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Road Conditions: (877) 687-6237 United States Forest Service: (800) 764-3359 Bureau of Land Management: (775) 753-0200 Nevada State Parks: (775) 687-4384 BLM Winnemucca:(775) 623-1500

WEATHER Here in the high desert, weather conditions can change very rapidly, and the temperature variations between day and night can vary be as much as 50 degrees. It is advisable to check the local weather forecast and be sure to take adequate clothing and plenty of water just in case.

ARTIFACTS AND PETROGLYPHS Please respect any artifacts and petroglyphs that you may encounter - these are priceless national treasures that need to be protected for future generations. It is illegal to collect arrowheads and other Native American artifacts. Cowboy Country 19

Nevada Cowboy Country Territory Guide  

Several of Nevada's most historic towns make up Cowboy Country, and nobody should visit without taking along this handy guide. It'll help yo...