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CONTENTS Exam stress is taking its toll and the summer break seems like a life-time away. Time for a welcome break with your new edition of TRASH! We’ve received a huge response from our student fans at TRASH HQ, and we love hearing from you, so keep sending in your pictures, reviews, requests and shout-outs! It’s all about you after all. We are always on the look out for local student talent, so if you’ve got something you want us to shout about in our next issue, get in touch. Just like you, we’ll be out for the summer, but we’ll be back in September with a double content Fresher issue packed full of competitions and give-aways. Student-life is looking pretty sweet

n trash i h t n o m s i th WHERE IT’S AT! Revealing the only places to be seen this month (page 4,5) Music TRASH catches up with Cardiff’s up and coming Hip Hop MC, plus your chance to WIN Skunkadelic’s album (page 6,7)

Sophie Pycroft Photography Local talent at it’s best. We interview the Cardiff graduate on her success and reveal some of Sophie’s finest work (page 8,9) ALTERNATIVE AGONY AUNT! Love from those in the know. (page 10) GRADUATE ADVICE for students! Cardiff graduate Sian Pitman shows you how to stretch out that loan (page 11) OWN IT.BUY IT. TRASH fashion helping you work your wardrobe into the latest trend (page 12,13) E.A.T. Cardiff’s top five healthy take-aways, eat your way to exam success, TRASH cocktail of the month and more! (page 16,17) SPORT! Who’s on top this month? The results are in. Exercise tip of the month and the best gym alternatives revealed. (page 18,19) 3 | Content

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GET DOWN TO THE PLACES TO BE SEEN THIS MONTH... Score a pub golf hole-in-one, get covered in UV paint, ls, just practise your sharking skil don your Summer Ball fancy, or e… scen ndary student it’s all going on in Cardiff’s lege

Mainstream Events PLUS 1 Every Monday at Tiger Tiger 10pm -3am Chic Beat Every Tuesday at Revolution 9pm- 2am Addictive Wednesdays Every Wednesday at Oceana 9pm- 3am Bounce Every Thursday at Walkabout 9pm- 3am Smack Every Friday at Glam 9pm- 3am Come Play Every Saturday at Solus 9pm- 3am

4 | Where It’s At

Cardiff’s student scene offers something for everyone… Soda Sundays Every Sunday at Sodabar 9am- 4am fancy something a bit different? If you like your music

with a little extra beat then these are for you...

Alternative Events FAO Launch Night May 5th 2011 at 10pm - 4am Undertone Renegade The Old Libary May 6th 2011 3 Floor Party Clwb Ifor Bach / Welsh Club May 7th 2011 Feed The DJ Buffalo Lounge 10th May 2011 Secret Cities 10 Feet Tall May 16th 2011 at 8pm

Hell’s Bent Undertone 20th May 2011 at 10pm - 4am Bank Holiday Me & You Club 10 Feet Tall May 28th 2011 at 6pm - 4am

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Live Music gigs


Glasvegas Great Hall - Cardiff Students’ Union, May 4th, 2011 19:00 Tickets from: £15.00

Signiture Free Art Party Buffalo Bar May 5th 2011 at 10pm - 4am

Live and Loud Present: Local Talent Koko Gorilaz May 5th 19:00 James Vincent McMorrow The Globe May 7th, 2011 20:00 Tickets from: £9.50

Comedy Night O’Neill’s, Trinity St May 30th 2011 The Bright Club: Comedy Night Buffalo Bar May 30th 2011 at 7.30pm The Lady Gaga Experience St. David’s Hall June 2nd 2011

Acoustic Open Mic Night Sunday nights throughout May (8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th) at the Buffalo Lounge

Free Attractions

Boyce Avenue Solus - Cardiff Students’ Union May 10th, 2011 19:00 Tickets from: £17.50

Chapter Arts Centre “Pop into Chapter for an injection of art and culture, gallery exhibitions are completely free!’ (

Eric Clapton Motorpoint Arena 14th and 15th May 2011

National Museum Wales, Cardiff “If you want to learn more about your beloved Wales, pop into the National Museum Wales, Cardiff, and check out the seasonal exhibitions and permanent exhibits” (

Manic Street Preachers Motorpoint Arena 21st May 2011 We Are Scientists Millennium Music Hall 31st May 2011

St Fagans National History Museum “One of Europe’s leading open-air museums and Wales’ most popular hertiage attraction ( Cardiff Festival 2011 “Now in it’s 26th year, the Cardiff Festival is a fusion of artistic, musical and cultural events, taking place throughout the city in the summer months, spanning from June 30th - September 3rd” ( 5 | Where It’s At

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lET’S BRING IT BACK TO THE EARLY DAYS, HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN? Skunkadelic, my solo career, is where it all began. I listened to a lot of hip-hop as a teenager and in 2003 I started writing rhymes as a means of expressing myself poetically. Before studying at UWIC I met a guy called Abstract Sounds whom I recorded my first track with on a cheap Argos microphone! At the time we uploaded songs on MySpace purely to get some good feedback. I then got contacted by these guys in Bristol looking for an MC vocalist for a funk soul band called Loko 6 who I immediately got involved with. I was travelling up from Cardiff twice a week played a handful of gigs, but after a year and a half it fizzled out because the drummer went travelling and we were all in our last year of university. But Skunkadelic was still going strong and I helped run the only weekly hip-hop night in Cardiff in Buffalo Bar called "Aesthetics". I attended an open mic event called Starving Artists at Milgi (City Road), where I met a few other mc's. One thing led to another and I got really involved with the Starving Artists project, open jam sessions and art exhibitions. In fact my solo album "Musically Drifting" was recorded and mixed in the Starving Artists stable

TELL US MORE ABOUT STARVING ARTISTS? Well, its promotion, web design, producing, putting on gigs…loads. Its all about helping musicians get known, like a collaboration of like-minded heads.

6 | Music Interview

Trash_May magazine:Trash_February magazine 11/05/2011 12:20 Page 7

WE KNOW YOU’RE INVOLVED IN TWO OTHER LIVE MUSIC PROJECTS, WHAT ARE THEY? "Afro Cluster" is a six piece afrobeat/ funk/ hiphop/ jazz live band "The New Exhibition Of Noise" aka NEoN are an 8 piece Ska/ Rock/ Hip-hop/ Reggae live band …Skunkadelic’s album Musically Drifitng reviews have been second to none, “a smooth, utterly fresh record literally dripping with clean, deep-throated raps, vintage funk samples and fleshed out scratching” (


WE ALL KNOW THE DIFFICULTIES INVOLVED WITH CRACKING THE MUSIC BIZ; ANY WORDS OF WISDOM TO ASPIRING BANDS AND ARTISTS? Go to as many music gigs as possible and observe the acts while having a good time. The key to getting your music out there is networking. You can put a CD together at almost no cost, we talking about 50 quid. If you are a singer/songwriter it’s easy, you just need to record it and find a producer to help you out. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to promote yourself, you need the help of like-minded friends, get it online and give your CD away to the right people. Websites like Tunecore, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify are all great sites to help you get your sound out there, just link it to your Facebook, and don’t forget to network! Even if it’s just the one track, get yourself out there. If you believe in what you do, it’ll show, go for it. FACEBOOK COMPETITION WIN SKUNKADELIC’S MUSICALLY DRIFITING ALBUM! Upload a picture of you with your copy of this month’s TRASH magazine and tag Skunkadelic and TRASH mag in the photo. We’ve got a whole stack to give away so get tagging your pics!

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Sophie Pycroft Photography. Sophie, when did you realise your talent for fashion photography? I think it was about 18 when I first started taking fashion photographs, and it was through encouragement from my photography teacher at the time, Mr. Whittaker that I realised I had a talent I should take the time to develop. Through continual practise and experimentation I’m still improving and nurturing my talent.

You studied journalism and media at Cardiff uni, how did you manage to balance your studies with your photography work? I worked really hard to try and find the right balance, but looking back I know that I had a stronger desire to achieve my goals in the photography and creative industries, so it naturally took up more of my time and energy. I think the academic nature of the degree helped me realise that I was definitely more artistically minded, and made me more determined to go out and create. When I wasn’t out shooting, my days were spent on my laptop writing essays, and my nights were spend dreaming up new photo shoots.

How has studying at Cardiff help you achieve success today? Achieving a 2:1 at Cardiff was part of the requirements for getting onto the MA course in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion, so it helped me immensely in this way. It was more so the encouragement and feed back I had from fellow students and lecturers, and also being able to expose my photographs to a wider audience through the student magazines and newspapers that gave me the boost to go out and aim for greater success.

What has been your greatest achievement, and how did you reach your goal? My greatest achievement to date was being asked by Fashion Fringe winner Corrie Nielsen to be her house photographer for her debut on schedule London Fashion Week show at Somerset House. I was involved in casting and styling the models, and then photographed all the looks on the catwalk. The pictures have since 8 | Graduate Success Story

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appeared on,, and other publications. My favourite part was the amazing feed back I had, and now I have designers who want to book me for next season. I haven’t reached all my goals yet!

What words of wisdom would you give to current students hoping to be successful in the media world? It’s very important to stay positive, because the industry is so competitive, and at times it can seem quite daunting. The best thing to do is keep working, if you’re creative, try out new ideas, work with new people and make contacts all the time. Reputation is everything, so don’t let people down! Be adaptable and try different things until you find where your place in the industry is. The media world has so many different niches and possibilities. It’s a matter of figuring out what you are best at and sticking with it. Most importantly, work hard and believe in yourself. If you’re happy and love what you do, that is the best kind of success.

What's next for Sophie? Well it’s something different every day, which is exciting! At the moment I’m working on my new venture, Cardiff Bay Casting Agency, with business partner Jerry Lockett. We are a fast growing actors agency, and within a short space of time after being open, we have already had our supporting artists appearing in a new comedy for Sky 1. We will also be supplying supporting artists for BBC3 series Being Human, as well as numerous other film and television productions coming to Wales. I’m also working towards building a creative agency with my sister Hannah, which we will be launching with an event in March 2012, so watch this space!

9 | Graduate Success Story

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PRoBLEMS. Inappropriate

I leave no issue unsolved, no matter how messy! Keep

“My man has a strange sending in your delicate problems you saucy lot; obsession. Whenever always here to help! we are in a happy or the perfect romantic setting, he has an overwhelming Love always, your Alternative Agony Aunt, Miss T. urge to grab my boobs and shout ‘HONK’! How can I stop this? This is perfectly natural behaviour and you should This repetitive honking is ruining encourage it! He obviously really appreciates you and can’t get enough. You are lucky to find such a giving, my life.” attentive boyfriend. I don’t really see the problem with Antonia Pearce this; maybe you should cook him a nice meal.


I’m really feeling the pinch at the minute, I can hardly afford to There are lots of ways to enjoy your night on a budget, if you have to drink to have a good time then make sure you breathe! I’ve got loads of end pre-drink before you go out and skip the pub crawl and of term parties and nights out head straight to the club. Borrow a new top from a friend planned and I don’t know how or jazz up an old favourite outfit with different accessories. I’m going to do it all. I always Leave your cards at home; just take out exactly what you think saying you have no money need! Keep flat shoes in your bag so you can walk home is a rubbish excuse not to go out with a friend; ditch the taxi and the kebab! and I don’t want to let my mates down. I actually feel really stressed about it! Confused Sian Davies My new fella is absolutely gorgeous, has a great body and really Unfortunately, this is natural rugby ‘lad’ behaviour. makes me laugh! Sounds great but there’s You can either learn to embrace his bisexual tendencies, or make sure that you make an one thing which keeps bugging me! When appearance at all of his rugby nights out and he’s out with his rugby ‘lad’ mates they all learn how to swoop in and ‘cock-block’ your snog each other, ALL the time. They say boyfriend. I’m sorry it has come to this. it’s just banter but they’re so casual about it. Should I be worried? GOT A PROBLEM? Anon Send in your problems to TRASH Alternative Agony Aunt… with the subject ‘HELP’ to:

10 | Alternative Agony Aunt

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MONEY SAVING TIPS Save yourself some money – without leaving your room! Everyone knows that Uni can be draining on your finances, but there are some things you can do to save and even make money online. Makes a change from Facebook and browsing for stuff on Youtube!

Earn Money and Gift Vouchers for Giving your Opinion! and You’ll be surprised at how many websites there are out there that offer cash easy some make to following the to up Sign surveys. rewards for completing pennies:

Toluna - Toluna offers you points as a reward for completing their surveys. Convert your up points for vouchers for Love2shop, Amazon, HMV and many others. Save them and treat yourself to some new outfits!

Valued Opinions - Like Toluna, Valued Opinions gives you the option of earning vouchers for £10 completing surveys. You will usually earn £0.50-£1.50 a survey and for every for some include also which vouchers of you can choose from a great selection Topshop and Topman.

MySurvey - With MySurvey you can earn points that can be converted into a number of great extra gifts and vouchers. They also make payouts by PayPal so you can earn some one. this cash with

Earn Cashback whilst you shop 5.Do stuff…Don’t take each other for granted, remember you’re friends not just Websites like Quidco ( allow you to make cash on purchases housemates. Earn some brownie points and make everyone a feast, that or organise a you make day online but if it’s hair and beauty products you’re after, Boots Treat Street trip. Just making someone else a cup of tea is a sure guarantee for a happy ( lets you collect Boots points at a number of housemate. online shops like, HMV and Newlook. This won’t cost you any extra and you can earn quite a bit long term.

Join a Group Buying Website Nope, this is not some kind of pyramid scheme or weird investment club. Group buying sites such as Groupon ( and KGB Deals ( offer daily deals on meals outs, hotels and shop vouchers! One of March’s highlights was an offer for a £20 voucher for £9. Sign up for free and see what deals you can find. Sian Pitman, freelance journalist and Cardiff University graduate. 11 | Graduate Advice

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fashion. As the weather starts to heat up and the bbq

YOUR WARDROBE invitations start to roll in, this can only mean one thing…its festival season! If you’ve been lucky enough to bag a ticket to one of the UK’s staples with these legendry musical events then take note; we’ve your festival wardrobe covered. Festival high-street must buys gotfashion is not just for the hard-core music lovers, you can still adopt the look and feel bang on trend to create the latest trend… Own it £14

Own it £10 £26.99 Buy it £15 Buy it £34 Own it £2.35

Buy it £19.99

Buy it £12

Own it £4.99 Buy it £75 12 | Own It. Buy It

Trash_May magazine:Trash_February magazine 11/05/2011 12:21 Page 13

LADS. Buy it £9.60 Buy it £1.19

Buy it £14

Own it £22

Buy it £30.63 Own it £22 Own it £15

Own it £12

Buy it £9.99 Own it £36.99

13 | Own It. Buy It

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email us at Or visit us at

14 | Beauty

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trash Top Five

Healthy Take Aways!

Madame Fromage, Castle Arcade: £3.75 for the tastiest, biggest baguettes in Cardiff, filled with fresh, quality ingredients. Noodle-Box, Salisbury Road: £5.00 for a box of fresh, fast and seriously tasty noodles. Magic Wrap, Salisbury & Wellfield Road: £3.85 for a healthy and very addictive magic wrap, drink and cake or cookie Yo! Sushi, St. David’s 2 Arcade: £5.00 for Yo! Boxes, fresh sushi boxes with lots of fresh fillings to choose from. The Falafel Bar, Woodville Road: £4.50 for a filled pitta, drink and cookie, with added yum factor! Check out these tasty treats… (Don’t forget your student ID card!)

feed your FLAT for


Cooking Instructions

This is so simple! Boil some water in the pan and cook your linguine, this will take about 10-12 minutes. So, while this is happening grab a big mixing bowl and roll This recipe looks impressive and tastes your sleeves up (good luck if you have any unbelievably good…but lucky for us it’s paper-cuts). Grate and squeeze your super cheap and minimal effort! If fresh lemons, and pour your zest and juice in tasting, summery, zesty flavours are your the bowl adding a generous glug of olive thing, give this a go! oil. Next, chuck in the grated parmesan, This very cheeky cocktail is this month’s favourite salt & pepper, herbs, and sliced Prosciutto. You need: Stir it up nice! When the linguine is cooked, drain the water and mix the - Two large lemons linguine into the mixing bowl, making sure - A good pinch of salt and pepper - Small handful each of Oregano and Tarragon the mixture has saturated the linguine. That’s it, you’re ready to serve! Good, isn’t - 100g grated Parmesan cheese it? - Prosciutto ham (optional but a good call!) Lemon Linguine (Serves 4)

- Linguine pasta - Extra virgin olive oil


email us at

16 | Eat

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TRASH Cocktail of The Month


Eat your way to exam success!

Fluffy Willy You need: 1x shot of Gin 1x shot of Ribena 1x shot of Peach Schnapps 20 mini marshmallows Grab your most tarty looking glass and add the shot of gin and schnapps. Then top with marshmallows and heat in the microwave until melted and gooey. Then top with your Ribena shot…lovely.


trashLOVES... Madame Fromage, Castle Arcade This is one of Cardiff’s real hidden gems, almost considered keeping this one a secret but it just wouldn’t be right! It offers a wide array of culinary delights, from homemade pies and galettes to cupcakes and tartlets. The portions sizes are something you can only expect across the pond. Fresh, quality ingredients give it its five star rating. Whether you’re looking for somewhere quaint to take your ‘rents or just for something away from the mainstream, Madame Fromage fits the bill every time. Find some great deals on eating out and takeaways Some websites offer some great deals on food. Get 2-4-1 or 50% off at loads of top restaurants in Cardiff at Top Table (, Voucher Cloud ( and MoneySavingExpert (http://www.moneysaving are three of the best for sourcing the best offers.

For many of us coming to University is our first taste of real independence. Although we hate to admit, most of us don’t know our arse from our elbow when it comes to taking care of ourselves. The simple things like going to bed early are overlooked and all of a sudden you start to feel like crap and then the work and socializing has to grind to a halt. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise will ensure you stay focused during exam time. Here are some tips to keep you in good nick… •Exercise daily, even if it’s just getting off the sofa for a walk round the block. •Eat a small meal every 3-5 hours. •Breakfast, no matter what time you surface must be eaten within one hour of waking up •Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and drink it! Drinking enough water keeps you bright eyed and bushy tailed. •Eat healthily and munch on your 5-a-day, it’ll lead to better grades and a happier you. Eat food in its purest form, if it’s processed it’s no good! •Don’t forget to sleep! Getting some shut-eye before midnight makes all the difference, turning nocturnal just makes you feel gross!


The [After] Party alcohol delivery service Cardiff. Staying-in, re-invented

17 | Eat

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want us to cover something?

CARDIFF’S UP-COMING SPORTS EVENTS Harlem Globe Trotters: Monday 2nd May, Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena Valley of Kings: Saturday 7th May 7pm, Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena South Wales Echo On Your Bike For Barnardo’s: Sunday 15th May Heineken Cup Final 2011: Saturday 21st May 5pm, CARDIFF, Millennium Stadium

The gym not your thing? male/female: Side Lunges with Bicep Curl: Side Lunges with Bicep Curl:


You can do this using any kind of weight at home, even a tin of baked beans! For the more advantageous of us out there, get your hands on a medicine ball or dumbbell Technique: Take a step to the side, whilst curling the arm holding the ball, weight (or beans!), bend into the moving leg keeping the standing leg straight. Power back from your buttocks and thigh to the start position whilst maintaining good posture throughout.

IN THE KNOW… For information on classes, bootcamps, detox and health assessments or personal training check out:

ADVERTISING… Does your business have something exciting to offer the students of Cardiff? Get in touch to discover our seriously competitive rates and services Visit Or email us at 18 | Sports

Cardiff half marathon Its £29 to register for non affiliated runners. Why not run for charity to make it worthwile?

Cardiff international pool With a 50m Olympic pool, lazy river and flumes to slide down, it’s a must. It offers fantastic work-out classes too.

BOULDERS CLIMBING CENTRE A total body work-out and a whole heap of fun. There’s a dedicated student night every Wednesday where they ‘drop the prices and crank up the music’ turning the place into the ultimate student hang-out

White Water RAFTING ‘Enjoy the thrill of the white water...get wet guaranteed!’ One sure way of getting over a hangover


Trash_May magazine:Trash_February magazine 11/05/2011 12:21 Page 19

Our sports columnist, S. Barrett,

trash TEAM OF THE MONTH! Goes to…UWIC Women’s football XI team …arguably the most prestigious sporting award

The UWIC Women’s football XI team! Remaining undefeated in BUSA this year, they have won all of their league matches, consequently finishing in first place in the Premier South League. They followed this form to the knockout stages beating Essex 1-0 in the last 16, Exeter 5-0 in the quarter final and Leeds Met 3-1 on penalties after a 1-1 draw after extra time in the Semi Final. The final was a close affair, where they were competing against Northumbria University. UWIC were the first to strike after 15 minutes of the 2nd half, thanks to Bethan Price. However, Northumbria was awarded a penalty in the nailbiting 80th minute, which was saved by ‘Player of the Match’ Jo Price. This result means UWIC are in a unique position having won three of the five BUSA Women’s Blue Ribbon Events; Basketball, Football and Rugby Union, Well done Ladies!!!!

GETINTOUCH... email us at Or visit us at We love hearing from you! Its all about you after all…

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU, MUNSTER It seems that one of the oldest sporting clichés is true: 'if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.' Well, Munster have been the best team in the Magners League this season, and if a Welsh region ever wishes to be Celtic champions, the Irish province are usually the first to have something to say about it. The Munster blueprint should be adopted by every team with serious ambitions - be they domestic or European. Many believe that much of Munster's success is down to their die-hard supporters. True, most travelling fans will probably not even bother unpacking if the province has consecutive away games: they expect nothing less than victory, regardless of where the game is being played. But it should be noted that attendances at Thomond Park only swelled when Munster started winning. They've never looked back. Punters would be reluctant to put their money on a Welsh side raising the trophy this year, citing Munster's continual presence at the top of the league throughout the season. They would also point out that Cardiff Blues have been mostly anonymous, the Dragons infuriatingly erratic, and the Scarlets unable to edge the games they should be closing out. Ospreys are the last hope of Welsh success in the Magners. Munster are, of course, the kings of consistency. And yet many professional sides have sailed through their season on the high shores, only to crash onto the rocks in the playoff stages. Gloucester spring to mind, having, in the last few years, been the best team throughout the season, only to crack under play-off pressure. But Munster aren’t Gloucester. For a start, they have two Heineken Cup medals to show for their endeavours - their track record in all competitions is the envy of most teams. A Welsh victory over the top Irish provinces is to be savoured. 19 | Sports

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