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The Diamond of Middle East The Middle East is quickly gaining popularity amongst tourists as it seeks to provide both culture and luxury. It allows one to step out of their comfort zone and experience a new place while being provided all the best comforts and facilities. More and more Indians travel to Dubai as it provides to be a wonderful holiday destination which doesn’t cost as much as going to Europe or The United States. There are over 10 daily flights from Delhi to Dubai and the flight duration is around 3 hours and 15 minutes. Moreover they are having the cheapest international air tickets in the industry; a flight ticket to Goa is around the same price. Dubai is a beautiful place with the best of modern technology and comforts to offer. It is constantly growing and progressing and is well-versed in hospitality. Given below is a list of some of the things and individual must do when they are in Dubai. Dubai is famous for its shopping malls where one can find a vast range of products. However, most shopping malls are not known for the items they sell but the entertainment they provide. The Mall of Emirates has an indoor ski slope with real snow and The Mall of Arabia is humungous at 10 million sq. Ft. And offers a Jurassic-park like dinopark called Restless Planet – complete with mechanical beasts and all. In most probability the most popular shopping mall is the Dubai Mall; it has something to offer for everyone. Children are exuberant about visiting the mall as they get to go to Kidzania. It is a replica of a real city with vehicles and buildings and shop, all of which are kid-size. These allow the children to role-play and become a million things at once be it a doctor or a fire-fighter. There is Sega Republic the adventure, gaming theme park and an ice-rink which is said to be the perfect place to avoid the heat while learning a beautiful new skill. There are various figure-skating and hockey competitions held in the ice-rink from time to time for those who prefer to watch. The cafes on the terrace provide the perfect spot for view The Dubai Fountains which shoot water jets up to 500 feet high. All these places are wonderful; however the most stunning attraction of The Dubai Mall is the Dubai Aquarium. Here one can view over 330,000 species of fish from behind the world’s largest acrylic viewing panel and visit over 38 aquatic displays. For those who prefer food above all else, the Friday brunch. Almost every restaurant in town offers a buffet where the food is diverse and copious. Spices can be found in the Old Souk which is a brilliant place to find antiques and use one’s haggling skills. It is Dubai’s version of Sarojni Nagar. The city is enchanting and has a lot to showcase. Flights from Delhi to Dubai are numerous, over 72 flights per week. Air Arabia has some of the best prices. Sites such as, and have a lot of deals and discounts and provide one of the cheapest international air tickets. Advance booking and a little planning go a long way to help you save on travel.

The diamond of middle east  

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