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SUMMER 2018 | ISSUE 07


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From The Editor 

From the Editor

Firstly I’d like to start with congratulating all the nominees and award winners at The TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards 2017! It was a pleasure for The Amenities Team to host another successful ceremony at its new venue, The Bucerius Law School. A mere three months later, and the team have been rushed off their feet to deliver to you this Season’s Issue, At this year’s show, The Amenities Team saw a plethora of new and inspiring products, but most notably was the march forward in ‘going green’. Whether it’s skin care products made from natural resources like olive oil, truffles and plants, or cups and blankets made from eco materials, it’s clear that some suppliers and the like, are taking Sir David Attenborough’s appeal for a cleaner & safer planet seriously! In this issue, we take a look at three Italian companies that are leading the way in producing greener skin care products and also how the airline industry, as a whole, can help fight the good fight against pushing the planet to its limits! As well as our on-going ‘In The Spotlight’ interview, Amenities also takes a more in-depth look at ‘The Story Behind the Bag’ in which we delve into how suppliers, airlines and brands come together to make their final Amenity offering onboard both functional and desirable.

Editor in Chief Debra Bradbury-Ward

Editor in Chief


Features Editor Hayley Hartland

Features Editor Lily-Fleur Bradbury

Designer Alison Cutler

Dogsbody Monty

Publisher Simon Ward

Published by TravelPlus, Red Kite Studio, Littleworth Road, Burnham, Buckinghamshire SL1 8PQ.

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What Role Do Airlines Play In The Survival Of Our Planet?



13 skysupply – produces new Premium Economy Class Kits for Lufthansa’s inbound and outbound flights. The Cerruti 1881 branded amenity kits, combine timeless design with practical elements to improve guests wellbeing.

The evolution of amenity kits is a tireless and challenging venture for both suppliers and airlines. We take a look at the story behind four bags that caught our eye this year at WTCE.

THE ITALIAN JOB A Declaration of Sustainable Beauty; These three Italian cosmetic brands, ‘Castello Monte Vibiano, Skin And Co and Skin Regimen’, are going green for beauty.

THE PROBLEM WITH KIDS Children are growing up faster than ever. Are airlines doing enough to keep their youngest passengers entertained?

IN THE SPOTLIGHT The Godfather of Amenities, Bob Bregman, shares his thoughts on family, the future, and ensuring longevity in a competitive and everchanging aviation travel industry.

THAT’S SHOW BIZ! A round-up of just some of our favourites from this year’s WTCE Hamburg.







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A celebration of this year’s TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards.

SWEET DREAMS Lufthansa’s New ‘Dream Collection’ partnered with SPIRIANT

CATCHING 40 WINKS WITH BEVERLEY CALVERT Known for their sleek, simple and timeless designs of sleepwear, Homebody are now setting their sights on taking over the skies, and redefining sleep and comfort when travelling around the world.


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skysupply – designs new First Class Amenity Kit for Lufthansa. The ladies’ model of the Windsor Amenity Kit is a modern and elegant design with a detachable carrying strap. The bag can then be used as a handbag or as a clutch. The men’s model is classic and functional.






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What's New 

Bayart Innovations - introduce its new collection of sleepwear, blankets, socks and pouches made with recycled plastic bottles “PET”, doing their bit to help fight against plastic pollution and the depletion of natural resources.

British scent designer, Rachel Vosper and Happy Sock collaborate with Virgin Atlantic - to provide AIR a new fragrance along with bespoke socks in Virgin Atlantic colours of red and purple as a summer treat for passengers.

SPIRANT – supply the new Reisenthel Business Class Kits for Lufthansa in three different variants with cosmetics from L’Occitane. The bags can be reused after the trip as a shopping bag, pencil case or cosmetic bag. Buzz - collaborate with Qatar Airways announcing the launch of Oryx Kids Club On-Board Children’s Programme, offering an enhanced experience for its youngest travellers by providing them with specially designed plush toys, activity packs, and special meal boxes featuring their favourite super heroes from the Oryx Kids Club.



What's New 

SPIRIANT - debuts new First and Business class kits for Asiana Airlines. The First Class offering is a revamped Salvatore Ferragamo bag in two shades of grey, matching the interior’s “Tuscan Soul Quintessential” cosmetics, whilst the Business Class kit is a L’Occitane iPad Mini Case.

Buzz – provide Air Canada with new WANT Les Essentiels branded Signature Class kits, containing vitruvi beauty products.

SPIRIANT – design new Lufthansa Premium Economy “Around the World” kits with five different motifs. They are ideal for reuse as shopping or beach bags and thus contribute to a reduction in plastic waste.



Title image: Dan Clark / USFWS via AP

The Survival Of Our Planet 

SINGLE USE SUFFOCATION OR A RECYCLING REVOLUTION? What Role Do Airlines Play In The Survival Of Our Planet? by Lily-Fleur Bradbury AMENITIES MAGAZINE


The Survival Of Our Planet 

It’s heart-breaking, isn’t it? To be confronted with the reality of man-kind’s arrogance and the consequences of a self-inflicted throw away culture. An albatross killed by our sheer laziness to confront the problem head on. If you’ve read the poem of the Ancient Mariner than the irony of the symbolism is almost prophetic. Similar images were seen on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet earlier on in the year and his plea for us to act was a wake-up call to FACE THE FACTS! Just over a month since World Environment Day, themed ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, this is not simply a case of ‘#saving the environment’ being ‘#on-trend’, or something to add to our insta-story, but vital for the survival of the planet. The effects of single use plastics are suffocating the planet; blocking waterways, clogging sewers creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes and pests therefore increasing vector borne diseases, polluting the ocean with micro-plastics which are ingested by fish, affecting the food chain as a result, and that’s just the start! Government initiatives have taken the lead, with over 60 countries working towards a slow but sure eradication of single-use plastics, from straws and cotton buds, to plastic bags and wet wipes. It’s down to governments to regulate, businesses to innovate and individuals to act! But what role do airlines have to play at this crucial point in the planet’s survival? Are airports providing the necessary support? And are suppliers creating enough green solutions when it comes to onboard amenities? The International Air Transport Association reported that airlines produced 5.2 million tonnes of waste in 2016 alone, and by 2030 they will produce a staggering 10 million tonnes of waste a year! This can be food waste, plastic, glass and aluminium waste, and waste, quite 10


frankly, that the amenity industry can help to reduce. After all, it originates at the source. If we can eliminate singleuse plastics for onboard amenities and through creative innovation use recycled materials to create longlasting solutions, then the airlines’ responsibility to recycle could most definitely be simplified. The planet needs all the help it can get, having only recycled a mere 9% of the 9 billion tonnes of plastic the world has ever produced, let alone airlines who face a multitude of complications when it comes to doing the right thing.

FACE THE FACTS! 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute around the world. Every year, more than 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. Around half of all the plastic consumed is single use plastic, meaning it immediately becomes waste if not recycled. Only 9% of the 9 billion tonnes of plastic the world has ever produced has been recycled. The rest has ended up in landfills, dumps or in the environment. By 2050 there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic littered in the environment and landfills.

Studies made by The Aircraft Cabin Waste Recycling Guide show that over half of cabin waste could be recycled, however a number of restrictions are obstructing airlines from doing so. With a short turn around in between flights, space and time pressures are limiting and therefore the division of

recyclables just isn’t feasible. This inevitably creates a knock-on effect, as many airports are reluctant to adapt their infrastructure to accommodate recyclable materials, whether separated or not. It consequently falls to airlines to recycle at their own expense, drafting in external companies to collect and recycle their waste. With the current financial constraints airlines find themselves in, it’s no surprise they would rather avoid such costs which provide next to no economic incentives. Having said this, millennial buying power places much of its value on a company’s eco-credentials, influencing a great deal of consumer purchases. Although the initial cost may be daunting for airlines and airports alike, making such commitments would arguably increase sales, restore the costs and create profit in the long term. Until airlines are pressured into compulsory recycling commitments by governments worldwide, it lands on the supplier’s shoulders to pioneer products that take this call to arms seriously! It was indisputable at WTCE 2018, that many of the suppliers have already started investing and focusing their energy into developing effective solutions, or partnering with naturally sourced cosmetics, in their contribution to saving the planet. However, let us stress, this is not to be considered a passing fashion or phase within the industry and should not be a mere ‘contribution’ but a priority and commitment. Innovations today, the expected norm tomorrow! After all, In what world did looking after our planet, our future, our home be considered something of an innovation when surely it should be human nature. As David Attenborough once said; ‘There is no question that climate change is happening; the only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it.’

The Survival Of Our Planet 

THE PLASTIC PIONEERS! We commend those forging ahead and take a look at some of the concepts created by suppliers that airlines should be fighting over to take onboard!

Linstol – The Super Cup The Super Cup uses EarthCoating in its interior, a coating that is fully-compatible with traditional paper recycling systems, therefore designed to be recycled universally, whilst also containing 43% less plastic content than a traditional paper cup. In addition, the patented design of the Super Cup allows for more cups per sleeve, 40% reduction in storage space and significant logistics savings. Reducing landfill waste, recycling ability and a reduced logistical carbon footprint are all eco-friendly advantages of the Super Cup.

Clip – Seawool Clip’s Seawool blanket is an innovative blanket using advanced patented material, made from oyster shells and recycled PET bottles. As it simulates the feeling and texture of wool, the blanket not only looks and feels great; the oyster shell confers an anti-static function to the material which makes Seawool extra comfortable to snuggle into. The material is also wrinkle free and dries extremely quickly enabling airlines to spend less on laundry for a more ecological product.

Galileo Watermark – OCN OCN is a sustainable alternative to standard recycled plastic, using reclaimed and repurposed plastic from our oceans, seas and water ways to create plastic cosmetic packaging. Specifically developed for the airline industry, it’s gentle yet effective formula is cruelty free and high in naturals, inspired by the oceans and as eco-friendly as the tube itself.

Matrix – Bio-Form This pioneering brand developed by Matrix is powered by a patented additive from Breakdown Technologies which speeds up the degradation process in landfill, enabling products to biodegrade in a matter of a few years instead of centuries, leaving behind only natural remains. The Bio-Form products look and behave exactly like untreated plastic and the technology can be incorporated into any plastic polymer. The current range of products includes On-board Meal Service, Amenity Kits and Contents, Onboard Textiles and Hotel Non-Rotables.

BUZZ- ecoTHREAD Buzz’s ecoTHREAD™ blanket is made from recycled plastic drinking bottles. The bottles are recycled into plastic chips and transformed into yarn, which creates a polar fleece using wholly recycled materials. When using crushed plastic bottles, the manufacturing process reduces energy use by 84% and greenhouse gases by 71%. Now onboard Emirates. AMENITIES MAGAZINE





First-class underlays – let your passengers sleep softly and soundly

Our functional, easy-to-stow seat underlays provide the ideal basis for peaceful, restful sleep above the clouds for every seat configuration and sleeping position.

Comfort, ventilation, moisture transfer

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As a German premium supplier to the international aviation industry, we have combined our finest bedding claim with German engineering and tradition in craftsmanship since 1854.

Ideal solutions for every seat




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-t o - s t o

Story behind the bag 

The Story Behind

THE BAG by Debra Bradbury-Ward

The ladies of Amenities have always been intrigued by the process of which an amenity kit is born; from the drawing board, all the way through to the final physical realisation of the designer and airlines initial ideas. At this year’s WTCE we saw some beautifully designed amenity kits which inspired us to delve deeper and discover more behind the beauty of the bag, how it came to be and the thought process behind the choices that were made. It was clear to us that the evolution of these kits is a tireless and challenging venture for both suppliers and airlines with numerous obstacles to overcome and expectations to meet. We felt the following four kits, in particular, all have a story to tell! AMENITIES MAGAZINE


Story behind the bag 

Japan Airlines First Class Unisex Bag WESSCO This bag really caught the Amenities team’s eye with its beautiful historical paisley print design & subtle colourway, which actually originated in the East migrating to the West, and now with ETRO & WESSCO bringing their version back to its birthplace! WESSCO has been active in Japan for a long time, keeping a close eye on market trends and preferences. The market holds international luxury brands in high regard, especially those that pay meticulous attention to retail presentation. ETRO is one of the most popular international luxury brands in the country with 40+ stores nationwide including a 243m² store in Tokyo’s Ginza district; not only does it match the profile of what the Japanese market looks for in a premium luxury brand, it also stands out in certain aspects that have placed ETRO at the top of many Japanese consumers’ preference. Namely, ETRO strikes a fine balance between heritage and modernity, clean lines 14


and exuberance, and a strong regional (Italian) character and international culture. For these reasons, WESSCO understood that ETRO’s unique brand identity would make for an outstanding collaboration with Japan Airlines’ Business and First Class cabins. This was also evident by JAL carrying selected ETRO items for sale onboard its flights. WESSCO and ETRO’s creative teams’ objective was to harness the affinity between JAL and ETRO, with the strong belief in a resulting awardwinning collaboration. With this in mind, the collaboration focused on WESSCO bringing ETRO’s craftsmanship, artistry, and style to match JAL’s inflight requirements. Thus, the creative collaboration selected ETRO’s iconic paisley motif, a unique spin on an ancient decoration rich in history and meaning. In this way, it represents the Italian brand and appeals to the Japanese audience as the paisley motif is also found in

Japanese cultural heritage. Most fittingly, historically, the paisley design migrated from East to West, and this collaboration brings its own version back to the East. WESSCO facilitated the approval process on both ends to ensure JAL’s brand identity and ETRO’s design and quality standards were met. Product development lasted for more than six months, including four designs for the first onboard rotation and four designs for the second. The First Class design consists of timeless shapes and premium, colourful, paisley patterns for winter and summer collections. The Business Class pouches come in two classic ETRO colours adorned with a paisley motif. The silk-inspired scent ‘Shantung’ was selected among a wide range of ETRO’s scents for exclusive use in JAL’s First Class and Business Class cosmetics. The airline selected the travel essentials which come in cool grey.

Story behind the bag 

Jetblue Mint Experience Kits CLIP There’s something very nostalgic in using the past to perpetuate the present & JetBlue has certainly done this by collaborating with a little bit of Hollywood Glamour! “When it comes to amenities, we always try to find an exciting and unique match between the airline and the brand. In the case of Hayward and Hopper for JetBlue Mint Class, as this collaboration was formed between the airline and the brand, we are extremely proud to play a small part in making this successful partnership work seamlessly. The Hayward and Hopper brands are deeply rooted in the glamour of Hollywood (it was founded by the daughter of Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward) and established in New York, similarly to Jet Blue; hence why this naturally became an excellent match for both JetBlue’s Mint class and Hayward Luxury. The new JetBlue kits, which launched in April, are especially exciting as it’s the first time that a brand has introduced kits which follows the calendar of the Fashion Season”, comments Cindy Lam, director CLIP. The collaboration between JetBlue and Hayward & Hopper originally came about as a result of The JetBlue Team stopping by for a visit at HAYWARD HOUSE, their flagship store in Manhattan. The Team fell in love with the store design and soon proposed the amenities kit collaboration as a way to join forces and truly elevate the JetBlue Mint®

experience; the airline’s refreshing take on premium travel. Shortly thereafter, the JetBlue team came to see the factory, HAYWARD FINESSE in New York; the last American luxury leather goods manufacturer in the country. JetBlue then connected Hayward & Hopper to Clip LTD and the amazing Cindy Lam, who was single-handedly responsible for sourcing factories in China that could handle the volume of production. Cindy also managed the logistics of delivering the kits to America—no easy feat! With regard to the current digitalprint kits: working with her father, the actor, Dennis Hopper’s photography archives, Marin and the design team created a digital print that they decided to apply to the HAYWARD Collection, set to launch at Bergdorf

Goodman, online at Moda Operandi, and at Hayward House in spring ‘18. They also saw a unique opportunity to tie the seasonal design from the HAYWARD brand to the passenger’s experience in-flight. What better way for a piece of luxury on earth to make its way into the heavens than on JetBlue Mint? Once the idea was presented to Mariya Stoyanova and the team at JetBlue, they got it immediately. Not only was the print exciting in and of itself, the opportunity to connect the retail luxury launch in-store and online to a passenger’s experience in-flight proved irresistible. The customer receives a true luxury item to elevate their experience on the plane; and as a brand, they found a new way to tell their story to a wider audience.

These black and white images, taken from the Hopper archives, gave inspiration to the JetBlue Mint kits. The photos themselves were taken by Dennis Hopper and are courtesy of the Hopper Art Trust.



Story behind the bag 

Singapore Airlines First Class Bags FORMIA We were immediately drawn to Singapore Airlines First Class Female Bag with its gorgeous design and beautifully presented products. It really does go that extra mile towards achieving the idea of presenting a gift to their first class passengers. These bags are simply stunning! In 2016 Singapore Airlines announced its intention to select new First Class cabin amenities for their new Airbus A380 aircraft. Alongside the airline’s high quality standard, there were specific requirements to fulfil which demanded a deep understanding of the industry, the luxury retail market and of course Singapore Airline’s passenger profile. The airline sought a brand to be onboard for the first time, available in the Singapore retail market, and known to the airline’s First Class passengers. FORMIA identified Lalique as a brand from its portfolio that met the criteria effortlessly and introduced it to Singapore Airlines. Lalique, part of the Switzerland-based Lalique Group (LLQ) specialises in decorative crystal ware, interior decor, perfumes, jewellery, art and

hospitality. The brand’s image and positioning was the perfect solution to Singapore’s quest to enhance the travel experience in its Suites and First Class cabins. FORMIA demonstrated its unique expertise in identifying the best strategic fit between airline and brand, offering a platform to work together, enabling a successful collaboration for the design and co-development of amenity kits, toiletries and loungewear. The partnership was then extended by an exclusive marketing relation between SIA and Lalique and the co-branding experience was further extended to include other items such as glassware and First Class beddings. The unisex amenity kits were designed as a valuable and collectible gift item, capturing the “luxury at home” concept by featuring a scented candle, retail-sized EDT, lip balm and lotion.

The extension of the collaboration led to featuring product launches in SIA’s KrisShop Magazine (inflight sales, mail order with home delivery, exclusive offers to frequent flyers). This, along with various other placements, co-marketing initiatives and offers related to Lalique, led into the creation of a diverse and unique program enhancing the traveling and lifestyle experience of SIA’s First Class Passengers. When FORMIA began this project, a range of high-end materials were targeted to achieve the best quality of luxury fashion and lifestyle, along with Lalique’s brand heritage. It was important for FORMIA as a team to create a range of amenities that was unique and offered a gift that would inspire a luxurious home ambiance while on-board the A380 and beyond. With that in mind, they aimed to provide a selection of items which had never been offered before, enhancing the travel and after-travel experience and everyday life’s through new products such as the scented candle and crystal gift items. Singapore Airlines First Class Male, Female and Unisex amenity kits, as well as the Loungewear sets, were designed with simplicity, elegance and comfort in mind. The attention to detail that went into the development of the products aimed at reaching the highest standard of quality and indulgence.



Story behind the bag 

Air France La Première ALBEA You cannot help being drawn to these beautifully designed kits with their classic lines and imaginative styling. A real touch of French class! Veronique Jeanclerc head of the Architecture and Design Department at Air France says, “For La Première customers, beyond the functional aspect, the comfort kits and cosmetics reflect the company’s attention and caring attitude. They are an illustration of the Pleasure of Travelling with Air France.” Air France aims to provide its customers with a complete exclusive package, offering luxurious and exceptional treatments to reinforce the unique La Première experience. The Air France La Première kits are an illustration of the brand, both through its colours, fabrics, logo, the seahorse and its finish. Customers have the choice between two colours and the kit is renewed every 6 months (shape, colours, fabrics). These kits and cosmetics have two roles to play in the customers’ travel experience: Functional: providing practical elements necessary for well-being on board: to revitalize, rest, hydrate etc. Emotional: providing an element of surprise, rewarding our customers with an exclusive upmarket “gift”, available nowhere else, a mark of appreciation from the company to them. Together with its design agency Brandimage and with its partner Albea Travel Designer, a true player in the airlines market, Air France defines the

different concepts and colours that will be renewed every 6 months. The latest trends are of course taken into account as well as the image that the AF brand wishes to promote to its La Première customers.

including its cosmetic partnerships. Carita is a very well-known French brand with a great history of the Carita sisters whose adventure in the world of beauty began in 1945. We know them as the “Carita sisters”

The creation of the models different generations are made between Air France and Albea Travel Designer via a prototyping process down to the slightest details (lining, closure, logo) to ensure a product of excellence.

One was a blond artist, Maria, and the other a brunette business woman, Rosy. Two strong-willed temperaments with a shared ambition – revealing the unique beauty of each woman.

Air France and Albéa Travel Designer have a long lasting relationship; the companies have been working together for more than 13 years, so they know each other pretty well!

With their skincare products and beauty treatments, they reinvented everything in a unique spirit based on the principles of elegance and ultraefficiency.

Air France La Première is always associated with the best of France,

The adventure began in 1945, a haven of luxury and refinement, the CARITA beauty institute could be nowhere else but on the magnificent rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. The sisters first took up residence at number 83, before moving to number 5 and finally number 11, where they chose to set their story and invent themselves. Today, it is this unique place, haut lieu of elegance and Parisian chic, which perpetuates their story and which has, year after year, enriched the expertise and know-how of Artisans de Beauté and where the combined effects of high-performance products and treatments reveal the unique beauty of each woman.

“We take care of your dreams” Rosy & Maria Carita

The perfect match for Air France! AMENITIES MAGAZINE



First Class Female - WINNER

Airline: Singapore Airlines Bag Brand: Lalique Cosmetic: Lalique Supplier: FORMIA

First Class male - WINNER



YEAR 2017

Airline: Singapore Airlines Bag Brand: Lalique Cosmetic: Lalique Supplier: FORMIA


Airline: Singapore Airlines Bag Brand: Lalique Cosmetic: Lalique Supplier: FORMIA

First Class Female - HIGHLY COMMENDED

The first supplier in the history of the Awards to win three times

Airline: Saudia Bag Brand: Furla Cosmetic: Atelier Cologne Supplier: FORMIA


Business Class (Middle East) - WINNER

Airline: Saudia Bag Brand: Porsche Design & Furla Cosmetic: Atelier Cologne Supplier: FORMIA

Business Class (Europe/Africa) - WINNER

Airline: Air Astana Bag Brand: Christian Lacroix & Furla Cosmetic: Christian Lacroix & La mer Supplier: FORMIA

TravelPlus Readers Award - WINNER

Airline: Qatar Airways Bag Brand: Bric’s Cosmetic: Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio Supplier: FORMIA


Airline: Malaysia Airlines Bag Brand: Cerruti 1881 Cosmetic: Payot Supplier: FORMIA

FORMIA, the international guest amenity and hospitality specialist, has won the coveted TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards Supplier of the Year Awards for 2017. They are the first supplier in the awards history to have received this honour on 3 separate occasions. In 2017 FORMIA clearly demonstrated a keen understanding of its customers’ needs, and their ability to utilize their creative skills to transform concepts into purposeful realities in combination with an extensive handpicked portfolio of brand partners, as well as close control of the supply chain. It is clear FORMIA have taken inspiration from Luxury fashion houses (amongst other brands) with outstanding examples in 2017 of how to translate luxury trends and designs into award winning amenity kits with the highest perceived value for the end consumer, the passenger! With Singapore Airlines taking all three first class categories with their beautifully crafted collection of Lalique amenity kits, this is the only time in the history of the Awards that all 3 FC categories are awarded to the same airline and supplier. FORMIA won the coveted “Gold Seal” in five of the awards key categories, two in the Best Business Class section, Middle East with Saudia and Europe/Africa with Air Astana, as well as a clean sweep in First Class categories. In addition, the TravelPlus readers award was won by Qatar Airways for their Breast Cancer Awareness Bric’s kit with cosmetics from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio.

The Italian Job 

The Italian Job



Three households, all alike in dignity, in fair Italia where we lay our scene, between Parma and Umbria, present day meets ageless antiquity, a promise of sustainability where beauty is about going green. In a world where eco-credentials lay at the forefront of millennial buying power, with over 50% of consu mers likely to choose a product because of its environmental values, we take a look at three Italian cosmetic brands, ‘Castello Monte Vibiano, Skin And Co and Skin Regimen’, that sure know how to deliver when it comes to natural renewable cosmetics that are good for hu manity and nature alike. With this in mind, the nature of cosmetic brands gifted in airline a menity kits are set to shift; It’s no longer enough to throw designer brands out there that remain passive in their ‘commitment’ to environmental responsibility. Substance, Science and Spirit are the key ingredients to sustain our industry, but more importantly, our planet.


The Italian Job 

Castello Monte Vibiano – Formia 1960; Perugia, the Umbrian countryside. Castello Monte Vibiano; the home of the Fasola Bologna family. Patriarch, Andrea Fasola Bologna, leads a major modernization project bringing the castles farm from its pre-Christian roots to the 21st century. Monte Vibiano’s story begins on a simple Italian Farm surrounded by the rolling hills of the Umbrian countryside; a hive of agricultural trade buzzing with produce sowed and reaped from the land in a harmonious bond between man and nature. Almost 20 years later and Castello Monte Vibiano’s small traditional farming business has evolved into a brand-new niche market, lead by son and heir Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, now producing olive oil, wine and, most recently, cosmetics. In conjunction with their 360 Green Revolution Project, the Bologna family, were set on creating products that were 100% natural for the skin and the environment. In 2008 Castello Monte Vibiano were the first to clear their emissions in the agricultural sector, leaving no stone unturned, eliminating their greenhouse gases by employing a range of technical solutions. Never the less, despite being a zero CO2 emission farm, creating a cosmetic that is 100% natural, free from nickel, oil and petrol derivatives is easier said than done. However, through the production of olive oil, they discovered the pressing process was producing a lot of water residue full of Polyphenol; a far more nourishing antioxidant than the acrylic found in most cosmetics in the current marketplace. After much research, they created an oil-enriched beauty line and took it over to WTCE Hamburg ambitious to get their cosmetic onboard with the help of their supplier partner FORMIA. The main Phenolic compound in olive pulp and olive leaves, hydroxtryrosol, displays a wide range of benefits for our bodies, being the most powerful antioxidant that can be found in nature. It has been proven to help blood pressure and circulation as well as reduce risks of diabetes and cancer. This can be found in their wellness product M+ Prevention which also contains the same actives (Bi-phenols CMPT) as their creams in the Beauty Monte Vibiano Line. These promises of eternal youth and wellness aren’t simply the only thing that make Monte Vibiano’s products a well worthy investment. It is also their spirit and determination

Castello Monte Vibiano

that sets them apart from other cosmetic companies creating similar products. As Bruno Lefeuvre, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, admits, ‘You don’t go into retail with your cosmetic without knowing what you’re trying to express to the world as a rule. We are still far, far, far away from reaching the potential of the cosmetics and I think in today’s world people really want to, not only pay attention to the products they use on their skin, but also how it effects the world they are living in.’ Qatar Airways’ leap of faith to break away from the tradition of huge global brands, and partner with niche Italian brand Castello Monte Vibiano, was an unforeseen catalyst the industry needed. Although unexpected, it proved to be a refreshing and promising choice, not only for the airline itself, but for the Industry as a whole. With such a big airline like Qatar taking the first step with supplier Formia to reach this partnership, others will slowly but surely find the courage to follow their lead, opening up the market for those cosmetics that are determined to make a difference! Whilst at WTCE this year, we discovered other suppliers following Formia’s lead, partnering with cosmetics of a similar ‘nature’ with a story to tell. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


The Italian Job 

Skin & Co – Albea 1911; Montecastrilli, Province of Terni, Umbria, Italy. The Balestra’s buy their first piece of land from the Italian Government. Over many moons ago, a young woman of the Balestra family, Giuseppina Balestra, discovered the potent enzyme contained in black winter truffle. Now managed by third generation entrepreneur Gabriel Balestra, the Balestra family have been in the business of truffles for over 60 years, with Gabriel’s grandparents originally setting up their first Emporium in 1928. By 1954 Giuseppina had opened her own store, La Galleria, in Rome and refined her Truffle Formula. It was only natural, after much research, that this Truffle Extraction from the Umbrian countryside could integrate farm grown extracts into beauty as a natural solution to health and beauty. Gabriel’s goal was to create a modern healthy beauty routine using Mediterranean remedies that have been typical among previous generations, a perfect recipe from ‘Farm to Skin’. Inspired by his family’s formulas, he rejuvenated their creations

The Balestra Family

breathing modern life into time-tested old recipes. His amalgamation of the freshest products, while preserving and respecting the ancient Umbrian lands they came from, brings to the market, SKIN & CO; the only beauty company producing Truffle infused products and overviewing its own supply chain from farm to skin with rigorously selected ingredients and a passion for raw Italian materials. Commited to giving back to Mother Nature, the company has just finalised the plantation of 3,200 trees in Umbria and is determined to plant 7,800 more by 2021. This will form the foundations of the first ever truffle plantation in Italy to take place in a controlled environment, without the use of truffle dogs.

Gabriel Balestra; SKIN & Co

Corinne Brand; Albea



The Balestra Family ‘Truffle Therapy’ consists of black winter truffles which contain an enzyme called SOD; superoxide dismutase. It’s one of the strongest antioxidants out there and can only be found in certain types of mushrooms. It is known to restore skin damage, brighten the skin and provide protection against the signs of ageing. Due to these Truffles only growing in two to three months of the year, demand is high. It’s no surprise that Albea Travel Designer has partnered with the company calling it, ‘a true meeting of people sharing a common vision and acting with the same passion to leverage new business opportunities’ as Corinne Brand, Director of Airlines Activities remarks. The two companies first presented the partnership and their collection at the WTCE Expo in Hamburg in April and are already working on their first distribution agreements.

The Italian Job 

/SKIN REGIMEN/ – Linstol 1983; Parma, Northern Italy. A research laboratory is founded by the Bollati Family, Davines Group, and the beginning of a cosmetic revolution on a global scale; SKIN REGIMEN. Dr Davide Bollati, Chairman of the Davines Family Group, has not only grown with the company, aged 17 at its origin, but infused it with his passion for sustainable beauty throughout its evolution from high-end hair care products to the development of their skincare company Comfort Zone, founded in 1996. In 2016 Davines became a certified B corporation with a mission to make their products ‘a source of positive impact for the people and the planet.’ Nothing sums it up quite as beautifully as a quote found on their website by J Campbell, ‘The Goal of Life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.’ And Bollati may have achieved just that in his most recent creation: SKIN REGIMEN; ‘the new modern plant chemistry skincare brand for urban dwellers’. SKIN REGIMEN uses concentrated botanicals and high-tech molecules to tackle the most prominent stress-related signs; dehydration, city-grey skin, wrinkles and imperfections caused by both psychological and environmental demands of today’s fast paced lifestyle. External factors, such as pollution or too much sun, gradually alter the skin’s normal cellular processes causing the overproduction of cortisol resulting in fatigue and fuelling inflammation and oxidation in the

long term. Along with preventing cortisol activation, SKIN REGIMEN rebalances and reinvigorates with its natural genderless aroma of four blended essential oils: Juniper, Copahu, Rosewood & Cedarwood. It’s great for our skin AND it’s great for the environment too, produced in the Bollati renewable energy factory and free from any synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal derivatives, artificial colourants, mineral oils and parabens. It’s easy to forget that even if a product is eco-friendly, the /skin way in which it’s made may not be. However, the Bollati’s regimen/ are one step ahead with a new manufacturing facility in the is your oflifestyle stressing your skin? process being built in Italy, making up one of more than 20 sustainable beauty projects taken on by the company. Their determination leave green facilities to in Many external factors wetoface everya legacy In otherof words, modern day living, day, such as UV and pollution, as well particular in theCO2 risingemission level of pollution the world, along with their investments as our daily choices, like smoking, and today’s frantic pace, can stress the recompensation is just a small fraction of their contribution diet, and the quality of our sleep and skin. Immediately, we look fatigued, to healing the planet. withand supplier Linstol, it the thoughts, collectively affect Partnered the aging dull dehydrated; overtime, process.be Our lifestyle canthey alter catch the aging leaving won’t long before the process eye of isanaccelerated, airline who’s skin’s normal processes, willing to docellular the right thing. in its evidence on the skin. particular DNA methylation, glycation, Skin Regimen is clinically proven to oxidation and inf lammation, and improve the mind-skin stress-response With a market polluted by brands, suppliers would do contribute to cellular breakdown, and to counteract the effects of well to start investing in such eco-friendly cosmetics, eventually hindering skin health. modern lifestyle. /skin regimen/ encouraging more airlines to take a leap of faith away from urban longevity facial the familiar towards the survival of the planet. TM

The plant-based antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, ideal for time-pressed, unisex clientele with stressed, dull and aging skin. Customizable to correct the most common stress-related signs, this facial rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged and ready to face your busy days. Professional touches, the functional aroma and the exclusive Macro Waves Sound™, enhance the efficacy of the treatment and make the facial experience truly unique.

Experience the Macro Waves Sound™ and discover more about us on www.skinregimen.net



The Problem With Kids 

The Problem with Kids Children are growing up faster than ever. Are airlines doing enough to keep their youngest passengers entertained? AMENITIES MAGAZINE


The Problem With Kids 

Children today are growing up in a world surrounded by technology, and awareness of brands, fashion and cosmetics is occurring at a younger and younger age. The breadth of entertainment available to youngsters on a day to day basis seems limitless, so how do airlines keep them entertained on long-haul flights? It is important for airlines to create a good environment for children travelling throughout their cabin classes. Not only does this build the loyal customer base of tomorrow, but ensures their parents loyalty when travelling as a family. Amenities has already explored the importance of allowing parents to enjoy the travel experience in previous issues, but it seems it is getting harder and harder for airlines to find kits that will keep children entertained long enough for mum and dad to enjoy a little G&T or glass of wine.

Milk Jnr ensure that their products stay ahead of the game by designing products for specific age groups, and that they continue to be innovative and on trend. Zoe says, ‘We don’t ignore that we live in a digitally focused world today, so although our products are physical/tangible, we always explore ways in which we can tie in a digital link as a support to the product….and focus group testing (in our case, our Milk Monitors) provides valuable insight into what children like and enjoy interacting with.’

As Zoe Telfer at Milk Jnrs says ‘Years ago this could be achieved quite easily with a simple activity essentially ’ticking a box’ in terms of a brand being seen to give children ’something’. However, the needs and interests of children have changed in recent times and with that comes the need to create solutions that they find genuinely interesting and that they actually want to engage with, otherwise they are likely to just switch off and the purpose of the kits is negated.’

What about those children who are ‘too grown up’ for children’s amenity kits? Those 10 – 13 year olds who feel like little adults, have an interest in fashion and are aware of their personal likes and dislikes? This is a hard age group to please at ground level, at 38,000 feet it provides a whole different challenge.

So is there a solution to keeping children entertained in the air? Parents are very aware of the amount of time children already spend with their faces in screens, iPads, phones and games consoles, and so often appreciate airlines offering something a little bit different. However, it is impossible nowadays to create a kit without looking at the idea of introducing a digital element as it is a sure-fire way to ensure that it keeps the littlest passengers’ attention. 26


Zoe Telfer

This particular group seem to be forgotten by some airlines, often due to budget restrictions, but it feels like an untapped future customer base. These children are the nearest customers of tomorrow, so finding their likes and dislikes could prove a valuable resource. Zoe mentions ‘By the time a child reaches 1013 years, the solutions become less about entertainment and more about providing a gift item that the child will actively want to use during and post flight, creating maximum engagement and interaction with the brand. This is where understanding what the current trends and motivations for the age group are key.’ There is no disputing that entertaining children on long-haul flights is a challenge, and one that a number of airlines do take in their stride. However, those children that are too old for the traditional activity kits, but still too young for the cosmetic heavy adult’s kits are problematic. They have an incredible understanding, and thirst for technology and digital entertainment, but parents who want them to leave the screens and participate in classic games. Can airlines keep both parties happy? Children, particularly pre-teens, don’t want to feel patronised and they are often the ones that shape the trends of tomorrow. Maybe it’s the adult’s kits that are lacking an element of ‘fun’ and could learn from this age group. After all, doesn’t everyone love to play sometimes? Let’s take some inspiration from the problematic kids. By Hayley Hartland

THE GODFATHER OF AMENITIES: In the Spotlight with Bob Bregman Amenities Magazine catch up with WESSCO International founder and CEO Bob Bregman, to hear his thoughts about family, the future, and ensuring longevity in a competitive and ever-changing aviation travel industry.

by Hayley Hartland


You set up WESSCO International in 1979, what brought you into the amenities industry? Back in 1979 I had been working for a NYSE-listed company for 17 years. I knew I could probably have a career there, but decided I wanted to be in my own business. I had a very good friend who owned hotels – still does as a matter of fact - and he said “let’s work together. I have a company that supplies hotels called West Side Supply. You should be involved in it, expand it and bring it into other areas”. Because I had a little bit of experience in getting to the Airlines, I thought that this would be a good springboard. The name WESSCO came from the telexanswerback for West Side Supply Company.

What is the most significant change you have seen in the amenities market since WESSCO started? Branding is the key element that’s changed. When we first began, our very first amenity kit order was with Delta, at the time, somewhere in the 90s, they were putting their own name on the kits; TWA was also doing that. The idea of branding kits was kind of out there, but not (established) like today. Today’s market is totally different. In the old days you could put the airlines’ name like we did with TWA; the moisturizer and lotion were TWA branded. There’s been a change from “private label” to “branded amenities.” Now the key for airlines is to place a brand in business and first class for passengers to see and recognize. Passengers are familiar with the brands due to product advertising so when an airline offers them they go “oh boy, this brand is on-board.” So now passengers are picking up on the amount of emotion the brand generates as well as the emotion of being on board the airline. 28


What do you think the future of amenities should be? The continuation of the use of branded products, which will include a wave of new companies disrupting established industries, in addition to the “well-known” brands. These companies are relevant with millennials and other young professionals, who either aspire-to or are now traveling in Premium-class. Casper, now onboard American Airlines is one of those companies.

What are you most proud of? The fact that next year will be our 40th year in business. Not many family businesses can say that, and certainly not in our industry.

WESSCO often works with exciting, young brands - how do you ensure you stay at the forefront of the market? Our teams in Los Angeles, New York, London and other global hubs are plugged into the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. We are

A Delta Air Lines branded kit from the 90’s from the JETLINER CABINS Amenity Kits Picture Gallery

In the Spotlight 

constantly looking for ways to create value for those brands and for our travel partners. A perfect example is our bringing Cowshed skincare products to United Airlines,

Are airlines changing their needs and requests to you, the supplier? It is a collaborative effort. We learn of new requests that are occurring by staying in constant contact with our airline customers, not just due to an RFQ. In the same regard, we will offer new ideas and products that we know will be of interest.

Passenger needs seem to evolve very quickly - do you think airlines are doing enough to keep up? While the airlines do a good job of reacting to new situations, they depend on reliable suppliers like WESSCO to present the items and programs that will truly resonate with their passengers.

Do you think personalisation of amenities, and onboard experience will be the ‘next big thing’? We live in a great time where data can be used to tailor offerings to individual tastes. On the other hand, there is

a lot of logistical complexity that comes with trying to offer customized amenity product onboard. WESSCO is working on ways to deliver such a solution, and this is just one of many “big things” that are coming next.

What are your thoughts on Airline’s move to allow Economy Class passengers to ‘purchase’ First or Business Class amenity kits during their journey? As with personalization, it’s a nice added feature. In this case though, airlines need to be careful not to dilute their premium cabins value proposition.

With most if not all the airlines in America having gone into Chapter 11 or filing for bankruptcy in the past what were the biggest challenges you faced as a supplier? It was an interesting time and a huge challenge for us. Fortunately, we were able to survive because of our successful track record with our financial institutions and our adequate capitalization. Also, we never stopped shipping to our airline customers during the time they were in Chapter XI, and they certainly remember that.

Bob’s Favourites What is your favourite city? Not just one - Besides my home city of Los Angeles, I love Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Paris.

What is your favourite holiday destination? Positano, on the Amalfi coast.

Favourite on-board tipple?

What are your ‘travel essentials’? Besides the usual ones, my Kindle with several books pre-loaded.

How do you like to pass the time when onboard? I’ll watch new movies I’ve missed and/ or read one of my books on the Kindle.

A good Chardonnay



That’s Show-biz!

by Hayley Hartland

The Amenities team spent their time at the WTCE Hamburg searching high and low for the latest, and coolest new trends, designs, fashions and ideas in the world of onboard passenger comfort items. There was so much on offer this year, and we came away feeling refreshed, inspired and excited for the future. Here is a round-up of just some of our favourites!

That's Show-biz! 

Lenticular Bag Galileo Watermark The whole team were impressed with this idea, though particularly myself who might have let out a small excited ‘squeal’ as the apparent magic of this bag was revealed. This kit appears to have a changing image on the front, altering depending which way you hold it. As children we were all taken in by the ‘wonder’ of holograms, making inanimate objects apparently come to life, and it appears this wonderment is yet to wear off. As well as being an incredibly fun way to design a bag, it got us thinking about the branding opportunities such technology could afford to airlines. Could it be possible to combine airline branding with that of their preferred onboard suppliers whilst not losing the all-important design of the amenity kit? Amenities thinks that this is an interesting development and one that we hope the airlines will embrace. Strength of brand is incredibly important to airlines and their partners, and maybe this is a way to combine both. If the airlines choose to embrace this concept, it could mean the future is not lineal, but lenticular – with maybe just a splash of magic.

The V&A Collaboration John Horsfall How often has the Amenities team sighed at the sight of another black, leatherette, rectangular bag or plain, white cotton bedding when looking at the offerings into the TravelPlus Amenity Awards? Many, I can tell you. How we have longed for something attractive. Something stylish. Something beautiful. And it seems that our prayers could be about to be answered. John Horsfall have partnered with the prestigious V&A Museum to design a line of decorative products fit for any King or Queen (or First Class passenger). The inspiration is taken from artefacts within the V&A’s extensive collection, resulting in incredibly beautiful designs that could be transferred to bedding, cushions and cabin interiors. John Horsfall are a British brand that have been making textiles for over 150 years. With such a strong heritage, a brand partnership with the globally renowned V&A seems like a perfect fit. They have been exclusively supplying airlines with incabin textiles for over 40 years, so have an understanding of the challenges they face with tight budgets and the need for hard wearing, but appealing comfort items. This knowledge and expertise will surely prove invaluable in getting this beautiful collaboration onboard. Just launched at this year’s WTCE in Hamburg, we hope that airlines use their imaginations and bring some of these beautiful designs into their Business and First Class cabins in the very near future. Honestly, we can’t wait! 32


That's Show-biz! 

The AR Helicopter AK Service When looking at amenity kits, and trends for the future, you can’t forget the children (or the big kids for that matter!) One of the most impressive things we encountered this year was presented by AK Service. It combined AR and VR technology to pull together the children’s amenity kits and activity books offered onboard, with their smartphone or tablet, to create a complete, rounded entertainment experience. It is hard to find a way to keep children off technology and interested in more traditional activities. Onboard amenity kits for children have long suffered for including items that 21st Century children see as disposable, or don’t manage to keep their attention for longer than 20 minutes – a nightmare on long-haul flights for children – and their parents! This is where it could all be about to change. The app that has been developed allows elements of the traditional activity pack to ‘come to life’ and jump off the page by using stickers and the child’s smartphone camera. The possibilities for this kind of technology are seemingly endless, as airlines can now include interactive, educational elements to their kits, or include sound, animation and video to make the mundane activities more exciting. Of course, it is not just for children that this technology could prove useful, and with a bit of creativity maybe adult passengers in Business and First Class could get in on the action. With the possibility of 3D menu items that look so good you can practically taste them, or the airline safety instructions appearing on the passengers smartphone – the future looks rather exciting!

Where Old meets New Albea with Marvis Oral Care Vintage is a fashion trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, it can be hard to prevent it looking old fashioned. So it is refreshing when you come across something that captures the imagination, and does things a little bit differently. The Amenities team then were thrilled to see Albea thinking outside the box with their smart collaboration with Marvis toothpaste. Marvis have the closest thing to a phenomenon in the world of toothpastes that you are likely to get. Founded in 1958 it was a little known product in pharmacies and perfumeries, and coveted by those ‘in the know’, but after development in the 90s it soon became a must have product in luxury department stores all around the world. Housed in vintage style packaging Marvis toothpastes appeal to those with an eye for design – so what better brand collaboration than with specialists in packaging for perfumes and cosmetics Albea? Albea have used their knowledge of fashion and trends to create a concept kit that on first glance appears the antithesis to the traditional, vintage style Marvis toothpastes. Their high-gloss, metallic kits come in bold, statement colours, and speak to those with an eye for fashion. However, when partnered with the drug store style packaging of the Marvis toothpaste, the clash of old and new creates something beautiful, that airline passengers would surely love to receive. This brand collaboration is a match made in heaven. Airlines always strive to create kits that have longevity that passengers want to take off the flight, whilst still partnering with brands that represent their identity. Albea have created something for the fashion forward luxury traveller, those with a foot towards the future, but with one eye on the past. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


It's a Family Affair 

It’s a Family Affair...

It’s a Family Affair! The very familiar song ‘It’s a Family Affair’ sung by ‘Sly and the Family Stone’ burst on to the scene at the start of the 1970’s at the same time the Boeing 747 jumbo jet entered service, making air travel way more affordable for millions of people around the globe. It just also happened to be the dawn of a new era in passenger onboard amenities which continues to this day! The TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards are very much a family affair, a truly international family of highly talented designers, suppliers and airlines all working together with the same goal to deliver the best onboard amenities. In Hamburg this April the industry came together to celebrate the very best onboard amenities of 2017 at our new awards venue the Helmut Schmidt Auditorium at the Bucerius Law School. Providing suppliers with the perfect entertaining and networking platform. Hosting the evening was the team from Amenities, Debra, Lily-Fleur and Hayley making it a truly successful family affair! Can I say a BIG thank you to all those who continue to support The Awards; below are just a few photographs from the event. More photographs together with a full list of winners can be found on our website. Simon Ward

Official Wine Partner



It's a Family Affair 



Dream Collection 

Sweet Dreams Lufthansa’s New

‘Dream Collection’ by Lily-Fleur Bradbury

Sleepless in the Skies is one cruel consequence of long-haul flights, not to mention traversing a number of time zones wreaking havoc with your body clock. It’s an important issue and one we have discussed previously in our Summer 2017 Amenities Magazine, particularly focusing on what onboard elements airlines can improve to ensure customer comfort as well as educate passengers on the adverse effects of jet lag. A year in passing and the industry itself has upped its game, with attention to detail a priority when it comes to researching the most effective technology and designs in the world of sleep amenities and bedding sets. None more so than the team at SPIRIANT who take inspiration from a resonant T.S Elliot quote, ‘The journey, not the arrival, 36


matters.’ SPIRIANT have invested a newly dedicated team of experts to perfect the art of the inflight ‘ceremony of dining and the luxury of sleeping,’ and how these can successfully be achieved to make the overall inflight experience a memorable journey.

Dream Collection 

There is no simple solution and one product alone cannot solve all the challenges of what makes the experience a truly flawless one. It’s the symbiosis between numerous details that breathe life into a personal and unforgettable journey. The biggest challenge of all and without a doubt a priority for passengers and the airlines is sleep! Lufthansa Airlines have tackled this challenge head on, partnered with Spiriant, making their passenger’s dreams sure to come true with their new “Dream Collection” sleep range that ensures passengers achieve a good restful sleep. Guaranteed to sleep peacefully amongst the clouds, it is the attention to detail that makes this offering so successful. As Grit Peschke, Product Manager, Onboard Comfort at Spiriant points out, ‘Passengers need good quality sleep and simply putting single products together will not create a cohesive experience.’ It’s all about familiarity and creating an environment that inspires feelings of being ‘at home’. It’s a challenge, as home is a subjective concept, each unique to an individual’s singular experience. However, being creatures of habit, if we recreate the same rituals we practice before we go to bed onboard, the initial mind-set of sleep can be activated. Lufthansa achieves this very feeling of familiarity with their new DIY luxurious mattress which is specifically designed for flights over ten hours. 100% cotton, the DIY mattress imitates that fresh feeling of slipping into a newly made bed not long out of the tumble dryer. ‘Passengers can snuggle into a big, soft and light duvet that fills their whole seat, keeping them warm. The fluffy, cozy feeling will give a feeling of comfort and security like at home,’ says Grit Peschke. The routine of getting ready for bed plays a subconscious part in preparing us for sleep. Our repeated rituals of washing our face, cleaning our teeth, changing for bed can be just as useful onboard. With Lufthansa’s Dream Collection, passengers are gifted with a Van Laack sleep shirt for business travellers who are potentially still in office mode in their formal business wear. Simply changing clothing can help make the switch from work mode to rest mode. Lufthansa are guaranteed to keep passengers calm amongst the clouds with this combination of a soothing sleep shirt, a cloud-like mattress topper with complimentary pillowcase and fluffy pillow and the finishing gift of comfort; the deluxe blanket for warmth and familiarity. Passengers will be drifting off to the land of nod before they’ve even taken off! AMENITIES MAGAZINE






Beverley Calvert 

Catching 40 winks with

Beverley Calvert Homebody was started in 1999 by business partners Beverley Calvert and Susannah Manning, and it now has an international following and customer base. Known for their sleek, simple and timeless designs of sleepwear they are now setting their sights on taking over the skies, and redefining sleep and comfort when travelling around the world.

What is the inspiration behind your brand and products? The inspiration behind the brand, is that wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you can always feel you are ‘at home’ and relaxed wearing Homebody.

which is incredibly soft and lightweight on the body to wear, and has a mix of technical and natural benefits for the wearer, making it ideal for travel. Modal sens is made in the UK, and is exclusive to Homebody.

What makes Homebody sleepwear different to others in the market?

We are also designers, who like to make clothes for men, women and children that look as good as they feel, and we bring out new collections each season in fresh new colour palletes designed to promote a feeling of calm.

Our sleepwear is manufactured using a fabric we have developed over the last twenty years, called ‘Modal sens’,

Touch Homebody and you can feel the difference, wear Homebody and you can see the cut and design style. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


Beverley Calvert 

How important is high quality bedding and sleepwear to getting a good night’s sleep? Good quality bedding and sleepwear definitely enable sleep – why would we settle for less, particularly when we are flying. It is really important for our senses to be comfortable and relaxed and to feel cosseted, especially in the superior class seats. For that to happen, quality of bedding and sleepwear really has to be the best and comparable with what those passengers enjoy at home every day and night.

With airlines opting for brand sleeper suits - Casper, Lalique, The White Company and Christian Lacroix do you believe they are focused more on brands rather than quality of product/materials? When travelling, I have always found the sleep suit to be both rough on the skin and ill fitting - not the sort of thing you want to be seen wearing, but more for changing into in the loo mid flight. Homebody is a luxury British made collection that has a heritage of being a top selling lounge and Pyjama brand, with a loyal following, who love how it works for sleep and travel. Their USP is their luxury fabric that enables the wearer to relax and rest even in a cabin environment. Key considerations for us when designing for onboard, is to create beautifully branded and packaged sets, with very specific design features that would be exclusively available for that airline, including strategic pockets, temperature adjusting benefits, and a cut which doesn’t cling, but creates total comfort, making the products ideal for flying. For inflight, our competition have provided ‘inexpensive’ sleepsuits that are not exactly the kind of product the VIP traveler would want to wear at their destination or when they get home. It is functional just for the journey and nothing else. Homebody is the product they want to take with them – and wear forever! There is much competition in every sector, but we believe that our collection with its focused approach to airline comfort, combined with beautiful packaging, give the passenger the ultimate of sleep experience and ensure that they only want to fly with that airline. People love what we make because it is beautifully made, and they can feel the difference in the quality. 40


Beverley’s essentials for a good night’s sleep onboard A long sleeve top and drawstring trackie, made from our ‘uber soft’ modal sens fabric. Our Homebody scarf popped inside the travel bag to keep the neck warm, and allow the user to snuggle up to as a cushion during the flight. A kindle holding a boring book. Noise cancelling headphones and a meditation app to click into. This helps to calm the mind – listening for only ten minutes will do the trick A decent meal – if airplane food isn’t your thing, then grab something from the restaurant in the airport, but definitely do eat. Socks - feet swell during long flights, and it really helps to remove shoes before take-off. Some gentle stretches - twists, reaching above the head a few times, pointing and flexing toes. The worst thing is cramping up after sitting in one position for too long and taking a walk around pre-sleep always helps A small glass of red works for me every time (a little in moderation is not going to hurt!)


Profile for Amenities Magazine

AMENITIES ISSUE 7 (Summer 2018)  

Amenities Magazine is for everyone with a passion for designing and delivering the best onboard passenger amenity kits and sleeper suits. AM...

AMENITIES ISSUE 7 (Summer 2018)  

Amenities Magazine is for everyone with a passion for designing and delivering the best onboard passenger amenity kits and sleeper suits. AM...