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Hugging trees at Alishan


course, planning such a trip can be a major challenge, but something that is a major help in Taiwan is a bilingual transportation service that aids tourists in seeing the island without much guesswork and hassle. It's called the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus (www. ).

Taking the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle from Chiayi City to the High Mountains

A total of 22 bus routes have been established all over Taiwan as part of this service, with buses usually leaving from major railway stations every hour daily (sometimes every half-hour on weekends and holidays). From New Taipei City in the north all the way to Pingtung County in the far south, the trouble of deciding what is worth seeing and how long you should spend at each stop has been greatly eased by this service. You can simply hop on and off a shuttle as you please at the various stops along the way. One hour, two, three – how long you stay in one place is up to you. Another bus will come along promptly on the hour/half-hour, usually between 8

Text: Joe Henley Photos: Maggie Song

There's nothing quite like throwing a few bare essentials in a backpack and taking off on an adventure to a place you've never been – a place where customs you've not yet experienced, a language you cannot speak, and sights both beautiful and mysterious combine for an unforgettable journey.

TRA Chiayi Station

THRS Chiayi Station


Travel in Taiwan

Ding-liou Elementary School

Wu-feng Temple

Li-ming Elementary School


Travel in Taiwan (No.55, 2013 1/2)  
Travel in Taiwan (No.55, 2013 1/2)