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The Magical Monte Casino, South Africa If you are one of those travelers who desire for games and fun for the whole family, the latest movie releases, exciting shopping spree, luxurious hotel stays, fine dining or fast food, sports screenings on the big screen, magical events in many outdoor venues, thrilling live concerts on the dazzling stages, an evening of side-splitting comedy, memorable nights in theatres and ultimate thrill and adventure, then without wasting a moment just get ready to grab cheap flights to Johannesburg that is home of one of the iconic settlement of the South Africa called as Monte casino. It’s the No. 1 entertainment destination of Gauteng that has inspired a large variety of people and there are multitudes of locals as well as the foreigners who just love to spend an entertaining time in this giant complex. It is a casino and leisure complex that is well settled in Fourways and caches the eye of every single visitor that travels towards the shining and sparkling South Africa.

This appealing destination covers the land area of more than 26 hectares and was constructed by South African architect company- the total cost was almost R1.6 billion rand. The complex opened its gates for public in 2000 and now served to be the biggest fascination of the city. It has been recorded that currently there are more than 9.3 million visitors who hit the marvelous site of Monte casino annually. The main structure that houses the casino features a fake sky, the inside changing from dark to light. It is one of the most captivating and spectacular structure of earth that leaves plenty of people in awe. The place belongs to Tsogo Sun that has made plenty of efforts in its development. Get your cheap airlines to South Africa now.

The Teatro is the theatre that was established here in 2007 and it was completed with the cost of more than R100 million. Being one of the 10 largest Lyric theatres of this planet, it has always attracted thousands of people and currently this theatre is known to be the largest one of South Africa. The theatre can easily accommodate a large amount of people (almost 1,870 people can easily be accommodated here). It is very popular for hosting many popular musical productions such as the Disney Broadway musical The Lion King. At that time, more than 550 000 people were present in the theatre; the history goes back to 2007. The Pivot is another highlight of the complex that was established in 2010 and features the blend of a new hotel, retail and offices. Monte casino also offers you some adventure in the form of Hot air balloon that is commonly called as Hyundai balloon. The locals call it "Jozi Eye" and it is operated by Aerial Displays. The place has also won several awards like "The Readers Choice Awards" - Best Casino, Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners in Jozi, Best Cinema Complex, Best Ladies Night Venue and plenty of others so just get ready and pack up your luggage for heading towards Johannesburg.

The Magical Monte Casino, South Africa  

Monte casino is one amazing entertaining complex of South Africa that draws the attention of plenty of people.