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The boundless vastness of the Icelandic highlands

The l and o f f ire and ic e is o ne o f t he m o st f asc inat ing p l ac es o n p l anet e ar t h The awe- inspiring landscapes, the pristine forcesof nature, the in nite and always- surprising combinationsof re, water, earth and air are everywhere to be found.

mainly to itsnatural resourcessuch as sh, thermal energy and hydropower. Notwithstanding the modern living, itsinhabitantshave never relinquished their cultural rootsand harmonic existence with nature.

Nature loversare mesmerized by Iceland'sspell. There are not many placeson our planet where you can admire black sand beaches, erupting volcanoes, lumbering glaciersand thunderouswaterfallswhile at the same time swimming in hot springs, betting on when geyserswill erupt, and hiking across barren rocky deserts. It'sno wonder the country'snature hasbeen the inspiration for countlessIcelandic sagasand songs.

Our Iceland Circumnavigation introducesyou to many facetsof the island, a journey that showcasesthe country and itspeople, wildlife asvaried aswild horsesand whales, culture and cuisine, storiesand legends. Most citiesand townsare located along the coast and can easily be reached by boat. However, our numerousshore excursionsgive you the opportunity to explore the interior of Iceland aswell.

Today, Iceland boastsone of the world'shighest standardsof living, thanks

Iceland is one of Europe's last adventures let us guide you there!

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