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The Briefcase   By:  Dhiraj  Amarnani     Life,  I  really  am  sick  of  it.  The  hum  drum  life  of  a  desk  officer,  no  worries,  barely  any   excitement,  barely  any  money.  Such  a  poor  system,  not  even  able  to  afford  paying  me  my   dividends  at  the  end  of  every  month.  Yet  I  am  the  one  who  is  put  out  on  the  street  when  my   accounts’  broke.  Life  is  truly  bullshit  especially  to  me.     “LOU”  my  commanding  officer  screeched,  ah  jeez  what’d  I  do  now?   ”Fantastic  job  on  that  report,  keep  em  coming.  By  the  way,  I  heard  you  just  had  your  house   repossessed,  if  you  need  somewhere  to  stay  I  am  always  open.”   “Thanks  but  I  think  I  can  handle  myself,”  Uttering  with  discomfort.     “And  worse  comes  the  worst,  I  can  always  move  back  to  Seattle.  I  got  a  family  waiting  there   for  me”.  I  personally  wouldn’t  call  it  a  family.  It  was  basically  just  my  mom  and  dad,  living   out  their  old  handicapped  years  in  good  ol’  Seattle.      He  grinned  while  I  grinned  back,  it  was  awkward  for  a  while  but  the  lull  passed  soon   enough.  I  needed  to  escape  life,  it  was  too  boring  to  live!  Stuck  all  day  at  a  boring  as  hell   office,  no  excitement,  just  pushing  papers  through  yet  this  easy  job  truly  was  not  enough.  I   need  more;  I  needed  to  do  something  insane  to  quench  the  thirst  of  excitement  within.  Me   running  out  of  the  office  like  a  mad  man,  causing  sweat  to  drip  down  my  face  like  a  never   ending  stream  of  water,  incessant.  Finally  reaching  the  door  of  my  blonde  1986  Volkswagen,   I  yanked  it  open  and  climbed  inside.  I  crushed  the  accelerator  in,  screeching  the  car  zoomed   out  of  the  lot  towards  my  home.  As  I  pulled  up  on  the  driveway,  I  ran  out,  climbed  the  stairs   and  busted  my  repossessed  house  open.  I  took  my  passport,  credit  card,  ID,  some  extra   clothes  and  rand  down.     I  leisurely  cruised  toward  the  airport  ready  to  start  a  new  life,  ready  to  leave  my  old   one  behind.  I  sprinted  through  the  terminal,  finding  a  new  life.  Looked  for  a  perfect  city,  for   a  new  start  at  life  and  I  finally  found  it.  The  Queen  City,  Seattle,  pretty  much  paradise  all  in   one  small  town.  I  knew  it  would  be  easy  to  find  a  job  there;  homing  prices  aren’t  too   expensive,  I  would  be  close  to  my  parents.  It  truly  was  a  perfect  place  to  live.       As  I  walked  toward  the  ticket  counter,  I  was  stopped  in  my  tracks  by  a  Texan  clasping   a  metallic  briefcase,  his  passport  in  one  hand  and  a  small  suitcase  in  the  other.  I  knew  he   was  from  Texas,  his  bright  jeans  stood  out  like  the  sun  in  the  sky  and  woven  exactly  like  a   cowboy,  his  hat  was  beige  like  warm  luminescent  leather  gleaming  in  warm  summer  sky.   “Oh,  sorry”  He  said  to  me,  polite  as  hell  would’ve  described  him.     “It’s  alright,  seems  like  you  need  a  hand…”His  face  was  blood  red  and  water  dripped  down   the  left  of  his  face,  down  his  nose,  dropping  down  onto  the  floor.     “Oh  please,  would  you  mind  taking  the  briefcase  over  to  that  Starbucks,  I  need  to  get  off  my   feet”     “No  problem”  

“By the  way,  I’m  Bill”   “I’m  Lou,  pleasure  to  meet  you”   Why  not?  Maybe  he  would  give  me  something  to  drink  or  eat  or,  something.  We  sat  down   at  a  corner  table  at  the  end  of  the  restaurant.  We  got  to  talking  and  one  thing  led  to  another   and-­‐   “It  seems  like  we’ve  met  before,”  he  paused  for  a  while  “OH,  do  you  work  at  that  police   station  down  on  7th?  I  think  I  saw  you  doing  some  paperwork  or  some  shit  like  that”   “Yeah  that’s  me,  a  desk  officer”  At  this  point  I  had  already  told  him  about  my  plan  for   Seattle.  How  I  wanted  to  start  a  new  life,  a  new  city,  new  friends  including  this  Texan  and   family.  We  luckily  were  sitting  next  to  each  other  on  the  same  flight  so  I  was  pretty  lucky  to   have  a  friend  I  could  talk  to  the  whole  way.     “Hey,  how  bout  I  carry  that  metal  lookin  briefcase  for  you  on  the  plane,  it  seems  heavy”  I   reached  over  to  grab  it,  man  was  it  light.     “Oh  thanks  a  bunch,  I  really  didn’t  wanna  be  lugging  that  piece  of  shit  the  whole  way  to   Seattle.”   We  said  goodbye,  he  said  he  was  going  to  board  the  plane  a  little  later  than  I  was.  I  took  the   briefcase  with  me  and  trotted  into  the  gate.   After  a  while,  without  hesitating  to  look  around  the  terminal  for  Bill,  I  climbed   aboard  the  737  cherry  virgin  airlines  on  my  way  to  Seattle.  I  slipped  the  briefcase  in  the  pale   overhead  compartment  and  sat  in  the  chair.  Abruptly,  I  realized  the  plane  started  to  move,   but  no  one  was  next  to  me.  I  wondered  if  he  had  just  been  in  the  toilet  or  maybe  he  had   met  another  friend  but  I  wasn’t  sure.  Sooner  or  later  the  flight  had  taken  of,  no  sign  of  Bill.   Suddenly,  the  737  began  to  shake.  I  thought  turbulence  but  we  were  way  to  early   into  the  flight  for  it  to  be  so  I  started  looking  around  for  him  but  he  was  nowhere  to  be   seen.  I  figured  there  was  probably  an  emergency  at  home  but  who  knew?  I  was  the  only   one.    Smoke  began  to  pour  down  the  edges  of  the  plane,  but  nowhere  else  did  this  happen.   Smoke  began  to  darken  while  I  just  tried  to  overlook  the  idea.  Thickening,  it  started  to   spread  around  the  cabin.  Next  thing  I  knew  I  was  listening  to  the  captain  talking  about  how   they  were  going  to  have  to  make  an  emergency  landing  close  by.  Overhead,  there  was  a   slight  ember,  as  small  as  a  marble  cultivating  so  fast.  The  next  second,  fire  plagued  the   plane;  the  screams  filled  the  air  while  the  moans  of  agony  grew  like  a  virus  overcoming  its   next  victim.  I  glanced  up;  the  plume  was  originating    from  my  compartment.  The  briefcase.   Stupid  smoke.       They  say  before  you  die  your  entire  life  flashes  before  your  eyes  but  it  doesn’t,  only   the  important  parts.  I  saw,  my  commanding  officer,  my  cheap  ass  1986  Volkswagen,  my   small  one  bath  one  room  apartment,  and  that  briefcase.  I  never  understood  why  the   briefcase  came  into  my  vision.        

The Breifcase  

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