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The Charm Of New York City At Night The tag of 'the city that never sleeps' is fully justified for the bustling New York City. To get the first-hand experience of the adjective you better take a fascinating tour of the vibrant metropolis at night. The city poses a whole lot of delightful monuments which become even more gorgeous in the night lights. In addition, you can also indulge in some exciting activities and entertainment after sunset. So if you are planning to visit New York, a priceless night-out of the destination is an absolute must. Check book international flight or exciting air travel deals to get lowest air fares offered by various service providers. Times Square: Known as one of the most popular commercial intersections in the world, Times Square located in Central Manhattan and is a bustling tourist spot of New York. Although the area is busy throughout the day, during the night it becomes even more dazzling. Tourists can enjoy loads of entertainment along with bright and delightfully illuminated billboards which give an impression like day.

Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty is undoubtedly the most iconic symbol of New York. While the gigantic statue is quite impressive during the day, it looks spectacular in the evening and at nights. There are a number of tour operators that provide water taxis for a night sight of the attraction. The up close and delightful experience from an open deck is a quite a memorable affair.

Cruise on New York City’s Waterways: Travellers can take a 90 minute cruise tour to experience the magical charm of New York during the night. The trip starts from around 7:30 pm and covers stunning views of New York City’s several top attractions. The iconic wonders illuminated against the background of the evening sky present wonderful vistas for the eyes. The Empire State Building, One World Trade Centre, Manhattan, Ellis Island, Governor’s Island, Brooklyn, United Nations Building, Chrysler Building South and many more structures can be seen during the trip.

The combination of flashing artificial lights and seductive charm of moonlight make night-tours of New York a unique and fascinating experience. The American mega-town is the hub of tourism activities and receives abundance of travellers from all parts of the globe. Also seamless connections with almost each and every big city through international flights as well as domestic flights make New York easily reachable.

The Charm Of New York City At Night