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Popular Hangout in Singapore- Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club is a famous place to hang around on Sentosa Island, an ideal place where you can dine on Mediterranean dishes, swim, play beach games, soak up the sun, listen to the laidback house music and enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe with your favourite cocktail in hand. During lazy weekend afternoons, Tanjong Beach Club gets really busy with bustling people, especially surrounding the bar area, so it’s perfect if you are searching for a lively party. The beach complex has an open-air with ample of ventilation, there is a semi-shaded layout that has separate sections for dining,

drinking and merrymaking. You can rent a towel for the day if you don’t have you own, or take a look at the swimwear and accessories in the onsite beach shop. Travelling Option: Simply take a bus to Sentosa and enjoy all the activities in Tanjong Beach Club. Your job gets easier as bus tickets can be ordered online from, saves money and time. Tanjong Beach Club is easy to reach being situated on the southern tip of Sentosa Island, right next to Golf Club. The views through the often blurred Singapore Strait out towards the dozens of anchored cargo ships may are just spectacular to see. The live house DJ during the day offers a pleasant chilled soundtrack to laze by the beachside, and the choice of cocktails, wines and food here is also in a class of its own when compared to rest of the bars here. The glorious nightfall – particularly on the weekends – Tanjong Beach Club really comes alive. They usually run their popular parties on a semi-regular basis and be sure to look out for their three-timesper-year ‘Full Steam Ahead’ full moon parties.

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