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A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror. - G.I. Gurdjieff From Heaven’s Gate, to rocks in Arizona, all the way to a French village, people are expecting mysterious powers to beam them up. With the advent of the new world order, we can no longer deny the fact psychopaths run planet Earth. Filling the market gap, as always with the feeling of impending doom in the air, a myriad self-appointed pundits tell us what to do when the new world order is finally revealed. One such group, claiming to have all the answers, operates from their New England mansion HQ. Or so I thought, having dealt with many prophets manqué over the years. The group only dealt with what they classified as highly intelligent people. Fortunately for me, I was classified as highly intelligent – and granted an interview. I met an individual who wished to be identified by a moniker, the spokesperson. We met in an upscale restaurant in Boston. The spokesperson paid for everything. Insisted, in fact. Carefully scanning the restaurant environment, the spokesperson asserted the group was not a cult, but a loose association of scientists (everyone joined of their own volition) who wanted to understand the processes guiding life as we know it. An ambitious goal, I heard the story many times before. As the journalist, however, it was crucial to remain impartial. The restaurant meeting was arranged to determine whether I was to see the inner sanctum. ”You passed the test,” the spokesperson told me. ”We’ll contact you.” Prior to departure, the individual assured me the restaurant tactics were not superfluous dramas. Same with high intelligence only, I was told – the premise had nothing to do with elitism. Every group has their vetting tactics. I expected nothing less. I received a phone call some time after the restaurant meeting. I was to be taken to one of their designated locations by a driver. I was blindfolded. Safety precaution. Nothing personal. ”We’re here,” the driver said in a Boston accent. ”They’re waiting.” With the blindfold removed, I saw a statuesque mansion. We were driving for thirty one minutes. We started outside Boston, which would mean we were not that far away from metropolitan areas. ”This way,” a security guard directed me to the door. ”Everything’s been arranged.” ”Hello again,” the spokesperson greeted me with a warm smile while maintain an aura of detachment. Maple trees, birches, and other expressions of the local flora surrounded me. ”We can finally get down to business.” ”Do you mind if I record this?” I asked the spokesperson. ”Unfortunately,” the individual replied. ”I do. This interview can be in writing only. All your electronic devices were disabled. Temporarily, of course. The reason is simple: voice would be easily identifiable.” To my utter amazement, the spokesperson was not bluffing. I did not intend to play hide and seek with my recorder anyway. Sometimes, honesty is the best policy. The name spokesperson was not used due to political correctness.

Me To start off, let me just say I’ll keep my personal views out of the way as much as possible. Each person’s going to decide on their own terms. Moving on – you obviously are a secretive organization. Why reach out to the world? The spokesperson We think the time has come to share our vision with humanity. Perhaps there will be individuals out there, assets if you will, who would want to join our cause. Me What makes you different from all the groups out there? Your idea of enlightenment is as old as civilization itself. The spokesperson Indeed. We perceive each individual as a separate parallel universe bound by the consensus most of us can’t even register – the Matrix, if you prefer a pop-culture reference. Be careful with references, however; they’re mere simulacra of the real message. That’s the idea. The consensus is controlled by the powers that be. Who are they? Your guess is as good as mine. We focus on literal control of the consensus. We have people here from all walks of life, scientists, philosophers, entrepreneurs. Our aim is simple: connect the local with the infinite. The best analogy would be Jesus Christ. This isn’t meant to skew our discussion towards religious dogma, only to show what we’re capable of. Not a new concept by any means, but how many people actually managed to attain the avatar-like state? Me You divide the population into three groups. Please elaborate. The spokesperson The population consists of the elite, the masses, and the ones who are awakening. There is a psychological – sometimes even physical – war, between the elites and the awakening ones. The masses are played like a violin by the elite, who has the same mindset as the awakening ones, and – unfortunately for us – access to ancient knowledge allowing them to manipulate reality on a level found in movies. We agree with David Icke here: this isn’t about the banks, greedy corporations, or fat cats. These are all just instruments of hidden power. Of course, if you can’t see the hidden power, you’ll focus on what you can prove. Then again, the masses have problems with any sense of discernment. Throughout the years, the masses have lost the ability to think laterally. Me Laterally? Meaning, how exactly? The spokesperson Connecting the dots in all sorts of ways. People are programmed to only follow predictable patterns. Why’s that? Why cn’t they try something different? Is there a law against connecting the dots in an unorthodox way? Not yet, to my knowledge! The local and the infinite. You enjoy your experience in this world, but you know you’re an ever-lasting consciousness who can leave anytime it wishes. Me I doubt people are capable of living by that code.

The spokesperson Exactly! And why is that? Analyze yourself right now. Why are you the way you are? Why do you think the way you do? Who influences your thoughts? Or what? You’ll be surprised how many new gems of wisdom you can learn! Their inability to live by the code where they control the consensus, where they decide every second of their life only proves we’ve become a slave society. Creating your own realities from scratch, new lives whenever you want to? Absurd! Me When you talk about the consensus, is this along the lines of law of attraction? The spokesperson No. Our group is working on the ability to make us gods again. This is our rightful place. Not mediocrity. The ones in power know you can create your own realities on the spot – that’s why the manipulated us into this consensus, gave us all sorts of laws. I mean fundamental laws of physics, and so much more! These are like rules of the game. People make one major mistake. They think about philosophical issues, such as is there life after death, who am I, and I’m sure you could come up with many more examples. The problem is.. they always assume there’s an objective reality out there somewhere, to which you’ve to adjust! To us, as a group, it’s nothing but psychological fascism. We are consciousness, this is the only hypostasian aspect of existence we know is objectively real. Yes, I stress that word again: we know. We’re sure many people reading this will now hurl abuse at me, especially the so-called atheists. It’s completely and utterly irrelevant: valid ideas will defend themselves, no matter what the circumstances. People, however, are stuck in their I am average so what can I do mode, which only further reinforces the vicious circle. Many of us here have corporate and business experience. We are not navel-contemplators. Look how absurd that is: on the one hand, people are told to be beautiful, intelligent, young and have lots of internships, what have you, under their belt when entering the workforce. On the other, this is the new average standard, and you can’t really excel. Amusement is not the best way to describe it how I feel about it. Me Even though you won’t be really dead. The spokesperson Yes. But this is too philosophical at that stage. The journalist You promote the idea of subconscious catharsis. The spokesperson Yes. The idea is well-known to many in esoteric circles: when we die, all that mess we acquired within us, our hidden desires, paradoxes, all of it, comes with us. If someone kills themselves while in a desperate emotional state, it is likely they will re-create hell of their own making. It is crucial to realize leaving this plane of existence has to be done when we are as calm as possible, and as content as possible. Otherwise, the consensus keeps controlling us even after death. Me How do you intend to gain control over the consensus and does 2012 have anything to do with it? The spokesperson

As you may know, there are many people around the world, who are waiting for portals to open, aliens to take them on 21st of December. A man claims he is going to be transported to the center of the galaxy in Sedona; then, there’s a village in France, where aliens are to rescue people from impending doom. I am sure there are many other cases where people count on window of opportunity. We are also aware of rumors many escaped the consensual prison from Atlantis. We have not established the link between December and escaping the consensus, however we are definitely going to be paying close attention. Perhaps, given the nature of the consensus, we will indeed be able to harness more energy on that day to re-gain control over our lives. Me Languages play a crucial role in this manipulation, correct? The spokesperson Yes. Language plays a crucial role in what we create. Languages we speak determine the way we perceive ourselves, others, and how the two interact. Look at the word commit. You commit suicide, which clearly connotes with crime. This is how we are manipulated not just by the powers that be, but by our family, our friends and complete strangers – victims of linguistic manipulations perpetuating their own cycle of enslavement. From the controllers’ perspective, it is a dream come true. People blended their values with systemic values – and just like in the Matrix, if you attack the system, you attack people’s values. Reptilian brain kicks in and you are to be eliminated as a threat. Genius, pure genius, if you are the one pulling the strings. Me Can the free-thinkers surpass the boundaries imposed on them by language and go to their pre-Babel states? The spokesperson We don’t think anyone can think freely when part of the system. As long as you’re part of the system you can’t understand the whole system. We are attempting to think freely, but we have been subjected to years of conditioning just like everyone else. Observe children and there are layers upon layers of social conditioning. Yes, many things in society make sense, we are not denying it: traffic lights, and bathrooms, for example. However, the nature of social conditioning is – overwhelmingly – to shut off children’s potential, or use this potential to the benefit of the elite. You probably heard many stories about children sensing more, much more, than adults. The idea of children and their powers is present throughout history. It permeates the sci-fi genre. You can never know whether life gets ideas from us – the conspiracy crowd – or do we get it from life? The bottom line is this: there is a myriad of eerie scenarios in books, TV shows, what have you, which then play out in the world. Me It is my understanding you don’t think anyone can manage to control the consensus. The spokesperson Correct. We don’t intend to just let anyone in. I’ll say something controversial, but you didn’t come here to conduct a pleasant-foreveryone interview: we know only people of high relative intelligence can control the consensus. I used the word relative, because we understand high intelligence as people who are attempting to think clearly compared to the rest of the population. We have no use for linear thinkers. Me Apart from menial tasks…

The spokesperson (Assertively) Let’s not even go there. Me How would you explain the apparent contradiction in your vision of suicide? The spokesperson Life is the most marvelous gift ever. You obviously can spot a contradiction there, for a group who supports suicide. We don’t believe we’re our vehicles. One of oldest ideas. No matter how much you’re suffering, there’s always something you want. Just be honest with yourself. Imagine a shopping mall filled with people. Imagine their perfect lives above their heads. Their idea of perfection will be influenced by the consensus, but if it would make them happy, what’s the problem? You see, the state of knowing so many cultures and researchers talk about is not merely a lofty concept: it is exactly what our nature state ought to be like! Then, you wouldn’t have to ask about meaning of life. You’d just know. Asking is the trap consensus serves you, and we all know you need to have huge balls to stand up and do what you really want to do. Most people, meaning eight out of ten let’s say, are just Internet tough guys and armchair warriors. In real life, they just listen to whatever memes tell them. Again – that’s all by design. Oh, I know what life is. I worked in hospices around dying people. I am very much familiar with pros and cons. We all are here. Heck, some of us came up with them in the first place. Ideas thrown around which we all know such as suicide is for cowards, ad infinitum, are social control mechanisms. Guilt trips, projections and deflections are also commonly used, though most of the population has no idea this is so. Me You’re, in essence – survivalists. Spokesperson Yes. We are survivalists. Preppers, if you want to call us that. We simply do not believe one can avoid the controlling forces by living-offthe-land. No, we mean what we say and we mean it literally. No intermediary stages. You need to know where you stand, internally, and externally. Are you a survivalist for survivalism’s sake, or is this an intermediary stage? Ask yourself: who am I? Then overlay your answer over the external world. How do the two interact? How do they feed off each other? Without knowing where you stand, spiritually as well as materialistically, you won’t be a successful survivalist, but a puppet on a string of chaos. That’s the main reason why we’re skeptical of the we’re gonna weather the storm crowd. Me What are your plans for the future? Spokesperson We know, sooner rather than later, we’ll be vilified and raided by the government. We’re considering all sorts of options, starting from portals to extraterrestrials, and ending on suicide. The latter seems to be the most likely scenario at the moment. We cleared our minds, we all know what realities to expect. We’re ready. Let them come. Contrary to what Madonna sang about, we’re not living in a material world (laughs). On that ominous-sounding, and yet coldly logical, note, I was blindfolded and taken back to where I had come from.

Escaping the New World Order  

A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It i...

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