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Travel Booking Engine: A Ha By

Almost 67% of the international travel reservations are made using the internet. Market experts speculate this growth to double up within next two years with the ever-increasing use of internet-run mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. Whether you are an airline consolidator, a hotel owner or having a car rental company, you must have an online presence, typically a website, to promote your service in the niche markets. However, to include a booking link or an e-mail contact on your webpage isn’t sufficient enough to pursue your customers to book your service. Ideally, you need a travel booking engine integrated with your website that lets your customers book your service instantly. Experts also recommend internet reservation system that features instant booking confirmation; it turns your website to a “revenue gateway�.

What is a Booking Engine? It is typically a piece of software that enables you to accept bookings online either through your website or a third-party site. When the travel buyers enter their preferences, the reservation software contacts the GDS (Global Distribution System) or CRS (Computer Reservation System) to receive relevant information related to the buyer’s search and then the system shows the information to the buyer in an appropriate interface. As time has become a treasure today, no one wants to follow lengthy procedures while making their travel bookings. Thus, online reservation software should essentially be simple, quick and secure enough to entice your customers to take your service.

What are the basic features of a booking eng ? 

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Booking software offers you backend administration and management facility; this helps you login directly to change availability, change rates and do several other tasks. You can integrate discount with special promotions. E.g. a person will get a complimentary night stay free with a three night and two days stay. It helps you track the data of all your customers who have booked their travel deals online. This is important to promote special offers and seasonal deals to your existing customers. Handles Weekend/Weekday Rates and Corporate rates. You can integrate the picture gallery of your website with a reservation system. It ensures complete security to you and your customers with a secure payment gateway. It makes real-time booking possible. You can integrate your social media pages with a travel booking engine. A premium booking system often has credit card storage option. Your customers can store their credit card details in a safe and secure manner, so that they don’t need to enter the details again and again whenever they book with you. It helps you save a lot on operational cost as you don’t need to hire a team to look after your bookings and physically maintain all your customers’ data. It instantly confirms the customer about the booking with the help of automatic e-mail and SMS alerts.

Airline Booking Engine

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the competition within lodging, hospitality and travel industry is stronger than ever. Many independent and smaller operators are entering the market and trying hard to stay stable in the competition. As online market is growing exponentially, these operators need to explore more tools to capture the market. A travel booking engine essentially helps the industry operators to extend their services to the potential consumers and increases the looker to booker ration exponentially. This reduces operational costs, increases revenue returns and of course encourages referral business to a great extent.

Online Booking Engine Travel booking engine is a crucial tool to capture the online market. Travelers want quick, easy and simple solutions that help them book their travel online without spending much time surfing the internet.

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Travel Booking Engine: A Handy Guide  

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