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Dive into a world of Travel Photography This is a quick tutorial on how to take better pictures of flowers. It doesn’t only relate to flower photography though because the tips here can be applied to all styles of taking pictures . I hope you enjoy and if you like the pictures you can check out some more awesome travel photography at :

Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

Angles of Light:

If you pay attention to where the sun is coming from you can look for flowers that are facing the sun (like the one below) or you can create a completely different effect by putting the flower in front of the sun, like the photo in the next slide.

Find the Light:

Light is a HUGE part of photography. It’s not easy to find the light though. On a daily basis try to pay attention to shadows, where the sun glistens, where it’s too bright and just right. Remember, light can make or break a GREAT photo.


Anyone can take a straight forward shot of a flower. To get a unique shot you have to be unique in the head. Also known as being creative =). Position the flower in various areas of the frame. Take a picture of just the pedals, the bud , or, if interesting, the stem.


Here is another example of composition but instead of the flower rising from below only the right half of it is showing. A good flower photograph has a lot to do with composition. Try unique angles.

Depth of Field:

By making sure your subject and the background are spaced far apart you can get some really cool effects. There are certain lenses that will create this effect as well without having to worry too much about how far the things in the back are. Keep in mind though that the colors behind your subject will fuse to create patterns and designs.

Fill The Frame:

Another great tip is to fill the frame. If the flower is small try using a lens that will let you get up close and personal. This will allow you to get the details of the flower and will create a powerful image.

Look For the Oddball:

When taking pictures of flowers try to find the more unique or interesting ones . Don’t get me wrong, I think all flowers are beautiful, some just make for better photographs though.

Perspective: A big part of photography is perspective. If you take pictures from the same angles that everyone every day see’s than you aren’t really providing anything unique. Get on a chair, lay on the floor, stand on your head =P, just do something to give a different angle to the shot.

Background Blur:

Keep an eye out for what’s behind your flower. If you are in a field of the same flower it can create a very cool effect to have all of the other flowers shown in abstract form.

Background Colors:

Always keep a look out for the colors that are in the background of your flower picture. If far enough and in the shade you can get a completely black background giving you the effect found below.

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I hope you enjoyed my little flower fotography tutorial and yes I purposely spelled photography the way I did because I think it looks cooler =P.

Flower Photography  

A tutorial with 10 tips on how to take better pictures. Here we focus on flowers but the tips can be applied to all styles of photography! E...

Flower Photography  

A tutorial with 10 tips on how to take better pictures. Here we focus on flowers but the tips can be applied to all styles of photography! E...