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Make You Travel Best Time to Visit in India

Introduction The tourist season in India is from October to February. At this time, the country is at its sunniest. But not to forget, as India is virtually a continent, the Himalayan areas will be freezing whereas Kerala will be glorious. If you like a warm and sunny weather, the Best Time to Visit India is October to February. February until May is lovely and a lot more humid, especially in the South. During February and March, October and November Delhi and Golden Triangle are visited for tolerable temperatures. But at popular sites only you will see the crowd. From April to June the weather is scorching. When the monsoon rains come in July, the whole place is weeping with relief, which lasts through August and September. In December and January, you can expect foggy weather. Here is your guide to what to expect, where and when.

Rajasthan and Central IndiaThe temperature in Rajasthan is similar to nearby Delhi and Agra. It’s a tropical desert. In Udaipur, the temperature in summer is cooler than compared to the arid West region. In Jaisalmer, there is very less humidity and rainfall, whereas, in the East, the climate is subtropical. The rainy season in Rajasthan is from July to August. January held’s a lot of celebrations in Rajasthan, from the Bikaner Camel Festival, The Jaipur Literary Festival to the countrywide celebrations for Republic Day on 26th January. Every October the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) is held in Jodhpur, along with traditional dancers, musicians and artists all over the state.

The Himalayas The Himalayan foothill which includes Darjeeling and Shimla consists of distinct seasons though travel is possible yearround. The coldest months there are December and January. The temperatures in Darjeeling drop to freezing in the night whereas Shimla is a few degrees warmer the year around. Monsoon occurs in both the areas. In Darjeeling, it rains heavily from June to September and in Shimla, the wet season is shorter from July to August. The heaviest snow there is from December to February.

Delhi and Agra Tours Winter is the best time to go to Delhi, from October to March because it's dry and the temperatures are moderate. From November to February nights can be chilly there. The monsoon season is from July to September. If you are looking for the best time to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, then it may vary according to the season you visit. Don’t visit the Taj Mahal on Friday’s as its closed. Sometimes fog can obscure your view in early mornings if you’re travelling between November to February. The best time to go is around sunrise for the rest of the year as there will be few tourists and the midday heat is yet to set in.

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The tourist season in India is from October to February. At this time, the country is at its sunniest. But not to forget, as India is virtua...

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