious views of the Coral Sea. Port Douglas is for lovers of the fine things in life, with sophisticated shopping, diverse dining choices including nationally acclaimed restaurants and a stunning marina and easy access to the pristine rainforest and untouched beauty of the Daintree.

Shangri-La Hotel HHHHH The Marina, Cairns

Prices per room per night Validity Dates

1/4/11 - 31/3/12

Nestled on the edge of Cairns’ magnificent Superior (1-2 pax) on application waterfront, the Shangri-La Hotel, The Superior Bay View (1-2 pax) on application Marina, boasts luxury accommodation Deluxe Marina View (1-2 pax) on application with panoramic views of Marlin Marina and Executive Suite (1-2 pax) on application Trinity Bay. The hotel’s boardwalk offers an Horizon Club Room (1-2 pax) on application extensive array of innovative restaurants and One Bedroom Suite (1-2 pax) on application bars where guests can relax while watching Horizon Club Suite (1-2 pax) on application the yachts sail into the world class marina. Maximum Room Capacity: Superior=4, Deluxe=4, Only a short stroll from the City Centre, Executive Suite=4, Horizon Club=2, One Bedroom Suite=4 Esplanade Lagoon, Reef Fleet Terminal and Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am Pier Shopping Centre. Hotel Amenities 256 lavishly appointed guest rooms including 36 Horizon Club rooms. Horizon Club Lounge serves complimentary all day drinks, breakfast, evening cocktails and canapés. Business centre, onsite tour desk, laundry and dry cleaning services, disabled facilities and 24-hour room service. Outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and Jacuzzi. Adjoins the Pier shopping and dining precinct. Guest Rooms Large balconies or terraces, individual climate control air-conditioning, electronic safe, hair dryer, movie channel, multi-channel radio, IDD telephone with bathroom extension, computer data port, iron and ironing board, mini-bar and refrigerator, tea/coffee making facilities.

BONUS OFFER – Stay 2 consecutive nights and receive the 3rd night free (excluding New Years Eve period). Other Bonus Offers on application

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino HHHHH Wharf Street, Cairns

Prices per room per night

Validity Dates Season 1 Season 2 Event Rates Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is Standard Room (1-2 pax) $210 $230 $338 Tropical North Queensland’s Deluxe Room (1-2 pax) $240 $260 $368 most prestigious hotel and Junior Suite (1-2 pax) $330 $350 $458 casino complex, situated alongside Trinity Inlet, opposite Extra Person: POA Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am the new Reef Fleet Terminal. All rooms feature a Jacuzzi style spa bath and private garden balcony. The complex offers a variety of dining and entertainment options for guests and visitors including the Cairns Wildlife Dome and the Reef Casino where you can play and experience the excitement and fun of Australia’s finest boutique casino. We have Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Roulette Sci-Bo, Pai Gow, Money Wheel, while a sophisticated Club Privé operates for high rollers. Hotel Amenities Outdoor rooftop pool and spa, gym, sauna, parking, 4 bars and 3 restaurants including award winning Thai fusion cuisine in the exquisite setting of Tamarind. Casino and Cairns latest world-class attraction, the Cairns Wildlife Dome, Velvet Rope Nightclub. Guest Rooms Individually controlled air conditioning, spa bath, iron and ironing board, in room safe. In-house movies (pay), mini bar, hair dryer, balcony, telephone, non smoking rooms, bath robes, writing desk and stationary.


Cairns/palm cove Accommodation cruise COMPANY Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort HHHHI Lake Street, Cairns

Prices per room per night Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 4 star Resort accommodation located Validity Dates Standard Room (1-2 pax) $154 $180 $290 in the heart of Cairns, Novotel Cairns Superior Room (1-2 pax) $184 $210 $320 Oasis Resort is only 100 metres Maximum Room Capacity: Standard=3A, Superior=3A, Suite=3A from the City centre and features Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am the fresh, contemporary stylings of North Queensland architecture and furnishings, with a focus on it’s large lagoon swimming pool and sand beach. Although, centrally located, the tranquil resort surroundings will make you feel a million miles away. Resort Amenities 24 hours reception and porter service, room service, tour desk, large freeform lagoon style pool with its own beach, a fully equipped In Balance gym, laundry and dry cleaning, Imac corner, Kapla Kids Corner, undercover parking, Mizuna Restaurant indoor or al fresco dining, Novo Bar and Terrace & Aqua swim up pool bar. Guests Rooms Balcony or Terrace, 24 hour room service, STD/IDD direct dial telephones, flat screen LCD television, in house movies, Yoga Channel, cable TV, broadband connection, bath and shower, complimentary in-room safes, individually controlled air conditioning, tea/coffee making facilities, refrigerator with mini bar, hair dryer, iron and ironing board.

Peppers Beach Club & Spa HHHHH Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove The Peppers Beach Club & Spa is one of the most sophisticated resorts in the tranquil tropical north. Overlooking the vast sandy, palm-fringed beach and glittering waters of Palm Cove. Palm Cove is the tropical destination – a boutique beachfront village with an unmistakable charm and relaxed sophistication. The design of Peppers Beach Club & Spa is pure tropics, offering timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. Prices per room per night Hotel Amenities 24 Hour reception, concierge/ Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 30/6/11 1/7/11 - 31/10/11 1/11/11 - 29/12/11 30/12/11 - 1/1/12 tour desk, direct access to Palm 2/1/12 31/3/12 Cove Beach, security car parking, Lagoon Spa (1-2 pax) $259 $299 formal pool and large beach Garden - Deluxe Spa (1-2 pax) $309 $349 lagoon pool with spa, and a $349 $429 rainforest lagoon pool, Sanctum 1 Bedroom Lagoon (1-2 pax) 1 Bedroom Lagoon Penthouse (1-2 pax) $399 $479 Day Spa centre featuring a 2 Bedroom Lagoon (1-4 pax) $399 $479 range of relaxation therapies, 2 Bedroom Lagoon Penthouse (1-4 pax) $629 $719 private gymnasium and tennis court, DVD/ library, Lime Pepper Other room types available - prices on application Maximum Room Capacity: Spa Room=2, 1 Bedroom Suites=3, 2 Bedroom Suites=5 Restaurant, Lobby Bar, Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am On the Rocks swim-up pool bar and café. Guest Rooms All suites feature views of beachfront/sea, lagoon or mountain/gardens, daily Service, TV, DVD/CD Player, split system air conditioner, cable or pay TV, in-room refrigerator, ironing facilities, balcony or patio.

The Sebel Reef House & Spa HHHHI Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove Distinctly different to other hotels, this luxurious boutique resort has a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. Located in the heart of Palm Cove, directly opposite the white sandy beach, this is the perfect retreat. The Sebel Reef House & Spa has a rich traditional history and this is reflected throughout the resort. Nestled amongst vibrant tropical gardens and towering Melaleuca trees, the Colonialstyle resort features 69 spacious rooms and suites each with their own private verandah, three swimming pools, two jacuzzi’s, a cascading waterfall, an exquisite world-class beachside restaurant, honour bar and an award winning Day Spa. Lose Prices per room per night yourself in the romance and charm Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 30/6/11 1/7/11 - 31/10/11 of a bygone era! 1/11/11 - 22/12/11 23/12/11 - 14/1/12 15/1/12 - 31/3/12 Resort Amenities Brigadier Room (1-2 pax) $243 $280 3 Pools, 2 Jacuzzi’s, Reef House Day Verandah Room (1-2 pax) $290 $328 Spa, 2 restaurants, honour bar, tour Brigadier Beachfront Spa Room (1-2 pax) $328 $403 desk, room service, laundry, lift, Family Suite(1-4 pax) $374 $449 parking (undercover). Verandah Spa Room (1-2 pax) $374 $449 Guest Rooms Reef Suite (1-4 pax) $590 $674 69 rooms, air-conditioning, fan, safe, Reduced rates apply to bookings of 3+ nights refrigerator, ironing facilities, balcony Maximum Room Capacity: Brigadier Rooms=2, Verandah Rooms=3, Family Suite=5, Reef Suite=5 or patio, mini bar. Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am



port douglas Accommodation cruise COMPANY


Mercure Port Douglas Treetops Resort HHHH 316 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas Ideally situated in a peaceful rainforest setting complete with tropical lagoon pool, a short stroll to pristine Four Mile Beach, be enchanted by the free flowing streams and delightful lily ponds. The entire resort received a complete refurbishment in 2009 and offers modern and spacious rooms at value for money rates. The shops and restaurants of Port Douglas are just a short shuttle transfer away. Prices per room per night Resort Amenities Validity Dates Season 1 Season 2 Large lagoon pool with swim-up bar, Standard Room $168 $198 Treetops Life Spa, tour desk & gift shop, Superior Room $198 $228 a uniquely themed alfresco restaurant Maximum Room Capacity: Standard=3, Superior=3 offering both modern and traditional Check In: 3pm Check Out: 11am Australian cuisine, gymnasium, cocktail lounge, babysitting service (on request), free parking, guest laundry and wireless internet. Guest Rooms All rooms are air-conditioned plus ceiling fans and offer mini bars, room service, tea/coffee facilities, irons, satellite TV and in-room safes. Superior rooms (30sqm) offer king or twin beds. Deluxe King rooms (37sqm) are 25% larger with double bathroom, robes, slippers and upgraded amenities including coffee plunger and internet connection. The three level accommodation wings are hidden behind the tropical vegetation and accessed by guest lifts or stairs.

Mantra PortSea HHHH 76 Davidson Street, Port Douglas Nestled amongst North Queensland’s tropical rainforests, Mantra PortSea offers hotel rooms and one and two bedroom studio apartments in the heart of Port Douglas’ signature village atmosphere. The resort is a short walk to golden beaches and Port Douglas’ main tourist strip on Macrossan Street which offers an abundance of restaurants, shops, bars and clubs. Resort Amenities Prices per room per night Mantra PortSea’s leisure facilities include (Minimum 2 night stay) three swimming pools, a waterslide, spas Validity Dates 1/4/11- 30/6/11 1/7/11 - 31/10/11 and waterfalls linked by a central lagoon 1/11/11 - 31/3/12 with a swim-up pool bar serving drinks Hotel Room (1-2 pax) $180 $198 and light snacks. For activity-seekers, 1 Bedroom Studio (1-2 pax) $220 $242 there is also a fully-equipped gymnasium 1 Bedroom Studio Lagoon (1-2 pax) $250 $275 and tennis court. The PortSea Beauty 2 Bedroom Apartment (1-4 pax) $320 $352 & Day Spa offers plenty of opportunity Prices inclusive of continental breakfast for 2 daily for pampering and relaxation with a full Maximum Room Capacity: Hotel=2, 1 Bedroom Studio=3, 2 Bedroom=5 range of massage and beauty treatments. Other room types available - prices on application Guest Rooms Check In: 2pm Check Out: 10am Accommodation options at Mantra PortSea include hotel rooms and one and two-bedroom studio apartments. Apartments include the additional comforts of kitchenettes, spa baths and balconies with garden or lagoon pool views.

Silky Oaks Lodge Mossman – Daintree Rainforest

Prices per room per night Validity Dates 1/4/11 - 31/3/12 Nestled on the edge of the Mossman Gorge in Treehouse (2 pax) $598 the Daintree Rainforest, Silky Oaks Lodge is the $798 Daintree’s ultimate resort where this rare wilderness Riverhouse (2 pax) Includes breakfast daily can be enjoyed in elegance and ease. From the moment you arrive at Silky Oaks Lodge, you feel the Extended Stay Rate (minimum 3 nights) $508 aura of the Daintree. Vast and pristine, it is the oldest Treehouse (2 pax) $678 living rainforest on Earth. The Lodge itself overlooks Riverhouse (2 pax) Includes breakfast daily the Mossman River - so idyllic it has no equal for natural beauty, supreme comfort and tranquility. Maximum Room Capacity: Riverhouse=2, Treehouse=3 Check In: 2pm Check Out: 11am Resort Amenities Tour desk, courtesy transfer service to Port Douglas, daily activities program, swimming pool, gym, internet facilities, tennis court - day and night, Healing Waters Spa, laundry facilities, car parking, resort boutique, safety deposit facilities (at reception), disabled facilities available. Guest Rooms Air conditioning, ceiling fan, CD player, direct dial telephone, work desk, spa baths, bath robes, pool towels, fully stocked minibar, tea/coffee making facilities, iron and ironing board, hair dryers, evening turndown service, aromatherapy oil burner, balcony, outdoor table and chairs and private hammock.

Bonus Offer – Stay 5 nights pay 4 valid 1 April to 30 June and 1 November to 31 March


cruise COMPANY

Booking Information & Conditions Broome & The Kimberley Holidays are a professional Kimberley based company specializing in selling wilderness cruises and rail expeditions of the Kimberley across Australia’s North to Cairns and Papua New Guinea. Travel to your point of departure has not been included, which allows flexibility in choosing the best deals available at the time of booking. With our expert knowledge, we give you the security of knowing all itineraries are professionally organised, ensuring you will experience the best the destination can offer. Tickets – Tickets will be issued on receipt of the final payment being made to Broome & The Kimberley Holidays. Deposits – To secure your booking a non refundable deposit of 25% of the Cruise cost is required by the Cruise Operator. In addition a non refundable deposit of $110 per person is required by Broome & The Kimberley Holidays. Some bookings may require additional deposits. These amounts are due within 7 days of making your arrangements. Where full payment is received immediately, the total non refundable deposit is deemed to be a portion of the full payment. A deposit acts to hold the services requested but does not guarantee prices. Final Payment – Made no later than 95 days prior to departure or your booking will be automatically cancelled. Prices – All prices in this brochure are quoted in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notification. Credit card surcharges apply. Fuel Surcharges – Prices are subject to change due to suppliers implementing a fuel surcharge or increasing existing fuel surcharges. Late Bookings – Any bookings made within 10 days of travel will incur a $55 fee for urgent forwarding of documentation. Hotel Accommodation Definitions – Per room per night cost is based on 1-2 guests sharing the room unless otherwise stated. Cruise Cabin Definitions – Per person cost is based on twin share. Single supplements are available upon request. Child Costs – Child costs, where they are available at the time of booking are at the discretion and on the conditions of the operator. Travel Insurance – It is strongly recommended that you insure yourself fully to cover all eventualities and provide added security in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Ask your agent or Broome & The Kimberley Holidays for advice in this matter. Itinerary – Broome & The Kimberley Holidays reserve the right to amend or cancel a cruise or tour if there are insufficient passenger numbers. Minimum Numbers – • Cruises and Tours greater than 48 hours in duration, where the reservation request is received prior to 30 days before departure, confirmation occurs with 2 adult paying passengers • Cruises and Tours greater than 48 hours in duration, where the reservation request is received within 30 days of departure, confirmation occurs when our booking brings the total to 4 or more adult paying passengers • Cruises and Tours less than 48 hours in duration, where the reservation request is received prior to 30 days before departure, confirmation occurs when our booking brings the total to 4 or more adult paying passengers • Cruises and Tours less than 48 hours in duration, where reservation request is received within 30 days of departure, confirmation occurs with 2 adult paying passengers Holiday Costs – While every attempt has been made to provide accurate information, details of particular tours described in this brochure may have changed since the brochure was published. Also, changes in fares and other charges may affect the price of particular tours. Services are subject to cost increases until paid in full. Hotel Deposit – Some hotels may require a cash deposit should you be unable to provide a credit card imprint. Hire Vehicles Age Limit – 25 years is the minimum but some companies make special allowance for drivers 21 years and over. Provisional licences are not accepted. All hire rates in this brochure include collision damage insurance. A non-waiverable damage excess applies to all vehicles. A bond for petrol and insurance excess is payable to the company and also additional government and other fees which may not be included in the standard rental fee may also be payable to the rental company at the time of collection of your vehicle. This bond is fully refundable, less petrol, when the vehicle is returned in an undamaged condition. Bonds can be paid by travellers cheque, cash or an imprint of the most popular credit cards, each individual car hire company varies as to what they will accept. Insurance is completely void for normal sedans if driven on unsealed roads. All distances, driving times, and maps shown in this brochure are designed as a guide only. Responsibility – Broome & The Kimberley Holidays finalise all arrangements for these tours upon the express condition that it shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delays, generally which may occur either by reason of any defect in any vehicle, vessel or aircraft, or through any acts of default of any company or person engaged in conveying or accommodation of passengers, or in the carrying out of arrangements of the tours, or otherwise connected to product. Broome & The Kimberley Holidays are not liable for and deny all responsibility for personal injury caused by circumstances outside its control. Broome & The Kimberley Holidays cannot accept any responsibility for any operator changing or withdrawing prices, details or services shown, all are subject to alteration without notice. The suppliers carry no responsibility for statements in this brochure, and their involvement is as suppliers only. Broome & The Kimberley Holidays shall indemnify them against any claim, action, loss or damage which may be made against them or which they may incur as a result of any misdescription or misleading information contained in the tour literature. All holidays are subject to availability. This in no way extinguishes the responsibility for errors made by Broome & The Kimberley Holidays. Broome & The Kimberley Holidays is a wholesaler and in the provision of holidays acts solely as an agent on behalf of the principals. These principals are all land and transport suppliers including the range of hotels, car companies and cruise companies used in the holidays by the client and featured in Broome & The Kimberley Holiday brochure. Broome & The Kimberley Holidays is not a principal and acts solely as an agent between the principal and the third party (client) it is not responsible for monies paid in advance to the principal by Broome & The Kimberley Holidays on behalf of the third party (client) if the principal is unable to provide that service either by default, insolvency, liquidation, change of ownership or operation difficulties. Cancellations – If you cancel or terminate your holiday we will charge a cancellation fee: Prior to Final Payment – there will be no refund of your deposit ($110 per person) or any additional supplier deposit that may have been collected. After Final Payment – refunds will be assessed at the discretion of BTKH and our suppliers. Amendments – Any amendments to arrangements already confirmed are charged at $55 per person and any supplier charge levied. Refunds on Services – In respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing, tours or other services which were included in the holiday cost but not utilised, a refund will be available less $55 per person handling fee and any other cancellation fees charged. Copyright – All material contained within this publication is copyright. Reproduction in whole or part is not permitted without the written permission of Broome & The Kimberley Holidays.

This brochure is valid 1/11/10-31/3/12. Brochures can be ordered through TIFS (East Coast) & Templar Marketing (WA, SA, NT)

Travel Agents call 1300 357 057 for reservations Your Travel Agent:

A.B.N. 37 053 109 185 Agent’s Licence No: 9TA00613 P.O. Box 909 Broome WA 6725 Telephone: (08) 9193 5790 Fax: (08) 9193 5793 Email:

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