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Discover Mongolia

Featuring the Naadam Festival 14 days - 30th June 2018

Discover Mongolia D i s c o v Featuring the Naadam Festival

WELCOME TO MONGOLIA - THE LAND OF THE BLUE SKIES Mongolia is a unique travel destination that offers you not only the modern, lively, culturally-rich city of Ulaanbaatar but also its surrounding 1.5 million square kilometers of country where the millennia old nomadic lifestyle co-exists with rapidly changing development throughout the country. Mongolia’s big sky and vast fence less landscapes will overwhelm you, bring forth your inner spirit of adventure and make you forget your hectic city days of back home. With people renowned for their big smiles and straightforward character, Mongolia truly opens one’s inner spirit or as the locals call it your Hiimori (“wind horse”). Mongolia is historically and constitutionally a nomadic culture. Its pasture land supporting over 50 million herd animals has always been common domain, and the Constitution of Mongolia states that the pasture land shall never be privatized. Roaming freely from one corner of Mongolia to another has been a guaranteed freedom for herders of this land and Mongolian people and government are determined to leave this tradition intact for next generations. Their almost three million horses match the number of their human population. The Nomadic lifestyle has created a fascinating culture in the art of survival and living. You will experience elements of nomadic lifestyle during your stay in Mongolia. Spending time in a ‘Ger’ (the nomadic traditional dwelling) will give you a special connection to nature. The sky and the sun will be right above you through the ‘Toono’ (a window at the top of the Ger) and you’ll hear the wind, the birds, and the herds of your surroundings. Due to the Ger’s enormous role in sustaining nomadic culture, the traditions related to the Ger and the art of its making have been registered as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

DISCOVER MONGOLIA Featuring the Naadam Festival 14 days - 30th JUNE - 15th JULY 2018

BEIJING (China) ULAANBAATAR (Captial City, Mongolia) TERELJ NATIONAL PARK (Töv Province, Mongolia) DALANZADGAD (Ömnögovi Province, Mongolia) HONG KONG (S.A.R. China)


A Spectacular Celebration Of Mongolian Culture & History The origin of Naadam festival is closely related to the history and culture of the country. Mongolians have abundant military history, it is renowned for its conquest, great Emperors and the warriors. The core reason of the success and unity of legendary Chinggis (Genghis) Khan’s army was its sophisticated structure. The whole army was composed of groups of 10 soldiers and each group was led by a selected man. The leader chose their warriors based on their strength, movement and flexibility revealed in their wrestling skills, their eye-sight and hand-orientation shown in their spear-throw and archery skills, their patience and bravery exposed in their horse training and horse racing skills during public competitions. Furthermore, before and after major battles, the three manly sports - wrestling, horserace and archery - were exercised as an organized event, which later adopted its present name Naadam. However, during the double-century ruling of Qing Dynasty (from the late 17th century to the early 20th century), Manchu leaders applied the rule that no monks were allowed to practice traditional sports like wrestling or archery. This is an example of how Manchu leaders pursued the policy to segregate the unity of Mongolians by decreasing the number of participants in mass events, namely Naadam, and subsequently setting barriers over Mongolian men to get physical training and form united action for independence. Fortunately, Mongolians managed to preserve their traditional sports by organizing mini-Naadam type events, including the wrestling, archery and horseracing, on various occasions like worshipping sacred areas, weddings, and religious rituals. Consequently, later in the 1920s, Naadam started to take place as a nationwide celebration honouring the victory of the People’s Revolution and forming the independent nation of Mongolia. From that time, the dominant image of Naadam has shifted from mass battle or physical training to national celebration. Nowadays, it is celebrated as the largest celebration and a national holiday which officially lasts 3 days. Because the event articulates traditional arts and sports in harmony, it is celebrated in a festival manner. The major festival, enjoying the presence of the State heads – the President, Prime Minister and the Parliament speaker, as well as the leading artists and performers, is held in the second week of July in Ulaanbaatar. However, some regions, provinces and villages set up their festival dates differently. Almost everyone is dressed in amazingly colorful, and comprehensive traditional costumes called ‘dell’ during the festival. During the Naadam festival, in addition to the three main games – archery, horserace and wrestling, ankle-bone shooting competition is annually held on the sideline. Khuushuur, fried pancake with meat, is also part of the festival, and thus the favourite food of the festival crowd.


The Famous Naadam Festival - Stadium and Fringe Festivities Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue Sükhbaatar Square Gandantegchinlen Monastery Temple of Boddhisattva & The Statue of Avalokiteśvara Choijin Lama Temple Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan Zaisan Memorial Hill

TERELJ NATIONAL PARK Turtle Rock Aryabal Meditation Centre

GOBI DESERT Traditional Ger Accommodation Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag Wildlife Spotting Sunset Dinner over the Red Cliffs Khongor Sand Dunes Camel Riding at a Nomadic Camel Breeder Gurvansaikhan Mountains & the Yol Valley

BEIJING (OPTIONAL SIGHTSEEING) The Forbidden City Tianamnmen Square Exploring the Historic Hutongs

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Saturday 30th June DEPART AUSTRALIA On arrival you will be transferred to your hotel Sunday 1st July BEIJING, CHINA Today is a free day in China’s capital city. You may choose to join our optional tour ($100) where you will enjoy a tour of the Forbidden City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which mostly remains as it was during the last emperor’s time. The world’s largest palace complex, the Forbidden City is divided into two parts: the southern section, also known as the Outer Court, where the emperor held imperial proceedings, and the Inner Court to the north where he lived with his royal family. As the imperial palace for over five centuries, the complex houses rare treasures and curiosities in its 9,999 rooms. After exploring the Forbidden City you will travel through the Hutongs, before finishing at Tiananmen Square. Tonight you will enjoy a welcome dinner with the group. O/N Regent Hotel, Beijing Included meals: B/D Monday 2nd July BEIJING, CHINA After breakfast we board our train bound for Mongolia. Over the next 27 hours you will travel away from the huge metroplex that is Beijing into a land that slowly dissolves into endless farms and villages. Eventually they will also disappear leaving just rolling plains, with not even a tree or house to be seen. At that point you will have arrived in the land of the Nomad. O/N Onboard Train (Deluxe Soft Sleeper Cabins) Included meals B

Tuesday 3rd July ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA In the early hours you will cross the border into Mongolia. After all formalilties are completed you will remain onboard as your carriage is completely lifted from the track and its wheels changed to fit the wider track gauge in Mongolia! As sun rises you will begin to see camels in the distance and the iconic round Gers of Mongolia begin to dot the landscape. As you make your way closer to the city barren hills evolve into a city. You arrive in Ulaanbaatar at lunchtime where you will be met by your Mongolian guide. After lunch at a local Mongolian restaurant you relax as you travel just 60km by coach to the Terelj National Park, said to be home to more than 250 species of birds, as well as rare brown bears. After arrival you will enjoy dinner at the hotel O/N Terelj Hotel Included meals: L/D Wedensday 4th July TERELJ NATIONAL PARK, MONGOLIA Today you will explore the Terelj National Park including a view of giant natural rock formation Turtle Rock – as the name suggests, shaped unsurprisingly as a turtle. You will visit the Aryabal Meditation Centre, located on a steep hill and was built in the shape of an elephant’s head. To reach the temple, you will have to pass a small wooden bridge on which a sign tells : ”the bridge that leads beyond wisdom”. The 108 stairs leading up to the temple symbolize the elephant’s elongated trunk. The main temple is dedicated to Kalachakra philosophy, ”wheel of time”. The temple contains a thangka representing the myth of the Shambhala, a Kalachakra mandala, and other objects bound to this belief (a thangka is a painting on cotton or silk ; Shambhala is, according to Buddhist philosophy, a fabulous place hidden somewhere in Asia) O/N Terelj hotel Included meals B/L/D

Thursday 5th July TERELJ NATIONAL PARK/ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA As you drive back to the capital city you stop at the impressive, 40 meter high Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, and the location it is said that Genghis Khan found a Golden Whip. The statue faces east, looking towards Temüjin - the place of Genghis Khan’s birth. After lunch you visit Chinggis Square, more commanly referred to by its previous name, of Sükhbaatar Square and the central square of the city. In July 1921 the ‘hero of the revolution’, Damdin Sükhbaatar, declared Mongolia’s final independence from China. A square later built on the spot now bares his name and features at its centre a bronze statue of the revolutionary astride his horse. A visit to the National Museum of Mongolia will allow you to learn Mongolian culture dating back to pre-Mongol Empire life, Mongol Empire, Mongolia during Qing rule, ethnography and traditional life, and twentiethcentury history. O/N Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel Included meals B/L/D Friday 6th June ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA Another full day in Ulaanbaatar allows you to visit the highlights of the captial city. This morning you will visit the impressive Gandantegchinlen Monastery (often called simply “The Gandan”). First constructed in 1809, but has seen several restorations since. The Temple of Boddhisattva Avalokiteshvara in the centre of the Monestary contains the tallest indoor statue in the world - the 26.5 meter gold leaf guilded statue of Avalokiteśvara. There may be an opportunity to hear the 150 Buddhist Monks perform their ritualistic morning chants. In the centre of the city you will visit the Choijin Lama Temple. Built in 1904-1908 by the Eighth Bogd Khaan Jebzundamba (the theocratic ruler of Mongolia) and dedicated to his brother the Choijin Lama Luvsanhaidav, the temple complex is now a museum preserving the elaborately decorated interiors and containing a rich collection of other Mongolian Buddhist sculpture and painting. After lunch you will visit the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan. Built between 1893 and 1903, this palace is where Mongolia’s eighth Living Buddha, and last king, Jebtzun Damba Hutagt VIII (often called the Bogd Khan), lived for 20 years. The final visit of the day is to the Zaisan Memorial Hill, built to honour the Soviet troops that lost their lives in World War II. This evening you will be entertained with a traditional folklore concert and dinner O/N Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel Included meals B/L/D

Saturday 7th July ULAANBAATAR/GOBI DESERT A short morning flight takes you to Dalanzadgag. A further 90 minute drive brings you to your Gobi Desert home for 3 nights and your Deluxe Traditional Ger style accomodation. After some time to relax and have lunch you will visit Bayanzag. Bayanzag means “rich in saxaul”. This thorny shrub measuring approximately two meters high proliferates in the surroundings and is a good source of food for camels. Bayanzag is better known as The Flaming Cliffs due to their impressive ochre and red colouration. This area is also known as a rich hunting ground for dinosaur fossils, including eggs. This evening you will enjoy a private dinner as you enjoy the sun setting over the Flaming Cliffs before returning to your Ger. O/N Dream Gobi, Gobi Included meals B/L/D Sunday 8th June GOBI DESERT, MONGOLIA Located 3 hours from your Gobi Camp is the Khongor Sand Dunes. Stretching 170km long, these are the largest and most beautiful dunes in Mongolia, and extend all the way to the foot of the Altai Mountains. They are similar to the dunes of Egypt. The sands have attractive curves which end in a sharp edge, making wave like patterns on the sand. They continually change shape due to wind and reflect yellow-white colours as the intensity of light changes during the day. As the sand is moved due to winds or is in the process of collapse due to small avalanches, a strong sound is made giving it the name “Singing Sands”. Lunch will be served amongst the dunes. Your chance to ride a Camel in the desert is next as we visit a nomadic camel breeder to see their lifestyle before heading back to your Ger for the night. O/N Dream Gobi, Gobi Included meals B/L/D

“Dawn in Mongolia was an amazing thing. In one instant, the horizon became a faint line suspended in the darkness, and then the line was drawn upward, higher and higher. It was as if a giant hand had stretched down from the sky and slowly lifted the curtain of night from the face of the earth. It was a magnificent sight, far greater in scale than anything that I, with my limited human faculties, could fully comprehend.” ― Haruki Murakami, Japanese Novelist and Traveller

Monday 9th July GOBI DESERT, MONGOLIA Today you travel to the core of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains and up the Yol Valley. You will explore this dramatic ravine on foot. In most years ice covers the narrower parts of the ravine until midsummer. Bird watching is rewarding here as you are sure to see the Bearded Vulture, also known as Lammergeiger (Gypaetus Barbatus), soaring high above the ravine. Yol Valley is named after the Yol, which is the Mongolian name for this large raptor. Later this evening you will be treated to a demonstration of how the traditional Ger tents are disassembled and assembled by the locals. O/N Dream Gobi, Gobi Included meals B/L/D Tuesday 10th July GOBI DESERT/ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA After the short flight back to the Capital, you will either see a local, smaller Naadam Festivities at a local village (subject to availability), or see the Deeltei Mongol national costume parade at the Central Square of Ulaanbaatar. There will be free time this afternoon for some local shopping O/N Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel Included meals B/L/D Wednesday 11th July ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA - NAADAM FESTIVAL The big day has arrived! Today Naadam is officially opened by the President of Mongolia. Soldiers on horseback, dressed in warrior regalia, ceremonially bring Genghis Khan’s nine white horsetail banners from the parliament, where they are normally displayed, to the stadium. You will attend the opening ceremony, see the wrestling, archery and ankle bone shooting competitions of the Great Naadam Festival on this day. In addition to the days festivities another traditional folklore concert will be enjoyed by our group. O/N Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel Included meals B/L/D

“Everybody needs to go to Mongolia, just to see what it is like to be a human being again” - Milla Jovovich

Thursday 12th July ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA - NAADAM FESTIVAL Another full day to enjoy the Naadam Festival, but on this day we enjoy the events taking place at the fringe of the city - where the horse races take place. You will visit the nomadic tented camps which include the ‘airag’ (fermented mares milk) for the merry making. Stroll around the area and you are likely to be invited in somewhere. You make even try your luck at the finals of the horse races! O/N Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel Included meals B/L/D Friday 13th July ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA - HONG KONG, CHINA SAR Our time in Mongolia sadly comes to an end today, as we make our way to the airport for the begining of our journey home. On arrival we check into our luxury hotel, where you can relax and enjoy this spectacular city. A farewell dinner is provided, giving the group a chance to reflect on the last 12 days and the memorable experiences you shared. O/N The Ritz Carlton Included meals B/D Saturday 14th July HONG KONG, CHINA SAR You are transferred to the airport for your flight home. Included meals B


TOUR INCLUSIONS International and domestic airfares ex Brisbane, transfers between airports and hotels as stated, porterage at airports and hotels, accommodation as per the itinerary with daily buffet breakfast, all lunches and dinners as indicated in the itinerary (table d'hote and special meals all include mineral water and soft beverages), comprehensive sightseeing and excursions as per itinerary, expert English-speaking guides throughout, all entrance and camera fees, mineral water and soft drinks in all vehicles, tips at meals and to guides and staff. COST PER PERSON (twin share) - $11,250pp Single Supplement - $2,995 per person Upgrade to Business Class (Qantas) on the international flights - $3,090 per person ITINERARY CHANGES Changes to the advertised itinerary are sometimes necessary due to unforseen circumstances. Any required changes will be communicated to you by the Tour Escort who will make the decisions in conjunction with our tour

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Meet your Tour Escort Richard Muff, Senior Travel Adviser of Travel Masters, will be joining you for this amazing trip to Mongolia. Richards passion for travel, global destinations and off-the-beaten-track experiences, coupled with a passion for different cultures will ensure that your tour becomes one of your life’s most outstanding memories


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Your Accommodation REGENT HOTEL 99 Jinbao Street, Dongchench District Beijing 100005, China Tel: +86-10 8522 1888 PREMIUM ROOM. Located a heartbeat from the legendary Forbidden City, Regent Beijing invites travelers to immerse in more than 3,000 years of history from the sanctuary of one of the world’s as well as Beijing’s finest luxury hotels. Their rooms and suites combine classic style with elements of oriental elegance and 21st century amenities for you unequivocal comfort.

TERELJ HOTEL Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia Tel: +976 99 992233 SUPERIOR ROOM. The Terelj Hotel is 70 kilometers north of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, nestled amongst some of the most carefully protected parkland in the country, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. This stunning 5 star hotel offers all the facilities you expect of the best hotels in the world, including award-winning dining, swimming pool, spa and WiFi in all rooms

TUUSHIN HOTEL Prime Minister Amar’s Street, Ulaanbaatar 14200, Mongolia Tel: +976 11 323162 CLUB ROOM. The Tuushin Hotel is located in the heart of the city, the very center of Ulaanbaatar, within 100 meters from Sukhbaatar Square and the Government Palace. The hotel also offers three restaurants with an exquisite level of modern food and services. The Tuushin also boasts and impressive Aroma Tera Beauty Spa & Sauna and fitness centre.

DREAM GOBI CAMP Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Mongolia Tel: +976 70 005379 DELUXE EN-SUITE GER. This beautiful camp, designed with natural wood furniture amidst the stunning landscape will leave you dreaming of returning to the mystical Gobi. All 40 traditional style Gers are fully equiped with western en-suite facilities. The camp also has a bar/restaurant, manned by attentive staff.

RITZ CARLTON International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Hong Kong, CHINA SAR Tel: +85 2226 32263 CLUB BELUXE ROOM. Let The Ritz-Carlton open your eyes to a horizonless view and elevate your spirit with genuine awe from one of the most prestigious luxury five star hotels in Hong Kong. Located in the West Kowloon district’s International Commerce Centre, the hotel overlooks Victoria Harbour.

Crossing from China to Mongolia by Rail The Trans Mongolian train system is one of the world’s great train journeys - the Trans Siberian Railway starts from Russia passes through Mongolia and ends in China. It is the considered one of the last great train route. During your 27 hour journey you can relax in your cabin and watch the scenery change from the urban city life of Beijing to the nomadic wilderness of the mongolian countryside. Your air conditioned deluxe sleeper cabin on board the train contains two berths (1 upper and one lower berth), and a large panoramic window to enjoy the passing scenery...






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Discover mongolia 18  
Discover mongolia 18  

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