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Portland is the epicenter of DIY culture. Local designers and artists spend their days crafting everything from handmade bags, apothecaries, and stationery to furniture, jewelry, and kombucha. Whether you live here or you’re just visiting, you can always find a great one-of-a-kind gift, souvenir, or even DIY kit to take home and try for yourself. In this zine, we’ve collected insider tips from some of the best DIY-ers in town.

The Joinery Mazama Wares Creo Chocolate Red Clouds Collective Sword+Fern Apothecary Oaks Bottom Forge Knit Purl Case of Bass Maak Lab

Maak Lab Knit Purl The Joinery

Red Clouds Collective

Mazama Wares Creo Chocolate

Sword+Fern Apothecary

The Joinery

Oaks Bottom Forge

WHAT’S A ZINE? /'zēn/ZEEN: An independently published booklet, usually reproduced via photocopier and folded and stapled. Zines represent a rebellion from mainstream publishing. Portland has one of the strongest zine scenes because of its progressive spirit and DIY ethos.

WHAT’S A PORTLAND? Portland is a friendly city filled with interesting, creative people who made this zine just for you. It’s a place for anyone who likes anything: From craft beer to homemade bitters, dormant volcanoes to 500+ food carts, Portland has it all.

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