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Sheraton Hotel ''Relax at our two outdoor pools, Sheraton Fitness, and Spa Khakara, and share great times at our three unique restaurants. Connect at the stylish and comfortable Leahi Club Lounge, or in 15 meeting rooms—including one of Hawaii’s largest ballrooms.''

Hanauma Bay

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EXPLORING OAHU A Safe Underwater Activity For The Family


anauma Bay is both a Nature Preserve and a Marine Life Conservation District. These provisions help the Hawaiian government protect the natural wildlife and natural area. Even though Hanauma Bay and the surrounding nature preserve are popular, the Hawaiian government has taken measures to limit accessibility. This means that you need to plan your visit to the bay carefully.The beach at Hanauma Bay can be crowded during the morning hours. If you are after a more secluded visit, try visiting in the mid-afternoon. During your stay you can also take a short tram ride (for a small fee) up to the rim of the crater to view the entire bay. This is a great activity for in between snorkeling sessions. There are also many hiking trails along the ridge and the coastline that are perfect to get a better view of the bay. Hanauma Bay is located within driving distance from Waikiki. You can drive to the bay in your

own car, or take one of many guided tours on a shuttle bus. There is a parking lot at the rim of the crater for visitors. The only downside to driving is that there is a limit on cars in the parking lot. When that lot becomes full, no more cars are admitted. Some people prefer to take a shuttle because of this policy. You can also opt to take a regular bus to the crater and walk in. The walk is rather steep, but it only takes about ten minutes.f you are planning on visiting the park, you should take measures to arrive early. The parking lot is generally closed by mid-morning. The best times to arrive are either in the early morning or in the mid afternoon (after the early visitors leave).If you arrive and the parking lot to the park is full, there are other places in the area to visit in the meantime. The Makapuu point and lighthouse are popular tourist attractions that are nearby. Hanauma Bay is still popular as ever and there are visitors still asking if

they could stay longer at Hanauma Bay, beyond the recommended departure time. Just a few years ago, Hanauma Bay was at a critical point of over crowding. Anyone arriving at Hanauma Bay for snorkeling and even just for viewing had to wait about one (1) hour to two (2) hours in the hot sun just to get in at the top of the mountain by the Hanauma Bay admission. Too many people were coming to Hanauma Bay and just staying for the whole day. There were too many shaded areas. As such, the snack bar was relocated to the top of the mountain and all the seating areas and the big umbrellas were removed. They did much as they can to remove as much shaded areas as possible. This did solve most of the over crowding problem. Due to the sun in Hawaii being three (3) times the strength as compared to California, it is very rare for anyone to stay too long at Hanauma Bay.


Take the ride of your life with this Hawaiian parasail experience, soaring above the spectacular Honolulu coastline for an experience you won’t forget!''


n hour north east from Waikiki, the Polynesian Cultural Center is home to the famous Alii Luau and world’s largest polynesian revue! Featuring seven native pacific island villages and the daily traditions of their people, explore everything the park has to offer, from fun activities, music and entertainment to authentic cultural presentations. Add Oahu’s most famous luau and a spectacular night show to see why this is Hawaii’s Top Paid Attraction. Oahu’s Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates traditional Polynesian culture and gives visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the seven Polynesian villages. Visit Tonga, Tahiti, the Marquesas, Fiji, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Samoa, and Hawaii as you embark on a journey through the island nations of Polynesia. See islanders reenact war dances and wedding ceremonies, carve tiki figures, or climb barefoot for coconuts. A great way to learn the history and culture of Polynesia, take a trip to PCC for a fantastic and educational day! ne of the top Hawai’i attractions includes the Polynesian Cultural Center, which features a 42-acre facility on the North Shore of Oahu. Founded in 1963, the nonprofit Center was created so that the students of nearby Brigham Young University Hawai’i could work their way through college by sharing their island heritage with visitors. The students come from an area that covers approximately 12 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean.Many South Pacific nations are represented at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where recreated villages, exhibits and hands-on activities highlight eight of them: Samoa, Aotearoa (Maori New Zealand), Fiji, Hawai’i, Tahiti, Tonga and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). At the heart of the PCC experience are the island villages, which offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about — and participate in — the customs of each island. Visitors are encouraged to take part in a number of authentic activities,

representing everything from island games and crafts to food preparation and war training skills. Visitors will enjoy the Ali’i Luau, all-you-can-eat buffets, a canoe pageant, shops, and the world’s largest evening show are all part of this Oahu attraction’s event filled experience.With its large lagoon, waterfalls, lush tropical flora, and an “erupting” volcano, the Polynesian Cultural Center captures all the romance and excitement of the South Pacific islands. A visit to this famous Hawai’i attraction represents a chance to travel through Polynesia in a single day, and participate in the celebration of centuries of Polynesian culture. Experience the Alii Luau at Polynesian Cultural Center, considered Hawaii’s most authentic luau, and take part in the real “aloha” spirit of Hawaii! ook General Admission or Night Show Tickets at Polynesian Cultural Center! Experience the islands of Polynesia at “Hawaii’s favorite visitor attraction”! day at Oahu’s Polynesian Cultural Center with a Prime Rib & Seafood Buffet Dinner, cultural presentations and night show! “Hawaii’s #1 attraction!” A Circle Island Tour of Oahu and a day at Polynesian Cultural Center! Enjoy a luau or prime rib buffet dinner and night show. Greate Experience.Strongly recomend for people who want to know more about Hawaii and Polynesia .Great show,beautiful place, helpful stafs. The best tourist attraction. Learn About the Different Polynesian Cultures: Aotearoa (New Zealand)Fiji, Hawaii, Rapa, Nui, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Other Islands.


he eight villages showcase the indigenous Polynesian cultures of Hawaii, Samoa, the Marquesas, Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga and Tahiti. Real Polynesians share knowledge of their traditional customs, and you can either watch the demonstrations or jump in and participate! Take a canoe ride on the lagoon and cook a meal in the Samoan village. Kids will love getting temporary tattoos, spear throwing, ukulele lessons and fishing. No evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center would be complete without experiencing “Ha: Breath of Life”, an ancient, yet universal tale. Performers dressed in authentic attire share their traditions and culture, just as their ancestors once did. You will also witness the exciting fire walkers and fire-knife dancers. Polynesian Cultur-

al Center boasts an authentic cultural experience and offers a variety of dining and show packages, perfect for all tastes and budgets. See tour and pricing options below for full details. Hawaii Village: Five times each afternoon the Hawaiians present in-depth demonstrations on their ancient culture. Learn not only some basic hula, but also learn of the deeper commitment hula students make to their art, the intricacies of the motions, and the heritage of the hula implements and instruments. Gain insights into the ancient kapu or taboo system that meant men and women ate in separate houses. Learn how taro is harvested, cooked, and turned into the staple food, poi. Of course, you are also welcome to sample some. Observe how women craft leaves and

flowers into beautiful Hawaiian lei and other useful items; and then try your hand at ulu maika - Hawaiian bowling, or konane - Hawaiian checkers. Samoa Village: Six times each afternoon the Samoans present one of the Center’s most popular cultural demonstrations. Learn how to make fire by literally rubbing two sticks together, how to easily crack open a coconut, the difference between coconut juice and “milk,” and how the men do all the major cooking. The young men will also show their strength and agility by climbing 40-foot coconut trees. The demonstrations take place on the malae or grassy area surrounded by outstanding examples of Samoan fale (houses), which are among the most unique in all of tropical Polynesia. Aotearoa (New Zealand Village): Five times each afternoon the Maori put on a demonstration that explains the symbolic significance of their beautiful meeting house, unique carvings, facial tattoos, the ancient origins and meanings of sticking out their tongues and twirling poi balls, and other aspects of one of Polynesia’s most unusual group of people. You won’t want to miss the stirring haka dance; kids will enjoy learning to play tititorea, a Maori stick game designed to develop handeye coordination, and kids of all ages seem to enjoy the ta moko area where they can get a temporary tattoo. Fiji Village: Five times each afternoon the Fijians present in-depth demonstrations on their ancient culture. Learn the significance of the lali or log drum, how important the coconut is in cooking, and other aspects of Polynesian island life. Review the wide array of historical weapons and implements involved in waging war upon neighboring islands and villages; that the cowry shells on the ridge mark a house as belonging to a chief, and that only the chief could enter that house through his door. Everyone will also enjoy making Fijian music with derua, a bamboo percussion instrument; or try a game of cibi (pronounced “thim-bee”). Tahiti Village: Three times each afternoon the Tahitians present in-depth demonstrations on their ancient culture. Learn both the women’s and men’s movements in their exciting dances, or just try to stop your toes from tapping to the beat of the wooden to’ere drums. Learn why the Tahitians make both fragrant flower and beautiful shell lei, sample Tahitian coconut bread, tour the garden, even let your kids try some fishing, and more. Tonga Village: Five times each afternoon the Tongans present their very popular Tongan ta nafa or drumming presentation that actually starts by learning the simple yet graceful motions of a mauluulu sitting dance. For example, you’ll learn the difference between clapping with a pasi or a fu sound. You can also try your hand at Tongan lafo, a type of shuffleboard game, or even your accuracy with tolo spear throw-

ing. Marquesas Village: Five times each afternoon the Marquesan’s present fascinating insights into their ancient culture. The Marquesas will enchant you with their ancient style of dancing: You can definitely see the sounds and motions of nature in their choreography, and you won’t want to miss the pig hunt dance. Temporary tattoos are one of the most popular things to acquire there; and along with demonstrations of weaving and other crafts, the Marquesan’s also share samples of breadfruit in season. Discover what it tastes like. Ha: Breath of Life: An ancient, yet universal tale about a boy born in a distant paradise. Enjoy the spectacle of over 100 performers, drums, dance, special effects, a fire spewing volcano and world renowned fire knife performance. Rainbows of Paradise: Rainbows of Paradise is performed daily from 2:30-3:00pm in two locations: the lagoon between the Islands of Samoa and the Hawaii Mission Settlement; and on the wide section of lagoon between the Islands of Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii. (Because the two showings occur simultaneously, the order of appearance may be different than described). Rainbows starts with a young Polynesian woman in an outrigger canoe throwing flowers into the lagoon, a tradition reminiscent of days gone by when great steamships transported visitors to these magical islands. It was said in those days that each blossom became a memory of visits to Hawaii; and if

the blossoms returned to shore, then so would the visitors. The Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates the traditional culture of Polynesia after you enjoy the seven island villages, head over to the special Island Luau hosted by the Samoan Village’s beloved “Senior Ambassador,” Kap Tea Tafiti. Experience all the wonderful festivities, like basket and coconut plate weaving. Visit tons of sites around Oahu, such as the Dole Pineapple Pavilion, the Tropical Farms Coffee Plantation, and the famous Polynesian Cultural Center. At the Cultural Center, experience the ancient Hawaiian way of life. Enjoy island village performances and demonstrations, a canoe pageant, and a BBQ lunch buffet of local favorites. Witness world-famous beaches along the North Shore, like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. Learn about the Banzai Pipeline, where huge waves and daring professionals hit the beach in the big wave winter season. An all day adventure, with lots of stops along the way!

r o b r a H l Pear

Pearl Harbor, named for the pearl oysters once harvested there, is the largest natural harbor in Hawaii, a World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and the only naval base in the United States to be designated a National Historical Landmark. The devastating aerial attack on Pearl Harbor resulted in 2,390 dead and hundreds wounded, and drove the United States into World War II. Pearl Harbor honors this history-changing event with the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites: USS Arizona Memorial At 8:06 a.m. on December 7th, 1941, the USS Arizona was hit by a 1,760-pound armor-piercing bomb, which ignited its forward ammunition magazine. The catastrophic explosion that resulted sank this massive battleship in nine minutes, killing 1,177 crewmen.Today, the

USS Arizona Memorial is a place to learn about this historic attack and pay your respects to the brave soldiers that fell that day. Begin at the Visitor Center where you can watch a film about the attack and view plaques honoring lives lost on that fateful day.You’ll then take a boat shuttle to the USS Arizona Memorial, a floating memorial built over the sunken hull of the Battleship USS Arizona, the final resting place for many of the ship’s crew. In the shrine room, a marble wall exhibits the names of the men who lost their lives on the Arizona. Poignant and powerful, this is a place where visitors come face to face with the devastating effects of war. Learn more about the Pacific Historic Parks.Battleship Missouri MemorialGeneral Macarthur accepted the uncondi-

tional Japanese surrender that ended WWII on September 2, 1945 on the Surrender Deck of the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Now located at Pearl Harbor’s historic Battleship Row, the massive “Mighty Mo” is a living museum, with exhibits spanning three wars and five decades of service.Explore the decks of this 60,000-ton Battleship, three football fields long and twenty stories tall. Stand on the Surrender Deck and view the documents that ended the war. Pacific Aviation Museum is an immersive aviation museum complete with interactive simulators and exhibits showcasing the stories behind authentic WWII fighter planes and bombers.


he Dole Plantation provides guided tours that include history and how pineapples are grown To get to the pineapple gardens, you can hop on the Pineapple Express ( for a fee). The website is: Approximately 3 miles north of the town of Wahiawa There is also a maze which is fun and a large gift shop. Purchase a Dole Whip, for a refreshing snack. I don’t just see this as a tourist attraction, you can actually learn a little bit here as well. They give your audio wands to listen to as you walk the gardens to learn about the history of the plantation and farming & horticulture. The garden was really nice especially the hibiscus that were in bloom. I got a lot of pics of the flowers. Take your time through the garden as it’s not super big but you might find snails hidden down in some of the plants or butterflies or the squirrels that look like weasels. Lastly, yes there are like 600,000 pics of the dole whips, but seriously get one. It was.....amazing. Amazing how intense the flavor of the pineapple was in the iced delight. It is also very reasonably priced so it’s not like you’re breaking the bank to get a taste. Honestly it was just really nice to be out in the open air with the sun at just the right times looking for pineapples

iscover the hidden hiking treasures of Oahu’s lush volcanic rainforest. This moderate 2-mile round-trip guided hike is a rare opportunity to explore 75-acres of sacred land that is exclusive only to the guests of this tour. Experience the majestic beauty of a towering 200-foot private waterfall, cross through tranquil streams, picturesque pools and view ancient lo`i (rock terraces) and lush tropical vegetation of Hawaii’s paradise.With average year-round temperatures of 80 degrees (cooler in the rainforest), refreshing trade winds and two volcanic mountain ranges on this Hawaiian island, Oahu is a hiker’s paradise. Given the popularity of hiking, and since most all other hiking companies feature public trails and multiple groups, the secluded personality of the rainforest is often compromised. Your guides have a passion for Oahu’s volcanic rainforest beauty, and take great pride in knowing guests are experiencing something unique and that will not be nforest.


o surprise… Who hasn’t dreamt of taking a Honolulu vacation? From the historic Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri to the spectacular beaches and world-famous surfing spots of the North Shore, Oahu is the perfect place for your next tropical vacation! Oahu vacations are great for families, as well as singles or couples looking to lounge in the Hawaiian sunshine, and kick back at one of the luxurious Waikiki hotels. In addition to the sparkling water and beautiful beaches, Oahu has a variety of other entertainment options sure to keep you coming back again and again! Whether you’re interested in staying on the world-famous North Shore or further south in one of the award-winning Honolulu hotels,® has got you covered. Take advantage of our incredibly affordable Oahu hotel deals or Oahu vacation packagestoday and save BIG!

r e n n i D t e Suns Cruise Enjoy an evening of romance, elegance, and a stunning sunset on the Star of Honolulu! Once you are on board this luxury liner, you will be greeted by authentic Hawaiian hula dancers as the cocktail and beverage service begins. Then settle down to enjoy a fabulous gourmet meal followed by a decadent dessert. As the sun sets, stroll along the decks and take in the beauty of the skies and sea from the vessel’s outstanding top observation deck! However you decide to spend your time aboard, it will be an evening of escape to paradise. A Hawaiian Dinner Cruise will be your best spent evening here in the islands. With the warm weather and fabulous sunsets a cruise along the coast is sure to please. Oahu cruises are provided by top Hawaii companies. he vessels vary in size from small crafts like the Maitai to the largest cruise ship in Hawaii, the “Star of Honolulu”. The Alii Kai Catamaran is full of fun and dance for the entire family. The Navatek is gourmet with smooth sailing the entire way. For a more intimate experience try the North Shore Catamaran. Besides the great food and spectacular views, most cruises are filled with entertainment Hawaiian style. For some cruises, transportation is offered from major Waikiki Hotels. With so many options on Oahu there is a cruise for everyone! If you’re looking for a great sunset coastline cruise, look no further than the Star of Honolulu. This modern cruise ship offers it all – an atmosphere that suits your taste, an original Pacific Rim cuisine and other delicious foods, live entertainment, enough space and spectacular views of Oahu’s southern coastline. This is oceanview dining at its best. Or where else can you get 360-degree ocean views than on board of a cruise ship? The Star of Honolulu is a state-of-the-art vessel, 232 feet long and has a passenger capacity of 1,500. The Star is equipped with high-tech stabilizers that make for a smooth ride so you’ll feel comfortable all the time. It also has ramps for boarding and exiting and is the only dinner cruise ship in Hawaii that is A.D.A. (Americans with Disability Act) compliant. So come aboard the Star of Honolulu and treat yourself and your loved one to a fine dining experience aboard Hawaii’s most romantic cruise ship. This is the way to spend an evening of luxury in Hawaii. Upon arrival at the pier, you’ll be greeted by hula dancers and

p i h s e h t n o y a g wonderful d


board the ship. Then you’ll head out on the open ocean for a relaxing cruise along the Waikiki coastline. There will be plenty of great photo opportunities! Explore the Star’s four decks, enjoy the sunset from the 60-foot high observation deck, dancing and great foods. The Star of Honolulu has four packages to choose from: Pacific Star Sunset Buffet & Show With this package, you’ll feel right at home on this casual, high-value cruise. Friendly crew welcome you with a Mai Tai and share the spirit of Aloha as you enjoy incredible ocean views, Polynesian show, audience participation and dancing. Menu includes: Carving Station of Roast Beef, teriyaki chicken and potato macaroni salad, mixed green salad, rice pilaf, sauteed vegetables, baked poi rolls, fresh fruit and brownies. Wine and other alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Star Sunset Dinner & Show With this package, you’ll be treated to a three-course crab and sirloin steak dinner including baby romaine lettuce with Kamuela tomato followed by a hearty helping of crab legs and beef entree. The menu also features mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables, dinner rolls and of course, dessert! A welcome Mai Tai is included. Wine and other alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Later on, you’ll be entertained by the magical “My Hawaii – Lei of Memories” show. Three Star Dinner & Show Treat yourself to a little more luxury with this three star package. Enjoy a champagne toast and feast on a five-course whole Maine lobster and tenderloin steak dinner, including an appetizer bar (domestic cheeses, crackers and fresh fruits), salads, vegetables, sweet butter bread sticks and dessert. Two premium beverages are included as well. You’ll be entertained by live Hawaiian and Jazz music and later on enjoy the magical “My Hawaii – Lei of Memories” show. Five Star Dinner & Jazz This five-star dinner cruise is the ultimate in romance and luxury. You’ll be pampered all evening long! Upon arrival at the pier, you’ll be greeted by hula dancers. You’ll then board the Star and be escorted to the luxurious Super Nova room for a champagne toast with the Captain. You’ll feast on a topnotch seven-course French-style dinner rivaling anything you would find in France. There is a spring, summer, fall and winter menu, all prepared with only the freshest and finest

ingredients. The summer menu, for example, features potato leek soup, tomato brushetta with fresh Nalo greens, whimsical shortbread cookie “Painter’s Palette” dessert. The signature entrée features live Maine lobster and Prime tenderloin of beef. Hawaiian Bellini and four super premium beverages with after dinner drink cart service are included. You’ll be entertained by a live Jazz trio or some of Oahu’s top artists. This is a romantic, adults-only fine dining experience you’ll always remember. Slacks are required and jackets are recommended for gentlemen. This package is not recommended for children under 12. For a luxurious beginning of your romantic night, you can choose to be picked up by a fine stretch limousine, which will take you right to the boarding ramp of the cruise ship. You can also choose the standard transportation option and travel in regular bus or drive in your own car. Star of Honolulu for a sunset dinner cruise and an evening of delicious dishes and live entertainment as you set sail from Aloha Towerwhole Maine lobster and tenderloin steak dinner plus new

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