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South America 2018

ALL FLIGHTS, COMPREHENSIVE SIGHTSEEING, SPECIAL EVENTS AND TIPS ARE INCLUDED • Santiago • Nazca Lines • Ballastas Island • Lima • Cusco • Sacred Valley • Machu Picchu

• Ollantaytambo • Puno • Lake Titicaca • Luxury Amazon River Cruise • Rio de Janeiro • Iguassu Falls • Buenos Aires

32 Amazing Days Departs Brisbane 24 April 2018

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SOUTH AMERICA South America is one of the most fascinating destinations on earth. Like the gold that wooed the Spanish conquistadors to its shores, South America offers an abundance of riches and a rhythm that will resonate for a lifetime. From the raw pulsating energy of Rio, the European sophistication of Buenos Aires and the mystery of long-lost civilisations in Peru, to the awe-inspiring peaks of the Andes and the steamy secrets hidden in the lush folds of the Amazon, South America is a continent of contrasts – alluring, intoxicating and unforgettable. Whether it be the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu, the roar of Iguassu Falls or Rio’s exotic beach culture, a journey through South America is to see some of the most dramatic sights and scenery on earth. Rich in Spanish and Portuguese colonial history and a mix of other European, African and indigenous Indian cultures, South America has a diversity and exotic flavour all its own. Here nature is at its finest and most spectacular, and the cities are among the most exciting and cosmopolitan in the world. Like the seduction of the Tango, South America’s treasures are best embraced up close and personally.

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Chile • Peru • Brazil • Argentina

A Travel Masters Signature Tour COMPREHENSIVE & INCLUSIVE



South America’s Greatest Cultural, Historic & Scenic Wonders NAZCA LINES & BALLESTAS ISLANDS

• Flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines • Wildlife of Ballestas Islands - birds, sea lions and fur seals


• Colourful Indian Markets and Sacred Valley of the Incas • Ollantaytambo, Fortress Sacsayhuanan and other Inca Ruins • Salt Mines and agricultural terraces of Maras and Moray • Cathedrals and Colonial Art treasures of Cusco Town Square • Music and Markets of the Quechua speaking Inca descendants


• Urubamba vistadome Rail Journey to ‘Lost City of the Incas’ • Full day visit to the famous ruins • 2 nights in the mountain village of Aquas Calientes


• Presidential Palace, Plaza de Armas and Old Colonial City • Casa Aliaga (oldest colonial house), Church of San Pedro, UNESCO buildings


• One of the highest lakes in the world • Visit Uros floating reed islands and Sun Island • Orient Express Andean Explorer luxury train journey


• Local Indian village visits, Amazon Forest Walks, Piranha fishing • Bird and Caimen spotting excursions • Frontier jungle town of Iquitos


• Spectacular Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountains • Copocabana, Ipanema, Leblon, San Conrado and Barra beaches • Brazilian BBQ, and Samba Carnivale Show • Favela Jeep Tour


• Both Argentinian and Brazilian Falls Boardwalks • Spectacular Boardwalk to the ‘Devils Throat’ • Macuco Speedboat Adventure into the heart of the Falls • Stunning Bird Park


• Gaucho Fiesta Day on the Pampas – Folkloric Performances • La Boca, Italian Waterfront and outdoor arts area • Historic Plaza de Mayo Square & fashionable Recoleta • Famous Dinner and Tango Show

Day 1 – Tue 24 April Australia / Santiago We depart today, flying with LAN to Santiago. After checking in at our downtown hotel, our Travel Masters escort will escort you along a busy pedestrian shopping street, through the Plaza de Armas, to the fascinating central markets. You may like to enjoy a light seafood lunch in this bustling market. Afternoon at leisure. Accommodation: Plaza San Fransisco Hotel Meals: Inflight + Dinner Day 2 – Wed 25 April Santiago / Lima Santiago, Chile’s capital city and cultural and economic centre of the nation occupies a spectacular basin at the foot of some of the highest peaks in the Andes. Santiago de Chile is a modern and bustling city with almost 16 million inhabitants, and was founded by the Spaniards almost 500 years ago. Our morning tour takes us to some of the places where the story started in 1541 and how it has evolved with different styles and influences. Our sightseeing starts with driving



downtown along Parque Forestal, a French style park with a wide variety of trees that runs along Mapocho River. We drive through the heart of downtown to Plaza de Armas (Main Square), the spot from where the city has grown throughout the centuries. It is surrounded by some important and spectacular buildings such as the Cathedral, the City Hall, the Central Post Office and the National Historical Museum. We visit the beautiful Santiago Racecourse in the suburbs of this intriguing city, before exploring the new and developing suburbs of Santiago. Later this afternoon, we continue to the airport for our flight to Lima. Accommodation: Jose Antonio Meals: Breakfast Day 3 – Thurs 26 April Lima/ Chinca / Paracas Today we travel the Pan American Highway on our luxury air-conditioned coach to Paracas. This will be a fascinating drive as we past first of all the slum areas of Lima, and then drive through a coastal arid region before reaching the rich

agricultural area of Ica & Paracas. The Paracas National Reserve, a 280,000 hectare coastal park includes a conglomeration of hills, desert and islands. Wildlife is everywhere in this stunning reserve, particularly the bird colonies and sea creatures on the Islands. We will have lunch in an historic country house at Hacienda San Jose located in the traditional El Carmen district in Chincha. The historic building, dating back to the 17th century, has undergone an exhausting restoration and has been declared cultural Heritage. We visit its lovely church and the catacombs, before arriving at our sea-side hotel at about 4.30pm. Accommodation: La Hacienda Bahia Paracas Meals: Breakfast /Lunch/ Dinner Day 4 – Fri 27 April Nazca Lines / Paracas / Ballestas Islands This morning we drive to El Chaco pier and take a boat ride to Ballestas Island to view the amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. From our boat we also see, carved into the highest point


in the cliffs above Paracas Bay, the Candelabra, the famous candlestick designs – from the Nazca civilization time. It is etched into the desert face. We will see more birds than you can possibly imagine. The rocky landscape is simply covered in more than 60 species of seabirds, including the humboldt penguin. There are usually many Sea Lions to be sighted. Your second highlight of today will be your flight over the Nazca Lines. One of the great mysteries of South America, the Nazca Lines are a series of animal figures and geometric shapes, none repeated and some measuring up to 300m across. They have been preserved for more than 2000 years. There are 11 major figures, decipherable only from the air – including the hummingbird, a monkey, spider, pelican, condor and a whale, plus the mysterious astronaut, and various triangles and trapezoids. This will be one of the strangest and most

unforgettable sights in South America you visit. Additionally you will fly over the Palpa Lines, the recently discovered drawings near Ocucaje left by the Paracas culture and the archaeological complex built by the Nazca Culture in Cahuachi. We have free time in the quaint seaside town of Pisco, for personal exploration and lunch. Afternoon at leisure to relax in our stunning sea-side luxury hotel. Accommodation: La Hacienda Bahia Paracas Meals: Breakfast Day 5 – Sat 28 April Lima / Cusco Today, we take the Pan American Highway back to Lima. We join a late afternoon flight from Lima to Cuzco, the archaeological capital of the Americas, and the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent. Time to relax and acclimatise this evening. Accommodation: Aranwa Cusco Meals: Breakfast

Day 6 – Sun 29April The Sacred Valley Today we board our comfortable coach, and head down the valley so we acclimatise at a lower altitude. We then drive through the scenic landscape of the ‘Sacred Valley of the Incas’, with its spectacular beauty. Our included stops today include a visit to a wildlife park, to see up close, the magnificent Condor bird, llamas and alpacas. We visit the famous Pisac markets. Colonial Pisac is a quiet Andean village renowned for its colourful markets. The plaza is full of local Indians selling produce, weavings, alpaca sweaters and souvenirs, just as they have done for centuries. We arrive at, Sol Y Luna for lunch, followed by a fabulous Peruvian Paso Horse Show. Accommodation: Aranwa Sacred Valley Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

SOUTH AMERICA Day 7 – Mon 30 April Moray / Maras / Aguas Calientes We continue our coach journey through stunning scenery to Moray/ Maras. The Incas created huge circular agricultural terraces at Moray, built inside sink holes on a limestone plateau overlooking the Urubamba Valley. It has been suggested that they have a cosmological meaning, but their function other than as an experiment in agriculture, remains a mystery. Today we visit these agricultural terraces, and the nearby age-old terraced salt pans that sit below the old colonial town of Maras – an amazing sight. Early afternoon, we travel by vistadome train (1hour 30min), following the Urubamba River through the steep sided gorges to Aguas Calientes, the closest village to Machu Picchu. We stay 2 nights in this delightful village. Accommodation: El Mapi Inka Terra Hotel Meals: Breakfast / Train snack/ Dinner

Day 8 – Tue 1 May Aguas Calientes / Machu Picchu From Aguas Calientes we are transported by mini coach on the Hiram Bingham Highway, 700 metres to the top of Machu Picchu, one of the world’s best known and most spectacular archaeological sites – the ‘Lost City of the Incas’ – the most renowned example of Inca architecture, surrounded by cloud forest. Lost in history, it was not discovered until 1911. Our guide this morning will help us understand and appreciate the air of grandeur and mystery that is uniquely Machu Picchu. After our morning guided tour of Machu Picchu you have free time for lunch on the mountain (café/restaurant available). After lunch you will have time to explore Machu Picchu further and perhaps visit the Sun Gate, to wander at leisure and soak up the amazing atmosphere of this totally unique place – a wonderful personal experience with the value of this morning’s

guided tour to draw upon. Alternatively you can spend time in Aguas Calientes, enjoying the markets, and/or hot springs – a great place to spend time. Squeezed between towering mountains, the village has interesting restaurants, and hot springs, a town plaza, local markets and the wonderful Indian culture of the Peruvian Andes. Accommodation: El Mapi Inka Terra Hotel Meals: Breakfast / Dinner Day 9 – Wed 2 May Ollantaytambo/ Chinchero / Cusco This morning we travel by vistadome train into Ollanta. Ollanta is the oldest fully continually inhabited town in South America, former capital of the Inca Empire. We explore the village and the major Inca site of Ollantaytambo, one of the few places where the Spaniards lost a battle. The village is built on traditional Inca foundations, providing


archaeologists with one of the last surviving examples of Inca city planning. A fortress temple is at the top of the magnificent terracing. Transporting the rocks for the building from 6kms away was a stupendous feat, involving the labour of thousands of Indians. Before travelling back in to Cusco, we visit a local Peruvian weaving village for a private demonstration of the weaving techniques used in the Andean highlands for centuries. The evening is at leisure in Cusco, one of the most colourful and interesting cities in South America, and the hub of Inca civilisation. Our tour escort will invite you on an orientation walk and introduce you to her favourite cafes. Accommodation: Aranwa Cusco Meals: Breakfast / Train snack Day 10 – Thur 3 May Sacsayhuaman / Cusco Recently there has been a resurgence in Quechua pride, and as a result many streets

have changed from Spanish to Quechua spelling. Avenida Sol is the main business street of Cusco. The narrow streets around the Plaza de Armas have changed little in centuries, many are now for pedestrians only. The picturesque Plaza has colonial arcades on all sides. A magnificently ornate Cathedral and the Church of La Compania dominate two sides of the Plaza, which proudly displays both the Peruvian and Inca flags. We visit Sacsayhuaman, a hilltop fortress that overlooks the city of Cusco. The largest stones used in its construction are nearly 8.5 m high and weigh 360tons, fitting so perfectly together that a single piece of paper would not fit between two stones. The afternoon will be free to explore and enjoy the cultural and historic wonders around the heart of the city. Perhaps visit the art deco area of San Blas and wander through quaint art alleys. This evening, we have a fabulous

folklore show with dinner at a local restaurant. The show offers an insight into peruvian dance & Folk Lore Accommodation: Aranwa Cusco Meals: Breakfast / Dinner & Show Day 11 – Fri 4 May Cusco / Lake Titicaca Our spectacular rail journey today begins in historic Cusco and travels south to the city of Puno, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Titicaca. This Train journey cuts across the formidable Peruvian Altiplano. The first half of the full day journey is dominated by the magnificent Andean mountains which towers over the deep valleys of the meandering Huatanay River. It then reaches the gentler, rolling Andean Plains, where vicuna and alpaca can be seen. The observation car with bar will provide the perfect opportunity to view the beautiful scenery. A gourmet lunch will be served on board at one of the four dining cars. Traditional

dances and music during the journey will be presented during the journey to make the special experience complete. Accommodation: Liberador Lago Titicaca Hotel Meals: Breakfast / Lunch Afternoon Tea Day 12 – Sat 5 May Lake Titicaca / Floating Islands of Uros Lake Titicaca is one of the highest navigable lakes in the world and the largest freshwater lake on the continent of South America. Today we enjoy an excursion to the unusual floating islands of the Uros Indians. Made of the totora reeds, the islands were constructed as a defensive measure to enable them to be moved should a threat arise. We experience the lifestyle of the Uros Indians. Scattered all around Lake Titicaca you’ll find chullpas, gargantuan white stone towers up to 12m in height in which the Colla tribe, who dominated the

region before the Incas, buried their dead. We then proceed by local Tuk Tuk’s to visit the town square. Accommodation: Liberador Lago Titicaca Hotel Meals: Breakfast/ Dinner Day 13 – Sun 6 May Lake Titicaca / Sun Island / Copacabana / Bolivia After breakfast we drive along the south side of Lake Titicaca to the ancient shrine of Copacabana, on the boundary between Peru and Bolivia. On the way, we pass through the towns of Juli and Pomata, whose churches are jewels of colonial architecture. Once in Copacabana we visit its church and board a catamaran to the mythic Sun Island. According to legend, the Inca couple Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo appeared here to found the Empire of the Sun. Visit the Inca Garden, steps and fountain then the Inti Wata Cultural Complex. The complex

features the Ekako Underground Museum and an interesting demonstration of Andean crops, medicinal herbs and Andean fauna. Activities in the Sun Island today include a traditional Kallawaya shaman’s ceremony, a visit to the Titicaca reed shipbuilders display centre and a unique sailing experience aboard a huge Titicaca traditional reed vessel visiting the Pikokaina Inca Palace. Buffet lunch will be served on board. We return to Copacabana and transfer back to our lakeside hotel at Puno. Accommodation: Liberador Lago Titicaca Hotel Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner Day 14 – Mon 7 May Juliaco / Lima to Iquitos We transfer to the Juliaca airport, for our flight to Lima and onto Iquitos in the Amazon jungle. Half of Peru is in the Amazon basin, and Iquitos is Peru’s largest jungle city. Founded in the 1750’s as a Jesuit Mission, it is the largest


city in the Amazon without road links. In the late 1900’s it was a rubber boomtown, and signs of the opulence still exist. The people are friendly and easy going. Whilst here we visit the local markets which display strange items like piles of dried frogs and fish, armadillo shells, piranha teeth, and an enormous variety of tropical fruit. We explore the unique buildings and observe the fascinating Amazon lifestyle. Accommodation: Victoria Regina Hotel Meals: Breakfast / In-flight Lunch Day 15 – Tue 8 May Iquitos / Amazon Cruise Early morning visit Belem market using tuk tuks to and from hotel, followed by Motorized boat trip around floating village We begin a panoramic tour of Iquitos city. After the tour we will travel over paved road to the city of Nauta, 95 kilometers away. Nauta is literally the “end of the road” where you will embark

on the Delfin III. Along the way, you will see vibrant “terra firma” (non-flooded forest) and various aspects of daily jungle life. Arrival to Nauta port: Nauta is a small riverside town on the banks of the Marañon River and was the first city founded in the department of Loreto. Once we reach Nauta, you will enjoy a VIP greeting at a private port along the shores of the Marañon River where the vessel awaits you. Aboard Delfin, you will be served by qualified staff who will introduce you to your exquisite and cozy suite, specially equipped with all the amenities for the experienced traveler. Orthopedic beds, pure cotton sheets, pillows of 100% pure natural latex, cotton bathrobes, air conditioning, and private bathroom with Spanish style hot water showers are all framed with a spacious private terrace we are sure you will enjoy to the fullest.

Marayali: your first excursion will be done by skiff where you will visit the first location populated by sloths, iguanas, and recently a new favorite location for anteaters. Birdwatchers are likely to check off their bucket list, the yellow-rumped caciques and the very elegant egrets. While the Delfin begins its initial navigation, we can enjoy the most fantastic panoramic views from the elegantly outfitted observation area located on the third deck. The bartender will be waiting to serve you with an exotic cocktail made with regional fruits and pisco, the beloved national brandy liquor of Peru. Then, our naturalist guide will give us an overview of our journey’s schedule, activities, route, highlights, wildlife and vegetation to keep your eye out for, geographical and historical background, and other useful details.

SOUTH AMERICA Confluence of the 3 Rivers: Better known as the “Union de los Rios” we will toast and witness the distinguished colors of the 3 rivers. It is known that the Ucayali River, which in turn confluences with the Marañón River upstream of Iquitos, Peru, to form what countries other than Brazil consider to be the main stem of the Amazon River. Great photo opportunity as we witness our first Amazon Rainforest Sunset. Amazonas Night Time Jungle Walk: Just before settling down for dinner we will be taken out on our first jungle walk. And how exciting it will be to see what goes bump in the night. We take this opportunity to enjoy a small village along the rivershore and our guides will share with you some interesting legends of the Amazon as we sit around a small campfire. Accommodation: Delfin III Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Day 16 – Wed 9 May Amazon Cruise / Palometa / Pevas In the morning, the walk at Fundo Casual jungle trail will take us deep into the rainforest on terra firme (non-flooded forest) where our guide will point out the dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon By the afternoon, we will start cruising through the Yanayacu River, peeking into different creeks and lagoons. This is one of the best preserved and protected zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Our guide will use his expert eye to pinpoint all the biodiversity of this region. If you want to interact directly with the waters of the Amazon, go out on one of the paddle boards. We will even have the opportunity to swim in the jungle river along with the famous pink dolphins! Accommodation: Delfin III Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Day 17 – Thur 10 May Amazon Cruise This morning we will visit the Pucate River, a calm river where we can explore the shoreline spotting monkeys in the treetops or enjoy an early swim. After lunch,we will start cruising through the creeks of Yanayaquillo, peeking into different creeks and lagoons. This is one of the best preserved and protected zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Our guide will use his expert eye to pinpoint all the biodiversity of this region. This is also a popular dolphin feeding spot. Accommodation: Delfin III Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Day 18 – Fri 11 May Amazon Cruise This morning we will explore Nauta Caño Creek and its various delights via skiff. We will also fish for the famous carnivorous piranhas! Piraña


Caño Creek / San Francisco. This lovely creek which leads to a lagoon is an ideal place to spend the afternoon in search of birds and playful monkeys. As our naturalist guide spots various creatures for us. Next we will visit the community of San Francisco which includes a short skiff ride and jungle walk to meet local villagers who have called Amazonia their home for generations. Here we will visit a market featuring amazing arts and crafts from the local women. Following this visit will be a jungle walk with our guide to search for nocturnal creatures Accommodation: Delfin III Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Day 19 – Sat 12 May Amazon Cruise / Iquitos / Lima After breakfast we continue our journey on the Yarapa River to experience the species-rich rainforest with its spectacular wilderness, where among others, squirrels, capuchin monkeys and

herons can be seen. We reach the port of Nauta where we disembark the Delfin II to take the bus to Iquitos. On our way to the airport of Iquitos, we visit the Rescue and Rehabilitation center of river mammals, where you will have the opportunity to see baby manatees and learn more about these wonderful creatures and why they are listed as endangered species. Afterwards you will be transferred to Iquitos airport to join your flight to Lima. Accommodation: Jose Antonio Hotel/Lima Meals: Breakfast Day 20 – Sunday 13 May Lima This morning we enjoy a tour of Peru’s capital city, Lima, founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1534. Many of the beautiful old colonial buildings remain. The heart of the city is the Plaza Mayor, a colourful public square flanked by the Government Palace, the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s

Palace and other amazingly beautiful buildings. The Plaza Mayor is linked to Plaza San Martin by a pedestrian mall. Since the 1920’s Lima has struggled to contain a population explosion of largely poorer, rural folk migrating to the capital searching for a better life. Shanty towns surround the capital today. Our sightseeing tour starts with Lima’s historic centre, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. As you wander the main plaza and Plaza San Martin it is hard not to wonder about its diverse architecture. The San Marcos University, the first in South America, was founded in 1551. We then head to ‘Casa Aliaga’, the oldest colonial house in Latin America. It has been owned By the family Aliaga and their descendants since Francisco Pizarro granted this ancient temple to one of his followers Jeronimo de Aliaga in 1535. It features a series of salons that represent life in Lima in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

SOUTH AMERICA Other places of interest in our sightseeing tour include Lima’s baroque Church of San Pedro, built in grand style by the Jesuits in 1638 and also one of the country’s finest buildings. We then enjoy a mouthwatering three course lunch with wine at a fabulous seafood restaurant, in a beautiful oceanfront setting. The Rosa Nautica is one of Lima’s finest seafood restaurants. Remainder of the afternoon at leisure. Accommodation: Jose Antonio Meals: Breakfast / Lunch with wine Day 21 – Mon 14 May Lima In the morning, a visit to the Larco museum will take you on a journey into the legacy of preInca cultures and the context in which they developed. The museum’s didactic galleries have been renovated in 2010, offering a detailed look at 3,000 years of Peruvian pre-Columbian history. Its masterpieces are considered worldwide icons of pre-columbian

art and have been displayed in the world’s most renowned museums. Artifacts finely wrought in gold and decorated with semi-precious stones are tastefully exhibited in new rooms that are the collection’s highlight. The museum itself is an attraction, since the colonial mansion housing the exhibition, was built on top of a pre-Inca pyramid from the 7th century. Afternoon at leisure, tonight we dine in a restaurant set in the archaeological complex Huaca Pucllana, whose highlight is an adobe pyramid built with small handmade, sundried brick 1500 years ago. ‘La Huaca’ is definitely a unique place to taste the most popular specialties of Peruvian Cuisine. Accommodation: Jose Antonio Meals: breakfast / Dinner Day 22 – Tue 15 May Lima / Iguassu Falls Mid morning we board our flight to World Heritage Iguassu Falls

– the world’s greatest waterfall. After booking into our hotel right at the Falls, our Guide takes us to experience this amazing sight. The spectacle and the view will leave you speechless (and a little wet!). After breathtaking views from the observation deck, we use the walkway to get almost within touching distance of these tremendous falls. The Falls are located in Iguassu National Park, forming a natural border between Brazil and Argentina. By staying at the Das Cataratas Hotel as hotel guests we have exclusive sunset and sunrise access to the Falls, as we are located right at the Falls. Accommodation: Belmond Das Cataratas Meals: Breakfast Day 23 – Wed 16 May Iguassu Falls Firstly this morning, we descend to board a twin engine inflatable boat to cruise into the canyon, shoot several small rapids,


and arrive at the base of the majestic falls (you will get wet!!) – a memorable experience. This afternoon we visit one of the best Bird Parks in the world, and you will be amazed at how close you can get to the birds, the magnificence of their colour and number. You may also like to take an optional spectacular helicopter flight over the Falls (approx US$120pp). Accommodation: Belmond Das Cataratas Meals: Breakfast / Dinner Day 24 – Thur 17 May Iguassu Falls / Rio de Janeiro We drive across the border to the Argentinean side of the falls for the view from a walkway a mere 4 metres above the waters, and pause at the edge of the Devils Throat, the largest and most fierce part of the Falls. The majority of the falls (approx. 80%) are on this side of the park covering an area 550km². We enjoy a walk along the trails. This trail has six viewpoints with panoramic views

of the falls. A bridge (2200m round trip) leading out over the Iguazu River and small islands ending at the mighty Devil’s Throat. The Devil’s Throat is 150m (490ft) wide and the tallest of all the falls having a height of 82m (270ft). The bridge goes right out to the head of the falls, so be prepared for plenty of spray. Later we join an afternoon flight to Rio de Janeiro, arriving at 5:30pm Accommodation: Porto Bay Rio International Meals: Breakfast Day 25 – Fri 18 May Rio De Janeiro Covering more than half of South America, a raw energy vibrates through the whole of Brazil. And nowhere more so than Rio, where the senses are heightened and inhibitions can be set free. Rio is surely the world’s most spectacular city. We have the most spectacular view of Copocabana Beach from our hotel’s rooftop pool

and bar. We commence our Rio sightseeing by taking two cable cars right to the top of famous Sugar Loaf Mountain for a different perspective of Rio, her harbour and beaches. Sugar Loaf is God’s gift to the picture postcard industry! We visit the famous Sambadome, home of the famous Carnivale Parade. We pass the world’s largest soccer stadium called ‘Maracana’, where 200,000 soccer fans have been known to cheer their teams and legendary heroes. We also visit Rio’s modern City Cathedral. Afternoon at leisure. Tonight we enjoy a spectacular Samba and Carnivale Show. Accommodation: Porto Bay Rio International Hotel Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & show Day 26 – Sat 19 May Rio De Janeiro Sweeping along a narrow strip of land between beaches and steeply domed mountains, Rio’s beauty is undeniable. Locals say

SOUTH AMERICA God made the world in six days – the seventh he devoted to Rio! Views of the city from the 11 story statue of Christ the Redeemer crowning Mt Corcovado are simply awesome, while Ipanema and Copacabana beaches are like cities in themselves – ‘Manhattan in Bikinis’! In spite of its beauty, Rio has over 10 million people, one of the most densely populated places on earth – and the locals pursue pleasure like nowhere else. This morning we make the pilgrimage to the top of Corcovado (709m high), and stand beneath the giant 30-metre statue of Christ the Redeemer to enjoy one of the worlds truly legendary sights. Corcovado rises from the Tijuca Rainforest, which surrounds the city – the largest urban forest in the world, the green lung of the city. We travel to the top by cog-wheel train, constructed by Swiss engineers, passing through lovely parts of the forest with panoramic views of the city. We

then continue onto the small Sao Conrado beach where hang gliders jump from towering Gavea Rock to use the beach as a landing strip – a spectacular sight – then passing famous Leblon and Ipanema beaches to Copocabana. Afternoon at leisure. Lunch will be served at ‘Fogo De Chao’ a Brazil BBQ restaurant. Accommodation: Porto Bay Rio International Hotel Meals: Breakfast / Lunch Day 27 – Sun 20 May Rio De Janeiro This morning we experience the Favelas (slum area) of Rio. This will give us a better understanding of Brazilian society. This is a fascinating half day tour. We visit Santa Maria slum, located on Donna Marta Hill. Late afternoon we join our flight to Buenos Aires. Accommodation: Recoleta Grand Hotel Meals: Breakfast

Day 28 – Mon 21 May Buenos Aires Argentina is a passionate land of contradictions, from the cosmopolitan elegance of Buenos Aires to the macho traditions of the gauchos (cowboys) of the pampas plains; from the flirtatious seduction of the Tango to a colourful and timeless immigrant history. The passion for life spills from the myriad cafes, theatres, boulevards and parks of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a city with its own unique style, wide treelined boulevards, a combination of baroque, neoclassical and modern architecture, numerous cafes and restaurants, and vast green parks. Buenos Aires is also the home city of Pope Francis. The Spanish conquista dors arrived in the 16th century. The 1940’s and 1950’s saw the emergence of Peronism at the hands of Juan Peron and his wife Evita. Today Buenos Aires has the feel of a cosmopolitan European


We invite you to extend your tour.

HOLIDAY EXTENSIONS • Cuba • Galapgos • Salta, Northern Argentina • Atacama Desert, Chile • More time in South America

The choice is yours. ASK US FOR FULL DETAILS

City, home to more than 11 million people. Shopping for leather goods and jewellery is popular. Our morning tour takes us to Plaza de Mayo, the historical heart of the city and witness to the most important events in Argentinean history. We’ll visit old San Telmo, residence of the ‘portena’ aristocracy up to the 19C, with renovated colonial homes where now artists and artisans live. Caminito Street is the heart of the Boca Italian Quarter where houses are painted vibrant blue, yellow, orange, red and green. We’ll visit La Boca’s outdoor museum of sculptures and paintings. Free time is scheduled so you can shop, and lunch in this colourful area. The afternoon is at leisure. This evening we visit a typical Tango House for a special dinner and Tango Show. Argentines are very fond of music and dancing, and this is the birthplace of the famous Tango. Accommodation: Recoleta Grand Meals: Breakfast / Dinner & Show

Day 29 Tue 22 May Buenos Aires We have a relaxing day being entertained at an Argentinean country residence ‘Santa Susana’ on an old ranch situated on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. We’ll drive through the expensive residential neighbourhood of Palermo, home to the botanical gardens, horse racing track, polo fields, city zoo, most foreign embassies, and the most fashionable restaurants. The flat and rich Pampas Plains around this capital city are an ocean of crops and pasture – home of the Gaucho riders, skilled exponents of the lasso with an expert reputation as a cattle herder. The Gauchos maintain their creole traditions and the unique art of roasting the most delicious beef in the world. We’ll enjoy the traditional songs and dances of these Argentinean cowboys. It’s a full day Fiesta, including a barbeque lunch (Asado) and drinks. We’ll have the chance to

see the legendary horsemanship skills of the Gauchos at work. Accommodation: Recoleta Grand Meals: Breakfast / Lunch with beer/wine Day 30 – Wed 23 May Buenos Aires Morning at leisure until we transfer to the airport for our late afternoon flight to Santiago. Tonight we join our flight onto Australia. Meals: Breakfast / Inflight Day 31 – Thu 24 May Santiago / Australia En route to Australia Day 32 – Fri 25 May Arrive home We bid farewell to our travel companions.

QUALITY ACCOMMODATION Plaza San Francisco Hotel, Santiago (1) This plush hotel lies in a vibrant, downtown area of Santiago, with 146 rooms featuring elegant wood furnishings. Amenities include a sophisticated restaurant, a cozy bar and a terrace with city views. Jose Antonio, Lima (3) In a modern glass building 10 minutes’ walk from Playa Makaha, this casual hotel is 1 km from the Larcomar shopping center and 2 km from the Huaca Pucllana archaeological site. La Hacienda Bahia Paracas, Paracas (2) The Hacienda Bahia Paracas Hotel is located on the shores of the beautiful Bay of Paracas. The restaurant, El Coral, offers the best view of the bay. Aranwa Cusco Boutique, Cusco (3) Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel is the essence of luxury and comfort in the heart of the Inca city. It is built in a colonial mansion of the 16th century. Asanwa, Sacred Valley (1) Within the Urubamba mountain range, on the lush riverfront site of a 1600s hacienda, Bright, modern rooms with balconies or patios feature whirlpool tubs, flat-screen TVs, minibars and free Wi-Fi. Colonial-style suites have ornate decor and period details. El Mapi Inka Terra Hotel, Machu Picchu (2) Situated in the heart of Machu Picchu town, the stylish El MaPi offers contemporary rooms. Great location. Libertador Lago, Lake Titicaca (3) Located on Esteves Island, this 5-star hotel offers panoramic views over Lake Titicaca from the Andes to Bolivia. It features a spa with a hot tub and sauna and free Wi-Fi connection. Victoria Regina Hotel & Suites, Iquitos (1) A modern, centrally located hotel in Iquitos. Porto Bay Rio Internacional (3) (Lateral Ocean View Rooms) Facing the world-famous Copacabana Beach. The hotel prides itself on its efficient staff and service. The hotel highlight is the rooftop pool and bar, with panoramic views of Copacabana Beach. Belmond Das Cataratas Hotel, Iguassu Falls (2) Located right alongside the Iguassu Falls, Das Cataratas is the only hotel in the Iguassu National Park. Just a two minute stroll from the falls, guests have exclusive access to the falls each morning and night, prior to the National Park opening to the public. Recoleta Grand, Buenos Aires (3) Featuring a spa, a fitness centre, a pool and a restaurant, Recoleta Grand offers plush accommodation in the upscale Recoleta district.


TOUR COSTS & INCLUSIONS All-inclusive quality escorted touring ex Australia

32 Day Escorted Small Group Tour Departing: 24 April 2018

Returning: 25 May 2018

COST: $20,595 per person/twin share (ex Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne) Business Class (on International flights only) Please request costs. Single Supplement: $4,880 INCLUSIONS (NO HIDDEN EXTRAS): - Economy Class international airfare and ticket taxes, ex Brisbane/ Sydney/ Melbourne - Economy Class domestic flights throughout South America - Accommodation in superior and deluxe class hotels in safe, central locations, all chosen for location and quality - 4 nights on board the Delfin III in Picture Window Cabins, with all meals, tipping and excursions - All train travel as per itinerary - Breakfast, lunch and dinner as per itinerary, welcome drinks at all hotels. Gratuities for all included activities - Private transfers and tours with an exclusive coach, as indicated in the itinerary. Expert Local English-Speaking Guides throughout - Hotel Porterage of one average size suitcase per person - All admission fees on tours. One bottle of water per person each day. Our Tour Manager travels with you from Australia back to Australia. Visit Great Cities Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires & Lima Explore Historical Inca Sites Cusco, Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo & Sacred Valley of the Incas Heart of the Inca Culture Experience great train journeys Cusco to Lake Titicaca Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu Experience the Amazing Amazon Jungle Onboard South America’s deluxe river ship Delfin III 5 magical & memorable days Village visits and exotic culture Discover the Worlds Most Amazing Waterfall Both Argentinian and Brazilian sides from walkways above and the river below Enjoy exclusive sunrise and sunset access to the Falls Lake Titicaca One of world’s most famous lakes, visit the Uros floating Reed Village and Sun Island Experience Sensuous samba & tango, Andean folkloric performances & an Argentinean Gaucho Fiesta – all the colour & excitement

Don’t book anything until you’ve checked these facts out! OUR TRAVEL MASTERS TOUR OFFERS ALL THIS & MORE! 1. Is the tour escorted from Austrtalia so you get airport assistance all the way? Does your tour cost include the flights to and from Australia? 2. Does your tour have a genuine Amazon cruise experience? That’s the most memorable, photographic and unique experience in South America. 3. Check the number, scope and variety of destinations included - Make sure you overnight at Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes), don’t miss the famous Nazca Lines and Paracas Wildlife Reserve. Does your tour include the fabulous art city of Santiago? 4. What about the quality? Is your accommodation centrally-located deluxe properties throughout, so you can be in the best possible condition to appreciate this amazing destination? Does the tour go to Lake Titicaca by all-day coach, or via a deluxe rail trip? Where are your meals when away from the hotels? Are they in atmospheric locations, providing pleasurable ambience? 5. How much is included in the cost? Is comprehensive sightseeing included in the cost? Are you limited to just one tour per day, or perhaps sightseeing on a cost basis? How many meals are included? 6. Does your tour include bottled water every day and a welcome drink at each hotel? Examine the options because this is a major expenditure and you’ll probably only be there once in your life! Choose the BEST VALUE deluxe South American holiday. Don’t miss anything! OUR TOUR OFFERS ALL THIS & MORE AN ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE!


DELFIN III • AMAZON RIVER SHIP Our comfortable home on the Amazon River for five memorable days This brand new vessel carries just 43 passengers. The ship has been beautifully finished with the finest details, hardwood floors, designer furniture, and handmade Peruvian artifacts. The top deck features beautiful indoor and outdoor lounge, a sundeck with plunge pool, a spa and gym, and of course the bar. Upper Deck additional $180 per person. Please request at time of booking.




These Optional tours can be designed for you personally


8 days/7 Nights

9 days/8 Nights

Located 965 kms from the mainland of Ecuador, South America are the Galapagos Islands. A magical place like none other on earth. These islands are a living laboratory of evolution and are home to some of the world’s rarest species. Marine and land iguanas, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, fur seals, penquins, sea lions, as well as the giant tortoise, all mingle and co-exist freely as they have done for thousands of years. Combine your South America holiday with a luxury 4 night cruise and explore this incredible eco-system. Daily excursions led by experienced naturalist guides include island visits, guided hikes, beach walks, snorkeling, swimming and much more. Includes All flts, 4 nt cruise, all sightseeing, 1 night Guayaquil, 2 nights Quito.

Cuba is the most populated country in the Caribbean, famous for its cigars, rum, Fidel Castro, Salsa, Classic Cars. UNIQUE CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL HERITAGE OF CUBA. Visit Havana, Vinales Valley, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos. The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba boasts spectacular scenery and rich cultural heritage as well as some of the world’s best beaches. Steeped in the history of Spanish colonialism and post-war revolution, the grandeur of Cuba’s rich culture is expressed in its vibrant cities and spectacular scenery. Come and experience the contrasts of magnificent mountain ranges and deep valleys, fertile plains of tobacco and coffee, and experience an enthusiast Cuban welcome wherever you go. Discover the UNESCO world heritage listed cities of Havana and Trinidad, learn to dance the Salsa, visit the Museum of the Revolution and Che Guevara’s Memorial and explore the picturesque Vinales Valley on this comprehensive 9 day/8 night tour.


SALTA (Northern Argentina) and ATACAMA DESERT (Chile)

Two of the most colourful regions of South America, stunning mountain colours, spectacular scenery. Fly from Buenos Aires to Salta. Visit world Cultural and Natural Heritage (UNESCO) sites, Humahuaca Gorge, marveling at the magnificient views, villages and fascinating cultures. Visit Purmamarca, with its Hill of Seven Colours. Visit Maimara, a village at the foot of the dreamy Paleta del Pintor (Painters Palette). Visit Uquia with its famous 17th century church. Visit Salinas Grandes, a huge salt flat. Continue over the mountain range into Chile and the colourful Atacama Desert. See Geysers, salt covered mountains, ancient art, and much more. With its jagged, rust-coloured, vast white salt pans, volcano topped horizons, the Atacama Desert is like no place imaginable. Fly to Santiago. Price on application, as the itinerary can be personally tailored for you.

Price on application


BOOKING FORM 2018 FIRST PASSENGER Title: ________________ Surname (as shown on passport): ____________________________________________________________ First Name(as shown on passport):_____________________________ Preferred First Name:_______________________________ Room preference (if sharing)? TWIN / DOUBLE

Your weight:_______________kg (For Nazca Lines flight)

Do you require single supplement? YES / NO Would you like us to keep an eye out for a possible twin-share on your behalf? YES / NO (Please note that Single Supplement will be payable if we are unable to assist with a suitable twin-share for you) Do you wish to book an extension? YES / NO _____________________________________________________________________ Do you require a business class airfare? YES / NO Are you a Qantas/LAN Frequent Flyer Member? YES / NO If yes, Member No. _______________________________________ Do you have any dietary requests:_________________________________________________________________________________ Do you hold an Australian passport? YES / NO If No, please state the nationality: ___________________________________ Passport Number: ______________________________________Date of Issue: ______/______/______ Date of Expiry: ______/______/______ Date of Birth: ______/______/______

Place of Issue: __________________________Occupation: __________________________

SECOND PASSENGER Title: ________________ Surname (as shown on passport): ____________________________________________________________ First Name(as shown on passport):_____________________________ Preferred First Name:_______________________________ Room preference (if sharing)? TWIN / DOUBLE

Your weight:_______________kg (For Nazca Lines flight)

Do you require single supplement? YES / NO Would you like us to keep an eye out for a possible twin-share on your behalf? YES / NO (Please note that Single Supplement will be payable if we are unable to assist with a suitable twin-share for you) Do you wish to book an extension? YES / NO _____________________________________________________________________ Do you require a business class airfare? YES / NO Are you a Qantas/LAN Frequent Flyer Member? YES / NO If yes, Member No. _______________________________________ Do you have any dietary requests:_________________________________________________________________________________ Do you hold an Australian passport? YES / NO If No, please state the nationality: ___________________________________ Passport Number: ______________________________________Date of Issue: ______/______/______ Date of Expiry: ______/______/______ Date of Birth: ______/______/______

Place of Issue: __________________________Occupation: __________________________

PASSENGER/S CONTACT DETAILS (Please attach details separately if Second Passengers Contact Details are different) Street Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Suburb: ___________________________________________________State: ___________________ Postcode: __________________ Postal Address (If different from Street Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Suburb: _____________________________________________________State: ___________________ Postcode: ________________ Home Tel: _________________________Work Tel: _______________________Fax: ____________________ Mobile No: ______________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________ TRAVEL INSURANCE It is compulsory and in your interest to carry travel insurance for health, loss of luggage/belongings and in case of cancellation. At time of booking, our agency will assist with your travel insurance requirements. I have read and understand the responsibility section detailed below on this form and the General Information and Booking Conditions and accept them on behalf of myself and my party. I declare that I/they are not travelling against any medical advice. Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ______/______/______ Please also complete the reverse side of this form and return it to one of our Travel Consultants, or to: Group Tour Co-ordinator,Beth Malcolm, PO Box 5038, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218 YOUR CONSULTANT______________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT (Person to contact should there be an emergency while you are overseas) Complete Name:------------------------------------------- Relationship:--------------------------------------------------------------------------Street Address:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suburb:------------------------------------------------------------ State:--------------------------------Postcode:-----------------------------------Home Tel:--------------------------------------------------------- Work Tel:---------------------------Mobile No:----------------------------------Payment Options 1. Direct Deposit. Please call for bank details. 2. Mail – Enclosed is a cheque / money order as a deposit 3. Credit Card – Please debit my: Visa / Mastercard Card No: ______________________________________________________

Expiry: ______/______/______

Cardholder’s Name: __________________________________________________ Cardholder’s Signature: _______________________________________________ (Payments by credit card will be subject to a 2% Merchant Administration fee)

DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT The deposit is accepted as a first instalment of the tour cost. A detailed invoice is sent out to all passengers booked on the tour, approximately two weeks prior to due date of the final payment. Final payment for the tour must be received by 15 February 2018. CANCELLATION FEES If it is necessary for you to cancel your holiday, notification of cancellation must be received in writing. Cancellation charges will apply: The cancellation fee is 100% of the tour cost after final payment. Full Travel Insurance is essential. No refund is available for cancellations after the tour has commenced or in respect of any tour, accommodation, meals or any other service not utilised. The deposit of $2000pp is non refundable/non transferable due to non refundable domestic airfares and prepayments. PASSPORT AND VISAS It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that they poccess the necessary travel documentation for the tour, such as a valid passport and any required visas. In general, a passport should be valid at least 6 months beyond the end of your journey and have two clear pages to allow for entry and exit stamps en-route or for any visas applicable for countries in your journey. At the time of final payment you will be given information about any visas that may be required for the tour. Our agency will assist you with the Visa process. PRICES Tour prices stated on the tour brochure has been calculated on the basis of exchange rates and tariffs valid at time of print (30/06/2017) and are subject to change up until final payment for the tour has been received. You can pay in full at any time. Once final payment is received, no surcharges will apply. Should you decide to cancel your tour on the basis of a change of price, then normal cancellation charges will apply. TRAVEL MASTERS Group (Travel Masters) PO Box 563, Nerang QLD 4211 Phone: (07) 5596 0511 / 1800 672 988 Email: (The Travel Studio) PO Box 5038, Mermaid Waters QLD 4218 Phone: (07)5572 7272 Email: Visit our website:

RESPONSIBILITY Mistvale Pty Ltd trading as Travel Masters and/or its associated Companies or Agents, act only in the capacity of agents for the passenger in all matters of transportation, tour operation and other services. All receipts, tickets, vouchers, coupons or exchange orders are issued subject to the terms and conditions under which transportation and other services are provided. Travel Masters and/or its associated companies or Agents assume no responsibility for loss, injury, accident, delay or damage or irregularity that may be caused to person or property, however caused arising before commencement and/or during any tour under its management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise. It is the responsibility of the passenger to make sure he/ she is in possession of the proper visas and other travel documents and that they are in compliance with current government and transportation companies’ regulations. The right is reserved to modify the itinerary in any way considered necessary or desirable, or to change any reservation, hotel feature and/or means of conveyance, without allowance or refund but the extra cost (if any) resulting therefrom must be paid by the passenger. The right is also reserved to cancel or withdraw any tour, to replace any tour leader with another, to cancel or withdraw any booking made for a passenger, or to decline to accept any person as a member of a tour. The transportation companies or firms shall be exempt from all liabilities in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury however and by whomsoever caused and of whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated by the transportation companies or firms. The contract of passage in use by the transportation companies or firms concerned shall constitute the sole contract between transportation companies or firms, and the purchase of these tours and/or passenger. All tickets, deposit tickets, coupons or orders are furnished and issued subject in all respects to those terms and conditions under which the means of transportation or other services provided there by are offered or supplied by owners, public carriers, or managing agents. The issuance and acceptance of receipts, tickets, vouchers, coupons, or exchange orders shall be deemed consent to the above conditions. The tour is based on flights as detailed in the itinerary, however any other IATA or non-IATA carrier may be used for tour co-ordination.

DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $2000 per person is required to secure your place. If you have chosen an extension, an additional $750 per person deposit is required. We have striven to keep the tour costs down as low as possible, and therefore no allowance has been made for credit card charges. If payment by credit card is important to you, credit card fees apply. A further payment of $2000 will be required in December with final monies required by 15 Feb 2018. SINGLE ROOM SUPPLEMENT In the event that you are a sole traveller and would prefer to share, we will do our best to arrange a twin share. BUSINESS CLASS Business class upgrades are available on international flights. Please ask for full details. PRICE EXCLUDES Meals other than specified, visa fees, insurance, items of a personal nature such as drinks, laundry and phone calls. INSURANCE It is a condition of joining this tour that you take out comprehensive travel insurance. Our agency will provide details of travel insurance providers and assist you with your holiday insurance. Do not travel without insurance. HOLIDAY VARIATIONS The group holiday cost is subject to surcharges should they occur as a result of increased costs due to changes in the itinerary, government action, currency exchange rates, fuel costs, overflying costs, airport charges and increases in scheduled airfares. The group tour price is subject to a minimum of 14 persons travelling together. The tour itinerary is based on airline schedules, rail and launch schedules current at the time of preparation of this tour. Hotel names are subject to change. Where these changes occur (as they can sometimes do in South America) it may be necessary to amend the tour to accommodate revised days of operation. We will endeavour to include all of the sightseeing and other features included, subject to the constraints of the revised scheduling. You will be advised as these events occur. The tour cost is based on LAN Airlines fares, which are not guaranteed until tickets are issued. LAN reserve the right to increase or decrease airfare at any time prior to ticketing. The transportation companies or firms shall be exempt from all liabilities in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury and by whom so ever caused and whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time. All ticket coupons and orders are furnished and issued subject in all respects to those terms and conditions under which the means of transportation or other services provided are offered or supplied by the owners, operators, public carriers, management agents or agent. The tour will be accompanied by an experienced Travel Masters escort. We reserve the right to change tour leaders if circumstances determine this.

CURRENT PASSPORT AND VISA REQUIREMENTS You must be in possession of a CURRENT passport. Your passport should be valid for at least a further 6 months. A visa is necessary for Brazil. At the time of final payment we will advise you of the exact visa requirements and associated costs. UK and NZ passports are exempt. There is also a pre-paid Reciprocity Fee of USD$100 for arrival into Argentina and an Arrival Tax of USD$117 paid on arrival for Chile.



INCLUDED GRATUITIES As in most countries these days, tipping is expected by guides, tour drivers, waiters and porters. In an effort to reduce individual stress and make the holiday as hassle-free as possible, all tipping on the included activities is taken care of by our tour escort. FOOD Most cities in South America have excellent restaurants, offering both local and international cuisine. Brazil has elegant restaurants, and is famous for its ‘churrascarias’ where you can eat your fill of delicious barbecued meats, salads, etc. Argentina’s beef is world famous and tropical fruits are cheap, plentiful and delicious everywhere. Most hotels have good restaurants with a high standard of food and hygiene. Eating out in South America generally is considerably less expensive than Australia, and our tour escort will introduce you to some of the best. HEALTH AND VACCINATIONS We recommend that you consult your local Doctor or the Travellers Medical Centre at Southport (Ph 55 264444). There is a Malaria risk, and Yellow Fever vaccination is essential. (Medical exemptions do apply for Yellow Fever). A Medical Certificate is required (at time of booking) from each tour member, indicating that he/she is fit to travel to the higher altitudes of the Andes. Altitude sickness is a non-discriminatory problem, which generally does not affect the reasonably healthy, and has little to do with age. CLIMATE and CLOTHING Being such a large continent, South America has very diverse weather patterns but the seasons are similar to Australia. The average temperatures for this holiday should range from 10 to 35. Comfortable casual clothing is the general rule. PLEASE NOTE – DEGREE OF FITNESS All Travel Masters itineraries are carefully planned and well paced to maximise the passenger experience, while at the same time ensuring a level of comfort is maintained at all times.Given the nature of the journeys and cultural experiences etc, any person/s of a reasonable general fitness level will have no problems in gaining total satisfaction from the trip. Should any person however, be likely to find it necessary to require wheelchair assistance, or walking aid, it is unfortunately considered that participation on this tour would not be appropriate. FINALLY….. We hope this information will assist you plan for your holiday. We would be delighted to have you join our Travel Masters escorted holiday tour. Do not hesitate to telephone or call in, so that we can be of further assistance. We want to make this a very happy and memorable tour for you.

Meet Your Tour Manager Your Tour Escort is Julie Marshall Managing Director of The Travel Studio. Julie places South America as her number one destination in the world, and just loves Peru, Brazil and everything about the Amazon. Julie looks forward to being with you in South America and introducing you to her favourite restaurants and places to visit. You will find that Julie will take every opportunity to make this tour one of life’s most outstanding memories. Tel: (07) 55727372 Email:


A Travel Masters Escorted Tour, Available Exclusively Through

Cnr Cotton & Ferry Sts Nerang PH (07) 555 42 777

Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters

PH (07) 5572 7272

South America 2018  

Passionate … Sensual … Exhilarating! South America’s treasures are best embraced up close and personal! Elegant cities and broad boulevards...

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