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Thursday 14th November 2013

COLLEGE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT The school year is quickly drawing to a close and this fortnight’s bulletin has a range of information regarding end of year as well as some examples of work which has been carried out through the last term by staff and students. The final days of classes for Year 12’s passed with the usual celebrations and no major problems. The senior campus was appropriately ‘decorated’ without any damage although I was contacted by a rather distraught cleaner at 7:00am on the morning of the final day. The work put in by staff and student leaders to ensure students understood appropriate boundaries worked well and good fun was had by all. We are now into the last part of the year and Year 12 students are getting close to the end of exams, Year 10 and 11 students are finalising assessments and preparing for exams while students at the junior campus are in the last part of their term 4 work. Headstart will be running again this year in a slightly different format than previously. Students going into Year 12 will undertake 2 weeks of Headstart while those in lower year levels will complete just over 1 week of Headstart. We have gone for this differentiated model based on the feedback from staff and students as well as student attendance data. At the conclusion of Headstart on Tuesday 17th December, we are holding our annual Presentation Day. This will be the last organised attendance for students and the event is being held at the Junior Campus. Student IT devices for 2014 As advised in previous newsletters we will be moving to a new model for the provision of notebooks / laptops in 2014. This scheme will be based on an arrangement where the college will lease laptops for students who will be able to use these both at school and at home. A co-contribution from families will be required to enable this scheme to work. This will be set up with quarterly payments for the 3 year life of the laptops. Our Year 7 & 10 students in 2014 will be the first group of students to be issued laptops under this new scheme and this provides an exciting opportunity to move to becoming a 1:1 laptop school with good quality laptops for all students. At our College Council meeting this week we will be finalising the level of parent payment that will be required to make this a workable scheme. We have worked hard to ensure text books costs have been taken away at Year 7 and 10 so that the scheme can be affordable to all families. As soon as the parent contribution is finalised we will communicate this to all Year 7 and 10 students for 2014. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

IMPORTANT DATES 30th October  21st November

Year 12 VCE Exams

21st November  29th November

Year 11 Exams

Thursday 21st November

Year 12 Valedictory

Thursday 28th November

TC Community Arts Expo, Junior Campus Library, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Thursday 5th December

Second Hand Book Sale, Junior Campus 1 hour only, 6.00pm to 7.00pm

2nd December  6th December

Year 10 Exams

Tuesday 17th December

Traralgon College Presentation Day

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COLLEGE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT CONTINUED Valedictory Dinner The valedictory dinner for our Year 12 students is being held on Thursday 21 st November at the Premiere Function Room in Traralgon. Once again, our VCAL group led by Ms Cat Smith has been the organising force for the dinner and I am looking forward to seeing the product of their work. This evening is always a great celebration of the students who have persisted and completed the 13 years of schooling from the beginning of primary school through to the final year of secondary school. Student Roundtable Conferences – Year 8 On Tuesday 12th November and Wednesday 13th November, several Year 8 students had an opportunity to showcase their learning to parents and community members and to have their learning assessed as part of this experience. It was the Junior Campus’ first trial of this approach and the sessions were well attended by students, parents and community members. Teachers are planning to build on this approach as it gives parents the opportunity to see and hear students talk about their learning in depth and as we have all experienced, teenagers are not always forthcoming about what they do at school. The assessment component of the Roundtable Conference gives students purpose and opportunity to explain the tasks they have completed, the challenges they overcame and also be able to identify what they have learnt. Year 9 Collaborative Learning In Community (CLiC) Projects 2014 At Traralgon College, we are working to create stronger links between learning at school to real-life situations as well as helping our students to feel connected to each other and our community. In 2014, there will be a new core-subject as documented in the Year 9 Course Selection Handbook called ‘Community Project’. This subject is a core-subject running for one semester of Year 9. Current Year 8 students in 8E, 8F & 8G will need to sign up for 2 community-based projects to be involved in for Semester 1 (approximately one project for each school term) and other form groups will have the same opportunity in Semester 2. A letter has been sent home via Year 8 students together with the choices in terms of community service projects that they can elect to be involved with. A student focus group has been assisting with the focus of these projects which will look at active citizenship in the areas of animal welfare, the environment, early childhood and aged care. These are all really worthwhile endeavours and we are really looking forward to seeing the contributions our youth can make to improve our community through these projects. Year 7 Inquiry Based Learning This week all Year 7 students have been involved in researching some big questions relating to Australia’s engagement with Asia which is a new component of the Australian National Curriculum. The inquiry question that students have been responding to is “Is local better?”. If you have a Year 7 student at the school it will be interesting to hear their response as a result of this week’s learning. If you do ask could you jot down a few key points in your child’s diary for their form teacher to read. The Haircut!! Well the magic figure has been met and the date set! Our staff and students have made the $5,000 and on the 17 th December at the conclusion of our Awards Ceremony my hair will go! As students and staff from both campuses have been involved, Presentation Day seemed the best opportunity to make this a college event as well as a bit of fun to end the year. Perhaps, it’s an incentive for a few more students and families to attend? The ponytail is going to wigmakers for women with cancer and I will have a fresh new look for summer. All students are expected to attend the Presentation Day and I hope that students and parents are able to contribute some additional funds to support important research in the fight against cancer. Regards, Paul van Breugel College Principal

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