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Take Japanese Encephalitis Vaccinations - Dr Deb The Travel Doctor

About Travel Doctor Dr Deborah Mills is the medical director of the Dr Deb's clinics. She has worked as a Travel Doctor since 1988 in the days when no- one even knew what a travel doctor was.

Japanese Encephalitis ďƒ˜ Japanese Encephalitis is caused by type of virus called a flavivirus. (Other viruses in this family include Dengue, Kunjin, West Nile, Murray Valley Encephalitis.) ďƒ˜ It is believed that the first flavivirus evolved only about 10,000 years ago and its decendants rapidly colonized the planet. ďƒ˜ Not everyone who comes in contact with the JE virus develops an illness, but in those who get symptoms, only about one third will recover, about one third of persons will die, and one third will be left with permanent brain damage.

Our Products We have a comprehensive range of medically proven products available at the Travel Medicine Clinic to help you have a safe and healthy journey:  Travellers Medical Kits  Yellow Fever Vaccine  EarPlanes  Whiz Freedom  Travelling Well  Mosquito Nets  Debugger

Our Products

Benefits Save time: All necessary products are onsite. We stock medical kits, with all necessary instructions and documentation: this saves a lot of running around. No need to get a script, have it filled, and return for vaccination.

Customized, up to date recommendations: Our medical staff has extra training in this specialised area... our recommendations are evidence based, practical and tailored to your health and trip. Only what you need.

Peace of Mind: We are on call after hours for our patients: Before you go - if you react to a vaccine. While you are away - if you want some advice. & Before your next trip - we store your vaccine records and give advice.

Contact Us Dr Deb The Travel Doctor 5th Floor, 247 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Phone: (07) 3221 9066 Web:

Take Japanese Encephalitis Vaccinations - Dr Deb The Travel Doctor