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Tip Of The Month: Apple Pie On The Road Here’s a quick way to make a version of apple pie that will definitely hit the comfort-food spot. For a 1 person serving:

Welcome to the November newsletter. Where has the past month gone? Between planning a December bike trip to Andalucia in southern Spain, editing a book and developing some new website features, we've been pretty busy. It’s all good fun though, and a nice way to spend those long winter nights. We’ve been doing a bit of writing too. Here’s what’s new on the blog... »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

NEW FEATURE: All Our Country Resources On A Map Questions To Ask Bike Touring Partners Someone Interviews Us! Cycling In Corsica Tips For Winter Bike Touring Things To Carry In Your Repair Kit A Creative Fix: Fitting A 32-spoke hub to a 36-spoke rim

Featured Bike Touring Blog: Rolling Tales Emma and Justin are two New Zealanders, heading home after living in London for a few years. So far, they’ve biked to Turkey and they’re now spending the winter in Istanbul, before continuing their journey in April. Aside from the usual journals and photos, their blog has some nice features like Where We Sleep - a photo slideshow of all the places a bike tourist might bed down for the night. There’s also a review of how their gear has held up so far and a map that lets readers submit suggestions of where they should go next. Right now, they’re looking for ideas between Turkey and Southeast Asia. Check out Rolling Tales. You’ll be glad you did!

1 apple , peeled, cored and cut into chunks 3-4 cookies (shortbread or ginger snaps work well) 1-2 spoonfuls of sugar or honey A bit of cream and ainch of cinnamon Put the pieces of apple in a pot with 1-2 spoonfuls of water. Turn the stove on (simmering if possible). Let the apple cook down until it starts to get soft. Add the sugar and cinnamon. In the meantime, crush the cookies. Put them in your serving dish or mug. After the apples have simmered for a couple minutes, pour them over the cookies and drizzle a bit of cream on top. Tuck in and enjoy! Use any extra cream in your coffee the next morning or as a base for a luxurious pasta sauce. For a gourmet version of this recipe, flambee the apples in cognac or grand marnier (use one of the mini bottles).

Gear We Love: Gore Tex Jackets When we first took up bike touring, a friend gave us some advice. “Gore tex, gore tex, gore tex,” he said. It sounded like a mantra, and it kind of is. You don’t have to travel very far in a rain storm to appreciate a good waterproof Gore Tex jacket. They’re not cheap, but in our experience they’re worth every penny (watch for end-of-season sales). Our jackets survived a 3-year world tour but it was time for new ones. That’s why Friedel just invested in the Alp X SS10. Made of Paclite fabric, it weighs just 200g. It’s not lined, but with a base layer it’s surprisingly cozy. Ventilation is good as well. A double front zip lets you decide whether to leave one zipper open to allow a breeze in, or close both in extra cold conditions. There’s just one gripe to mention: the sizing. The XXL size is not so large at all; a UK size 16 (U.S. size 14). November Newsletter  

The November edition of the bicycle touring newsletter.