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Malia Lins Costa, owner of PIKAI Swim Hawaii, incorporates the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands into her entire swimwear line. An intricate twist resembles a ti leaf lei and an elaborate entwine replicates woven lauhala. “The lace and ringlets move like a river, stream, or waterfall, cascading down the body,” says Malia. Creating swimsuits that embody different elements of nature is one of the many things that sets her business apart. But what really makes PIKAI stand out is that each suit is custom-crafted to emphasize the individual structure and beauty of a woman. In other words, every swimsuit is tailormade to fit women of any age, shape or size. “Our designs focus on complementing what is already naturally there,” says Malia. “If you have insecurities, we find a way to accentuate your features in designs that can be truly worn by all. These styles were made to flatter all body types.”

Customers select the colors, patterns and designs they love and, based upon their measurements, have a suit constructed to fit their unique body structure. It takes the stress out of swimsuit shopping and helps women feel their best. “I didn’t want the stigma of bikini shopping to restrict any person from feeling beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, at their most vulnerable,” says Malia. “I wanted all to feel like they had a place where the suit changes for them, and they don’t feel the need to change for a swimsuit.” Her business was actually born because Malia faced her own struggles finding the right fit and “perfect suit.” Since she had such a hard time achieving the task, she took matters into her own hands and made her own. Luckily, Malia already knew how to sew—her older sister left behind a sewing machine after moving out. “I would go through her materials, and taught myself how 65

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